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ITT Technical Institute in Kennesaw, GA is just as bad as all of the ones named above. I wish I had done more research before I jumped in with both feet. Credits do not transfer, or I would have been gone a LONG time ago. The labs never work, one quarter we didnt even get our LAB BOOKS until the 8th week. This particular campus has an idiot for a director who discriminates against all woman employees. It makes me sick to see the way he treats some of his staff. The GOOD teachers get blamed when the labs do not work, but the labs should be tested before handed to the instructor to begin with. EVERY single quarter my friends and I complain and complain about the labs hoping that something will get done, but they just choose to take it out on the teachers, which, in turn, causes the good ones to go elsewhere. All they care about is the numbers and the money. They talk a good game, but do not live up to any of it. They are lucky they still have a few good instructors, but I am sure it is only a matter of time before they get fed up too.

This school is horrible they took my money and 2 weeks after my semester started i still dont have any classes!!!!!!!!!!! They said something is wrong with the register process but i can tell you nothing was wrong with them taking my money quick...... Would not recommend anyone to attend this school.

ITT North Charleston, SC is a rip off if you are thinking about attending this school please don't. For one the instructors don't even know the material that they are teaching you after 2 semesters I still dont have a clue about what the hell i am learning about. you are basically teaching yourself by what the book says and if you don't understand that... Well the instructor doesn't either....They fire the good instructors in mid semester, they dean flirts with all the black guys... who in the hell is suppose to respect her??? I think SHE is an alcoholic/drug-addict... They change your schedule whenever they want if you sign up for evening classes they say it is necessary to take morning classes...So in other words they are not flexible... They promise job security but just like the entire spiel its all a lie just to get you through the door... I believe that ITT has been doing this for a long time basically stealing money from the government via loans and not teaching the students nothing... Somebody needs to put an end to this conspiracy...

I really mad about ITT TECH they make you sign a contract with holing to the agreement and they can change what they want when they want on the expence of the students. About 11 weeks ago On the first day of class we were informed that we needed B instead of C . WE did not agree to this but they looked happy telling us about the change AFTER the cooperate meeting of all chairs THEY decided that US the students needed to get B's instead of C or higher. Most of us have familys and work HOW CAN WE ALWAYS GET B"S .I have 3 courses left and a b hopee the other one isnt a c. I have only one nursing course left and how can they make a student that has completed everything they ask CHANGE at the last minute. I did not agree to change I never signed anything that said that I needed a B in it. I dont think its legal at all. New students that are aware of it at the begining YES thay are aware of it. THe students that are all ready there should stay on what was agreed on while agreement of the contract at hand... WE ALL NEED TO GET A LAWYER FOR A CLASS LAWSUIT>>>>>

Don't waste your money at this school. All they care about is money. I emailed the career services about job leads and they respond with jobs outside of my degree. I also wanted to pursue my education while I was at ITT by going to a different school for my bachelor and non of my credits were transferrable. I wish I knew from the beginning.

I've been at the Boise, ID campus for about a year now in the VC (Visual Communications) program, which was recently renamed and the curriculum for incoming students has been changed a little. My class (fall) and the class after us (spring) will remain on the old curriculum, which is fin by me, because frankly, the new curriculum is boring and adds classes like what kind of materials you can use that are eco-friendly. David Watson is my program chair, and sometimes it seems like he's just being rude and mean just for the sake of making you feel like crap, but all he's doing is acting like a client, and a really nice one, too. He's the only teacher I've come across that picks apart everything you do and makes you do it all over if he doesn't 100% love it. ITT needs more teachers like this. I'm glad he's my program chair. I've learned more from him in a single quarter than I thought possible. My skills in photoshop and illustrator DRAMATICALLY improved during his classes, and it shows. If the Seattle campus has instructors like Dave, I'm sure I'll love going there. (I'm going there for my 2 years of Game Design after my VC is done). All I can say is, keep David Watson around as long as you can. Get more like him. He doesn't take any crap, and tears things down so you work even harder and think of more and different ways to approach a project. He gets you ready for the real world the way an instructor should. I hope to have more classes with him, and I know I'll use him as a reference and as an example of somebody who has influenced me in a big way. Get a teacher like Dave, and I can promise, no matter what you're skills are now, they will dramatically improve. You'll hate them while they tear your projects apart, and you'll hate them even more while you're working, but when you're done and they like the outcome, you'll be friggen proud of the work you've done, and look back and think "they were right, that did suck". Bottom line is, I've never had a better or more intense learning experience than I have in a classroom with David Watson as the instructor.

The location in Springfield, VA is just a bad. Even as an instructor, which I am. I applied to teach Computer Sciences there having over 20 years of high quality instruction at some of the more high level universities. They (ITT) in Springfiled ask for me to come in and interview, which I did. I was asked about the chair position if I would be interested and "the dean or campus manager" would call me to come in for yet another interview. Instead, I was offered a part time teaching position and I NEVER recieved a phone call, contract, or teaching material. I was dropped like a hot potatoe. Now, figure that out!!!!

