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El Pollo Loco 3131 Harbor Blvd Costa Mesa, CA Me and 2 co-workers were on our lunch break (30 min) and decided El Pollo Loco we decided to go through the drive through. There were 4 people ahead of me and by the time I got to the window to place our order there were 3 people behind me. Fifteen minutes have gone by so I'm thinking ok we will get my food and take it to our desk. I get to the window and order 3 2 piece meals and I'm told would you like a Tamale we are out of chicken. OUT OF CHICKEN???? First of all out of chicken at 11:45 in the morning is just unexcusable. Then being 3 cars behind me there was no way I could even back out, I was stuck. So now I'm not only late getting back but didn't even get our lunch. They could of at least has someone out there telling people there was no chicken before they got locked into a drive through to only be told they have no chicken. What company that sells only chicken runs out of chicken. Not even an apology just would I like a Tamale....If I wanted a Tamale I would have ordered a Tamale.

Entered the store, clerks busy with drive thru customers. Looked at one another to determine who was going to wait on me, finally a young man approached and asked if he could help. I gave my order, he informed me they were out of corn tortillas and only had flour. Ok with me, that's what I wanted anyway. Asked if I might have a larger container for sauce from the condiment station and was informed they were out of that size container. I filled the last 3 small containers and informed him the dispenser was empty and he said they probably were out of those also. The chicken legs and thigh on my order were overcooked and very small. I asked if they could be changed and he said, they all were coming out small this evening. My wifes wings and breasts were OK and I accepted the order. Out of this, out of that, overcooked, and poor quality. Just wanted to let futue customers know, be cautious at Store 3599 on Happy Valley Parkway in Peoria, Arizona. We have had 2 parties catered from this same store and they were satisfactory. Seems its the people working at the time who make your experience good or bad. Management needs to review service more frequently.

I went into the El Pollo Loco in Simi Valley Ca yesterday to get lunch, my daughter has a SEVERE allergy to all sorts of peanuts and tree nuts, I asked the lady at the register if your chicken and sweet potato fries were cooked in Peanut Oil, she didn't know so I asked the manager (lady) as she proceeded to tell me " um maybe it's canola oil I'm not sure it can be peanut oil. so I politely asked her to check and she said she doesn't know where they keep the oil!!! BULLSHIT!!!!! I couldn't take the chance and feed my daughter anything from your restaurant ! As we all know an unhappy kid= unhappy parent!!!!

This morning about 11:30 or so, I went to the El Pollo Loco in Camarillo California on Los posas road off the 101 freeway,My wife and I both live in Camarillo. When we first went into the resturant I noticed all the guys behind the counter looking at my wife, she is a very beautiful lady forsure! Then all the rude sexual comments started about my wife and very racial comments about me! and also comments about my Military service,all from the manager to other male workers behind the counter,I really feel bad for the female employees you have working there in Camarillo! they must go through hell everyday? What they did not know is that my wife and I speak and understand spanish perfectly, They just kept on going, putting there foot in there mouth! and finaly when it was our turn to order, the person taking our order was told to go clean somthing and the store manager stepped in, He thought he was a tough guy!He was very rude and tryed to have a tough look on his face! To his surprise I ordered our food in spanish,I know he could not believe his ears! I told him I did not appricate his racial remarks and his sexual remarks toward my wife,and remarks about people serving our country in the Military, he didnt say a word just stood there like he didnt understand, he knew he was busted! and was called out on his rude behavior. My wife did not even want to eat her food and said we would not give it to our kids, she thought they may put somthing in after they knew we understood what they were saying ( Thats Crazy ) Im not sure how much control you have over the franshise employees working at this resturant, but you should really do somthing about these guys,These employees will take this resturant down! My wife and I will never return to this El Pollo Loco thats forsure! and I will tell all my friends and Military friends not to eat there until these people are replaced! and thats a shame I Love the food,its one of my favorites fast foods. The store # is 5773 there is a name on the receipt and its Gregofio but the managers name was Jose. I would like to know if you would follow up on this for me? and If you can Email me after doing so I would appricate it very much and Im sure the female employees working there would truly appricate it very much! my Email is hawktangofive@hotmail

Today a girl named monica on the pollo loco by the field of dreams in west covina had me wait longer the i had expected as she talked to family members about what they were to do on Sunday NIGHT> I thought the was very disrespectful as an employee of el pollo loco. are these the type of people that you like to hire? Because the isn''t the first time with this same girl. You can't miss her her bangs or blonde the rest of her hair is dark brown. This kind of service makes me not wanting to revist your establishment.

