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I hadn't eaten dominos in years hen finally ordered a pizza a monh ago. I go to pick it up 20 minutes later and they forgot to make it. All they offered was an apology & a free 2 Liter. Then I decided to try them again last night 1-16-2012. I go topick up my order 30 minutes after ordering and when I get there I don't get greeted and stood around for 5 minutes later then decided to take a seat on the bench. 15 minutes later still no acknowledgement. Then one of the staff members picks up her phone and starts texting in front of me at the register then walks to the back. When another customer walked in & was greeted & got his order in less than 5 minutes. Thats when i had enough & complained, got my order then left. I can definitely say I will never order from Dominos again. The lack of professonalism and prices are rediculous. Oh and paying $5.99 for their breadsticks with cheese is not worth it. Got 6 pieces, burnt & barely any cheese. Worst service EVER! Store was in Winter Haven, Fl.

Store #7041 I recently ordered pizza from dominos. When it arrived at my house it was missing half the toppings. The last three times I have ordered from there my order has been incomplete or wrong. This however, is not the problem. Each time my order has been wrong they have offered to give us free pizza or fix it, but when I try to redeem it I am told that they cannot honor it or thats not what they said. This last time was the absolute last straw! Kaila at store 7041 in Bonney Lake WA is the one who originally told me that I could have two free pizzas next time for my wrong order. No stipulations or rules were expressed at that time about what kind of pizza I could order. So, I called to redeem said promise and was told that I had to have the same exact pizza that was screwed up before. That was not what was told to me and she had the audacity to argue with me. Then I was told that they do not deliver to our area anymore. I will NEVER order from Dominos again. I don't care if I have to drive 20 miles to get a different franchises pizza. Not only am I disgusted at the pizza, but at the lack of customer service and the way I was treated. Believe me, I will not stop at a simple email voicing my disgust. I will be in touch with corporate offices. This is an outrage that Dominos supports this kind of behavior and treatment to people that are paying their salaries!!!

Haven't had a dominos pizza in years, stopped ordering when they taste like crap. Thought I 'd try again, still the worse pizza I have ever eaten, got a pizza from albertson supermarket in the frozen food section and it was better than the I got from dominos. No taste, holes in the cheese where it looked like someone had put their finger thru it. Domino's you suck.

Have had my orders messed up on multiple occasions. Need to pay attention. Employees need to wash hands, if they are taking money and answering phone for orders. And how come you don't have pre employment drug testing. I really don't want drug users handling my food. This is why i will not order anything from any domino's store. This one I'm talking about is in fond du lac,wi

I don't know why I keep ordering from Domino's Pizza!!! Twice now they have screwed up my order and have never once have offered to make it better or find a solution to why they keep screwing up! They keep talking about making their pizza better, well they should hire smarter and brighter ppl who take the orders over the phone if they really want to make Domino's better!!! Just saying....

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, my son and I ordered 2 pizzas, totaling approx. 26.00. When the driver arrived, my son gave him 30.00 cash. Not knowing this, I wrote a 40.00 check... I was going to be a nice guy and tip the driver well. He kept both without saying a word. When we realized the mistake, we called the Ozark, Missouri restaurant. I was basically called a liar . They cashed my check two days later.I paid 60.00 for two shitty pizzas.I know nothing will become of this, either.I will never order from Dominoes again. Thanks for nothing,you thieving bastards!!!!

On November 2,2011 i ordered pizza from dominos in baton rouge on plank road. I ordered at about 9:30pm. I recieve my COLD ASS HELL pizza at 11:40pm. I called to complain to the manager on duty an a girl by the name of shannon answered the phone to my complaint as if she was the manager then put me on hold for the real manager. Guess what no one ever came to the phone after 10 minutes. I calls back the next day to report both incidents now and an guy by the name of josh answers and wants to know why i wanted an manger. I told him because of my food last night. He puts me on hold as well for as long as it took for the phone all of a sudden to go busy. I calls back and josh answers the phone again i stated i was the lady waiting to speak to an manager and he replied with an attitude there was none there. Its 2:30 in the afternoon on an saturday and theres no manager there. I asked hin why he didnt tell me that from the begining. That info would have been helpful in the first phone call. I asked for the corporate number and recieved it and i was surprised to recieve it from him with no problem instead of handling this small problem in store. I will never order here again. My order was an medium pizza thin crust with pepperoni and beef * this pizza was ok super cold i could have imagine how it would have been hot if recieve within the 45-55 they promised. Stuffed cheesy bread with jalapenos and bacon * guess what no jalopenos nor bacon Lava Cakes (my favorite) * they were so hard i took my metal fork hit it 6 times and it never broke. I thought i was playing the drums at 11:45pm.

I WAS a fan of dominos for years!! But after two of my kids got food poisoning from the hot wings and I called to notify them the girl I talked to didn't apologize for the company or ask when it happened or if she could help me in any way all she said was "ok bye" really!!! Well if the workers are not doing there job then I don't want to order from them again! There are other places I can go!


