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I stayed at embassy suites niagara falls over the weekend for one night. I was awakened multiple times overnight due to scratching only to find multiple bed bugs in the sheets on the mattress the following morning. The manager sent up engineering who placed three of them in a cup and left. The manager jaqueline refused to compensate me in any way despite my on personal pictures of the bugs in their bed and despite the cup of bugs the engineer took. She stated there was nothing she could do for me until an investigation took place to confirm they were bed bugs. I never unpacked my bag because I was out at he falls all day. I now have multiple bite marks on my upper body that itch like crazy. The customer service was horrible and they did nothing despite my inconvenience and horrible stay.

Just cause it's smpile doesn't mean it's not super helpful.

. If your name is printed on it and it has a visa or mtesarcard logo you are fine .. But one thing you need to know is you need to have at least one night stay and tax and resort fees in the account . This will cover your deposit and if you choose to pay cash at check out you will have that option You should check with the hotel because deposits vary . Best thing is to just have the entire amount in th account Also . Whoever books the room has to be there for check-in . So dont use a credit card of someone who will not be there to check in . you will loose your reservation .Hope this helps

Stayed at the Embassy Suites in Covington KY on Aug. 17th for 2 nights. First I noticed that the linens on the pull out sofa had not been changed and the extra blanket in the closet had not been washed. Second I had requesed extra towels and good think I had since there was only 1 bath towel in the room. Last be but not least the airconditioning in the room would not go higher the 61 degrees. I called down stairs to report this and the front desk acted surprised when most of the rooms in hotel had the same problem which could not be fixed. If this problem could not have been repaired then I shoudl have been notifies before making my reservation. I will not be back and will be advising my friends to book elsewhere.

Stuck in an elevator with 3 ypong daughters and wife for well over an hour at the Niagara Falls Canada Embassy Suites. After using emergency phone, got a call back 10 minutes later saing the tech would be 30-40 minutes. After that we waited a while and asked ( on emergency phone) to speak with manager. Couldn't do anything. When we were rescued and I lowered daughters down through open doors to tech no one from the hotel was there. 2 hours later my wife called manager and asked why no one bothered to call, see how we were, etc. Manager said he'd been busy. We weren't even offered a free dinner for the loss of vacation time. Brutal! If we'd died I'd only give one star but at least they didn't kill us.

I recently stayed at Embassy Suites in San Rafael, CA 94903, August 2012. Upon check in, I was informed that WiFi was an extra $10 per day, I haven't stayed in a hotel without free WiFi for over 2 years. Secondly, the manager's "happy hour" was poorly staffed and the snacks were stale and of extremely low quality. Third, I arrived home without 6 pairs of earrings that were kept in a plastic bag inside a second plastic bag inside an additional zippered pouch. One had to have been searching through the luggage to find them. As if that isn't bad enough, I placed 4 phone calls over the past week to manager of hotel and manager of housekeeping, without a response. This was by far my worst and last experience at an Embassy Suites. I was previously a very loyal customer, however now, I will never stay at an Embassy Suites again. I will also be sure to pass this information on to all my acquaintances who also frequent Embassy Suites.

We usually stay in the Embassy Suites in Tukwila, WA. But the last 2 times I've stayed I was unhappy. First of all the beds are not comfortable anymore. They started charging for parking. This time that we stayed I was charged $50.00 extra dollars for incidentals. I know I get that back but that is alittle outrages when I never charge anything. I called the front desks for extra pillows and got extra towels. We will be staying some place else the next time I'm in the seattle area.

We stayed in your hotel on June 7-10 2012 and it was absolutely terrible ! We had two rooms, 1 for my husband and me and the other for my daughter. Horrible experience...do not stay here. Our room looked like a conference room and my daughter was awakened at 3 am by her loud neighbors...she called security and the guard was in the hall flirting with whoever was in the room. The "free" buffet is a big joke...The lines are so long and the food is definitely not worth it. We have vacationed all over the world and this is indeed the worst experience we have ever had.

I recently attended a conference at an Embassy Suites. The hotel overbook so 4 of the people who attended the conference with me had to go to a nearby Fairfield Inn. We were all quite upset for several reason. First, it stopped the flow of our work at the conference and we lost valuable time. We made the reservations months in advance so we should have had a room. I had to drive back and forth to work with my colleagues. They were upset because of the change. No one at the hotel really seemed to care. We heard, I am sorry many times, but no one wants to hear that when you have been let down by a company you trusted to provide a service. The next night my group was able to join me at the Embassy Suites, however, the night manager was quite rude and not customer friendly. We asked to have a 1:00 check out but she basically said absolutely not...She did say that I could talk to her boss but I had already talked to him too much the day before concerning the problem with our rooms. I was disappointed in the way we were treated and have never been treated like this before. I have traveled numerous time to numerous conferences all over the United States but was treated the worst in my own home state. Embassy Suites, you have got to do better. Treat your guests like guests and put us first. I think somehow you have lost site of this.