I went to the location in Manhattan beach to try it out again after many years after my last bad experience. Since they close down the one on Hermosa Beach this is closer to me I did have a great decent experience today. I was shock how clean and organize the staff work and besides the great food I gave my self a treat by trying their fosters ice cream. After closing down in hermosa beach it was worth my drive to Manhattan Beach.

truth is truth and the service at el pollo loco in city of industry was the act of a thief. Never have I been robbed but their is always a first, I now only hope the high school drop out cashier does not have kids. Self automated registers seem like a good ideA, thanks to the young lady who cant subtract.

On Saturday, June 18th Ordered 8-piece whole chicken special for $10.00 in cathedral city---I was initially concern because of the order and messy appearance of condiment station; and the fact that the cashier indicated it would be 30 minutes before chicken would be up at 1:30 in afternoon--Any how waited for order drove off to our cabazon destination and discovered that we were given wings & thighs, and the chicken was dried-out. Never have this problem at our store in Moreno Valley Called and requested that they sen us a coupon or something. Was told that could not acommondate. christopherjared51@yahoo.com

To Whom it may concern, I am complaining because the El Pollo Located in the city of Moorpark, CA has seriously been giving such horrible costumer service to me and my family. I have gone on several occations and tonight was the last straw.They have posted business hours that they not close until 10:00pm and I walked in at around 9:40pm and I attempted to order chicken just to hear the assistant manager say "Sorry we do not have any chicken left." From my knowledge after working there a year and a half I am pretty sure that is not suppose to happen. This type of costumer service is the kind that does not make me want to go back ever. Hope something can be done about this. This has just gone too far. If the assistant manager has something against me it is no excuse for the poor customer service.

We absolutely love El Pollo Loco food. Our closest El Pollo Loco location is in Canyon Country, CA The one thing about this location is the consistentency of being inconsistent; the problems seem to always stem from the drive thru window. 99% of the time our drive thru orders are incorrect or incomplete. The majority of the time the salad dressing is not what we ordered or not included. When we ask for corn tortillas 25% of the time we get flour tortillas. Many times there are no utensils or napkins. Tonight my husband went to our EPL for dinner, we didn't get our salad dressing for our salads; yep here we go again, for whatever reason my husband didn't check the bag to make sure the order was right before he left, now we have salads with no dressing or salsa in the house. Also, when he checked the receipt he noticed one of the two meals was priced higher, so he asked the manager and found out because he ordered black beans with his meal that it was 20 cents more, what's up with that? Why include meal sides but you have to pay more for the sides? We will continue to be an EPL customer, but we don't understand why the drive thru window has so many problems in getting the orders right. We mentioned this to the manager repeatedly, and he gave us a free meal once. Although the free meal was appreciated, what we would like is to know, without having to check the bag, that everything in the order is correct.

I love El Pollo Loco. It's healthy and good and although there might be times when you get bad customer service that reflects on one individual and not on El Pollo as a whole. I think anywhere you go you might run into bad service. However, I love El Pollo and their prices.

Today i went to el pollo loco to eat and the avocado sauce tasted like water,it was digusting and i felt disgusted.I always go eat there and this has never occured til today and thursday,i had a bad stomach ache and i had to visit the doctor for the mistakes they did? people should be treated better we buy food we don get it free.This makes me real dissapointed because i like to eat there but i think they switch up the avocado sauce to water sauce that should be change or else people are going to eat at other restaurants.My complain is to alert that the sauce is causin people disgustments and stomach aches.The location all this is been done in El centro california el pollo loco.

