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on 3/17/2012, stayed at a hilton hotel, riverside /corona ca. the worst service in the world. so i contacted the right people, they told me i would get a refund, that was 3/23/2012. i'm still looking for my refund check. if this is the way they do business, how in the world do they stay in business. it's going on 8 weeks, guess i'll contack the corp. offive in VA

30338 Lettingwell Cir Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 llongoda@gmail.com Most of the staff was very polite and helpful. The room and bathroom were extremely small. The bathroom shower made a horrible noise when we first turned it on. To get it to stop we had to push the shower lever down and pull back up a couple of times to get it to stop. Our room was facing the water and would have been great if it had a balcony. The coffee maker would not work. We had reservations for checking in on 4/28/12 and leaving on 05/03/12. On the afternoon of 05/01 we went to the front desk and ask the front desk to to cash one of our $100.00 Travel checks. They bluntly refused. I had to ask why and they responded bluntly that their policy was to cash nothing larger than $50.00. I would like to know if this is a corporate policy. I have always used traveler checks instead of cash when on vacation. Both me and My husband was and still are very upset with the attitude of the front desk evening staff. If this is a corporate policy that is fine, however, delivery could have been handled a lot better. We checked out the next day 05/02/12 refusing to pay for one more night. There was a dog in one of the rooms below or above our room that wood bark, and it sounded like a big one. Hilton Cocoa Beach Ocean Front 1550 No. Atlantic Ave. Cocoa Beach, FL 32931-3268

Wow after reading all the above reviews, I realized I was not the only one with complaints!! I stayed at the Roanoke Rapids Garden Inn on 3/30/12. I will say the room was clean and our stay went well. The next day I realized I had left my electronic Nook reader in our room and contacted the hotel right away. I had left it on the floor next to the bed. What a run around I received from everyone I spoke with!! Of course no one in housekeeping had found it - but yet they were the only ones with access to room! I had to wait 24 hours for the head of housekeeping to come into work because only SHE has the key to Lost and Found. I couldn't understand why they didn't trust the Security Guard on duty to open the door!!! I spoke to both the day and night managers and neither one of them were of any help! They both said there was nothing they could do since I left it behind. Since when is it the policy of the Hilton to allow employees to keep anything that is left behind?? No one even cared nor even wanted to deal with the issue, they told me to call police and that was it! I know our family will never stay at a Hilton again - so much for their guarantee to make you comfortable and to resolve any issue!!

We stayed at the Homewood Suites in Medford Oregon and my 12 year old son's PSP Vita was stolen. As if that is not bad enough he bought the Vita with inheritance money from his great grandpa. Filed a police report and thank goodness the police will be able to track it with Sony's help but the Hilton has done nothing to make this right. Will not be staying at a Hilton ever again. And dont stay at the Homewood suites in Medford because the Manager PAUL SCHMIDT said it was a training issue!

