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Had reservations in Norwalk,Ct for a wedding taking place at 3pm.I called before leaving my home and was told by a female employee that a room may not be ready by 1pm but certainly by 1:30pm.Upon our arrival,we were greeted by Stuart,who stated "No check in until 3pm". I attempted to explain to Stuart that I had called ,spoke to a female and was told it was possible to check in at 1:30pm. Stuart in essence called me a liar stating " There is no one here by that name and I'm the only one that answers the phone here" . I did ask him if he was the general manager as he had stated to another family member who had attempted to check in before us.Stuart was rude and condensending,did give me his card when I asked his name and definitely needs a course in customer service. My husband and I chose to go to a competitor rather than give the Hilton Gardens our business and lo and behold my sister in law got our room within 20 mins after we cancelled our reservations.Stuart had told her they had just had a cancellation. I certainly do not expect to see a charge on my credit card such as the comment a few before mine(Stuart never asked my first name and there were other family members there with the same last name)I will NEVER do business with the Hilton again,there are far too many other hotel chains with just as good facilities

We recently stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Savannah, GA on the July 4 weekend. The hotel was crowed with a Family Reunion or 2. The appearance is net and clean and the hotel lobby, restaurant, front desk and lounge area are all visible when you come in and present well with tan clean tile and oak wooden decor. The rooms are also very up to date with plush white comforts and pillows, flat screen TV even though small for the size of the room at swiveled which helped. The bathroom is clean tiled high vanity and well decorated. The hotel over is a good presentation and I have stay at many hotels in the segment so I would say its right up there with the Marriott Courtyards and Holiday Inn Express. Unfortunately the service was another story. Your quickly bombarded with message at the front desk, in the elevator and on the TV and the room that the service is job one!! The staff aims to exceed our expectations!! Well the staff exceeded in lowering our expectation to the point of this letter. One the first night of our stay we called asked for a couple of pillows. There were 4 pillows and a long tubular decor pillow really not for sleeping. Some of us in the party of 4 like 2 pillow when we sleep. Usually hotels store an extra pillow or 2 in the closet. NO such luck and no response from room service the whole night. We finally just went to bed. The next day 3 of the 4 in my party were women. No I'm not the stud...2 of the 3 were young women but regardless women like having their own towel and seeing as we were given 3 shower towels 4 hand towels and 2 wash towels we thought no problem call room service. Well once again the call was answered by the towels were not. The next day the same situation occurs. We gave up on pillows but thought towels now that should be a given. Again no response from our request. Finally the third I just grabbed towels out of the housekeeping cart and avoided the hassle. Here is the kicker. The last night of our stay July 3 into the 4th. We had spent the whole touring and on the beach and watching July 3rd fireworks 45 minutes away. When I say I was done I was DONE! Sleeping in the fluffy with bed with pillows or no pillows I didn't care. Until 5:35am and the fire alarms message that we needed to quickly proceed to the exits and do not use the elevators. "do not panic and walk calmly to the exits" Now you can imagine the chaos at 5:30 in the morning woken to a loud beeping message to get out. We like other guest walked to the exit down the 4 flights of stairs looking like Dawn of the Dead and in total bewilderment to what the hell was happening. Upon landing outside with all my fellow guests waiting no more than 5 minutes a hotel employee comes out and says "go back to your rooms its O.K. So slumbered up the 4 flights of stairs again and crawling into bed wondering what the hell was that??? I look out the window and a few people are lingering outside not know to come up or stay out. 3 full sized fire trucks and a batallion on chief are park around looking for a fire. The whole scene seemed like a bad dream but unfortunately it was real or so we thought. The next morning we are checking and out and packing up the car for our 7 hour trip back. I'm looking around the lobby and everything was exactly as I remember upon my arrival 4 days earlier. The lobby was still sparkling clean and there were no signs of smoke or fire anywhere. So I asked the front desk woman what had happened exactly. She tells me "We had an incident and the fire came from a something left on a waffle iron. Now this is when I ask well I don't see anything that looks remotely close to a fire scene. Are you at least offering breakfast to the guests for the inconvenience? Now keep in mind this was not a free breakfast stay. She replied No Sir We had an incident and there are NO FREE Break fasts here. So in my disgust I merely said well we were not happy about this stay and left. Now with 7 hours to replay that interaction of the night and morning it came to me that this alledged incident that happened 5:30 in the morning happened 1 hour before breakfast is open to the public. So it's quite clear to me that the "incident" was due to someone making breakfast for themselves and leaving it on the waffle iron long enough to cause a fire alarm. Now if this good service I must say I will unequically say will will not be staying at a Hilton Chain Hotel anytime soon. Oh by they way I am a silver member and will use my points on something else.

