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I just returned from El Pollo Loco on Signal Butte in Mesa, AZ. I droveup to the menu outside-- was searching for prices on one legor one breast of chicken etc.Instead I saw a large menu with $5.00 specials (like the bowl) etc. Prices, including drinks very high other than the 1.00 or 5.00 specials. I asked how much one piece of chicken was-- was told by someone 17.99 for family deal-- I stated no, there is just ME, Person was unbelievably RUDE. Her words "what" not what did you say or even I am sorry could you repeat. Then I orderd bowl , coke and water. They repeated this all wrong. then they finally got it after I repeated it-- and said-- ok what kind of drink and tortillo? Irepeated coke and corn. Asked AGAIN. then I repeated for the third time water please. Up at window-- I got the rude woman-- whose name was elda-- I asked for manager she said that would be me. Irepeated you are the manager?' she said that's right... Then no water- I repeated AGAIN. WIndows were filthy dirty, rude help, the bowl was NOT a bowl after all-- wonder what I got? was already gone from there or would return it. salsa was hoorbile-watered down bright orange-red canned gook. This is now a second rate--dirty, rude with high prices and poor food "joint" . I used to lOVE it and it was a treat to go to it. NEVER again.

Just Picked up the Eight Piece "Special" and wrongfully assumed when I ordered that it was "Special" because the mixed had been marked down from $12.99 to $10.00. WRONG!!!!! The "Special" was the thighs and legs which was on the menu for $9.99!!!! Yes, i was stupid enough to pay $.01 more than menu price for the "Special". To add insult to injury, one of the boxes contained four legs which were smaller than my middle finger which, by the way, I am at this moment extending towards El Pollo Loco. The legs were also burnt and dry and have obviously been on the fire since lunch, but I'm just a middle aged white boy so that's to be expected from your staff. I've been going to El Pollo Loco since they opened in California. They used to be a bargain, now they are a RIPP OFF!!! Geez, we're facing loss upon loss and might have to go bankrupt. I KNOW!!! Let's rip off our loyal customers and that will help us improve business. Only some idiot with a marketing degree uses that kind of logic. i have been to El Pollo Loco for the last time !!! I guess the only question left is "Who will be moving into their locations when they finally cheat enough customers and they have to go out of business?" Once again, RIP OFF, RIP OFF, RIP OFF!!! Bill Vandelinder

I visted my local El Pollo Loco hoping for a quick stop on ky way home in Gardena, Ca. I have never seen such an unorganized place. I literally waited about 20 minutes for my food and then it was mediocre at best once I ate it. I am so sad that one of the best places to get a semi healthy meal has turned into such a bad excuse for a fast food restaurant. I honestly wish I had eaten McDonald's after that meal.

I thought I was the only one who noticed the quality of the food at El Pollo Loco has deteriorated. It was once the "go to place" for delicious, high quality chicken. But I've noticed that the quality I've grown to expect is just not there anymore. Today I visited my local El Pollo in Yucaipa California, and ordered the chicken Tostada salad. It was the worst I've ever tasted. Aside from the fact that there were very few pieces of chicken in it, the entire meal tasted terrible. And the lady at the window forgot to put utensils in the bag. I had to doctor it up at home just to finish the meal. I hope they get their act together and fix the problems at El Pollo or I'll have to try Juan Pollo next. Very disappointed customer!

What good does it do to write these comments. The number listed has been disconnected. What a shame. Does El Pollo really read them or just us complainers No contact info is asked of us, so they don't care. Maybe when they go out of business they will care what the consumers wants. When they no longer are making top buck from us. Until then see you on the dark side

Too bad we cant give negative starts because thats how I would rate the El Pollo Loco in Reseda on Roscoe and Reseda Blvd. Went there yesterday to try the new tostada salads. Maybe next time corporate takes pictures for the menu they should be sure the end result the customer gets somewhat resembles the photo. I ordered an avacado bacon tostada and much to my suprise there were NO avocado slices as the picture had indicated. Of course I didnt open my meal up until after I got home and was not in the mood to drive back down to the location again to complain.... the tostada shell was all broken the lettuce was all wilted and disgusting because the beans they put on the bottom were extremely hot. Not a pleasurable experience at all. I stopped eating at El Pollo Loco a while ago because of the poor customer service and now I know it will be a cold day in hell before I go back to spend my hard earned money at an unsatisfactory place such as this....

