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Absolutely terrible! Those are the first two words that come to mind when I see your store. The manager of the stores hold sneakers for their friends and employees leaving those who actually waited in line with nothing. Last week, at Footlocker in E174th street, Bronx, NY, I was in line for the new retro Jordan 12's cool grey, the manager told me they had sold out. So Then someone comes next to me that the manager knew and asks for the same sneakers and what do you know the sneaker is already in a bag with the receipt and everything. It's been like that for almost every big release. As long as Footlocker keeps this up you have forever lost a customer.

Hi, I am writing to you to express my disappointment at the way that I was treated by your services during a visit I totally regret. I am a loyal customer and very much enjoy shopping at your store in the UK, but I have to admit that my last visit was disgusting experience I ever had in the Czech republic. I and my wife, were planning to go for our usual shopping at your store, but were surprised by a security man ( G4S )stopping us and screaming on our face for unknown reason !! thought was a kind of hidden camera! but the man was serious by insulting us . we tried to figure out what was going on by asking for the manager. The lady she totally ignored us and pretended calling the manager ! after 40 mints ! we decided to leave the place. I am very disappointed by this crap service, are you aware of these people presenting you ? Should you wish to discuss this matter with me, I can be reached at cell phone at 420 731 733 416 .

This is the worst company i have ever worked for. I think the best thing they can do is start from scratch again. I work for Foot Locker In Ireland. My first manager was very rude to me and demonstrated gross misconduct on the sales floor to me. A young woman was violently mudered and my boss ( Kofi ) Said to me! "Why Did you kill that girl?" I know you did it". I wrote a letter to headquarters and he has not been repremended and still works for footlocker. That was just one thing he did. there are other things as well that is not installing the So alled " CORE VALUES " to the employees as well as the assistant manger Derek.And now because of some wierd rule about employee audit. My old manger and the assistant was transfered to another store location. Which at the time i thought was great that now i do not have to deal with them anymore. A new manger came in and i thought she was alot better. The first week she was there she told me that i needed to help out at another store around the corner just for the week. i thought that was great,no problem i would do it. But at the end of the week when i went to check when i was in again at my store. I was no longer on the roster and there was 2 new employees on the sales floor. and nobody could tell me where i was transfered to except when i was forced to call my old manger hoping to find out maybe he knew where i was placed at he did not talk to me but relayed a message to the new employee that he thought i was transfered to the store where i was helping out at for the week. So when i went back to the store the manger had no clue where i was suppose to be and nobody could tell me where i was transfered to. I was out of work for atleast 2 weeks with no work. Finally a manger called me and asked me if i needed hours and i said yes. he gave 4 hours for the week and by the next week we i remained on the roster. a day before i had to work at this store location. my old boss called me up and told me i was transfered to his store and said i have to be there the next day. After two weeks he finally tells me that i was transfered there. which at first he told me that i was to work around the corner shop. I told him i can not afford to transit to his store location everyday and that there was no way for me to get there. i had to get ahold of the district manger Sarah Mc Clure and tell her that there was no way for me to get to this store location. And i asked to be transfered to one out of the 3 stores where i would be able to commute to. I finally was placed in the store i was helping at and was promised hours.after working there for a month now i am finally getting 8 hours for the week. which is not alot to live on. If i knew that i would not make more then 8 hours for the week i would have never excepted this job. But i have no choice there are no jobs here in Dublin and i am expecting my first child here in july. I really need the money.I just recieved my wages for this month and it was only 180 euros. No one could ever live on a paycheck like this. I need help!!!!!

Wow!! I'm actually shocked but not really to find out that Footlocker is a terrible place to work for. I don't mean to bash the company but it is true. Footlocker is a terrible place to work for and to think that at one point I wanted to advance in the company. I was there for 2 years and got terminated. While being there I was treated like crap and still doing my best for not only the company but for my store and stores I was at. The company has some really WRONG upper managment working for them because they don't do crap for their employees or take care of them. As it is the pay SUCKS!! I went above and beyond for this company but in the end I was the one who got the worse end of the stick when it shouldve been SOMEONE else I won't mention. Let's just call this person "IT." "IT" was not a very good employee they weren't even good with customers. They flirted with every single one of them even with GUY employees. And if by chance there was a girl employee "IT" didn't like that. "IT" forged my signature, "IT" allowed other employees to call me every name in the book even the DM didn't even do anything about that. That is just to name a few incindents. I could go on with my issues with Footlocker but that means I would need MORE ROOM. So I would NEVER recomment this company to anyone else!!!! And so you know that I'm not a person to talk crap. I am a very good employee, never ever been terminated before. If anything I've always got positive praise and feedback. I've always went above and beyond a customer or employee needs. I've always been a helping hand. And for me to get treated like crap and have the other idiots get away with it is just WRONG!!!

