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Terrible Customer Service

I shopped in the store in Elizabeth NJ and I was trying to use my rewards card for a instore coupon and the rewards card was not working. the sale associate told me oh well guess you can't get the $10 off. she advise me to call the 800 number which i did and they told me I had to wait 3 weeks for the card to show activated. I then go on line to see if I am able to get answers and the same pair of sneakers are $119.99 not the price i paid in store of $165 today I go on the Footlocker website to open a chat and the woman tells me to call the 800 number about the VIP cards and tells me they can not match the price. Really can't match the price aren't they all the same company on line and in store. But to add injury to insult she doesn't ask me if I have any other questions just disconnects from the seesion. Footlocker has terrible service!!!!

Rude Staff

I was with my mother shopping at kids footlocker, when this small asian man that looks like jin the mc, took shoes off my moms hand and didnt even ask if she needed help, i come up to him and and when asked about why he took it, he blows up asking you didnt ask for help anyway. Last i checked your supposed to ask me if i need help,

They didn't honor the flyer

I arrived at the foot locker in Astoria on 31 ave and Ditmars @ 8am to wait on line for a ticket as per the sign in the window that read that I would be able to get a ticket with my Id . After reaching the register I was told that they didn't have tickets but some type of lottery . I think this was false advertising and it was unfair .


Bought my son a pair of shoes at Footlocker in Asheville, NC...they said against company policy to price match...called Footlocker corporate they said up to store...was very rude...never get my business again...here I come Finish Line.


Bought some Jordans online saturday they arrived yesterday with the box destroyed paid $14 for shipping and handling and not satisfied with service shoes are ok but I keep shoes in box and the box is destroyed called customer service and they said it wasnt there problem it was ups. So no one is held accountable for the damage.

You represent Foot Locker?

horribly rude customer service...

VERY unsatisfied

I bought a pair of addias shellheads and there was a drfect in the right shoe that was hurting my foot.so i went to go exchange them(i had only wore them for about 20 minutes) so when i went to exchange them,i had on thin socks. I tried a pair of shoes on and told the employee i needed to take them home and try them woth my regular socks.so they ended up being too small i went to return them and was told i cpuld not because the previous ones i brought back were worn..why could i exchange the "worn"shoes but not the brand new ones never worn. I paid $70 for the shoes...i want my money back.its crazy

Tired of waiting

Please beware if purchasing online that Foot Locker now ships UPS Surepost which means UPS picks up your order and delivers it to the USPS for delivery. I am still waiting on my order. If and when it does arrive I will be shipping it back.

Hiding Shoes

I went to the Lakewood, California Men Footlocker, asked if they had any Jordan Retro 13 Squad Blue in a Boys 7 and toddler 8, I was told No, I asked if he was sure, I asked 3 times and was told NO. I left and went to Kids Footlocker who had none but checked the computer and found that the Men's Footlocker had the 7 Boys, this young man walked down with me, went in the back and came out with the Boys 7 while the other employee stood there looking like he was guilty. I am there every time a new shoe comes out in line at 6am for my daughter and Grandson and this really upset me. Is Footlocker selling shoes or are they holding out for employee's and their friends and family while the customers are being lied too.

Worst Customer Service

They have the worst customer sercive EVER to be seen in retail.I wonder how come they haven't been banckrupt by now. All their staff lack skills and knowledge what so ever. I would never and ever return to any Foot Locker stores.

This is some of the worst customer I have ever encountered most of their employees lack customer service skills and I wouldn't even go as far to say are too incompetent to gain the skills needed to effectively keep customers happy...I bought a hoody from the store and had an associate spill security ink on my hoody while banging the security tag against the table to remove the tag...called coporate and they sent me a 10 gift card wth can I get from footlocker for ten dollars!?...a sock...not a pair of socks

I recentally made a call to footlocker in Mobile Al. to inquire as to whether they had a certain size; to save a lengthy trip. The business line was busy for a minimum of 30 minutes. This I am sure was a personal call because I see it done all the time. Totally unprofessional and because of this I will not shop at footlocker and will share my story with others.

Bad business practice My mother purchased a pair of sneakers for my son, I try to return them with her receipt but can't without her credit card (she lives in another state) and have no option for merchandise credit. She returns to store 2 days past the 30day window for return and also is not able to obtain merchandise credit. BAD business practice, will likely not shop at Kids Footlocker again in an economy where one needs to make good spending choices.