Mrs. Yvonne Ramos, Concierge Manager El San Juan Resort and Casino: Happy New Year, to you, your family and the crew at El San Juan. I am certain that you must have had your hands full on December 25th. As well as the 31st. but knowing you, all was handled and done to perfection as I well know that you are more than capable. You are the Ambassador for all of our friend’s family members. After making your acquaintance a while back, we have no reason to stay any place other than El San Juan Hotel and Casino. Our entire family had such a great time this past December. All six (6) of our grandchildren talk about the stay and have asked multiple times, “when are we going back”, they specially liked “ROOM SERVICE”. This may sound funny; buy our entire family “bonded” like never before while staying with you at El San Juan. Make no mistake about it; it’s all about you Yvonne Ramos, and the way you carry on, your level of professionalism towards all that come in contact with you. You are an inspiration to everyone around you including us to say the least. With people like you, we cannot go wrong. I appreciated all the efforts and special attention that was given to each and every family member. We did not only enjoy such a special occasion at our fathers 89th. Birthday and we all had a unique opportunity to share not only as family, but as an extended family of the San Juan Resort and Casino that you have made us a part of. Your recommendation for dinner that evening was excellent, we had a picture perfect time over dinner at Platos, and the attention given to us by the management and staff was extraordinary. There were 24 of us at the table that evening on December 8, 2011, I do not remember how much the bill was that evening, but I do remember that the food preparation as well as presentation was beyond expectations that was only surpassed by the staff whom sang a “PLENA” Happy Birthday to our 89 year old father. Once again, all this was possible thanks to you. My wife Marta and I were married on February 9, 1974 and traveled to Puerto Rico on February 10, 1974 for our honey moon. We stayed at El San Juan Hotel and Casino. As you well know, we travel frequently. Since meeting you, we have made it a point to stay at El San Juan. This February Marta and I will celebrate our 38th anniversary. My wife and I have made the decision of traveling to Puerto Rico and without hesitation decided that we will be staying with you. We will arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Wednesday, February 8th. 2012 in the morning and will regretfully depart on Sunday, February 12th. 2012 in the late evening. I would like once again to trouble you in assisting us with our accommodation on this very special occasion. Marta is looking forward to the casino she has a great time every evening. Please let me know what you need for me to do, and how should I handle the reservations. I am certain that there are a lot of people whom deserve recognition at El San Juan Resort and Casino, I am just ashamed that I cannot remember all the names but I will say that the entire crew is FANTASTIC. From the parking attendants, the doorman, bellhop, front desk personnel, and please let’s not forget the room and maid services. My sincere thanks, to you and your entire crew whom make every stay unforgettable. Sincerely; Frank Gonzalez Miami, Florida Off: (305) 247-1321 x 25 Cell: (305) 345-1796 E-Mail: frank.fortrac@att.net

I worked for this company in Southaven,MS. It was one of the most unprofessional rude and prejudice place I have every worked for. The white girls get raises and the blacks no raises. White girl wore the clothes they wanted too and the blacks must wore uniforms. Whites allowed to be late, smoke in non smoking areas blacks had to go to the back. Blacks was scold repeated with words of disgrace and whites was allow to do whatever. Blacks was denied promotions even when they had the qualifications, white got the promotions without qualificaion.When you stand up for yourself your hours is cut down to one 8 hr shift to teach you to shutup. The General Manager was the most uncaring, incompetent, unorganized,untrained, rude, and lying human being I have ever witness. I was deeply sad to see a company with such a high name has Hilton Garden Inn to have the pooriest ability to stand up to its name and standards. I see why Martin Luther King had such a hard battle racism is not easy to handled even in this day and time. I told the General Manager about her sabotaging, manipulating, and unethical ways of her mistreatment to the african american's. Once I spoke to her she did every thing in her power to get rid of me.

I am so completely dismayed at Hilton Hotel Corp. You are spineless and no further will you receive any of my business. For that matter, neither family nor friends will patronize any of your facilities. WHY, you ask? Because you bent to the will of the Muslim community rather than being American and not cancel the seminar that CAIR put up a stink about. Decisions like you chose to make, will ultimately be the downfall of the western culture we know it. SHAME ON YOU AND ALL THE EXECUTIVES IN YOU ORGANIZATION.

Dear Mr. Nassetta and Mr. Silver, On 9/30 we stayed at the Blytheville, Arkansas Hampton which we had reserved previously (confirmation#17649137629) . This is what we found in our room 114 : Moths and Mosquitos A dirty toilet and the bathroom was generally dirty Non working shower Mold in ice bucket (since there was no ice in the ice machine I guess it make any difference) Dusty coffee maker with inadequate supplies Requested soap twice since there was only one tiny bar but never received any. The next morning I advised the receptionist who did not seem the least bit sympathetic.. I asked for the manager but was told she was out. We learned as we were leaving from staff that the motel would be torn down the next day. Considering Hamptons guartantee of "100% satisfaction" , a clean comfortable room should be provided, no matter what is going to happen the next day. I feel Hampton should refund my money. Sincerely, Caroline Schwass

I just stayed at your Hilton at the ballpark in St Louis, MO downtown and was very disappointed. When I arrived they didn't have the king room I had paid for in advance and put us in a double room with something caleed Hilton beds very uncomfortable. Next there was a nosie like pipes banging I called 3 times and no one showed up. I finally ask to speak to the manager and an hour later a maintenance man show up but the noise finally stopped. Also while waiting for my car to be brought to me from valay they scrubbed the corner with my tires. The next time I was waiting on my car the person driving spun the tires. For that to be a so called 5 star Hilton it was more like a 2 star pain I did not enjoy my stay and I feel that some type of accomandation should be made to me. One of the worst hotel experinces I have every had I hope this is not how you run all your 5 star hotels.