I had pretty much the same horror story,i have taken my family to the Point at squaw peak(Hilton)located in Phoenix,Az(7/6/11-7/9/11) for the past 3 years the previous two were great everyone enjoyed it but this year was a disaster first off we had reservations for 2 rooms we arrived at 2:00 o'clock p.m and it was scorching in the room understandable in arizona in july figured the room was unoccupied lets turn the a/c on and let it cool down while we waited on the other room we had reserved to become available which the front desk said would be at 3:30 at 4 the room was still not available now we have been in this room which is a sauna,still giving the situation the benefit of the doubt my family went poolside while i and my son in law waited for the other room,to make a long story short we finally got our other reserved reserved mind you room at 5:30 while myself and my family sweat it out in the ambassador suite until maintenance came at 9pm to say the a/c is out and couldn't be fixed that night so they gave us another room on the other side of the resort at 11:30pm now were moving all our things and my family(2 children) with no assistance and poor directions. Just the break my wife and family needed after she had 2 heart surgeries in may thank you so much Point at Squaw Peak Hilton.

I would like to talk to someone if you get a second. Its not bad I promise. In fact its great job comment. I can be reached at 903-638-1982 David Sheffield

same story as above- upon our arrival at toledo hilton--hotel reneged on our confirmation saying we only had reservations for 2 nights instead of 3. then staff admits to overbooking of rooms. suddenly after 30 minutes of arguing a room is available with BEDBUGS!!!!! had to switch out of rooms at 1 AM with 2 kids. and the new room is with my parents.when we asked for a rollaway bed staff said it was a firehazard.2 days later staff says we dont have a reservation for our last night stay either.what a way to do business HILTON!!!

I recently had the pleasure of staying in one of your fine hotels located in Colorado Springs, CO. at 2035 Aerotech Drive. I checked in on Thursday April 28th, 2011 and checked out Sunday May 1st, 2011. My entire trip was paid for through Travelocity - Trip ID is 2108 0643 9833 The flight + Hotel + Car = $643.15 Tax Recovery Charge & Service Fees = $103.08 The total of those was = $746.23 charged to my Mastercard acct. Now comes the interesting part - On 05/09/2011 my Mastercard was charged $213.34 for the hotel stay. I contacted your fine hotel staff and explained the situation...they checked it out and found there had been an error made in the charge. The hotel charge was in fact paid in full through Travelocity. The money was returned to my account on 05/14/2011 in the total of $213.34. Now...on 05/16/2011 the very same amount was charged to my account again. What the Hexx!!! So, for the next hour I was on the phone with a Travelocity representative and a hotel staff member only to find out that the only way I would get my money returned to my account was to give them my credit card number. I have to tell you folks...they charged my account 2 seperate times for $213.34 and we had to give them my card number again. Does something not fit this photo quite right? Then I would get the refund in 3 to 5 business days? Unacceptable folks. It takes only a matter of seconds to charge the account and days to put the money back into my account. Not a very good way to run a corporation of hotel chains. I don't know what else to say here but, I am very very concerned as to whether I will ever stay in another one of your hotels. This incident has left a nasty taste in my mouth. It's not everyday you get to spend some time in a nice hotel only to find out later somewhere down the chain of command, whoever is running the IT department is really meesing things up when it comes to charging your consumers many times over for a previous stay. I can be reached at 253-232-7471 - personal mobile I can be reached at 253-709-9004 - business mobile I can be reached at 425-237-0411 - work phone

We had confirmed reservations for the Ft. Lauderdale Hilton Beach Resort on 5/7/11 for 4 nights and when we arrived, the desk staff first told us that we had no reservations and later after seeing our confirmed documenttation, changed their story to ,"sorry we are over booked" we have no rooms available. In essence our reserved and confirmed rooms were given away. Why were we not notified of this instead of finding out on the day we were about to check in? The hotel (wht we saw of it) was beautiful, we wish we could say the same for the staff.

My wife and I were part of a group visiting Pittsburgh. My son also booked two rooms, on-line, the same way we did. One for he and his wife and another for his wife’s parents several days prior to our booking. At time of arrival, Hilton reneged on providing a room for his wife’s parents and turned them away upon their arrival which meant the room we booked and later cancelled (cancellation number 45350219) wasn’t available upon their arrival. Obviously, my son’s family could have used the room we booked were it available. Instead they were turned away and we were denied a refund.... Ed Maguire (586) 231-1718

I recently stayed at hilton in Atlantic City, NJ and enjoyed my stay. You guys Rock. Here is an available investment my friend owns in Hungary. Let me know if you are interested. A HOTEL DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY IN BUDAPEST, HUNGARY. A 3,500 SQM standing office building with parking prominently located in Budapest's Central Business District (CBD) is offered for sale as a potential hotel development. Molnar Irodahz is located in commercial/tourist area adjacent to Hungary's most famous shopping street of Vaci Street. Is located walking distance from all major historical sites in the city. The location is well covered by public transportation and offers easy access to cars. Opportunity exists to develop a 120 room 3-4* hotel. Molnar Irodahaz is currently an income producing office building and is let to local tenants on short term leases. The owner, private Irish investor, would like to retire and is looking to exit. For more information on Molnar Irodahaz and the location please visit our web page: WWW.MOLNARIRODAHAZ.COM or Marypgrimes@hotmail.com Serious buyers please call Mr. William Grimes on +1 212 750 6944 ( New York) or +355 872 841700 ( Dublin, Ireland).

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