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I veisited the Carbondale Houlihan's on February 17th at 5pm. Not only was the service terrible, but the restaurant did not have an item that was even on the menu. Also, when my sister received her food, it was made incorrectly, and instead of making her new sandwiches, they took her food back, scraped off what should not have been on the sandwich and put cold cheese on a hot sandwich and returned it to the table. This restaurant is terrible, and I will never go back. HORRIBLE.

I was in the Arlington area and visited the Houlihans there. I had a wonderful experience. The food was excellent and also the service. When I go to the area, definitely will go back.

Fairway, ks

We recently ate at the fairway ks location, and I have to say it is the worst location of all. The new management is terrible. They don't care about their guests. And the servers/service is terrible as well. Will not be returning.

I Love Lucy

I have visited the Orland Park Houlihans quite a few times and thoroughly enjoyed each one. The staff is so upbeat and attentive - especially Lucy, a server. She greets me with a wide smile,recognizes me and anticipates my needs. In fact, I now ask for her whenever I eat there. She delivers the food in a very timely manner; the soup is always hot; the entree appears just as I finish the soup. I generally eat alone and Lucy, if she can, will spend a few minutes talking with me. She really makes me feel welcome.

I went to the houlihans in Arlington. My experience was great. The lady who is the manager there treated us very nice. I noticed she was aware of everything was happening around. That means ladies can do great job. Good for her!!

Houlihans had the best Happy Hour until they took the Long Island pitchers off the Menu..I love the atmosphere,I love the food,but I do t think I can go back.. The Long Island Pitchers were the best idea ever..I take my family and Co-Workers to Houlihans every Friday because they are so in love wit the half price Pitchers...Guess I have to find another HAPPY HOUR SPOT..Houlihans just lost their J.Hopkins crowd...I feel like I let my friends down..WE WANT THE PITCHERS BACK ON THE HAPPY HOUR MENU..Houlihans just mad Happy Hour ,Sad Hour!!

I am a employee at the new jersey , weehawken. I broke my toe last sunday and came into work to explain i couldnt work. I recently came back in a manger accidenaly step on it. I ecpressed the pain i am feel and begged to go home. The manager who did this refused n os making me work i am server .. walking on it is doing more damage and i strongly feel this is not right. Thank you for your timey

I think Corporate should check on the way the area managers treat the employees. They should be treated with respect. I know about one lady that is very mean to all the managers.The managers should be happy working for Houlihans. It is a very good company. They are not just because of this lady.

I recently ate at the new Houlihan's restuarant in Breton Village in Grand Rapids Michigan. It was one of the best dining experiences I have ever had. The food was above and beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life. The tomato soup is to die for, the salads are crisp and fresh, the meat is cooked to perfection and they serve the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten. The staff was well trained, attentive and friendly and the general Manager was in attendance and apparently well respected by her staff. The deserts are beyone delicious. I have found a new favorite restaurant. Thank You!

I visited the Park Ridge Houlihan's today and was convinced that something is happening from the management on down that is not helpful to your business or the customer's satisfaction. On Sundays they serve brunch until 2PM. which is what I chose. My companion was told it would be 20 minutes before she could order off the regular menu. This makes no sense and I asked to speak with the manager to explain this policy. He never arrived, and no explanaation was given why he did not come around. The wait-staff finally relented and said my companion could order off the menu even though the twenty minutes had not passed. This is after I pressed both the hostess and the first waitress....Of course, you can imagine I was upset. I can't' say your restaurant goes overboard to please its customers. The food was mediocre at best and the prices a bit excessive for the quality of food. Would you expect us to return any time soon? You must teach your staff that anything less than professionalism is not acceptedable

So many people use this site to moan and groan about service or what not but that is not the purpose for me writing. I think it is wonderful to see good reviews put out there also. I frequent a lot of places all over the Pittsburgh Area and I like alot of the restaurants in the area, sometimes I don't like the food sometimes I don't like the service, but I have to tell you that I've been to Houlihans before in fact I've been to Houlihans in other states, I've always liked their food and most of the time the service has been pretty good also. But I must tell you that we stopped in at the Mall in Robinson to buy a few things for vacation and decided to grab a quick bite and have a cocktail at the Houlihan's location there. Well let me tell you after running around that mall and be treated rudely by a few young employees in certain retail stores it was a pleasure to sit down and chill. The girls waiting on us were so nice, well everyone was really nice. So we did something we never do we asked to see the GM or manager of the restaurant. This young man came out I was expecting someone much older introduced himself as Sean and we proceeded to tell him we thought the store and everyone in it was so wonderful, plus they have done such a nice job of cleaning the outdoor patio we wanted to just go out there and have a cocktail. He was very professional and we just told him we thought it was such a pleasure to have great service. Just thought you would like to know something good about your restaurant and the people you employee. Keep up the good work.

