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You should check on the area manager that services the Dallas ft.worth area. Not very professional.


Service was terrible ! Food was awful ! Why would I ever go back ?? I won't !!

Never Had A Bad Meal at Houlihan's

However... It infuriates me that you do not extend Happy Hour to your entire restaurant. The next time I go and cannot find seating and will not be served HH prices in non-bar area, I will take my business elsewhere. Several other people I know feel the same. We live in Lee's Summit, MO.


Starting to get impatient as we keep expecting a HOULIHANS to be opened somewhere in the Tampa Bay area or more specifically in Bradenton and or Sarasota FLORIDA. We were optomistic that one would be built at the brand new UTC "University Towne Center" but so far do not see one planned for that location. Please let me know if there are any plans for one to open in this area. Thanks ! Missing my ' Shrooms, Stuffed Chicken and all your other great foods !!!!!!!



Aweful Experience

Aweful experience, been going here for years and now they have a new mgr and the place has gone downhill. Food was bad, missing items and no one did anything about it. Never going back.

Horrible Experience

I went to the Houlihans in Dallas Texas for my birthday and I was very disappointed in both the service and the food. The food was even cold. I asked for a roll and was told it did not come with the meal yet other customers received a roll with their meal. I waited and waited for my check and had to go to the bar to close out. It was a horrible time all the way.

Angry 4th of July American

I received your latest July 4th ad today that my wife and I both thought it was the worst UnAmerican add ever. You just degraded all my neighbors, relatives and friends to bad food and illegal activities. The 4th of July is a time of friendship, cheering at parades, enjoying food with your closest, and being safe in our legal activities. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy your Columbia, Md location and frequent regularly. If this type of insult to one of our Great National Holidays happens again we will discontinue our patronage to Houlihan's. Bonnie & Alan Harry Columbia, Md 21227


Houlihan's in Upper Arlington Ohio. Fantastic service, exceptional food, and wonderful dining experience. The staff were fantastic and the general manager should be openly commended for bring together this exceptional team. My wife and I were treated so kindly and wonderfully at this restaurant location for our 30th wedding anniversary. We met at Houlihan's at a different location 32 yrs earlier. Wonderful evening. Thank you.

Houliahan 's burgers

cook does not cook right, wait staff says send back. what a waste of money and time. get it right the first time. park ridge houlihan's needs a better chef. get one from a good cooking school. thank you

Worst food & service ever!!!

if you want below average food go to Houlihans, where the servers are straight out of prison and the cooks add extra spice (Secret spice) in fact your better off eating at McDonalds, unless you want to overpay for below average food, and get thrown out by the police for droping an F-bomb at the BAR!!!

customer service

we want to compliment your staff; Kelly, Eileen, Stephanie, Geno, Wendy, Steve, Tony, James for their professional, kindness, courteous, and good services too. This is what makes or beaks a business.. thanks

Too many coupons!

I work in a houlihans, enough with the coupons already! It's like taking a pay cut! This is the busy season, people are coming in already, they will pay full price if you let them! Think about your servers once in a while!

change in happy hour

we have been going to the orland park location on and off for about 3 years now.We usually go on Wednesday nites,which we call our "date nite".They have changed the happy hour specials and appetizers which were customer friendly,to smaller portions which some are taken off the menue.Beer specials are longer available wed.and thur. We enjoyed our nites there ,mgmt.and staff are superior! Until they offer beer and food specials as was prior to their changing ways, I don"t see us coming back,their are other resturants who welecome


As a server at Houlihan's I would like to suggest that at T time the servers take cell phone pics of the new food and beverages, then send them to all of their friends promoting the new menu. Then, those friends will send to their friend and so on and so on. It's all word of mouth, or shall I say word of cell phones. Let the fingers do the talking.

corporate resaurants

I cannot even put into words how disturbing the experience of working or dining at these places is. I guess "generic" and "disorganized" or even "too-big-to-fail" of the restaurant world.

No YumYum make me sad!

Love the food. Love the service. Love how you manage the temperature and comfort winter and summer. Most of all I looked forward to your thousand island dressing fondly referred to as your Yum Yum sauce. Was told today you no longer serve it. I eat it with my fries. I would eat it straight by spoon as it is the most awesomest dipping sauce on the planet. Please please bring back the Yum Yum sauce or I will picket your restaurants.

Ate at your Tower CIty restaurant in Cleveland, OH - always get the french onion soup - last three times has been getting worse - today was last time - had threeeeeeeeeeeeee slices of bread and an inch of broth - told my waiter - He said wow - all that bread I'll tell the manager

Terrible Service

Bruce at the bar is terrible. He spends his time talking to a few customers, and if you're not one of the patrons kidding up to him he ignores you. I spent 45 minutes waiting for another beer, and I finally left. Houlihan's website does not even have a link or email for me to give them this feedback. I won't return.

id policy is completely stupid

I am currently sitting in the Columbia location in Maryland unable to enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner due to houlihan's ridiculous id policy. I am 24 years old with a valid Virginia id that states that I was under 21 until December 2009. DUMB.

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