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I have been waiting for my check from the president scholarship, with this scholarship you get 20% back for having a 3.0 or better. Now the corparate office decide on their own to send the money to pay for my loan without asking me do i want them to do it or not. Itt-tech make all the our choice for us without asking us. Thats why so many people go to community college.They tell what classes you going to take and when.They need to get more class to have a better choice.They only want your money!!!

I have been attending ITT in Fort Wayne, IN for their nursing program. It is by far the worst school I have ever attended. The program is so unorganized its not even funny. There are MAYBE two employees there that have been there since I started school. We have teachers quitting in the middle of the quarter, we were told just one day in class that instead of having a C to pass we now have to have a B regardless of the contract that we signed. Although there are a few good instructors who really seem to care...there are more who don't. The majority of them are emotionally unstable. I mean break down and cry in the middle of class for no apparent reason. That's happen on more than 3 occasions, and I've heard from other students that the instructors do it in their class too. One teacher failed an entire class, after that a student caught her asleep at clinicals while they were on the floor, thinks she's been fired...NOPE, STILL THERE!! For the longest time we didn't have a nursing chair, now we've had two who are no longer there, and we have an "ACTING" chair now who is an instructor and has another job as is a complete witch. With all that going on how much effort do you think she puts forth being a chair??? Keep in mind that the nursing program is only 2 years. In orientation they promise you everything under the sun...free tutoring in any subject, unlimited resources, they are student advocates... blah blah blah. Not true!!!!!!! The teachers show favoritism and pass who they want but their main goal is to fail who they can as well because then students have to pay to retake it at ITT because their credits don't transfer. I would never advise anyone to even consider going to ITT. You pay top dollar for a bottom of the barrel education.

ITT is retarded I told them straight out that i cant do online classes and they go sign me up for it I highly recomand anyone who is thinking about going to itt. Don't they just drain your money and waste your time, I had a teacher lost quater who left the last week of the quater and didnt give us a project. The third quater I was here I had a teacher who didnt teach a thing.

Quit all your complaning about failing and not being able to learn because they go to fast....grow up! Every college does that. It is time you jonined the real world. Your mom will not always be there. And for the guy who was in the military, and failing I expected better out of you!!! I am x military and passing will a 3.65. Get over your self and pay attention.

I have attended multiple ITT-Tech schools, 3 to be exact. ITT in San Bernardino, CA gets a 5 star rating from me because all the teachers at that school were serious and wanted all their student to become something with their degrees. I also attended one in Orange County, CA this one will receive a 3 star rating due to the fact that the teachers had no serious interest in the students but at least made it to where the student can understand the topic or class you were in. I recently enrolled in an itt-tech out in Albuquerque,NM and this is by far the worst ITT Tech I have been to. The teachers have ablsolutely no idea what they are teaching or how to teach it. I was so dissapointed in this school because it seems like you learned absolutly nothing and are getting passing grades just so the school can stay in business. For profit is the right word for this school because they are only after your money. Something should seriously be done about the ITT Tech school that are not showing interest in the student or at least teaching the subject in a way that the student can at least understand them. There are some good ones like San Bernardino CA campus out there, its just finding and attending the right ones. Thank You San Bernardino Eugene Johns

I think you're all just a bunch of cry babies. Seriously. All this talk of lawyers and lawsuits because YOU are failing classes and YOU can't find a job. You're adults. Sooner or later you will have to be responsible for your own fate. Just like anything else in life, you get out what you put in. They can't just force a bunch of high-profile positions to open up in your field. And even if they did, who wants people that fail and then blame everyone around them? In all honesty, I hope you do keep up your belly-aching. I got my awesome job in my field because you're my only competition. I barely even need a resume to beat out a bunch of quitters and whiners. So thanks for making the workforce so much easier to be a part of by not being a part of it. Enjoy living with your parents for the rest of your lives....