Your menu is anything but "me too" I have read these other reviews and while I agree that management should re-look at their hiring practices (seasoned servers needed), the quality of their food, the uniqueness of the food, the price/value are all at the top of the industry in my opinion You have the food, taste and presentation/decor thing right- upgrade your personnel, this is no place for young inexperienced people I employ approximately 1000 people in 5 states. I think that is an important perspective for you to know in your assessment of how to be better Overall, I would go out of my way to dine at Houlihan's

I have been a loyal customer of Houlihans since they opened. I frequent the Orland Park, Illinois resturaunt frequently with friends, family. the wait staff is great, especically Travis who has always delivered A+ service and most of the managers are very hospitable, even of busy Friday, Saturday and Holidays the managers are walking around, monitoring and checking customer satisfaction. But on Tuesday 05/29/2012, we stopped in Houlihans around 4:30pm for dinner. There were 4 customers in the restuarant area and 2 people at the bar. there were 7 servers, 1 bartendar, 1 hostess,we could visible see. the 7 servers were huddled at the corner of the bar with who I assumed to be another hostess, since they were all talking, laughing and a few times a few of the servers looked at us looking at them. Not one person stopped to aknowledge us after 20 minutes, my guests reaction was to get up and leave, but I wanted to wait and see how long it was going to take 7 servers to decied who would take care of us. After 25 minutes of waiting a server passed our table and I asked : if there was anyone assigned to the section the hostess had sat us in, he said he would go get the server. He again came back and asked us if we wanted something to drink, and I inquired if there was a manger on staff, he said yes it would be Ashley!. Well turns out Ashley is the girl I assumed to be the chatting hostess. the server sent her to our table and she apologized and compted our dinner, I followed up with a call to the GM of Houlihans and, he is off for the next couple weeks, (go figure) then a placed a call to Houlihans corporate and you either need to know your parties extension, or you are propmted to leave a long detailed message and someone wll get back to you. If you hit 0 to get operator/switchboard assistance, it has a busy signal and take ou back to the previous menu. (go figure). Houlihans corporate please consider this when hiring young children to manage these resturaunts "ITS NOT ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION -ITS ABOUT CUSTOMER LOYALITY' a satisfied customer will go anywhere, A loyal customer will always come back. and why would you want teenagers overseeing other teenagers...this does not make good business sense, so after many years...of being a loyal customer, now I am a dissatisfied customer..... bye...bye loyality.....

I am a frequent guest (3x week) of J Gilberts in Glastonbury and I am writing to request the re-introduction of the cannoli dessert. The new twist to the dessert, cream and berries does not match the Grand Marnier chocolate mousse filling. I would often schedule meetings with friends for dessert at the restaurant because there is nothing in town like it. The new version is simply a bowl of fruit with a cream sauce. Please bring the original dessert back with the chocolate mousse filling.

I am a regular client at J Gilberts, I have seen questionable leadership from the managerial staff at your establishment. I was so upset when my favorite server was fired because the manager does not personally like him. I would like to tell you what really happens to employees at J Gilberts restaurants. Employees are bullied and threatened constantly that they will be fired based on if the manager likes the employee. The poor bussing staff are bullied and threatened. When they complained about the new procedures that are not efficient. The manager would not even listen to or care about his employees thoughts or concerns. While a good manager listens to his staff. I have seen loyal employees fired after 15, 12 and 7 years working at J Gilberts. Employees give quality service to cliental. I have seen how hard they work, they have 9 to 10 tables at the same time. They have a loyal cliental at Gilberts. Recently the quality of the steaks have been horrible and so the clients complain. The servers tell their managers and to reorder a steak. Then the employer offers the client water and to refill their drinks and asks the manager to come to the table. The employee is at the mercy of the manager and client and the kitchen. Then the manager is a questionable leader and a bully, he blames the employee for having to compensate the meal. Not all customers are truthful when they complain. I have been sitting in the booth next to clients I have seen customers exaggerate their experience because you are upset about the food. The managers blame the servers even when they have tried to provide excellent service. When someone gets fired because a steak had gristle running through it, the managers do not care if they put a man on the street after 15 or more years. The managers at J Gilbert fire people because the customers glasses empty at the end of a meal, they do not take into account that the server has refilled the glass 3 to 4 times. I have even seen mangers lead customers into complaining against servers when there was nothing to complain about. When I saw a customer refuse her glass form being refilled by the server when she was upset about her food, but when the manager tries to resolve the issue for the customer by giving them a free meal, she allows him to refill the glass, the manager attacks the server for not refilling the customers glass. Any reasonable observer can see the truth that the customer was happy from the free meal, not the glass of water. A good manager should help and supports their staff not accuse them of not doing their job afterwards. Managers should ask their servers what happened not fire them because a client is having a bad day and is taking out their frustrations on a server. The manager did not ask the other nine tables how was the service. When the server has been their for 7 years should they be placed on probation over one customer complaint, then fired over clients complaint over a bad steak. When a manager constantly insults their staff and treats them like incompetent employees. Employees are constantly treated with out dignity or respect at your establishment. The owners should be aware that certain staff are yelled and at and threatened on a daily bases because the manager does not like the person not based on their work. Also I have heard the manager call a staff member racist names and accused the bar staff member as being terrorist in the lounge. The serves are just trying to make a living to get by in the economy, but they do not have any place else to go so they just try to fly under the radar. Gilberts is a toxic place to work and the new managers have been trained to treat older employees with disrespect. I believe some of your loyal staff are hoping the general manager who has been there for three-years will hopeful move Miami soon so things can go back to the way they were before he came. I love the food and the staff at JGiliberts, the treatment of the staff is hurting the moral and the environment of my favorite place to hang out.