Quarter starts and we are supposed to get textbooks for our classes right? Obviously not. I had the usual 3 classes a week, 1st being on Monday (online class), Second on a Thursday, etc.. I show up to the campus on Thursday to pick up my books, low and behold they ran out of my online course book (every quarter they run out of books) I am now unable to do anything in the class until I get a textbook (and the key for the online videos required for the class.) Well, OVER A MONTH LATER I get a textbook. And with the class I was taking it was impossible for me to catch up after missing 1/3 of the work time just waiting on a book. Guess what? They STILL charged me the outlandish tuition for that class AND now they are charging me an equally outlandish tuition to re take the failed class. Someone at the school needs to "Man up" and take responsibility for not providing coarse material leading to a online class failure and double tuition charge for the class. (WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKE AND INABILITY TO PROVIDE MATERIALS??)

How is it that ITT can change there grading criteria in the middle of a program. The policy was sent to head quarters that you have to get a "B" starting the next quarter if you get a "C" you will have to repeat the course. What a mess and after the change we wonder how will they get accrediated!!!

Ok... this is how worthless at degree from ITT-Tech is..... Every job I applied for I never got. I couldn't transfer the credits to ANYWHERE! At the moment as well I am enlisting in the air force (U.S. Military - they take anyone). They tell me with college credits I will make more money and just need official college transcripts. In my whole effort to get those ITT tells me (6 years after I graduated) "We can't give them to you. You still owe us $1100". I haven't heard a thing about this in over 6 years. Are you telling me that NO ONE tried to collect the money for 6 years? After I finished dealing with that I get told by the military that they will not accept any of the credits because they are worthless and not on their list of approved schools. So not even the military accepts ITT credits. So basically I paid $35k for a degree that wont get me a job, transfer to another school and it wont help me in the military. Thank god that I can still get paid the same as if the credits were good as long as I stay in for extra years.

ITT is a rip-off. I attend the Madison campus. They charge ridiculous tuition $$$ and half-ass education by cramming too many people in classes. They claim it's for better learning, but it's obviously to save on Instructor fees. $50,000 for a 2 year education. How do they justify that??? Where do does all this money go??? Certainly not into creating an optimal learning experience!!!

I am going to the Rancho Cordova, California school and there are talks about you taking away Construction Management witch it is the Degree I am after. I have four classes left after this quarter and I am not going to take Project Management because that is not why I picked ITT-Tech in the first place. There are more students really mad like me about this change and we are going to do what it take for you to keep Construction Managements or else we are going to different schools for our Bachelors Degree. We can take our money else where and I would advice you to first ask the students about their thoughts before doing something like that. Another thing, there are classes that I think they are a waste of my time and money badly spend. I am spending a lot of money for nothing I believe. Also your Surveys aren't working as we all hope and we don't see changes being done except for taking away Construction Management. Why don't you do a survey on what we think about the whole school and entire staff?

Having dealt with AkronOH and Columbus OH staff. They are horrible in the financialaid office. We have applied for extra money to help with living expenses and to purchase a comupter for a class. It has taken over 2 months to receive the aid and till waiting. The staff doesn't care or can not tell you were you money is. They will not give any phone numbers to corp office to call to check the status on the money. Please do not waste your time or money on these for profit educational institution. They are only interested in your money not you as a student.

I attend the campus in Eden Prairie, Mn and I must say that I understand what all of you are going through, I'am in my fourth quarter for the Criminal Justice program. However my chair person and all of my instructors for my Cj program are very very good and many of them are still in the CJ field or just retired from it so they are very helpful and up to date on current knowledge. However I'am very upset that I spent four years in the Marine Corps and my 100% Gi bill benefits will only pay for an associates degree. Also with my FASFA money that I get every quarter they wait as long as they can to send me MY MONEY! I can not stand the finical aid department at my school and the corporate office it is terrible. It sucks that it is very hard to find a good job without some sort of a degree but I will leave this school in a heart beat if I find a good job in law enforcement. This school is not worth it all I would not waste your time or money if you have to take out a student loan do not go to a "FOR PROFIT SCHOOL" work hard and try to get into a university you will have a better time and it will be cheaper in the long run, I would also not use your Gi bill for this school either. All in all I'am very upset with how this school runs its day to day operations and how $43,000 for a two year degree does not go to good computers or equipment for any of the programs. Terrible school I hate it.

I am so sick and tired of how poor the technology is at this "technical school" and what really upset's me with ITT is how they take their time to get me the money they owe me, the pell grant is supposed to be sent out about a week after the quater start's, here it is 6 weeks into the quater and they still haven't paid me, when someone owe's this school money they make them pay up FAST........... here they owe me money and they take thier damn time and IM SICK OF IT!!! If I knew back when I signed up what i know now, I WOULD NOT OF JOINED ITT!!!!