Held a family reunion weekend at the Embassy Suite, Lombard, Il. This was one of the worst accommendation for the function. First they do want to stand firm on their contacts but do not follow their contract. Place in a Luke room, and not the Roosevelt room. Which we had to place in the dinner area to accommendate our family. Although the food was good, for that night food was to be place out two different times instead and once. This giving those who were coming from afar would still have something to eat. This cause a confrontation, that they wanted to charge extra for their mistake. Was asked that if family could be placed on the same floor, two week prior to function. Asked the person that was checking me in he stated "that it was not noted in the computer and that you get the first room that comes up." This was said in a negitive and smart way. The family was given until the 17th to comfirm total numbers. This hotel I would not recommend for any functions. This cause the family extra money that was not available in these strict times.

I recently stayed at the Embassy Suites in Miami Airport, Florida on July 15, 2012. We got in early around 10 AM. We were holding 3 room reservations. I requested a handicapped room for my elderly parents and an adjoining room for myself. The reception told me to check back at 12 noon. I kept on checking every hour to see if the handicapped room was available. The reception staff kept on telling me the room was free but the supervisor had not given permission for the room to be cleaned. This went on for several hours. The reception kept on promising that we would have the room in half an hour. Little later, they said it would be ready in one hour. This went on from 12 noon to 4:20 PM. Finally, I personally went upstairs to check on the handicapped room and spoke to the room supervisor. He informed me that NO message had come to clean Room 421. I told the supervisor that I had been waiting for this room for hours. Finally, it was cleaned. My parents who are 86 years old and my Mum who needs assistance, got the room at 5.05 PM after waiting almost seven hours. I got my room at 5:35 PM. THIS WAS TERRIBLE. THE RECEPTION STAFF WAS UNPROFESSIONAL. THEY TALK AMONG THEMSELVES IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE AND LIED TO ME THAT THEY HAD SPOKEN TO THE SUPERVISOR TO HAVE THE ROOMS CLEANED. ROOM 421, THE TV WAS NOT WORKING AND A COUPLE OF THE LIGHTS WERE NOT WORKING. WE WERE ALSO NOT GIVEN WRIST BANDS FOR BREAKFAST THE NEXT MORNING. I HAD TO COME DOWN AND ASK FOR THEM. PLEASE DO NOT PROMOTE HAPPY HOUR IF YOU CANNOT PROVIDE DECENT SNACKS. POPCORN WAS STALE AND NACHOS AND CHIPS WERE PUT OUT ONLY ONCE. BEING A HILTON HONOR MEMBER AND TO RECEIVE THIS TREATMENT IS AWFUL. THE MANAGEMENT HAS TO BE MORE RESPONSIVE TO ELDERLY AND HANDICAPPED FOLKS. I AM ALSO A RITZ CARLTON AND SHERATON MEMBER AND HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH BAD SERVICE AT THE FRONTDESK/RECEPTION IN THE UNITED STATES AND AROUND THE WORLD.

I do Audio Video work along the east coast for the largest service organization in the world. As a member of that organization, I don’t charge for my services. Our organization held a conference at the Embassy Suites in North Charleston, SC. It is customary when holding a conference to do a site visit. They were told to put my room charge on the conference portfolio by the organizer. They chose not to and when I caught it, they reversed the charges and billed another organization. When that other organization caught it, the charge was reversed and put back on my credit card. The Embassy Suites comment is that the books are closed for that function. So, too, are the organization’s books. So that leaves me holding the bag. I don’t charge for my professional services, but I don’t expect to pay for MY services. This was the second time our organization has met at the Embassy Suites in North Charleston, SC and it will be the last.

My family stays at the embassy in south padre and these people are the worst staff. We stayed a week and they went into our credit card and charged different rates for the weekend after we were already given a bill. We had to go through a battle to get a refund. .

we were charged for parking, ok no problem, on check out i looked over the bill, it was $48.40 for parking, i approved, closed out the bill and we left. on returning from our stay, i looked over the charges on line, there was a charge of $100.00 for parking, WHAT?!? i called them, they told me it was a policy and the monies would ne returned in 48 hrs to my account! this is fraud! they have no authorization from me or my approval...i approved $48.40. i will be talking to a lawyer, how many are returned i wonder? DO NOT STAY AT A PLACE THAT WILL ABRUSE you as a consumer.