El Pollo Loco lacation Rialto Ca. ceader and foothill has bad service I was told in the drive up window that chicken would take 30 mins to be ready . I drove away to get chicken at some other lacation . Bad customer service.

As I left the drive-thru window I took a bite of one chicken leg and to my surprise it was room temperature at best! I drove around and waited another 10min. in the drive-thru. When they replaced my order, I had made up my mind that I would not complain again (if needed) due to fact that they ultimately had full control of my food. Well, yes it was just as cold. Oh, and the tacos! They were warm (because that meat is kept in a warmer), but they were as salty as a CUP A NOODLE. I believe that when Pollo Loco has a lot of down time, they just place the cooked chicken in low heat (to stay WARM), but they cannot put the heat high enough to make them pleasant because they will charr and dry. Pollo Loco if you want my late evening business, you need to make sure you always have fresh hot chicken!!! If the chicken cannot be cooked/heated anymore because it will loose its quality, then please dispose of it and serve good quality food (it will help grow your business).

I have been living in San Clemente for 2 years now. I love El Pollo Loco but the San Clemente store needs help. Someone in upper management needs to come and train and actually work there for a month or longer to get this particular store up to parr. I feel the quality of food and service overall does not meet or taste as good as other stores I have been to. I lost over 100 pounds by eating El Pollo Loco almost everyday 9 years ago, so I think I know what the food should taste like. Again this one has a bad oder and nothing realy ever tastes fresh. This is a very very busy establishment because everyone here in Telega is weight concious, however I personally have to say the store is too busy to give the quality of food or service that is expected. Maybe another location closer to Pico and the freeway would be a good suggestion. Last night I decided to give it another try, boy was I disapointed I heard the Lady in front of me say "your out of Salsa and they said yes we are." I went about one month ago not only did the chcken taste bad, I had to wait in the parking lot and they forgot about me, then I went in to retrieve my order and when I got home my order was not complete. Last night I smelled the chicken and would not eat it. after spending over $25.00 for a family meal with additions to my order. I love El Pollo Loco and eat at other locations but until this one is staffed correctly and the taste of food and customer service changes I highly doubt I will give this one another try. Please fix it I'm sure I am not the only one that feels this way but imagine if there are other residence that feel the same way and just dont take the time to write a letter or return to your store. (there might be alot of money to be made) that you are not aware of. I hope you take the time to look into this location and if not I hope your still making money and you do well. But it would be nice to stop in and order the food that I love so much that helped me lose my weight. Thamk You, Sabina

Hello just wanted to let people know who live in Hermosa Beach that I just finished getting home from buying some food at Pollo Loco at 719 Pier Ave , Hermosa Beach around 7:30 PM . I notice all the chicken was burnt and very chewy , I wonder if the pieces I got were on the grill for a very long time or were pieces from early in the morning . Just wanted to let people know to check food before they leav the drive thru . I was very upset that I will never eat at that specific Pollo Loco .

Was ther a few minutes ago with my daughters. The person's taking the orders were so RUDE!!!!and yes as I mentioned person's a male and a female both taking my order at the same time. When I pulled up he told me how much my total was and I was lokking at me like I needed to hurry! He was so inpatient that he left to get my food, he hands me my food and practically throws it out window into my car! I gave him the money he took it and returned with my change pushing it down on my hand, I found there attitude to be totally inapropriate for someone in customer service. I'm a true beleiver that if you don't have a positive attitude you just need to find another job other than CS! To the RUDE employees working at the La Verne CA store working tonight 10/20/2010 drive-thru at about 6pm. This job is just not for you! Save yourself the trouble of making your own life miserable and innocent customers the trouble of dealing with you. Leave that job for somone who can handle it!! You give El pollo loco a BAD name.