Three times now I have gone to the El Pollo Loco in Capo Beach and ordered a Avocado and Bacon Salad and the last two time they did not have any Avocado on the salad. They always get at least one thing wrong on my order whenever I go through the drive thru. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen, not to mention they are terribly slow. I will not be going there again.

I recently went to the El Pollo Loco on 7th street in Victorville. I ordered 2 salads( just like the picture showed with green romaine lettuce). When my order came out it was a mixture of Romaine and Iceberg lettuce. The manager knew I was not happy. My wife is almost alergic to Iceberg. The manager called the regional manager and I explained to them that they are involved with deceptive advertising. They suggested I call Coroporate. I am still trying to find the right no that works.

I went to the location in San Bernardino, CA, ordered a burrito meal, the burrito was not that good, but was hungry and ate it all, I went to the lobby and they had no ice so I asked the drivethru person if me and my friend could have some ice,so very politely she gave us ice. Once at work I drank my Lite Lemonade and open the lid of my cup, to my surprise there was a rubby, scabs, colored gray and black of something, it was gross, it ruined my meal. Maybe health department should take samples of this substance.

Hungry for some El Pollo Loco at 6:45pm, I headed to my nearest El Pollo Loco in Indio, Ca. When I went to order at the drive-thru, I was shocked to hear, that they were fresh out of breasts. What? Fresh out of breasts at a fast food chicken restaurant? That's like McDonald's running out of Big Mac's. I think it is terrible. They also seem very confused whenever I order white meat only??? What gives man? I Love me some El Pollo Loco, but I may have to switch to KFC or Poppye's. Get your act together!!!

I recently went to the el pollo loco located in Los Alamitos CA on Cerritos ave & it was by far the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. I went on my lunch break and ordered a chicken tostada. There was barely any chicken on it and it was super dry!! I asked the manager named Yesenia if she would please redo my order and explained why. She rolled her eyes and was VERY RUDE to me and to top it all off she was talking S*** about me in Spanish in front of me to her employees thinking I didn't know any when FYI i know because I speak it!!! When they fixed my order and Yesenia handed my food with the fakest smile I confronted her by talking to her in spanish asking her if she always talked S*** in front of her customers and boy was she surprised. I told her I will no longer come here again and will be telling all my family and friends about your horrible customer service. Then I left. Is this how el pollo loco treats all their customers?!!!!

I'm very disappointed with everything in El Pollo Loco. First of all in every location, why did you change the menu. All your knew burritos are horrible. They are drowned in sauce and the sauce is disgusting. Your knew fish tacos aren't even fish. Are tacos supposed to be squares? I used to love El Pollo Loco until you guys changed the menu. Whats with your sizes? I'm paying the same thing as I always do, but every time i go there the food gets smaller like the tostada salad. You guys really need to step it up, the original El Pollo Locos were much better. Don't become one of those other fast-food restaurants like Mcdonalds it's a shame to be one of those. You guys are fast-food, but are the better kind, or used to be at least. I'm sorry to say also but it doesn't seem like you're listening to all these comments. It's ashame i used to go to El Pollo Loco at least twice a week, no i don't think of going there anymore. My location in Sherman Oaks (by Noterdame) has nice service it's just yuor food is getting lower quality every time I go there. I definitely started going to Taco Bell eery since you changed the menu. You may have lost one of your best customers. I am also a travel agent and have recommended El Pollo Loco to people I work with who are visiting or on a quick lunch run. You better be careful look at all the unhappy customers. It's a shame, you used to be one of the best places for fast Mexican food. Now you guys are becoming bankrupt not because of the economy, but because of your stupid corporate decisions. I give it a year until you guys go out of business, unless you guys clean up your act and change it to the original chain it used to be before a ding-dong was hired as the CEO. You guys better fix it I am no longer a loyal customer, sadly and I know I have recommended your restaurants to hundreds of new customers of the years. You have lost my loyalty and I'm sadly going towards Taco Bell. Your prices are fine in a way, but your portions and quality aren't. I am glad if you read this until this point and I'm sorry for making it so long I'm just very disappointed. I have been going to El Pollo Loco with my kids since they were two and now they're 19. 17 years of service and recommendations I have given you. Listen to your customers complaints many loyal customers are leaving you.

