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Selling of America

In so much as greed prompted Hilton to sell one of America's landmarks to a China based company, I won't be paying my American dollars to Hilton or any of their subsidiaries. I am livid that they sold American property to a foreign company.


The Embassy Suites located at 1250 22nd Street NW had MICE running through the restaurant area. The hotel is dark and dated but the mice could be seen scurring under the tables. in the daylight the lobby is littered with rodent traps in the corners. Never again.


I recently stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Augusta, GA. The employees at the hotel all deserve a raise, they are very polite and helpful. They should be making more money than the General Manager because if you think about it the employees is what makes the hotel and the guest to keep coming back. I feel like these people are under paid for the amount of work that is put into keeping up the property. One thing that I notice the turn over rate for the employees is extremely high there. Maybe there is something going on internal that people are no longer there and if that is the case maybe it is time for another General Manager. I look forward to seeing some of the people when I return next year including a new administration staff.

Dirty and poor maintainedHotel

Homewood suites phoenix airport south Carpets are dirty in the Hallways, Breakfast area and the pool deck is rising up from the cement. myself and my associates were here for 56 days and Dan Jones never said hello to my associate which was a platinum member. he claims to be a maintience manager but never have seen him actually work Hotels needs so much work done . the front desk told me the property is 5 years old . it was hard to believe. the pool area is a joke.Hotel advertises a putting green but has no putting green. don't stay here .. avoid... lots of bugs in this property. a tent would be be cleaner. the staff is great very helpful, the management sucks.takes so long to order items for the suite shop. it seems the staff is afraid of getting fired.


Shame on YOU!!!

Dishonest employees

I was trapped at Dulles Hilton because United their other inept partner stranded me there after giving away my seat to a standby because they were late. These two birds have a cozy deal to bus all the United passengers screwed over by United by their abusive and incompetent overbooking. They give vouchers for strandees for the hotel and meals if you travel back to the airport to spend in the Hiltons lousy restaurant that cant even make a Greek salad correctly and all prices start at over $20. The Hilton employees either directly lied to me about vouchers good for two nights and upon checking out they stuck one night on my visa and said their sleazy partner allowed one night only, even though United delayed my trip to Europe for two entire days,, they make a perfect duo. When I protested the man said he would remove it and then on checking out said they called their other scam partner and they said it was for only one night. When I asked to speak to a manager they gave me some girl on the phone who tried to talk over me and cite that I had made a mistake, I got news for them they are not getting paid and they can work it out with their other partner in abusing consumers who run a team scam trapping people at their hotel and restaurant. The Hilton posts its room rates at $599/night ha ha. United pays them $83 which seems a little on the high side.


Bottom line...animals receive higher priority that a human at Hilton. I am a long term stay at Hitlon Homewood Suites Fairborn, OH. After seeing mulitple dogs in food service area, smelling up the place and climbing on furniture and telling staff that I was allergic to animals and was not raised in a home that alowed animals in the house, I was told to go to my room and the staff would bring me dinner during the manager's reception. Are you kidding me? I called the 1800 number and was told the hotel was following the law. I understand some special people need the help of an animal but why can't they be kindly asked to stay in their room and fed by the staff while people without pets enjoy the common areas.

Un- Reliable

We stayed at the Hilton Crystal City in Arlington VA the week of June 9th. We were stranded twice by the shuffle service after several repeat phones calls to see where the driver was located. Each time we were told 10-15 minutes. So an hour later, repeated calls and full of frustration the driver finally showed with an attitude. With the high cost of rooms you'd think they were a world class place. Noooootttttt. If you have an opportunity to stay somewhere else please do so. Oh yeah the rooms are crappy. Poor maintenance up keep as far as repairs go.

Hilton Vacation Packages

I was sold a Hilton Vacation promotion to stay in New York City, if I would listen to a 2 hour presentation on what I assumed was a time sharing promotion. Because my wife and I were planning to fly to NYC on May 22 for four days, I signed up upon the assurance that there were many rooms available for those dates and therefore I would have no problem obtaining two extra nights, when I confirmed our reservations. They lied. When I called for reservations a few days later they said there were no rooms. I wanted to exit the deal and Hilton refused. I'm out $400, because Hilton fraudulently sold me the package and wouldn't admit their mistake and refund the money. I will never stay in a Hilton again. You shouldn't either.

Superior Stay

On a recent trip to Dartmouth, we stayed at the Hampton Inn in White River Junction, Vermont. The rooms were pristine, the breakfast buffet delectable and the overall comportment of the staff, exemplary. We could not have chosen a better place to stay and will continue to make the Hampton Inn our ONLY choice.

I stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn in Frisco, TX. this past weekend with my family and friends. During the night my vehicle was keyed while in their parking lot. Reported the incident to the desk clerk and was told that the GM would be contacting me and never did. So I called the following day and was basically told that they would not do anything for me, so my response is that I will no longer stay with them or any of their facilities in the future.

most awful hotel i have ever stayed at!!!!!! Management was on their cell phones taking personal calls walking down the hallway and in front of guests. I could tell it was a personal call because there was arguing going back and forth that would not have been done with a guest over the phone. Becca Lang was the assistant GM that was on the phone non stop and talked to her employees like they were dogs. I felt so sorry for those girls that were being the best that they could be, they have to work for such down right awful people. They really need to do an evaltuation of their management and try to fix this. I will not be staying at the GUNTERSVILLE HAMPTON INN anytime soon. GUNTERSVILLE HAMPTON INN 14451 HWY 431 SOUTH GUNTERSVILLE AL 35976 2565824176

The Hilton San Diego bay is FILTHY! The carpet is FILTHY. I noticed my socks were black from walking on it. I actually had to order sheets to put on the floor to keep my feet clean. Even the bathroom floor was FILTHY. Not only that manager Elizabeth hasn't a clue as to what's going on. I had to point out to her they had three parking lots blocked off. One had a trailer park display so it was closed. Another had a semi truck trailer blocking off a lot & the trailer was blocking off access to the 3rd lot. Elizabeth had no answers as to why they would do that. She just kept saying it would be "shortly" I asked how long is shortly. Elizabeth didn't know. I asked 10 minutes or 3 hours. She didn't know but it would be "shortly" There were also trucks making deliveries making it impossible to swing into another area. Elizabeth also allows her employees to park in the "prime" spaces that guests should be able to use. Really? Employees are allowed to take up paying guests spots? How many employees cars are taking up prime spots? I wouldn't stay at another Hilton anywhere because of the filth,Elizabeth's attitude, her inability to recognize these problems & correct them.

First I would like to say I have stayed at the Hilton in Atlantic City when I was in college for some quite time and it was beyond wonderful. And to add I pass all my courses.

I stayed three nights at the Embassy Suites in Charleston SC this month. When I received an alert from my credit card of the charge on my account, is was more than the amount that was on my receipt.I called the hotel and was told the extra charge was for any extras that I may owe. A credit will be issued as I didn't owe any extras. I have never had this happedn at any hotel before. My receipt states the amount that will be charged to my credit card, that is not true, they can add on charges without your approval and you don't know until your credit card alert.

Making the reservation was a very good experience and getting to the hotel was Great vis shuttle, Room service was good and my meal was tasty. I am sure if persons involved if asked they would agree we all did our best to show we has some home training and truely appreciate good service. After a night of rest Iproceed to start my day. While sitting on the side od the bed I notice a HAIR ON MY BODY. NO it was not my hair. I called the desk and I got one reason after the other and I was offered breakfast. I don't think the staff understood how I felt findig a Human hair in my bed.Finally the Assistance General Manger called and said among other things similar "Maybe it was from the laundry",We don't have any housekeepers with blonde hair, "I said we toss the beds but not all the beds every day. I was offered dinner.I was upset and asked the staff who went into my and removed only the hair.No they had not begun to clean the room. That request got me a request to leave the hotel and if I said " ANYTHING TO MY STAFF I WILL HAVE YOU REMOVED BY THE POLICE "

El San Juan Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico was amazing. We had a perfect wedding. I want to first thank Amnel Colon for the phenomenal job he did with assisting us. He was quick to respond and extremely resourceful. He enjoys what he does and it shows. I honestly cannot imagine having a better person to work with during our wedding preparation time. Susan Wilkerson was delightful in helping me prepare for our guests and their stay at the hotel and upon our arrival Yvonne Ramos and all of the front desk staff members were wonderful. Every morning we enjoyed the breakfast at La Terraza and Elizabeth was there to greet us daily. She remembered I liked coffee and orange juice. To me its the attention to the small details which made me feel so special throughout our entire stay. Amy and Aurora in the salon worked magic on my hair and make-up they were able to squeeze me in last minute. Aurora and the girls from the salon were even there to greet me when our wedding started. That was so sweet and thoughtful!! Your roof top restaurant Brother Jimmy's was the best!! The manager and assistant manager (I wish I could remember their names) made our rehearsal dinner/surprise 40th Birthday party for the groom an unforgettable evening. Signi (I hope I spelled that correctly) was our waitress and she ROCKED! Everyone loved the food. We can't wait to come back again and enjoy your resort. Thank you so much for having a fabulous team of people to assist us during our wedding. If you would like a delicious wedding cake or cupcakes contact Elda Cakes she is so professional and so sweet...plus her cakes are delicious. I would recommend this venue to anyone and everyone who would like a destination wedding and enjoy a great vacation in Puerto Rico. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We are grateful for everything.

I Stayed At The Hamton Inn In Columbus Ohio On Hamilton Rd. And One Of The Housekeepers Sexually Assualted Me And They Have Didn't Nothing About It If I Wouldn't Had Called The Police Nothing Would Had even Happened

I am writing this message from the Doubletree in downtown Nashville TN. I came to town to attend a wedding last nigh. I arrived to the hotel at precisely 1:30pm, after driving from Georgia, and was informed that my room was not ready. That was no problem, I went to the local Mall. I returned about 4:30pm and was able to check-in. However, when I got ready to take a shower, I noticed the the tub did not appear to hae been cleaned. There was pieces of soap left in the soap dish. The toilet has black stuff under the seat and the floor needed to cleaned. When I went to pick up the phone to call the front desk, the phone was covered with someone make-up all over it. I stay with Hilton 3 to 5 days a year and was quite disappointed to find this in one of your top hotels. I will be contacting someone at the coporate office.

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