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False warranty

I purchased a sony smart television from hsn with a 2 year warranty. But problem is sony only gives 365 days a year warranty. Now I'm waiting with a broke sony television! When all they had to do is send me another television not sony tho there tv sucks I have only owned two sony an the same thing! Never buy a sony period! But that leaves hsn they have not taken responsibly for there mistake which is heart breaking, because this is a billion dollar company! And I'm work pay check to pay check! I'm not happy at this time!

Warranty Issue

I brought an Acer laptop for my grandson for high school from hsn. I also purchased the 3yr hsn warranty. This was on 9/8/2011. The first yr is the manufacturer warranty with the HSN thereafter. My grandson does not live with me and so I gave him every correspondence regarding his laptop. Two years ago while he was visiting me for the weekend; the house he was living in caught fire. The warranty information was destroyed in that fire. He called me two weeks ago telling me that his laptop won't turn on so I called HSN. I was first told I didn't buy a laptop through HSN and that their computers only go back 18 months. I was told to call the warranty dept and was told I need the contract number as couldn't search by name or order number. I called back and asked for headquarters numbers and talked to a lady who said archive dept can search for it and will send me that information by mail. I received a letter stating they are unable to help me. I will never order anything from HSN and I'm letting everyone I know about my experience with them.

Thanking HSN

You have been my favourite shopping channel for over 15 years and indeed you have had lovely things that has sent my credit card soaring at times. Well,no more as you refused to take back my return and I will remember if I am ever tempted. I will be saving hundredsof dollars, thank you , thank you,thank you.

Unfair account closed

I'm so upset with HSN I've been a good long time ciostomer I'm disabled and home bound and depend on shopping online and also TV. There was a mixup at my moms address with someone who isn't me. When my mom corrected the problem at her address they've now blocked my address and I'm no longer able to shop this is an outrage and they don't care I always pay my purchases is this how HSN treats the disabled it's made me sick. They won't even call me back is this how you treat the disabled Miss Grossmen

Posting items on air that are not available

I purchased a pair of shoes then they call me an tell me they are not in stock why would you post something that's not available ? Bad marketing.

Uncaring Holiday Customer Service

Order a Iman suitcase duo and it arrive damage and box rip and tape up. Order a $100 tennis bracelet and was sent a terrible $39.00 watch. My two experience with HSN this holiday has been horrific. It ruin my gift lift for my mother. The customer service wanted to charge me extra shipping to get the right product to me by christmas. This is terrible customer service with no empathy for the situation. They also kept us on hold for more than 30 min.

Customer service refusing to mail return label

Worst. Company. Ever. If I could give them a -10 stars, I would. My item bought as a gift for my sister didn't come with a return label. I have contacted customer service 4 times and 4 times been promised proper mailing label would be sent to my house. All four times HSN has failed to do this. Thanks to HSN and their fake return policy , my sister will not get a Christmas gift from me that she can use. The gift I bought her is being returned because it is nothing like what it looked like on tv. Even the color is different. If I return this product, I will be enclosing the contents of my cats litter box as well!!! Stay far away from HSN!!!!!!!!

Horrible Corp Partnerships/venders

HSN is selling Sodastream products by a company that has it manufacturing facility on land (Middle East) that the WORLD community has designated as illegally 'obtained' by Israel. This isn't a one-sided condemnation, but one that is across all races, religions, nationalities. Shame on HSN.

Run Don't Walk

This company does not stand behind their warrant. They have manufactures that sell defective products. I have been trying to get a refund for over two years.

Update on credit card

I have been buying from HSN for quite a while now and last night I tried to make a purchase and the customer service rep told me I could not as my account was past due. I told her I had made my payment which I always double the amount due and I could not understand why. She said there was a balance due of $55.06. This was all that I owed on the card which by the way had a $4000.00 credit line. I called and spoke to several people who told me there was not a problem with my account and no payment was due. So I called your customer service line again. The woman told me the reason I was declined was becasue I did not update my experation date on my card. Really? I updated my card when it came in and now you are telling me I need to also update with HSN. Something is wrong with your system. I don't need HSN and I guess you do not need me. There are other sites to visit and buy. Thank you for not caring!

HSN Lost My Business

I ordered a pressure washer from HSN. I got it and decided I didn't want it because it looked of poor quality. I attempted to print a return label and the system would not let me. I called and was told this item comes directly from the manufacture and those items do not come with a easy return the customer is responsible to pay for the return themselves. HSN has lost my business! Terrible customer service.

bad products

sell products that don't do as they say...sealy ,etc 500.and up mattresses that sink in the middle,laptops that don't perform as they show on tv...they are a fraud to consumers...unfair to people who try to trust what they say....when something doesn't work,they don'y want to fix the problem,or give you your money back,now you have to go thru the company who has the product you bought they are very rude,don't want to give back your money either..is this how its supposed to go?? take disabled/seniors money????? something needs to be done to hold hsn accountable for deception