While on a business trip in New Orleans, I stayed at the Hilton on St. Charles Blvd. As with many hotels now a day’s, there was a parking fee. With this hotel, valet parking was the preferred way to park your car. Each day, of the three days I stayed there, a specific valet would ask if it was my last night. On the third day, not realizing I was being set-up was, I told him yes. The next morning my GPS Garmin, though carefully placed out of site, was gone. Though I cannot prove it, I have not one single doubt the Hilton valet was the one who stole my GPS. As of this writing, the Hilton Corporation is totally ignoring me. I have not gotten as much as an apology. So, all who read this…beware! If you choose to stay at a Hilton, and have to use valet parking, be sure every stinking item except the carpet is out of your car. Because it WILL get stolen and the Hilton won’t care. For me and my family, we will never stay at another Hilton hotel again. Thankfully there is more than enough competition to make that statement easy to accomplish.

Wow, Jerry I feel your pain!!! I stayed at the same hotel (Baltimore hilton) along with my husband and son at the end of July 2011. Maid was waiting for us to leave to clean our room so we rushed and checked out, she was standing there outside our room no problem, we were checking out and wanted to get on the road anyway. Same day after I got home i relized that I had left my two dresses and skirt along with my husbands golf shirt witch can not be replaced since he got it when we were in Napa Valley. When I called there I told security that I had left some clothes there- he said that they were never turned in- then he said he would call me back. After several phone calls in within two weeks, clothes were never found. Ok really the iron board was out so the maid had to move my clothes in order to put the ironing board back. Well to make a long story short i never got my clothes back and never recieved a phone call back from the supervisor, I'm still waiting for the supervisor to call me back, but for some reason I don't think he will since he was supposed to call me back beginning of August.

I went on a reunion trip two weeks ago to the Hilton Suits in Niagara Falls Canada. We had booked a month in advance with friends we had not seen for 11 yrs. we had spoken to reservations who stated that we would have rooms side by side for our stay. We had explained also that a member of our party was handy caped with a prosthetic leg. Saying this we arrived on the saturday as scheduled and found that what we had reserved was not done. All fees were paid in advance for the reservations. Not only were we not side by side but were two floors away from each other. We spoke with the desk supervisor in the main lobby, who stated that reservations were not guaranteed. they do not look at reservations until the guest arrives and cannot guaranty anything. I found this very disturbing as we have stayed at the Hilton and other hotels owned by Hilton (we are Hilton Honor members) throughout the continental United States and Canada. My daughter plays AAU basketball and my wife is the trip coordinator for the team. We have made reservations in the past for 30+ families through Hilton and never had any problems. I know Hilton prides it self in Hotel quality and high customer service. I have to say that this time you Hotel staff failed to follow your own SOP's. Somewhere the system failed and know one was willing to accommodate our party in anyway. I even asked if there was someone else we could speak to and was told no. I asked if I could have the supervisors business card, he said he did not have one. I asked to speak to the Manager and was given a card "Kathy Edwards, Assistant Director of Front Desk Office Operations. 6361 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls Canada". No one came to see use. We stood there with other hotel guests that were dumb funded at the treatment that we received. I still cannot believe that we have not heard from anyone from your hotel staff in Niagara Falls Canada. We gave our name etc. nothing has been done. I expected more from Hilton Hotels. My family and friends have stayed at your hotels many times, we have told people and i have even booked through you hotels with my company when i travel on business. I have to say, i will think twice before staying at Hilton Hotels or any other Hilton affiliates again.

the service wuz shity from the entrance. Then let me tell you was going threw buffet line where they were sweepin round food. the servers were great but the beds were nasty the manager man derek or sumthing like that was really rude to many of the guest at the event including my mother.. who is tryn to reach there corporate office.. the food wuz horrible.....just a poor Hilton hotel...wow never stay there again....they need to close that place.....

