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We just held a Class Reunion at Embassy Suites In Albuquerque this past weekend. My husband I have stay at a lot of Hotels across our Country for Law Enforcement, Judges school, gang classes, EMT/Firefighting conferences, Hazmat etc. I do believe, I enjoyed the entire staff at this one. The front desk, free breakfast cooks, waiters, even our house keeper. We will be back. Thank you!

bed bug issue

I had more than 20 bed bug bites from my one night stay at Embassy Suites, Independence, Ohio. It took three calls to get the right person to address the issue and no one ever returned my calls. They conducted two searches, so I was told, and found bugs during the second search. I was promised that my room charge would be removed from my credit card but it has not been removed yet and I have filed a dispute. My email to Embassy Suites last week has not been answered. I have stayed there many times in past years with no problems and this is the first time I really feel that I am being ignored. Bed bugs are a serious worry and I was miserable for nearly a week with the itchy huge welts.

Bed Bugs?

I checked into the Embassy Suite Hotel in West Palm Beach, Fl. located on the PGA Blvd on 9/7/14 and checked out on 9-12-14 with bed bug bites on the back of my neck and both arms. Wow, I was a mess the night of 9-11-14. I reported this incident to the front desk. After returning home to Pensacola, Fl. I had to see my doctor for the bites. Was given an antibiotic steroid cream for the bites. Took over a week to heal. Can't say I enjoyed the stay.

Independence, Ohio

The BEST customer service and accommodations. The experience was awesome and made my son's wedding most memorable because of the little details the staff paid attention too. Always a loyal patron to a home away from home. Great Job!!

Never again

We stayed at the Philadelphia-Valley Forge location. Which I would not recommend to anyone.

Bathtub/Shower Facility

I was alarmed during my recent visit to an Embassy Suite Hotel, that they do not have anti-slip strips built into their bathtubs. My friend slipped and fell in the bathtub when getting in to take a shower and was injured. I insisted on having a bath mat and they had to go out and purchase them. I'm sure others have had this same experience. I've never been in a hotel that didn't have anti-slip bath tubs. My rating is based on this incident, not the room.

Embassy Suites Disaster

My wife & I stayed at the Embassy Suites in Tampa, FL for a national convention. This was my worst experience of getting into a hotel. It took us 5 hours to get into our room. The desk staff was totally unacceptable, except for one lady, Cherie. "I don't care" was the attitude of other employees. Short staffed bell-hops and maids, even though the hotel was booked for a convention. I will never stay here again!


My family stayed at embassy suites in Destin Florida , what a terrible stay. Bathtub rusty, carpet stains and pillow stains couple of towels we were giving was not very clean. Had to front desk for more towels and toilet wasn't working properly had to call service guy.and tops it all I was charge for 3 nights only stayed 2 nights. Have call over 12times about my money never speak to anyone. So I guess I will have to speak with a lawyer about my refund.


We stayed at Greeley/Loveland CO Embassy Suites in May 2013 for a week. I cannot say enough about the staff and facilities. So friendly and helpful, could not do enough for us. Our suite was gorgeous with plenty of space and more amenities that we knew what to do with. The breakfast every morning was wonderful and fresh and most of healthy choices which we appreciated. Thank you, if we are eve back again will will DEFINITELY be staying with you again.

I stayed at Embasdy Suites in Palm Desert CA March of 2013, I was looking for a lost flip flop and when I looked under the bed I found a homemade "crack pipe" . I grabbed a towel picked it up and discretely took it to the front desk, I was told the Manager would contact me. Well after three letters written, I finally heard from Manager via, email saying they had no record of my stay, interesting since I have the receipt for my 1,200.00 6 day stay, the Manager asked for my phone number and needless to day have not heard a word.....two weeks later I was at an Embasdy Suites in TN with overflowing toilets in our suite we were handed a filthy dirty plunger to fix the problem ourselves.... NEVER AGAIN WILL I STAYBAT AN EMBASSY SUITES

Terrible place

Stayed at SF Airport Embassy Suites in March. Terrible, dirty, sticky floors and tables. Horrible food. What are you thinking???? This used to be a go-to place to stay. Never again.

Charged for someone elses vacation!

We stayed for two nights during Spring Break at Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Oxnard, CA. I noticed that my bank account was charged an extra $845. After numerous unreturned phone calls to the GM, managers, and accounts I finally called back and was told that they charged my card for someone elses stay. Instead of a true apology, I received a half hearted apology and was told that it was my fault for not supplying them with the correct bank information??? What a joke for customer service!!!!!!


