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I just had the worst time after work- the girl in the drive thru got my order wrong- I had already sat in the car 15 minutes then had to go back inside and stand in line for another 5- 8 minutes- she over charged me and I had to pay for sides that should have come with the meal-- It was horrible service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bad service

everytime i go to the drive thru at the pomona,ca location on holt ave,there is almost always somthing wrong. they close at 1030. each time between 930-10 pm, when i order..they always say they are out of many things. for example...no mashes potatoes, corn, wings or thighs, coleslaw, etc. they usually just have rice and bean and certain chicken pieces readily available when i believe it should be the full menu until close. i understand that the cleaning and evrything is a hassle towards the end of the night and people just want to go home,but tslling ur customer 1 hr to half an hour before close that u dont have nuch is not good for business. i have not been satisfied with this locations service at all and will go else where.

BAD Salad

Family is out of town for the week and I stopped at your new Las Vegas location on Ft. Apache tonight for dinner. I had intended to order your taco's, but the photo of your salads made me change my mind. The platter piled high with fresh veggies and chicken was amazing, imagine my surprise when I received a half full plastic container of roughly torn lettuce and a few bits of corn, and hard tough chicken on the bottom. REALLY? I owned a spa and if I had advertised a service with graphic pictures and than provided the complete opposite, I would have been sued for false advertising. You should be ashamed and I don't know how your getting by with your photo and description of items. I would have been better off making a salad out of the week old lettuce in my fridge. Total waste of money.

We won't be back to EPL

My goodness. My family is a long standing customer, but we've had enough. The other night we went to our local EPL and they said they were out of white meat chicken. A chicken place out of chicken, hmmm. A few days later we go back and after nearly 45 minutes in line, they tell us they have no breasts. There was a room full of really unhappy customers, I can tell you, but the workers seemed to care less. Even smirked at us all. One guy in line said EPL has really slipped, and told us to get in touch with corporate. He said he you might actually care about us. So I am writing to complain about your restaurant on Sierra Highway in Santa Clarita. CA, and the way we were treated. I doubt we will be back because we have lots of food choices and will patronize a restaurant that will want our family business for years to come. Very disappointed in Santa Clarita, Michael Cunningham

Went to el pollo loco on San Fernando road/fletcher and your service stinks. Food was cold. Your always out of sides. It took 20 minutes to finally get a meal and your manager was rude. What a dump. I've learned my lesson.

what cupons?

Went to the store in Rancho Vista , Palmdale this eve, cashier refused coupon I recieved in the mail yesterday----She counted all members of my family as one customer ( 3 in party) and refused to accept 3 seperate orders. The coupons say one per customer, NOT 1 per family. Who fails to understand english here, the person accepting the coupons, or the people writing them? Will file complaint with Dept Wieghts & Measures tomorrow.

New Store

I was trying to find out a new location for a El Pollo Loco Store. Rocklin, CA 10 miles east of Sacramento, CA Park Avenue and Stanford Ranch Road - is the center of a family communities and in need of a restaurant. There are two large strip malls empty and in need of Mexican food.


Just purchased a Pollo Bowl at your San Juan Capistrano store, They should call it a rice bowl, awful, four pieces of chicken couldn't find any beans. Threw it away, just a big bowl of sticky rice, a waste of $5.00, and they didn't get the order right as usual.

Shame of El Pollo Loco

I visited one of El Pollo Loco's restaurants on Veteran's day. I asked the cashier who appeared to be the person in charge if there were any discounts for veterans and his response was only for senior citizens. I said "shame of El Pollo Loco" he said nothing. It's a pity with all the money they make. They cannot even offer a 10% discount to those who have served this country. SHAME OF YOU POLLO LOCO EXECUTIVES.

Went to this particular local because i used to frequent the place when i was in college which happens to be directly accross the hstreet..anyway theres been a changing of the guard as evidenced.the you lady at the register was very rude in respect to acknowledging the ppl there to patronize the business. "Yenifer" seem only interested in serving hispanic ppl only..clearly she waited until more ppl came in the door before asking them if she could help them ..when i let her knowfirmly but repectably that i was there first she tried to casually over talk me..ultimately i felt disrespected.

Went to this particular local(los angeles, 912 vermont) because i used to frequent the place when i was in college which happens to be directly accross the hstreet..anyway theres been a changing of the guard as evidenced.the you lady at the register was very rude in respect to acknowledging the ppl there to patronize the business. "Yenifer" seem only interested in serving hispanic ppl only..clearly she waited until more ppl came in the door before asking them if she could help them ..when i let her knowfirmly but repectably that i was there first she tried to casually over talk me..ultimately i felt disrespected.