Stayed at the Phoenix Biltmore June 4, 2012. Paid extra money for a PURE ALLERGY room. What I received was an Air Filter and printing on the pillows to assure me that I was in a PURE ALLERGY room. The hotel even had a large post card telling me when the room had last been inspected Nov. 2011, and when it was due Feb. 2012. The air in the room was clean. The room itself appeared clean. However, the toilet had brown water stains. Not only had it not been cleaned in a very long time but the toilet ran water every twenty minutes, and the bathroom fan kept shorting out. Had anyone actually been in this room to clean, inspect or prepare for a guest? They used heavy & toxic chemicals in the sheets, pillows and towels. These chemicals are the cause of the allergies. One of the two TV's in the Suite did not work. What would be the purpose of having two if only one works. Receipts: March 22, the day I called and booked my room, I was asked to pay in advance for the special rate and special room. I of course requested a receipt. What I got was an email telling me of my reservation date and a dollar amount. There was no information about bed size or my special request for a Pure allergy room. I called the hotel back asked again for a receipt explaining what I paid for. I again, got the same email. After one week of trying I called 800-236-7113 and finally Channel sent me a proper receipt. At check out June 5th, the computers were not working and the promise of an email was given. This email was never received. I called the 800 number yesterday and spoke with Tracy Anderson, I explained the situation and asked for a receipt. She too never sent it. As of today June 8th, I still do not have a final bill. I am not requesting my money back even thuogh i have the right to. what I really want is to be able to stay in a hotel room and not be sick. I paid extra money at your hotel for nothing, for special words on my pillow, what a joke.

On June 2nd at about 11PM all the fire alarms were sounding and being on the sixth floor, my disabled husband and I, also elderly and disabled, were not able to evacuate the area. We cannot go up nor down stairs. The security latch on the door malfunctioned when the door closed behind us, and we were unable to gain entry to our room after the alarms were shut off. There was only one (1) security person on duty at that large facility and we had to wait about 45 minutes for him to come up the six flights of stairs to disengage the latching device with a tool. He couldnt, so he had to break into the room. Thank goodness another guest in a nearby room allowed us to sit on chairs in their room since my husband cannot walk or stand unassisted. Had there been a fire, we would have perished up there. When I made the reservations two months ago, I specified that we are elderly and handicapped. We were also charged $44 for meals charged to our room by the prior occupant before we were even checked into the Baton Rouge Embassy Suites.

Embassy Suites - Downtown St. Paul I sent in a rating and a comment and have heard nothing!! I even included my email. Most of the staff were great! Managers, not so much. Now I feel the Corporate Office has the same view as the managers at the hotel. Word of mouth is damaging to a business. Wouldn't you want to correct the issues? Charging a vet to park on Memorial Weekend is insulting. It was the final straw. After lots of aruging they finally agreed to credit the parking. Haven't seen the credit on my acct. as of yet though. We loved the hotel and would have stay there again but not with the attitudes of the management. Thank heavens the rest of the staff were awesome. Management needs courses in PR!! Or maybe learn from the other staff they employ. You have my email address already if you care to respond.

Wow. Now Embassy Suites is an ad sponsor on USA Today's homepage for a video about a felon that's trying to run against President Obama in West Virginia. Congratulations Embassy Suites! You just lost yet another customer.

My daughter reserved a block of room at the Embassy Suites in Troy Michigan, I tried reserving 2 room today May 6, 2012 1 for me the Father of the Bride and with my wife and 1 for my step daughter. The room for me I needed for 5 nights due to needing to be involved in the mid week activities and my step daughter would only need the room for the 2 nights. Well JoAnn the lady a was trying to make my reservation with, was very rude, could not operate the computer told me I could not make a reservation outside the two nights for the block of rooms and when I asked why I can't make a regular reservation hung up on me. So bottom line I will discuss with my daughter about changing to another hotel and my wife, me and my step daughter will be staying and a different hotel. Embassy Suites is off my stay list for sure.

Several months ahead I booked a room at Embassy Suites NLAX 3/5/2012 and paid to leave my car there until 3/13/2012. When I checked in I asked the desk clerk if the second reservation would be held because we were coming in late. I was told, no problem, especially since I was a Hilton Honors member. Well, Hawaii was awful; six of the islands had flash flooding and the big island where we were had high winds, squalls and vog (volcano fog). We also caught the prevalent flu. On leaving, the plane was two hours delayed due to avionics problems, so we were coming in late to LAX. I thought, well, at least we have a room waiting for us. What we had was a taxi waiting for us to take us to the Sheraton. My wife and I are no longer young, but I was mad enough to take the car and drive the three hours back home in the dead of night. Nice to find out that Embassy Suites word of assurance, a Hilton Honors membership, and a confirmation number are ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS. Here is a confirmation number for you - "0". That will be the number of times either myself or any of the staff of my two companies will stay at Embassy Suites. This kind of treatment does not even rate a star! The Best Western down the street has the same amenities and is less expensive.

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