ITT is a joke... I was a nursing student at itt Earth city Mo'campus. I would have to say it was the worst school I ever attended, I was just ask by the chair of nursing was I racist because I didn't agree with her. I had to explain that my family is made up of all different races. Besides being called racist there is a lot of favoritism going on it seems as if they set you up to fail you don't get real answers when you ask questions its like we are teaching ourselves. This not even half of the things thats going on. Their nursing program is horrible, changes are made at the very last moment, the chair of nursing has the wrong position she acts more like a child than a chairperson and the Dean and her seem to be best of friends because he only agrees instead.of helping.

Currently in the nursing program in Fort Myers, Fl. I am in the 3rd quarter and I am failing one class due to the fact that the teacher will not give us any guide to what will be on the test. I understand nursing is hard but I strongly feel they are setting us up to fail!! How can you study 3 chapters that are over a 100 pages? Well over half of out class will be retaking this course. You would think there was a problem when over half of the class is failing. Talking to the Chair of Nursing is a joke because shes the teacher. Talking with the lady that runs the school is also a joke she simply said talk with your professor to help. YEA RIGHT!! I feel that they are no way preparing us for the NCLEX-exam.

I attend the Madison, AL campus and I don't feel like it's worth any penny. The only thing I love about this school is.......LEAVING. There was a girl who had a life threating car wreck and they failed her or dropped her from her classes. You use to see her working hard and now she just doesn't care anymore because they didn't show any concern. Money is the only thing they want and I think they are robbing us blind well nevermind we are stupid. I wish I would've went to freaking Calhoun and at least got a dang check back. I'm a woman who can't afford to pay this junk back.


I thought I were the only one. I attended a newly built ITT Tech in Baton Rouge, LA in 2008. I was excited to begin a new journey in Computer Network but it turned out to be 10,000 in debt and forfeitof my tax return! I didnt even stay the whole first semester but come to find out someone was marking me present in class as they continue to collect student loans. Im starting my own investigationbecause I refuse to be a victim of greed. I will even contact a tax lawyer. All ITT tech are not bad. Just the people who work there. My first three Weeks we changed administrators twice and instructors three times.

Hi, I have been attending ITT school in Liverpool, NY and I have been really worried of not being able to find a job when I graduate. I have been the a few semesters but during the time I have attended ITT I have seen like 3 to 4 Teacher's, Career Service, and Staff, no longer working there. I am very afraid because I came to further my education and to land a job paying good money for my family a wife and 3 kids and bills to pay. I don't know whats going on with the staff and the program changes but I hope I am not getting screwed for my money. I will not have nothing to fall back on if this is a scam, so what i'm asking is should I be worried?? Should I finish school and hope to find a job when I am done or will me and my family be fine after I graduate??? THANKS

I attended ITT Tech in Lake Mary, FL. I am/was a student in their A.S. Nursing Program. Notice how I don't even know wether I'm or not a student there anymore. When I initially inquired at the school the Chair for the Nursing Program at the time, Kelly Parker, told me it was okay to have something on the background as long as it was not a sexual offense. Something she then later on said again during orientation to everyone in general, (witnesses). Based on on Kelly Parkers' response, I signed up for the program. Withing the 1st wk of the program we found out Ms. Parker quit, (from my understanding gave no notice). We have been put through changes in the program and a new Chair for the Nursing Program as come aboard. I did my background and now in the middle of the second quarter have been told by Dean David Brame and Chair of Nursing Program, Dr. Vivian Clare, I'm being dropped from the program, due to my background, to stop attending classes immediately. I have hired an attorney who has been trying to get in touch with the school and so far has only been able to leave messages for ITT lawyers. They have not responded to my attorneys letters or phone calls. I'm requesting something in writing fromt ITT stating this was their decision and not that I stopped attending classes as well as a full refund of the classes so far, becuase I do have student loans to pay back now. Before I started the program I had contacted the Fl. Board of Nursing and the Nursing association and was told I'm not excluded from obtaining a license and I'm able to work in the health care field, and this is all backed up by the Senate Bill as well. I'm also a certified nurse aide and I've been for the past 13 years, currently working in a Nursing Home as PRN. The school keeps bringing in students under false pretenses. In regards to statements from other students above. It is very true I started in the Dec. 2011 class and was never told we needed B or above to pass. Our class was also told the schedule would stay the same throughout, and towards the end of first quarter we were informed of the schedule changes, and how it will continue to change from quarter to quarter. I have spoken to a co-worker of mine who started in the March 2012 Nursing Program and she was also brought in under the same lies. Was told the schedule would stay the same and was not told about requiring the B to pass. They tell us the school is accredited on that initial contact, which I knew it wasn't for the Nursing program. LIES, LIES, LIES, DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU...