My DM has some kind of a scheme going with other DMs in the company that when some product reaches a penny in cost he buys it all up before employees and customers really have a chance and then his bulk buyer friends are allowed to skim from what's left and then whatever is left if any is made availabe to employees and customers and usually at that time it's left over status. The crazy thing is they use what they buy as a tax write off. I seriously doubt they say they pay a penny per shoe more like the original retail price ($60 x 400 shoes do the math it makes more sense to say out of the kindness of your heart you payed $60 a shoe not a penny) some real shady stuff always comes from the head of the snake. The company sucks when you find out the bullshit work you are doing is only to fatten someone's pocket on top of the large salary they make already.

this store is terrible to work at.......its a real joke when it comes to work place ethics and no fratenizing they have a human resource manager that has screwed around with a few married men there and the most recent BS is the guy she was screwing with was a man married over 30 years and a supervisor at the time and management knew about it and they hid it from corporate til they could get him moved so neither would not get fired......since then they have gotten married and he has had one promotion after another....hes now the "training supervisor" what a joke! He has no degree, hes a felon, been to prison and was "frateninzing" with Lori Lee when there was clearly a "NO FRATENIZING" rule....Footlocker could care less about the families of their employees or the work ethics in their plants....some peolple try to climb the corporate ladder doing it right and others like Billy Rey screwed his way to the top! I will continue to be a hard worker here and hope one day i will get promoted for my skills and education not for screwing around with a dirty co-worker that can help get me promoted...they both should have been FIRED!

The Footlocker in Cross County Mall Yonkers,Ny is one of your worst stores and it should be shut down. I live five mins aways but instead I have to drive an hour away just to buy sneakers. My first bad experience was with the Jordan 11(concord) release where I waited inline for over six hours only to get to the front of the line to see a footlocker employee whom was working at the time go to the register and buy four pairs of the the Jordan 11's , and because of him. I was unable to get my size. When I spoke up they said there was nothing that I can do. 2nd bad experience is your upcoming Jordan 12(playoff) release, after calling the store on several different times and get different answer,which went from yes we are getting the to no where not getting the, I was force to go up to the store and got an answer of we are only getting kids sizes NO men's. Sad to say this was the last straw I am not force to get my sneakers for a Nike Store or Footaction. I really hope sum thing can be done about your Yonkers Cross County Mall location because it is said the will paying loyal customers should have to go threw this.

I am a 37 year old professional who has supported Footlocker, Champs and Footaction for many years. I purchase on average a pair of shoes a week. The way I am treated by the Footlocker managers is disgusting. The biggest problem is the manager Alonso(the manager with a short man's complex) at The Kenwood Towne Center location in Cincinnati, Ohio. As long as he works there you have lost a customer. He is beyond rude and disrespectful to customers and employees alike. There is no reason for a customer to be treated so disrepectfully. He has absolutely no customer service skills or a pleasent personality. I have been treated horribly by him and have witnessed his rude treatment to other patrons on numerious occassions. He has blatently violated corporate policy when it comes to returns, ordering shoes, honoring coupons/birthday discounts, and allowing his employees to use their discount. In order to be treated correctly and in a professional manner I have to drive to the complete opposite side of town. This is ridiculous and extremely unprofessional. The sad thing is I am not alone in feeling this way. That manager is a cancer who needs to be let go. I have not ran into one person/customer with a positive thing to say about him. As long as he is with Footlocker I will not shop there! You have lost a very loyal customer and my family and friends!

I'm am very disappointed about the service I received at your store in river oaks mall in Calumet City, Illinois! I waited for two hours in line for the jordan IV release I was third in line and just before the started to let customers in to buy the shoes they announced that size 13 was sold out! How was this possible no one had entered the store to buy any. So now the people who got up early and waited in line didn't get a pair and when I express my concern to the manager he got a attitude with me and as well as other customers for speaking about the sitution! I believe either they were holding the bigger sizes for themselves for friends and family either way it was unfair for the treatment of customers! I want something done about this sitution or you will lose another valuable customer! Please respond back to me at jslush31@yahoo.com

Very displeased with the employees at the footlocker in chesapeake, Virginia greenbrier mall. Customers including myself stood outside for hours for the release of the Jordan 4s this morning. When the doors finally opened the employees were selling the bigger size Jordan's on the side for more money to their friends who had not stood in line. Out of all the people who were standing in line they only let maybe ten people in to get shoes but they were all smaller sizes. I feel this is very unfair to every one who waited for hours patiently. Please respond back my email is sidreynolds87@yahoo.com. I would like some type of action or your company will be losing another customer.