I’m am beyond upset with ITT Tech in Rancho Cordova CA.. I went on maternity leave and took a few quarters off only to come back and find out I’m on academic probation?! And they told me i was too pass all my classes from then on with nothing below a C grade. Well I didn’t pass 2 classes and they dropped me from the program!!!!! with only 2 quarters left before I was supposed to graduate.. Why can't they put themselves in my shoes and understand that being a single mother with a newborn baby and a full time job isn’t easy, especially when I’m also trying to finish school?. I seriously just want to break down and cry. Only two semester left until I had my AA.. This just seems so heartless to me. Instead of them trying to be understanding and help me succeed I felt like they kicked me when i was down, and at my worst! Thanks for nothing ITT and for wasting my time and money!!! The dean isn't too helpfull either, I asked him if i can appeal this and he said no before i even finidhed asking.. HORRIBLE! Im taking this to the media!!

i was at ITT in norfolk va and the school is aweful!!!! was promised something then they said no and i couldnt return to my nursing program. now im 20,000 dollars in debt with no degree. they are a bunch of crooks! i dont reccomend them to anyone a waste of time and money

I am entering my 8th quarter and they will be banning smoking on June 1st . To think we pay thousands of dollars and feel like prisoners. It's amazing how college suppose to be this wonderful experience, it was for the first 5 quaters.Now we not allowed to eat or drink in class; we sit in class for four hours listening to someone lecture. ITT TECH is more like high school than any institute I have ever experienced. They want you to participate in workshops but you don't find out until the day before. What since does that make but all the old material posted on the walls to be seen. I have two years left and I would like to enjoy college life. I know it is a great decision to better educate yourself but when do we get treated like the ADULTS we are!!! If I decide not to stay the whole class who are you all to chestize me and I'm paying for this fracklenackle bull to be treated like I am 5 when I choose to do something else..Only at this school. I hate I chose this as my option...

I find it very unfortunate that ITT-Tech Liverpool would let an instructor go when there is only two weeks left in the quarter. This is both unreasonable and untimely. This instructor was the best instructor since I’ve been here (this is my 7th quarter) and covered the entire spectrum of my curriculum. The Director and the Dean have not been forth coming with the reason for her departure and now I am afraid that other faculty. I wish someone could listen and actually support the students. When will I have a Chair for my program? It’s been over a year and the last chair was a disaster.

Well here I am again, commenting about ITT Tech. I am in my 3rd quarter and have found that ITT is beginning to live up to its infamous reputation. This is not sour grapes from a failing student. I have maintained a 4.0 thus far. So, your may ask, what changed my mind about ITT Tech. Teachers? No. They are good enough, mostly comparable with 'public' colleges. Subject matter? Naw. It's what I expected it to be: Technical. I enjoy the work, really. What has come to bother me the most is the emphasis on "staying on track" as defined by ITT tech. My belief is that I take the amount of units I can handle to maintain a decent average, not a number of units proscribed by some corporate office. Case in point: I was happy taking 8 units a quarter. But no, the department chair and financial aid strongly encouraged me to take 12. The 'hook' was that I 'may not' be eligible for Federal Work Study if I don't maintain 12 units. Well ok. So, I was assigned my classes and off I went. Well, as I suspected, 12 units are too many for me to handle especially when they are all technical courses. I wanted to drop one of my server. No big deal, right? Wrong! I was given the high pressure sales pitch that I have read so much about. Come on! It's just a class. The units don't transfer which means the transcript is worthless to higher education outside of ITT Tech. So, what's the difference? Money. My Student loans cover my classes when I take 8 units. Interesting, isn't it!! Ok. I dropped the class and was feeling in control of my educational process until; I applied for Federal Work Study. What a rip off!!! Now, I know about the Federal Work Study program. I've participated in that program, before. However, not the way ITT frames it. I expected the application process to be lengthy. It was. I expected to have to wait to be interviewed. I did. But, I did not expect to be herded (yes herded) into a room with other Fed. Work Study candidates, and interview en masse! How insulting! We were told we would be interviewed as a group, not in a group. Ridiculous. About 7 Staff sat at the front of the room and about 16 or so of us took seats in the classroom. Staff took turns asking the group questions. It was so ridiculously competitive, that I nearly left! We candidates were instructed to dress professionally, in casual office attire. I felt over dressed in prudent heels, black slacks, and a sedate but classy blouse! Most of the candidates wore jeans. One woman dressed in a mini-skirt with a slit up the side, black stockings, and 5 inch heels! Dang! And the staff: Only the Career Services Director and one other Staff member dressed for the interview. Most wore jeans, tight fitting low cut blouses, and one male staff member looked as if he had just awaken from a long night on the town and had a hangover! The Staff kept hammering it home that the FWS jobs were 'real jobs' and 'should be respected as such'. What a joke! The Staff didn't respect Us, the folks paying their salaries, enough to follow their own dress code!!What's that about? And, those 'real jobs' they are talking about are $8.00 an hour positions subsidized by the Feds, which means by US the taxpayers/students! Ridiculous. I lost respect for ITT Tech and have begun researching classes at the local JC. Turns out it'll take me the same amount of time (I already have all my GE requirements) and I can take the number of units I decided to take, period. The cost? Much less, of course. My impression of ITT tech was that I was receiving a superior product. nope. not true. It's the same old stuff different day. So, I'm out of there as soon as I complete this term. I'll definitely save money and won't have to listen to anymore Corporate hype. I gave it a shot. Too bad, ITT looses a great student.

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