I love shopping at Hsn, however I am not happy with your delivery of surrealist. Which is sure to delay your delivery. I ordered a camera from Hsn that was to be delivered on the 25th of the month which would have been in time for Memorial Day. However that did not happen because the post office ended up with the package and was told I could pick it up on the 28th. The postman had it on his truck but because I live in an apartment he would not deliver it instead he put a notice in the box and carried it back to the post office. I think you should stick with UPS. and leave USPS out the loop. One disappointed customer over your shipping


I was informed on many occasions by your folks that HSN was changing their shipping policy to that similar of QVC. Policy regarding the 'customer's input' on shipping regarding "Sure Post, and UPS Ground", and NOT simply the warehouse. However, every time I inquire, I hear the same statement. Therefore, to the CORPORATE FOLKS, I do not like Sure Post because my post office is equal distance as my home from the UPS hub, and the Sure Post is 'Sure to delay' orders. I referred to AMAZON and their practices but that is another post. Otherwise, I'm lovin' HSN. Consider this positive input and NOT simple bitchin'.

Overselling of collectable coin

I purchased a Limited addition FIRST DAY OF ISSUE, 25th anniversary of the West Point Mint Standing Liberty coin. To make a long story short they oversold the coin and after a month of misleading me they canceled my order. Now if I want to purchase one I have to go to a person that bought it to make money and have to pay a premium. Very bad business. This was not a 29.99 item it was in the hundreds. Next time I need a pack of gum I will purchase it from HSN but thats about it.

Unprofessional Customer Service

On the December 14 I order a dining room set for my daughter, delivery date was set for December 24th. She never received it on the 26th of December I call HSN customer service and a Mary told me my table is going to be deliver on 30th oh I apologize, it came & went no table. On the 31st at 9:15 am I call customer again, HSN says oh the freight delivers need to schedule a delivery date and your phone was disconnected. It's was my mother's number that the delivery company took out the computer and it has been disconnected for two years. I contacted headquarters and there answer was I apologize but the best I can do is give your the number to the freight company that will be delivering the dining table.....Please, please, please do not give these blood sucking ticks any business they don't deserve our hard working money. They don't have no customer loyalty.....Gone Customer.

Quite Happy

I have ordered from HSN on quite a few occasions and they have come, if not on time, early. The quality is what I expected for the price and the customer service reps on the phones are wonderful. I am amazed at all the negative reviews shown here. I know things happen, but these reviews seem a little extreme. I have never spoken with an unpleasant and unhelpful rep in the 8 years I have ordered from them.

Very Poor Customer Relations

I am a very unhappy HSN customer and feel as if no one at your company cares whether or not I stay on as a customer. I have been trying for 5 years to give a Testimonial for YBF Beauty. I have been placed on hold and hung up on on many occassions. I have been left on hold for the entire show only to be hung up on at the end of the show without anyone even speaking to me to find out what it was I was calling about or even to say they were sorry but they had many callers before me. That would have been the courteous thing to do, but no, they did not even do that. I have made numerous complaints and not even one person has ever called me back to try to tell me they were sorry, they valued my business, anything. I know that you have thousands maybe even millions of customers so I guess you won't miss one if I leave - at least that is how your company has made me feel. I have cancelled the item I ordered today and one of my autoships. If I do not begin to feel better about the treatment I received I will cancel the other 2 and start watching another networks shopping show. Maybe my business will be valued there. A Very Unhappy Customer, Charmaine Oertel

still upset

yes i have tried to reach corporate also no go! they do not want to talk to the little people! here is what i tried to send i was not asking for anything just for them to LISTEN in 2007 I paid over$60.00 for a "gold plated flatwear set The first time I used then they lost their"gold" and looked like worse than yard sale junk I put them back in their plastic coverings and back in the box full intending to call you I had a heart attact 2-3 days later the next few years I had 3 surgeries and another heart attack,The box got put up in a closet I seldom use I never thought of them again till today when I got on a stol and found the box shipping lable and receipt I just wanted to make sure you knrew what a horrid product this was and to a great grama living on 1100. a month $60.00 was a LOT customer # 663105062 order # 430115786 Dscription CCOWIEGP65PCRANJANAFLATWARESETITEM PRICE $49.95 W-O-W how misleading s&h695 tax 3.19 TOTAL= 60.09 I used to wthch you OFTEN!!! BUY OFTEN! as you will see NOT ANY MORE I wanted someone out there instead of that snippy person I talked to a few min. ago"evon" knew there was someone out here that was very UNhappy and will start tell my LARGE family NO HSN! I do not care that it was 10/26/07.I explained why they were put away can you understand that? as I only used them once was that "gold" poisious?

I just received a letter from HSN notifying me that HSN has decided that I have returned too many items from them and that if I continue to return, HSN will remove me from their customer list. COUPLE OF THINGS HERE: HSN PROMISES A THIRTY DAY REFUND FOR ANY REASON HSN STATES IN THIS LETTER THAT THEY CANNOT RESELL THE RETURNED ITEMS SO MY RETURNS ARE CAUSING HSN TO LOSE MONEY I have sent this HSN letter to my credit card companies to substantiate the fact that HDN does not adhere to their return policies as stated on their website HSN.com I will never purchase from HSN in the future as there are numerouse other tv, online and telephone venues from which to secure products. HSN has an uprofessional business approach.

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