Sacramento on Stockton Blvd. DISCRIMINATION OF THE DISABLED. I went to Pollo Loco for the first time to try the tostada salad. I went in to see the whole menu and planned to eat there. While waiting in line the manager looked up and told me to "Get Out, You need to leave". I said "no, I don't". I have a service dog to help me walk. I explained, "He is my service dog". Online it states handicap accessable. But clearly, the manager was angry and I ended up taking my food home. NEVER EVER GOING THERE AGAIN!

I love pollo loco. I love the new chicken avocado burrito All I ask for us a whole wheat tortilla option then I would eat pollo loco EVERY day. So hook it up Corporate Player.

I am a 66 year old lady who has had el polo loco dozens of times with no big issues. Yesterday I stopped at my local EPL in Rancho Santa Margarita .I ordered the same thing I always get , a container of pinto beans and a chicken breast and salsa to go. I brought it home and cut up the chicken and added beans to it. By dinner time I was feeling very sick. I had nothing else to eat. I went to bed and never slept. I was in the bathroom every few minutes all night. I thought I was gonna die. I have never been so sick in my life. I called the store this morning and talked to the manager named Tony who sympathized with me and was very nice and asked what they could do to make it up to me . (maybe somemore of that chicken, huh?) He said there has not been any complaints from yesterday. I have tried to call their corp. offices in Irvine all day and it just rings busy. So much for customer service, RIGHT ? I feel like I have been through the wringer . I am so dehydrated and week today. I will NEVER set foot in EPL again and expect them to go CLUCKITY CLUCK right down the drain where they belong.

I would just like to say the El Pollo Loco in Capistrano Beach has never once gotten my order correct. It doens't matter if I walk in or drive through, there is always something wrong or missing from my order. The last two times there were no tortillias and no salad dressing after they specifically ask me what kind I want of both. This time they gave me the wrong salad dressing. I probably will not be going back again do to this being a regular practice.

Collected my 92 year old mom for an EL POLLO LOCO picnic and , when we tried to eat , it was very evident the chicken had been recycled from the previous nights leftovers. It was over-dark, and the skin could not be removed without pulling half of the leathery meat with it. It was tough and completely inedible. I get to take mom out of the nursing home very seldom. I thank the Temple City Ca. Store for ruining the day. Melinda Hearne

Your drive-thru customer service is absolutely terrible. I went to your el pollo loco location on W. Vernon Ave in Los Angeles, store # 5975 on June 21, 2012 at 8:48pm. Yadira greeted me, and started taking my order. She called out to one of the employee's, and then there was silence for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then another young lady by the name of courtney started taking my order. This young lady was just as bad as Yadira she didn't greet me, and had a terrible attitude, and kept telling me to slow down,was interrupting me, and had an attitude with me the entire time like I did something wrong to her. And not once did I get a thank you. You also had employees talking about their personal life and using words that should not be used in a place of business. This location is very unprofessional, had shows no professional skills when it comes to serving the public. I have been a trainer for customer service for 12 years, so I known it when I see it, and I saw no skills at all. I can't see my family and I ever going back to this location. Genuine customer service goes a long way.

Two employees assisted me recently at Store #6009 in Cathedral City, CA. Both exhibited excellent Customer Service. Eric who took my order, explained on my Order #2984 -- 6/9/2012 @ 8PM, that if I bought the Combo, I'd actually save money. I told him I was not interested in the sugar in the combo soft drinks. He had an excellent alternative with the Mango Tea. I was genuinely greeted by Sabrina, who was entering the counter area after cleaning the restrooms. She instantly made an exceptional impression with me! Please commend them for being great employees of the El Pollo Loco Team. Thank you. Gary -- 760/323-0199

Recently I have been visiting your store in San Fernando and I want to let you know that you folks need to get someone down there to clean that place up, Right Away . I have not seen an eatery so dirty before. Thats all I going to say without going into too much detail.

Now I remember why I haven't been going to your restaurant. Previously, when I ordered a thigh and a leg, there was enough meat for me with some leftover. Now the pieces are so small that I should have ordered a 3-piece meal and I'm not sure that would have been enough. The price was way out of line with the amount of chicken I received. . The coleslaw had big chunks of cabbage in it and there was not much flavor and the quantity was also less. I bought the chicken at the restaurant in Newbury Park. Service was excellent and the chicken still has great flavor.

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