The worst service I have ever had, the place is a money pit will charge for everything to include 5.00 bottle of water. My family and I had our car misplaced by the lot attendant, maid came in at random times with a do not enter sign. To top it off tried to charge us 50 bucks for a gallon of coffee for our conference.

My girls and I stayed at the Embassy Suites in Livonia, MI for one night over spring break. The hotel looked beautiful and the rooms had a balcony overlooking a wonderful atrium. The pictures on line also showed a pool with a waterfall pouring into it. Well the pool was filthy and the hot tub portion had bubbles that were brown and nasty, looked liked it hadn't been cleaned in months! My kids wouldn't even get in either one and of course the waterfall was not working. Later on the hotel became a giant jungle gym for several families with a large number of kids. They decided to play tag running through the halls and clogging up the elevelators. It was unreal. We had complained twice to the front desk but they did nothing. The young man running the desk said he was the only one here at the hotel but that the hallways would be shut down at 10pm. No one ever came to get these children to stop running around we finally had to stand outside of our room and tell the children and thier parents ourselves what proper behavior in a hotel should be. The parents acted like they knew nothing. The kids were running through the halls and now banging on peoples doors as they went by. It was awful and I would never recommend staying there. Now 5 days later I have found a pending charge on my acct. from this hotel. I called today to inquire since my room had been paid in full before our arrival. Well its a deposit for incidentals that was never even explained to me upon check in. They will hold this money from my account for 7-10 days before it will be released back to me!! I could not believe this. I will never stay at another Embassy Suites again and I will be calling their corporate offices. Unbelievable!

Independence, oH

Would never stay there again or recommend it to anyone. Room very clean but hotel staff had no control over patrons, especially in the pool and noise level very high in the atrium from patrons.

At the Seattle/Bellevue Embassy suites I witnessed a front desk agent being yelled at by a coworker. Not only once but 3 times. Same front desk agent and 3 different coworkers. Clearly agent was in training. Then I heard employees saying that agent was fired. For trying to learn their job? The yelling employees should be fired. This employee was very professional but not the other employees. This is bullying and unacceptable in the workplace

Omaha Embassy Suites

This place is a joke..! Neither I nor any of the people I know or ever talk to will ever step foot in one of these crappy hotels. We stayed in Omaha at the embassy on 10th street for Nebraska State Wrestling and we were treated like Inmates. It was absolutely ridicules. The food was barley worth eating, the parking completely useless. and we had OPD guarding us better than the State Pen. For the money we spend on those rooms we could have purchased a freaking Condo. The absolute worst experience of my life....!

We had reservations and a confirmation from Embassy Suites in Little Rock AR and arrived only to find out our room was gone. We told them we had confirmation and needed the room, it was late and had driven there planning to stay. Was informed that they did have one left but several would not stay in it because it had a musty smell. We agreed to take it and go up and check on the small. The smell was horrible, not only that the room was dirty, which we have stayed there numerous times and it just keeps getting worse every time we are there. We will no longer stay there. We did go and buy air freshener and sprayed and sprayed but never helped and we had a headache both of us for two days until we left. The cleanliness of the hotel is lacking for sure. The second day we were there it was in the 80s and in the middle of the night it was so hot. The air conditioner was not on. We laid awake from 2:00 until morning only to find out the heat had been turned on and was so hot in the hotel. Got ready to leave and was getting our things together and found bugs crawling around on the nightstand, I was then totally upset. This is such a nice building in such a nice area, it is a shame it has gone down the way it has. Does Embassy Suites have a pest control policy? I wonder. I am so upset about dirty rooms, hot rooms, bugs and horrible smells,.

Lincoln NE Embassy Suite has been making a statement to game day Husker fans and away game fans by charging over $500 per night plus get this a 3 night minimum stay. A have heard NE fans say enough is enough and vowed to never stay at the downtown Lincoln Embassy Suite...EVER! In fairness other down town Lincoln Hotels have followed the same business ethics and have the 3 night minimum stay requirement and higher room cost than regular rates. The hopeful solution for fans who simply cannot afford or refuse to pay these exorbitant prices is the new Hotels under construsction near the new Basketball Arena, both new Hotels are nearly as close to the Husker Football Stadium as well. Lastly, there are newer Motels on South 27th that have suite rooms and more affordable prices.

I booked a wedding venue with your establishment on 6/29/12 and became seriously ill with type 2 diabetes. I called to try and get my $1,000 deposit back and I was told NO and will be charged 40% of revenue lost. REALLY? I am very ill and my doctors advise against the stress of getting married. I am shocked that your establishment would keep a deposit due to these circumstances. I am outraged! By the way, I am a free lance advertiser and will enjoy all the bad publicity I can bring your way... Thanks for nothing. I am now getting a lawyer.

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