Veterans day my staff had to work called in 7 pizza's plus salads...Pizza was late and brunt when I called to complain the person on the phone said he had just arrived and the person that I needed to speak with was gone and would not be back until tuesday....I left my number but still have not received a phone call...very disappointing when you pay close to $100 and get such bad service and the run around

Domino's pizza is the worst company to go through. Today I called in an order for pick up and 5 mins after i ordered it the tracker told me it was done. i went to pick it up and i asked for my order and they not only told me that they forgot to make it but i had to wait 35 mins for my order to be done. when i came back they told me i was getting a medium pizza for free on top of my order, i thanked them and went home to feed my family, come to find out they gave me an empty box. i called them back and told them what had happened and you could hear all of the employees laughing, that started to make me angry and the manager on duty took me name and address down and said they would deliver it to my house. shortly after that phone call the store manager called again and said that it was our of their delivery service area but if i would like to make another trip out they would still give it to us for free. my boyfriend got on the phone and started to have a conversation with the manager as well, he told the manager we were supposed to get the pizza for free and all we got was a box, the manager retaliated with at least you got something for free and he still would not deliver to us. domino's has lost a loyal customer forever. lacey taylor kingston wa scoozie24@aol.com

Hey my name is Amanda Rucker, I was once along time loyal customer of Dominos pizza. Unfortunitly I have reconsidered. Tonight my family and I made a terrible decision of ordering out one of favorite pizzas. When we recieved our order the pizza looked nothing like the advertisement. What we recieved was like a tasteless flat piece of cardboard box. Never have I been so discussed with an order. I really think that if Dominos really value loyal customers this issue should be addressed immediately. COMPLAINT: against Dominos Store# 5704, 1210 -B Rockbridge Rd., Norcross Ga 30093

Now I see why the 2 girls I saw making pizza with dirty hands were not worried when I said I was calling to report them. There were very rude , but I easily over talked both. I made them wash their hands, they were very angry. I can't find where to report them, I feel they knew that. This was store 5895 in Daphne Al. TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!!!!!

well last night i bought 3 pizzas , and found 1 of them had human hair thoughout the pizza, so today i took the pizza back to the store and asked them to eother replace the pizza or return the money for the pizza, the young lady who i was speaking to almost threw up as another young man said he would get the manager , well the young man came back out and said his manager said to give me back my money for the entire order , and i said no i only want the money for the 1 pizza or relace it with a new one , which the young lady gladly did . my actual complaint is that the manager did not get off of his or her lazy ass and come out to speak with me , or i guess he or she thought i was trying to get over on them , which i clearly wasn't . fantastic customer service or their part , needless to say i will no longer be eating dominos pizza , and as a matter of fact a few of my neighbors were so skeeved out that they will no longer be eating your pizza as well , the store was marlton new jersey store , you really need to speak with your manager sincerely william stafford

I also used to be a die hard domino's pizza customer. Not now. I will never get pizza from your company. The store number is 6658. My husband placed and order it is under Brad Amos. I ordered 2 sandwiches and 2 pizzas, well the delivery driver shorted me 3.00. My husband was handing him the money. I was in side rangling the dogs and getting the plates and table ready. Well he didnt notice that the driver shorted us 3.00 dollars. Well i called the company and she said well it is your word verse his. and tough. Well Just the way she handled the situation, That is why i say i am done being your customer. Plus the 3 other times that i ordered pizza and they messed it up. How do you forget to put sauce on both of the pizzas, your customer orders. That has happened all 3 times. My number is 281-889-5629. So if you have something to say about this you can call me. I will not recommend your services ever again. I also attend school and we order pizza all the time. We have always ordered from your company. There is a ce-ce's pizza around the building. I think we will go there from now on. Danielle Breiner Brad Amos

So i ordered from dominos and since when did they put garlic are their crust !?!?!?! like wtf supposedly they started 2 years ago which they never ever did that to mine i honestly dont think i am ever going back because i dont want my food messed up once again.

Hi Dominos pizza, Every Friday my family and I have pizza night. Every Friday I order the same pizza Veggie Specialty. Here it is this one Friday 9/2/2011. I ordered a Veggie Specialty pizza on thin crust. Remember every Friday I order the same pizza the same way. I had to take a picture of this burnt pizza and post it on facebook so all my friends and friends of friends can see how dominos did me that night. I called the location that delieveres to my house and spoke with a manager in regards to what happened. His response was you shoul dnot have ordered the pizza on thin crust my answer every Friday I order the same pizza the same way and it is never burnt up. He said i can get credit or he can send me another pizza i asdvised that I have been at work all day an im hungry. He sent me another pizza a hour later that wsa nasty wrong cheese not all the veggies was on the pizza.....sooo there it is i dont think i will be ordering another pizza from dominos... they dont appreciate my business... Compton, Ca 2920418

Someone please close the Eagle Pass Tx store. They give you a number to the general manager and she seems like shes just a kid of the street. No customer service what so ever, Dominoes pizza it self should be embarrassed to have people like the ones they have run this place. Pls hire new employees or colder it. Do us all a favor!!!

The most rodes people and thay are not even a one thay are a 0

Ordered two pizza one was wrong. My child called them told them one was wrong and they told him it was nothing they could do because the driver left. I called next day spoke with manager he proceeded to tell me I didn't order a pizza and then we gave him cell number and it came up.Went on to tell me what I ordered told him it was wrong and didn't try to fixed problem at all and hung up. His name is Mohammed and he wouldn't give me his last name. He works at 1572 Havenwood Rd. Baltimore, Md. 21239. I will never order again.

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