I'm a reg at Cinci Mills ftlocker in Ohio. The manager Myran was transferred t ladies Footlocker. This guy was amazing at running the store and treating his customers like VIPz I've had 9 $160 transactions w him from 8/ 2011 and since he left I'm very disappointed in the service and the way the new manager runs the store. First he buys all the good retros in my sizes. He doesn't care that I'm ther hours before they open waiting and refuses t let me buy 2 pairs. His response to his employee when I tried t get 2 pairs was No I can't let this guy walk out w two bags then I have other people coming in all day asking if I have that shoe instock. The employee was embarrassed and knows me as a regular and tried to help me best he could but has no say. The new managers name starts w an Av and has issues not a good manager at all. The diff between the new manager and old myron is night n day. I just don't feel welcome anymore and never felt that way. Corp should take a look at the sales diff between the new n old manager and should fire the new Av for holding shoes for himself. I shouldn't be restricted from having a pair of shoes I'm first in line for after waiting hours. They also wnt open the doors till 10:00 am when the other footlockers open 2 hours early on Retro Jordan days. Please transfer Myron back to cincimills mall in forest park Ohio and send the new manager far away. Thanks

Hats off to one of your employees named Danni at your Lenexa, KS store. I was in the store when an irate customer came in the store. The customer was being very difficult but Danni was very professional, she kept a cool head and tried to help the customer solve his problem. I was surprised at how she handled him. Not only that she was very helpful to me. I only came in to buy one pair of shoes but ended up buying three pair. I liked her because she was not pushy and she made me feel really confortable. It is great to see that Footlocker is producing great professionals such as Danni. Keep up the good work!

I just finish shopping at the Footlocker on Quiviria in Kansas near Oak Park Mall. It was a very pleasant experience. The women in that store are so inviting. They really make you feel comfortable and they are so helpful. Tiffany helped me and she was so professional. And, thank God she checked the shoes because I had mixed up the sizes. She saved me because the shoes were for my daughter, who would've been so upset when I got home. When I need shoes, I will be returning to the Ffootlocker on Quivira. Thanks Tiffany and keep up the great work.

I recently went into the footlocker store on metcalf. Sarah greeted me and began talking right from the start. She was very friendly and made it seem like shed known me for a while. She joked around with my kids and helped us all find shoes. Shopping with the kids can sometimes be stressful and she made it a fun and enjoyable experience. I will be returning to this store and would recomend it to everyone. Great prices, great service,.. Thank you Sarah!

I was at the FootLocker in Braintree Ma today where I witnessed a female employee yelling a customer. Well I listened to the conversation. The employee was way out of line, She was a manager because I heard her say a few times well I am management and I don't even know you, and well we only have hours for managers and cashiers only. So as I stood there at the register waiting for my items to be rung up I realized the other female was also an employee, and was just trying to find out why she was no longer on the schedule, and the manager her name was Andrea, was very rude and unprofessional talking like that on the sales floor. The way she spoke to another employee in front of a store full of customers made me want to walk away and not purchase my items. I think if I ever went back in that store and she was to wait on me I would ask if a different employee could wait on me.

I went to the footlocker in the columbiana mall in Columbia, SC service was incredible they took the time out to help me and were patient with all the choices and decisions I was trying to make, I've been buying shoes for over 29 years and this is some of the best service I've ever recieved those young guys and girls in that store know how to keep the customers happy, when I go back to that city, thats the first store I'm going to to get sneakers!

First of all, I went to the Footlocker store on Quiviria near Oak Park Mall about 3 months ago and was very happy with the service I received from the ladies (Dani and Tiffany). Dani was really professional and very helpful and energetic. Tiffany was nice and the two communicated professionally. They acted like they have been in the business for a long time, but Dani looks to be pretty young. Anyway, they did not have what I was looking for so they referred me to the store on Metcalf. I went to the Metcalf Footlocker and was not greeted in a professional way, there was a girl named Sarah who had an attitude, was not helpful, and the guy working with her seem to have some type of relationship with her which I thought was unprofessional. Anyway, I decided I rather spend my money elsewhere than to give it to a store that has people working for them that are so unprofessional and don't seem to care about the customers. I will definitely not return to the store on Metcalf. However, I have gone back to the Quiviria store and purchase some shoes. My only complaint is I wish the Quiviria store had more shoes. I am giving the rating a 5 for the Footlocker on Quiviria, but the other footlocker on Metcalf deserves a Big Fat ZERO.

As a former employee I'm ashmed to even say that I used to work for this company I took my nephews to your store in south shore mall in Braintree ,I had the worst customer service experience .I wouldn't recommend your store to my worst enemy in this world your entire crew was more concern with their commision then there are with their customer I mean intire crew they were rude unprofessional and clueless about what customer service is all about. The district manager should really look in to this this crew is loosing the company slots of revenue.we end up purchasing two pair of the same shoes for more I perfer paying more and be treated as a value customer than pay less with Agravation ...z

The store in Hamilton mall in NJ has racist people working there, especially the store manager. I believe her name was Barbara. As a customer in the store, I dont believe she saw me, when she made a rude comment about African American people. She said it like a joke, but for some reason, she sounded like she meant it! How dare she? I was shocked, that no one bothered to correct her. I will be approaching civil rights about this matter, as I was offended.


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