I usually don't write on these things but while I'm livid...might as well. There are a group of us that go our for birthdays so it was my turn and I chose Houlihan's. Well I called to today and heard about the "call ahead seating." My information was taken and then I was put on hold a few times and then was told that there was nothing available and it was Valentine's weekend....I about fell off the floor. OH, wait, BUT if something should come up, they would call me....Oh no thank you, I've already made reservations at a restaurant that is GLAD to take our money. Sorry, but I'll never go to your restaurant again! Did you ever hear the saying, that when something bad happens, you tell 10 people....well do the math, 160 people will know this by the end of the weekend and hopefully they'll tell 10 friends and so on. If you don't take reservations, how do you know you don't have room for 16 people......I should stop up there tomorrow and tell everyone there is no room for anyone and they should go somewhere else because there may NOT be room for them. Bad bad bad. There are plenty of other good restaurants to go to in town so I'm not too worried that our 2nd choice will be equally if not better!

Had to leave Geneva Illinois restaurant as we were on our lunch break and waited 10 min.'s but tables we open-I suspect too few servers. I thought they served quick lunches? Went to noodles. FYI

worst experience ever. visited the houlihan's in Arlington TX. Frank A manager and Cade an Assistant Manager were extremly rude. I waited over 45 minutes for my order only to learn they had made an error. If they were apologetic it wouldn't have bothered me so much but they were Not. I really felt I was treated poorly because I was african american.

We have always had a good time at Houlihan's and we have visited locations in multiple states. It is our favorite place to go while were vacationing. They've recently built a restaurant in our area, so we decided to go for my birthday. When we got there, I told the hostess it was my birthday. She said there was a 30-35 minute wait. Even though the restaurant appeared to be half empty, that wait time seemed perfectly acceptable, as The Cheesecake Factory often has an hour wait. When we returned at our appointed time, we were told we could be seated but the hostess couldn't guarantee when we'd receive our meal because the kitchen was "backed up." I don't understand why she didn't tell us that when we put our name on the list! The kicker is that she was still putting other people's names on the list!!! We ate next door at Chipotle because didn't want to go somewhere else and have to wait. (NOT my idea of a birthday dinner.) After that, we walked down to The Cheesecake Factory to grab dessert. There was NO WAIT. We should have just gone there first!

I just ate at the Bar with (Nathan ) the bartender at the helm. Nathan needs a course in manners. He was rude when I sat and when I asked if he had Boulevard Pale ale when there are two taps of Wheat. It appeared as though I was suppose to know your entire menu and what beer is on tap on each station-when he THREW a menu at me. Nathan is much more concerned about his appearance and his after hours partying than taking care of a full bar. In additon, he talks to all of your patrons as though they are "fraterity bros" instead of "customer." I spoke with your manager Casey- and she is very professional and offered to take care of my meal etc. I replied " No thank you, I recognize that we all have employees and some of them need to become "available" for employment AGAIN!! Nathan needs to learn that his "Daddy" is not across the bar -or his buddies. Rather, people that pay the "FREIGHT." Corp adm. please train these people. I have been comming into Houlihans for many years and appreciate the food and atmosphere. I do not live in Springfield and this is only my second time in 2-3 years in this particular location- so this is not a knock on Nathan as we have not had contact prior to this evening. Non-the less, maybe he will learn something as you make him available to the marktet during a "recession." Maybe its my age- as I am 45. But when Nathan said " here you go" and tossed the bill to me, I thought, he will enjoy living off of his parents for a few more years!!! What happened to- Thanks for your business and come back and see us??? If this falls on deaf ears in this economy, your business model will address itself. Good Luck!

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