On Sunday, Aug. 22 an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians going to Bora Bora aired. My daughter insists this show is okay so I watched with her last night much to my dismay. I am a traveling marketing specialist so picked up on the fact that in every appropriate shot there was the "Hilton" flag, banners and other "Hilton" stuff which led me to believe that Hilton paid for their vacation in trade for promotion of the resort. I travel frequently with my job and frequently stay at a Hilton. No more. Hilton can support the Kardashians but I don't have to support Hilton. What a horrible role model for young girls. My daughter won't be watching any more either if I have a say. The language alone is enough to ban children from watching - what filth.

I went on vacation in june 2011 stayed five nights at baltimore hilton. I was locked out of my room most of my trip and at least 2 times a day. I came to go to my nephews graduation and graduation dinner. because my keys would not allow me to get into my room, I missed both the graduation and graduation dinner. I made a complaint and hilton never called me back. I called hilton once in june and twice in july and I have yet to receive a phone call from a supervisor As i was told I would. I am very disappointed in the service I received anand with the attitudes of most management and staff. I am still seeking resolution. My keys had to be reprogramed at least two to three times a day my entire trip

I have been trying to contact Matthew Schuyler in reference to two letters and employment documentation I sent him on Jan. 7 and Jan. 20 of this year. I have received no correspondence and would like to speak to him briefly concerning my employment. I can be reached at 314-221-6750 or 314-965-0059. Thank you and I hope to be hearing shortly.

Wow, so much has gone on, I don’t know where to begin! Sit down and grab a cup of coffee because this is going to be a mini novel. I made online reservations with The Embassy Suites (Airport), 4700 Southport Rd, Atlanta (College Park), GA, July 21, 2011 – July 24, 2011. Everything was going well until I got to Room 313. Thursday, July 21, 2011 Refrigerator not working, requested another one, maintenance guy brought a replacement that was very dirty as if it has been sitting for a while. I asked if he would clean it before installation. He was very nice and did clean it off. The iron leaked brown stains on several pieces of clothing. I had to request another iron. My sister laid down to rest and when she got up to go to the restroom, she trip over the bed railing. The box spring was shifted way to the right and not properly placed on the railing which left the railing exposed (under the bedspread, not visible to the eye) to cause what could have been a major fall or a bad injury to the tibia. I had to shift the box spring on both beds to avoid injuries. I couldn’t figure out how the housekeepers missed this when making the bed. This is the first Hilton (non-corporate) that I’ve stayed in and had to pay for Wi-Fi in the room ($9.99 per day). My niece had quite a bit of homework and was planning to work on it from the room. She opted to use the hotel business center and got knocked out of her internet session a few times and had to log back in; not to mention the slow reception of the internet service. If there’s going to be paid Wi-Fi, at least have an updated computer and equipment in the business center as an alternative.

Friday, July 22, 2011 Noticed black stains streaked across the pillow case. I wasn’t sure if it was like that before lying down or if it bled from my sister’s night cap. Again, housekeeping should have noticed this when making the bed and no matter when/how it got there, it should have been changed; in spite of the policy that says the bedding will be changed every three days. The curtains in the living room were drawn shut; however you could still see in and out. I investigated and found that a piece that held the wand had broken, someone pulled a hook from another location on the curtain and moved it closer to the end to try to get the curtain to close and somehow rigged the wand to allow you to pull the curtain towards the center to close. It wasn’t working as intended and I had to “re-rig” it to get the curtain to close at the center. Again, this should be corrected and reported by housekeeping and fixed by maintenance.

There was trash from a previous guest under the sofa sleeper mattress. I found it because I noticed when I sat on the bed, something was poking me. When I raised the mattress, I found the items and a handle that had broken from the bed frame. The handle was poking me. The highlight of Friday……brace yourself………..a previous guest left underwear under the desk in the bedroom!!!! Again, what is up with the housekeeping and WHY on earth wouldn’t they have seen them when (if) they vacuumed the floor?? The most disappointing of all; this was my family’s (adult sister and two adult nieces) first time as a guest of an Embassy Suites. I told them after their stay with the Embassy, they wouldn’t want to stay in any other brand hotel. I had great love for The Embassy, until this visit. How disappointing and embarrassing. The breakfast was good and much of the staff was friendly. They need to hire housekeepers that are bilingual as it is very hard to communicate with them when you need something. They don’t have a clue!!!

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