Kevin the manager at the foot locker on Jamaica avenue was horrible to me. I hate the fact that he was so un helpful just enjoyed the choice the privilege to say no to everything I asked. When in fact I paid my hard earned cash to this store and I could have went to so many other stores. I'm pissed and will never ever shop at any foot locker ever. This store has horrible customer service overall.

hello everyone just wanted to make everyone aware that footlocker is cheating people with a new policy where they would make a sale on the new shoes that come out and would not accept it back for for a refund or an exchange. now it is a rip off to someone who who has paid over two hundred dollars and would be stuck with it.Their managers are least helpful in giving their area managers number and i was not able to speak to someone at their corporate office after 24 attempts.Try if you can speak to someone at 212 720 3700. Now thats what you call con Artists secured in a FORT.

I would like to give NO STARS.. Foot Locker at Fordham Road in the Bronx,NY is the worst.. Employee's get first dibs.. When waiting online for new releases of Jordans or FOAMS, Theres only a few instock, even seconds after opening the doors.. When I know there is a truck load of a shipment. Corporate should do something about this issue.. CUSTOMERS COME FIRST EMPLOYEE SECOND AND MANAGERS THIRD.. if is wasnt for customers, FOOT LOCKER WILL NOT HAVE N E BUSINESS. so why disspaoint the one that feeds you at the end of the day.. There has to be some type of ORGANIZATION, LOYALTY, AND RESPECT.. EMPLOYEES SHOULD ALSO HAVE TO STAND ONLINE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, NOT JUST ASK SOMEONE TO HOLD A PAIR, OR HAVE A COWORKER BUY 3 FOR COWORKER, BROTHER SITER AUNT UNCLE EVEN GRANDDADDY.. ITS CRAZY.. VERY UNPLEASED

I think ur workers don't no what time ur store openings it's 10:10am and the doors haven't open. Jackson ms on Ellis ave

My son stood in line for hours so he can purchase a pair of shoes. The store on County Line Road and 199st in Miami only let about 4 people in when an employee came to the door to announce there were no more men sizes! This to me was puzzling since only 4 people entered the store. Later that day I returned to the same store with my neighbor and witnessed the SAME employee sell another customer the same pair of Jordan's in the same size they previously claimed they were SOLD OUT of for $300.00 dollars. The next day I visited the foot locker at Ventura mall when yet another employee told me the shoes were sold out but he had a few pair he was willing to sell me for $250.00! Let's be clear I don't wear Jordans because I'm a bit too old to be spending my money on a pair of shoes when I have Grown Up bills to pay, nevertheless it's a shame that this company have employees who partake in such low down scheme! Foot locker need to remember customers comes first!!!! This company has just lost a loyal customer!!!!!!!!

Wow ... I'm So Glad Am not the only empolyee.. That Feels like They Been Take Advantage of By The Footlocker Corporation From The Big Man On Top Head Ceo Whoever To The Shady DMs & Store Managers Below .. They Use Us Empolyees Like Slave. I've Worked For The Company For 2 Years ... Fordham Rd And 161st ... Don't Get Me Wrong I Love Some Of My Form Coworkers They Hustle Hard On Fordham rd ... But The Favoritism & The Disrespect .. I Took From DM & Store Managers Is Crazy ... Ive Kept My Mouth Shut For Too Long .. I'm A Single Mother That Suffer From Post Dramatic Stress And Other Health Disorder ... Do To Working For Footlocker And You Know Whats The Worst Thing The Company Could Have Ever Done Was Discrimination Against Me Because Of My Health .. & Then Fired Me Right Before My Babygirl's Graduations .. I Have Some Personal Footage About The Company And The Work Environment The Company Put Us In & Other Dirty Revealings ... but First Im take Some Legal Action Against Footlocker For Health Discrimination & For Wrongful Termination & For My Pain & Suffering .... I Hate To Wanna Do This But I Deserve Justice ... I Came Into Company Thinking It Was My Blessing & Now I'm Leaving This Company Knowing It Was My Curse ... See You In Court...

The Footaction in cross county mall has the worst customer service. I waited on line for 5 hours to purchase a pair of lebrons for my Son, the manager Heidy came out and said she only had 12 pairs. And she proceeded to hand out tickets to certain indviduals whom were not on line for hours Iike I was. This is very disappointing to loyal customers like myself.

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