FT MYERS Florida ITT, This place is a joke, and above all a rip off for anyone seeking a credible education. The sad fact is they are not educating anyone, they are snake oil salesmen. To give an example, I started my digital fundamentals class as part of the ET program, we were instructed to do a lab exercise from the book. Pretty typical right? One problem, we were never shown how to use any of the equipment we were to use or any of the items in our "tool box". (which by the way cost $500 and has about $125 worth of stuff in a cheap $5 fishing tackle box). I told the "professor" (haha I feel funny calling anyone at ITT professor but it is what it is)I told him I dont know how to use any of this electrical equipment, his response was that he didn't either. The whole class just stopped and was in complete disbelief. When this concern was addressed by the staff this is their first response, "But they did show you where the emergency power shutoff on the wall was right?" (Michelle Lawrence) Yes I'm naming names cause it isnt my job to police your actions or comments, especially ones that stupid. I think if I have to use that switch it is too late, she must have graduated from ITT-Tech to. This is just one example, I could write a novel on all the things I have seen that are just unrealistically ridiculous at this institution. It is no mystery why they spend so much in advertising and television ads, if they had to survive on reputation alone they wouldn't be around. I am done at the end of this quarter. Though I am not paying for it due to my veteran benefits etc, I cannot in good faith waste another dime of the governments money on this school. Sadly I dont even need a job or need this degree, I just wanted to learn something I thought was interesting and ITT couldn't even get that right. If this were coming out of my pocket I would be going first phase on these clowns,(former Marines understand the reference), oh and NO,NO,NO it doesn't mean I am going to hurt anyone etc etc. You know I have to put that in there or some idiot will think I am talking about committing some kind crazy rampage. The only crime being committed at the Ft Myers ITT is that the students are being charged for that kind of education. By the way corporate you need another option at the top that has no stars, I was dissapointed to have to give one star for my school. The worst part of all this is I have half a quarter to go and with this kind of honesty is going to be held against me for sure. It is just the kind of place ITT Ft Myers is and from what I am seeing it seems to be a trend nationwide.

This school is a joke! I was told that this school would prepare me for a future in IT but the school sets students up to fail in the class room and in a career. I'm in the NSA (network system admin) program and not even paying for my degree due to military benefits and still feel bad for wasting the tax payers money. I moved to the Ft Myers, FL school from the Cordova, TN school and they both are not worth the time, money, and stress they cause. I have had two instructor already tell me they are sorry they have to move through the material so quickly but it's part of the program and even though only 5 out of 19 people failed the most recent mid-quarter exam, there is nothing that can be done about it. I feel sorry for my instructor and embarrassed to tell people I'm a student at this school and even more embarrassed to tell future employers that's where I received my degree.