I was so hungry and thought id go to El Pollo Loco store # 5975 on Crenshaw and Vernon in Los Angeles. I had driven from Moreno Valley and had business to take care of in the area. I ordered what my trainer told me i can have off their menu and waited and waited for my food. I actually saw someone prepare my food and set it on their back counter. But no one brought it to the front and called my name so i went and asked Michelle (assistant manager) can i have my food. She asked for the receipt and took her time talking to someone else dressed like her (another manager). As I sat there I saw that they were having problems with other customers and thought to myself that they may have it rough in this neighborhood but clearly I just don't understand why customers would come back to an establishment such as this. The service was so bad that I demanded my money back and I promise because of this experience I will never eat at any of their restaurants again!

El Pollo Loco EPL5905 800 NORTH SEPULVEDA BLVD. MANHATTAN BEACH, CA 90266 Hello, I called the 800 number earlier this evening to complain, however, I feel so discriminated against that I also wanted to write this letter. My family happens to love your chicken, especially my 5 yr old son. We live in Manhattan Beach, CA, and frequent this location often. I generally don't provide feedback or complain, but I am so disgusted with our treatment, that I feel compelled to write this letter. We have had a number of run-ins with MIguel the Manager of this location. Just last week after ordering our meal, I went to Miguel to ask for an extra plate -- he had only given us 2 plates and there were 3 people in our party. His first response was that he had already given us two plates and that should be enough. After I explained to him that there was the three of us, he shook his head in disgust and reluctantly handed me the extra plate. I was taken aback by his behavior but blew it off, as him having a bad day. Fast forward to tonight. We were in the process of ordering when Miguel the manager told the girl who was about to take our order to instead do something else. We stood there wondering what was going on. After some time, Miguel came over to the cash register and took our order. There was no apology or acknowledgment that we had to wait. He seemed to get especially irritated with us when we handed him a coupon. We proceeded to order and then waited for our food. I proceeded to fill my cup with Diet Coke and noticed that only foam was coming out of the soda fountain. I notified the cashier and he told Miguel. After about 5 minutes I made eye contact with Miguel and he said that he took care of it. I know that all the syrup and carbonation are usually in the back, so I waited for the syrup to make it's way back to the soda fountain. However, after trying the soda for at least 20 times and noticing that the foam had not dissipated, I ask Miguel if he could take a look at the fountain machine. At that time, there were no customers in front of the counter and he seem to be available. He first reaction was that he had taken care of it. I proceed to tell him that there was only foam coming out. He continued to refuse my request to take a look at the machine. When I asked him again, he moved to the fountain machine behind the counter near the drive thru window and shouted back, "it's fine!" I asked him why it was so difficult for him to just take a quick look at the machine in the front. I couldn't understand his belligerent attitude toward me. I felt that may be it was due to my nationality, since I was the only Asian in the restaurant. (Usually when we are there, we are the only Asians in the restaurant -- certainly, there are no Asian employees.) Finally, after many dirty looks at me, he came out and took a sip of the foamy Diet Coke and said "that's how it should taste" -- in other words, flat. He needs to be re-trained and be more respectful and responsive to customers especially in this economy. Sincerely, Peter kim

I love the one on Harbor but I am tired of getting one half-done chicken breast from 2990 Bristol CM CA 92260 which is the closest. Twice I have arrived home to find pink chicken. I don't know if it a health food hazard and I don't care, I just want it cooked. I am sure I got off to a bad start when she gave me my malt and I pointed out to her I wanted chocolate. She said it was chocolate and I apologized and just said it looked anemic. She had no sense of humor. Well, this time before I took my take out home, I checked the chicken. There was the yellow, not brown, skin. I cubed the breast to find it was still pink. I realize some like it to be juicy. I took the chicken back and explained it wasn't done enough for me. They threw the cubed chicken breast back on the fire. They showed me this half charred chicken breast bone with very little meat to me and asked if it was done enough.. Of course, all the cubed meat was gone, flame broiled to death. One look at the guys face who asked me if it was alright, and I knew it had better be alright. I apologized because I liked my chicken done and in the future I would let them know when I ordered. And yes the malt was chocolate, it just had not been blended. No the place was not busy at all. Have a nice day and I hope you get your poultry, meat, lamb, venison, moose, trout or sushi the way you like it. After all, you paid for it.

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