To THE OFFICE OF THE CEO: On April 14, 2012 I ordered your advertised 12 piece chicken from store #5938 in torrance, CA. I was told they would not honor the coupon. I asked why and was told by the MGR. that she said it had been taken off !!!! Then they did not want to honor another coupon that goes with any purchase over $10.00 The coupons were good thru the 4/15/2012. I guess it pays to to advertise even, if it is fraud !!! I am wondering what kind of a weasel company you are running? I can only assume it is for rest, relaxation and your health !!!! WAY TO GO. I am going to write you up all OVER THE NET. Have a nice day.

I guess the store in West Hills on Roscoe blvd must know they aren't too good, because my receipt had NO company store number or survey number. But I'll give you an evaluation anyway. Last time I went I ordered the fish tacos. They were so, so small that I fought it was a joke. BUT it wasn't. They were smothered in sauce and gross. I wasn't going to go back but some work people wanted to go, so I did. This time I ordered the 2 piece combo and I didn't think chickens could be that SMALL. It was the smallest 2 pieces of chicken I've ever seen. Plus I ordered the corn, and didn't realize when I said corn (vs corn on the cob) I wouldn't be getting your grilled corn. I got a itsy bitsy tiny corn on the cob. I don't see myself returning to your restaurant. Please email a response to: ifjohnston@aol.com (if you dare). By the way, if you have time, go to Baja Fresh and try their fish tacos.....wow....twice the size of yours!! And fresh fish not fried.

Made the mistake of stopping at Store # 5654, Rancho Palos Verdes this evening, Order 961 - ordered Baja Fish Tacos that were just disgusting, will be happy to forward digital phone pictures of the fish smothered in ridiculous amounts of sauce. Fish over-cooked and the grease they were fried in was not fresh. Serious house-keeping issues at this Store that requires close Supervision of the Firm. Will eat chicken, but will never order Fish Tacos from their chain again, and will make a point of calling Corporate Headquarters to complain in the am. Please find alternative sources for your tacos, and do Not Go To El Pollo Loco.

It has been a while since I ate at my local El pollo loco. I was really craving a twice grilled burrito. Imagine my surprise and shock that they were no longer on the menue. In place was 4 disgusting creations and a burrito smothered in red sause. I rolled the dice and tried the smothered one as my mom makes mexican food with that sauce. All I can say is this is a nother major fail for El pollo loco. They will remove favourite menu items and replace with tragic fails. Its no wonder this place is bankrupt. So many bad decisions by corporate. Needless to say I have no reason to return. I should have had taco bell. At least I know what to expect. Good by forever El pollo loco. Signed, A once loyal customer.

My family has been a loyal customer of Pollo Loco for at least 12 years. This evening I went to purchase a 12 piece family meal and when I ordered the same sides as always I was told there is now a premium price for the baked beans. I understand this is a bad economy you feel you need to issue coupons as incentives to bring people in the door, but good food at a good price and clean facilities is all you need...ok, advertising helps too. But when people aren't willing to go to your restaurants unless they can find a coupon means your loosing money. Then when you charge premium prices you loose other customers permanently like you lost me.

If you are used to eating out a lot and eating fast food then pollo loco is for you Pollo loco chicken is of the lowest quality their chicken is the worst, they use a lot of spices and add tons of salt to cover up the fact that their chicken is low quality. All their dishes are of low quality that's why they can afford to sell for cheap you get what you pay for. Don't use your stomach as a trash can, you are when you eat at pollo trash loco You want high quality young chickens and all their dishes are of high quality try Boston Market .

In the Business Reports it said that all fast foods were not doing as well this year...Well then why do you guys choose to lose money on Holidays when people want to eat at your restaurants. Do Your Execs know how many people gather round and say "Hey" "Let's not cook let's go to El Pollo Loco" only to find out you guys consistantly close early On Holidays. I guess you guys must be doing pretty well to close on us like that. Must not need the publics business.

I am selling a Restaurant building on the corner of Gage Ave and Walker in the city of Bell,Ca.Anyone intrested E-mail me on anavcan@yahoo.com Great location,

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