I am attending one of the campuses in Computer Engineering Electronics Technology. A few months ago I was involved in a major auto accident and lost most all of my tools as a result. I tutor students in electronics due to my extensive experience (20 years) and needed the equipment to tutor other students. They refused to assist me saying that the equipment in the bookstore was for other students and I would have to wait. Why not take care of a current student who has fulfilled the requirements in their first year, and who helps out the other students using their own equipment? And then to "lay off" all the student employees, claiming the state funds are not enough, when some of them have been here for years and also pay me for the assistance I give to the school and the students? The student does not learn more than the instructor. The instructor usually learns more, and I, as a tutor, have learned more in any subject than the students I tutor. Plus I am working towards teaching electronics as a career after getting my Bachelor's degree and, later on, an Associates degree. ITT, also, claims to have the most up-to-date equipment which is completely false, although a lot of business have the same basic equipment, most of it is older and antiquated. What is happening to the money we spend on our education? and who is being hurt in the process? The students suffer when promises are not kept and I am one of those suffering as I try to assist others. Hiring someone with a Bachelor's Degree to oversee the LRC is fine, but to have 2 people with Bachelor's Degrees is very excessive. Why not spend the money to give the students a better hands-on education instead of making a profit? Has making money in education become more important than the students who pay the money to attend? Thank you.

I can't say anything good about ITT Tech, especially since I graduated. I worked very hard during my academic tenure, receiving numerous awards for Honors and Highest Honors. I also received Perfect Attendance awards numerous times. I have to say that the ITT Tech in Lexington, KY is AWFUL!! DO NOT GO THERE!! The caliber of students is lousy, and many do not do their work and just skate by, which made it worse for those of us who actually showed up and did the work. Instructors should recognize and do more to single out students who are the best achievers, instead of lumping everyone in the same crappy pile. Many of the so-called students that ITT Tech in Lexington recruited were lousy and trashy, and tried to do the bare minimum to skate by. And the worst part was the instructors bent over backwards to cut them slack and pass them just to meet their quota. There was also a huge turnover rate for teachers and numerous students got caught cheating. Many of the so-called students seemed like they belonged in high school instead of college. So ITT Tech in Lexington, KY must have some LOUSY recruiters!! Most of the students they recruited were very trashy. But what REALLY makes me mad about ITT Tech in Lexington, KY is the so-called Career Services department. Their efforts at helping successful students such as myself find steady work and arrange Career Fairs was LOUSY! I attended the school for 4 years, and they only had about 3 Career Fairs that I can recall. There was little effort to really get to know successful students one on one and assess their particular strengths and help steer them towards good job leads. I graduated 6 months ago, and have still not been able to find employment. And what makes me madder still is that Career Services at the school I attended in Lexington, Ky, had the audacity to find low-level, minimum wage jobs for me, that only paid around $8-10 an hour. Excuse me, but who do you think you are, ITT?! I am in debt up to my eyeballs in student loan debt and you expect me to take some lousy minimum wage job? If thats the only type of job your so-called Career Services specialists can find for students, then why the hell would I have even attended school in the first place and wasted so much money? Thats beyond insulting to hardworking students such as myself! I attended school to find a good job, not some minumum wage job sweeping floors. And they don't even try anymore, there is no communication at all. I am just done with them. I am going to use a staffing agency to help me find work. I'm sure they will surpass the lousy job that Career Services in Lexington Ky does. In a nutshell, ITT Tech in Lexington is a deadbeat school full of liars, crooks, and idiots. I am beyond upset. I did my part as a student, I did the work, passed all my courses. But I have nothing to show for it but unemployment and student loan companies harassing the hell out of me. You haven't heard the last of my complaints!

