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Firehouse subs in Carson City condones drinking in the job. From the shift manager none the less. The people running the place are unfair and downright rude. I would give no stars if I could.

It takes me over 1hour to get to a sub shop why plz open one at Riverdale Ga

now ex employee

I recently just quit the firehouse subs in ithaca by because the owner thinks it's funny to take pictures of my butt and show/send them to other employees.. Then when asked for the corporate number he says there isn't one it's only him for his store.


I wrote a letter a couple of mos. ago about the rudeness of your store manager in Muskegon. I was so called harassing the staff. I'm curious, I have not been back sense. No one from corporate ever contacted me. I see your parking lot is mostly empty now. I have told everyone I know about the experience. I was in medicine for thirty years, sat on many local Boards. Just wondering if your business is suffering because of a few misguided people.


Are you reading your reviews, I guess I'm not the only one angry. Keep it up and you will be gone.

hillard ohio

Have to say subs are good. But as an employee. If u work almost. Fifty hours. In two weeks. U dnt get paid. That an come to find out for three subs an a kids sub i got charged. 55$ ... Off my check.... Can't wait to talk to corporate. Which my boss told me to and gave me his attorney number as well. To get the rest of my money.... Wow but have to say hopefully all the other firehouse franchises bosses are not like him

If you close at 9 why is your building already shut down at 8:30

Today in west valley city I was wondering where to go and eat! All these places looked very appetizing,firehouse subs looked very appealing to me at the moment, it was 8:30 for your information' so I hope out of my car and I see that the open sign is offn that's odd because they don't close till nine!!! So I see people in the store mopping! I knock and they all look at me as if I was a ghost and go on to there cleaning! By the way tho is the one on 5600 west! If you guys closed at 8:30 I would have been fine,but when that is said otherwise I'm heated!!! Worst customer service ever!!! That one star that I give you was only because I had too!!!


My family and I went to the firehouse on chenal in Little Rock few days ago and the business was horrible, a woman that wore all black was on the phone while making our food and it sounded like she was talking about a previous customer I WILL NEVER BE BACK to that firehouse and I recommend no one to eat there!!!!

Military discount

I am appalled at the fact that firehouse will not hesitate to ask you to round up your bill to support firefighters but they will not give you a military discount. The men and women that serve this great nation may not fight fires for a living but they dang sure will take a bullet in defense of it. Firehouse should offer a military discount to those men and women that protect us from this country.

We went to a Firehouse Subs for the first time today. It was a great experience. We went to the one in Lake Worth Texas. This was one of the best subs I have ever eaten. It beats Subway hands down! I put part of mine in the fridge so I could eat it later. It was great cold. You have scored a hit on this one. You are a 10 in my books.

policy question

Hi iam sorry I will follow your policy I do have a nice boss so thanks


I came to the Firehouse Subs, in Little Rock, Ar. I notice that none of the women fixing the sandwiches had hairnets or hats on. I think everyone with hair should be required to have some type of protection on their head.

Store 855

My family and I go to the Firehouse at Fayette Mall in Lexington, Ky. We have been going there a least once a week since they opened and they have a manager there, Emily. She is awesome. If there is ever a problem she will just fix it no questions ask. She is all about the customers and keepi g them happy. I read all these reviews and it sounds like to me that these stores need a Emily badly. The people who run that store she be very thankful for her.

Terrible Store

The Viewmont location in Hickory, North Carolina is awful. They never answer the phone in order to call in a pick up order, and this store can't be ordered from online either. They when you go in to order, it always takes 15-20 minutes for it to be ready. When I tell them I've been calling in for the last hour to make an order, the response is always, "sorry, our phones have been messed up."

Store #00183

I just received the most awful customer service and this store and felt someone should know. A mumbled "Welcome to Firehouse" and having my sandwich slung in my direction left me with a sour taste.

poor service

I went to firehouse sub location in Jacksonville, AR on Aug 5th about 12:30 pm. Right off Hwy 67/167. I ordered a chef salad. When I got to the table I noticed they didn't give me any salad dressing, which I had ordered. Then I noticed when I got back to the table they had given me a spoon to eat with. When I went back to the counter they said they were out of forks. I went back to the table and they had not put any meat on my salad, which I had ordered. So I took it back and got a refund. Then I decided before I left the resturant I would go to the restroom. No soap in the ladies restroom, when I came out of the resturant the ladies behind the counter were now sweeping the floor and cleaning the tables, you know they had no soap to wash there hands with. Terrible, Terrible lunch for me.

your sandwiches are too pricey. Not enough meat on them for the price. taste the bread. Didnt even taste the cheese. Wont go back.

Lakewood, Colorado loation

Exceptional service especially by Tyler, sis are always amazing and Tyler went above and beyond my expectations and even helped me to my car. Really friendly service always but Tyler ( the tall guy) was really awesome! Thank you for hiring him


I was so Disgusted when I realized l had been eating a MOLDY SUB from the location on Center st in Pasadena TX. I had already eaten one half of the sub when by total faith the second half slipped out of my hand, on to my plate upside down reveling that the bottom of my sub had splotches of mold!! I went back up to the store, showed them my sandwich and got my money back, but that just doesn't please me seeing how I had already consumed half a moldy sub.

Fire house subs in jacksonville ark

My first time to a fire house sub was very disappointing i was not welcomed the store it was mess trash coming out of the trash cans there where 6 people working or should say standing around the manager was rude when i asked can someone take my order if i recall his name tag said derek diller he huffed and puffed took my order was very unfriendly it took 12 minutes to get my sandwich and while waiting to get my sub i saw roaches on the floor i then desided i didnt want to eat there that place is not all it cracked up to be i will not be back and you can better i will spread the word !!!

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