This school is full of wrong doing. Since I have been in this program I saw them pass 2 student who were caught cheating on a final. She was not suspended or released from the nursing program. They were both actually able to take the test over and pass the course. They also used the same student that cheated to talk to the board of nurses. Well of course she will love the school and say great lies because she was allowed ti cheat and nothing was done. They changed their criteria for passing in the middle of the semester and did not give up papers to sign saying this was the new rule. The director of the school said "it is in our new handbook" ( a book we never recv.). I had an instructor who I know for a fact was put there to make it very difficult for us to pass. I know I passed her class but she somehow tampered with my grade to make it a 78.5 so that I would not pass according to the new grading criteria. At the end of every quarter we are harassed about doing the student surveys. They make us do them almost 2months before the semester ends. I was told by an instructor that if we do not do them she will not get a raise. These are just a few foul things that have happened since I have been at ITT of Tulsa, Ok. I had so much stress from this school that I had a miscarriage. They also would not allow us an official day for a make-up clinical so I had my miscarriage in the middle of a 12hour clinical shift but I could not leave because there is no make-up day. If I was not in so much debt from going to this school I would leave and start all over. I would not recommend this school to anyone not even my worst enemy. I have never cried so much in my entire life. I had the staff come and talk to me about complaints that I have with the school but thats like asking an abused child to stand up to the abusing adult. We are intimidated to say how we really feel and if you say the wrong thing absolutely nothing will be done, and now you have to see the same people who have beat you down for over a year and worry if they are gonna end up being your instructor later. It is so bad at this school. Also it is not made for working adults. Nursing classes are only during the day and nursing requires full attention, if you are working you are probably not passing. I cry every time I think about all the wrong doing this school does. I know nothing will be done but hopefully I will be saving many others from enduring what I have had to go through while attending ITT of Tulsa Ok. They would get a negative 5 stars if it was an option.

I am currently attending Itt Tech in Madison AL, im suppose to graduate in June with my Associates degree in Criminal justice. when i went there to look at the school it was rushed and they didnt even give me time to think if i really wanted to go there, they had set me up for an appointment for finacial aid. Sadly i decided to just go ahead and attend, because they assured me that it was hands on and i would be having hands on with just about everyone of my CJ classes. It has been 2 years and im about to graduate and i have still yet to have any hands on. after 2 years of this school somehow my student loans have come out to be $58,148 and that’s without interest. I just learned this week that 7 of the CJ classes that we were “REQUIRED” to take has been taken out of the CJ program one of which is a computer class were u take the computer apart and put it back together. There was no reason for the CJ students to have that. We didnt have a science class like we were suppose to, but it is in the new CJ program, which doesnt start until after i graduate. Which means we didnt get the right education. Not to mention, in the majority of my classes we spent alot of the time watching unrelated movies and played games such as scrabble. Thats stuff I can do at home and dont have to pay a dime. So now i have to pay for these classes that i didnt learn a damn thing in, which is unfair to me. I also talked to Sally Mae and they said my monthly payments would be just about $1000, HOW IN THE WORLD do they expect me to live?? I REALLY need help to find a good lawyer around here.

Myself and other students have made the school aware that we can not attend a Saturday class. I personally have to work and can only attend every other or every third Saturday. I will fail Capstone, lose my perfect attendance and not learn the information that I need to from this class. I could go to another campus if they were not 1 1/2 hours away and in rush hour traffic. I work until 5:30 pm most nights so this will not work either. If I do not attend full time I lose my grants and if I don't attend this quarter in hopes that this campus will provide a night Capstone class the following quarter I lose my funding and grants. I do not feel that the excuses that I have been given are valid. I am currently in 2 classes with only 6 students in them so I know that the "10students minimum for a class" is a lie. I have also spoken to 2 campuses in the area and my Dean from my Florida campus where I started at and they were confused why I would be told that especially since I told the school in November I couldn't do a class on Saturday in March, Quarter 8. Since I have been at this campus I have had teachers that didn't know how to teach, teachers that passed students because they had to and not because the student did the required homework, labs or class attendance to pass, equipment that doesn't work constantly and career services that told me they had no internships for CEET and tried to offer me retail position at the mall or pizza delivery. I truly wish I had known that this campus was not organized or focused on the students that want to succeed because I would have transferred to another school completely and accepted the few classes that didn't transfer. Now I can not transfer because since ITT is an unaccredited school they will not take over half of my classes. At this point I am looking at having $40,000 in school loans and no way to get my degree. I am a single mother with a full time job and am attending school to better our future. I am really tired of being disappointed by this campus.

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