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Dominos is way ahead of the curve as far as big pizza distributers go about having Gluten Free crusts. I suffer from Celiacs Disease so it was really neat to hear Dominos started selling gluten free pizza. I have ordered it a few times now since it came out but have increasingly been disapointed by thi product...for the size and quality of the pizza it is WAY TO EXPENSIVE. One topping is $12.99 + taxes + tip for delivery just cost me $17. That is rediculous for what you get. The pizza is the size of a regular small pizza but has NO substance, it's hard and flat. I was extremely disappointed with this last pizza I purchased an hour ago, so disappointed I will not buy Dominos Gluten Free pizza again. I will just stick to making my own or see if any other company has one worth buying.

I called to order a pizza from Beaufort, NC last night. When the person answered, he could not tell me what the specials were. I asked him if he was in Beaufort, He replied no he was in Mexico!!!!!! With the economy the way it is in the United States and unemployment being 8.5%, This company would rather ship the calls out of the country than to hire American employees!!! When you call to complain, you reach the WORLD DOMINATION HEADQUARTERS in Ann Arbour MI. The attitude is Oh well, we don't care, just shut up and spend your money with us.You could hear the coorperate distain for the customer. Well, there are other pizza companies, Most that are localy owned and operated. The price may be a little higher, but the money you spend stays inside the community, not being shipped to another country. Apparently, Dominoes, in the quest for world domination has determined that us minions (customers) in the US are not worth bothering with and we are useless (but we want your money). I will never buy anything from this company ever again. I drove 15 miles out of my way to shop at another store. At least I am not sending my money to Mexico with the drug cartells and mass murderers.

Your pizza is great, I love the new crust seasoning. I have only one problem. The branch here in Washington MO is highly unorganized and out of control. Management has no control over employees and constantly says that he is busy, when in fact he isn't. (i have eyes) - Cigarette butts consume the break area out back with the water hose completely out of order daily. - i have many issues with this store and have constantly tried to contact management and the president of the branch- Leonard Naugle, whom also over sees "Riverside Pizza Company". - When i try to contact the corporate office through the domino's corporate website "contact us" tab, it instantly sends me to a online order form. This is a horrible way to run a business and it need to be fixed NOW. i will continue to try and contact corporate offices but your web designer makes it very difficult. Sincerely, Lee Rayburn 110 W. 6th ST Washington, MO 63090 636-466-0444

The Osage Brach Missouri location was open without anyone to take our order. There was a loud bell when I walked in and I yelled out to someone. But no one arrived at the counter.

To the customers : sorry your pizza sucked but that's dominos for you. To dominos: you are only worried about $M.O.N.E.Y$. To you it's screw the customers and to hell with the employees. That's not a very savvy way to run a business! Wouldn't you agree? I hope you do. Obviously the so called owners who are part of your franchise need lessons on running a successful business. Happy employees mean happy customers= more business. You forget that its your employees and customers that keeps your asses comfortable in your high end fine Italian leather chairs. Its absy

By the way it only takes one customer, just one, to lose business. That one person would have more influence than you and your ads. Word by is mouth is the best way to advertise. If negative one by one your sales will decrease because that one person told another and that other will tell someone else. Kinda like a domino effect.

rang pizza shop on a tuesday night at8 20 pm and they was closed no wonder people in broken hill do not go there as they always shut so early even there answering machine says they are open till 11pm so that is why everyone chooses pizza hut

I order dominos at home and they have a $1.99 delivery fee added and come to find out, the delivery guys only get about $.50!!!! The manager in Lancaster SC could not tell me who gets the rest. Now I am in Myrtle Beach SC and they have a $2.50 delivery fee and the Surfside store stated that the delivery fee is not for their drivers. Well then just who and what is this money for? Maybe the drivers take their sweet time getting the pizzas delivered because people are not tipping them as much, if any, because the general public believes the drivers get the money. I believe we need to know just who is getting all of this delivery money??? Someone answer that please, and provide a decent explanation!

i went to store 8601 located in Hayward california .. Order a Large pizza with wings.. i asked them to put hot sauce on my wings.. when i picked up my pizza there was barely any topping on it and my wings there was only 6 wings and no sauce on it at all.. the food was kinda of cold and the manager of that store tried fighting me outside the store because i thru a wing on his drive way... very poor customer service..

They won't honor the satisfaction guarantee unless you come right back in....really?

I work in a RI Domino's store and the assistant manager has Severe Body Odor Ever!! He has even asked staff members.. how come you never told me I stink? Even showed the marks he has on his arms from scabies. Pitiful & So Disgusting. As he drove in to work he threw up and worked the whole day.. How safe is that? Couldn't even clean the vomit off his car..Everybody knows how awful he smells ad the district manager has even worked with him.. well aware of the problem. Do you really want an employee prepare YOUR FOOD..after reading this????? What Can I do as an employee to ensure my work environment is safe, clean and sanitary? I was told my hair wasn't a natural color but nothing was said to an assistant manager when he is so Smelly?? What can I do as an employee to fix this? Be Careful where you eat and especially WHO prepares your food. I Know First Hand.

I just would like to report the use of iilegal DRUGS at two of your Domino's Pizza Restuatant, Thats Located in Shreveport, Louisiana. This Particular Store is located at 3132 North Market Street and, at 613 Stoner Avenue. I believe these Employees should know better, and have more pride in their stores from the Managers on down to the drivers. So, if you please do a Random Drug Test at the stores I have lsted above. Your company will be in better business. Let's just let this be a Lesson Learned about the use of Marijuana at your job! SAY NO TO DRUGS !

i live about 5 blocks from where i order my dominos pizza.i was told that the delivery would be in 25 to 30 minutes. that i can understand,and i do not have a problem with that. my call was placed at 8:13. my pizza was not delivered until 9:13 pm, and it was COLD. i am not very happy

Store #6836... Delivery driver was very rude and unprofessional.. When I called the store and talked with the Asst. Manager, he got rude and hung the phone up in my face.. Very rude and again unprofessional.. Told me there was no reason to be upset and I could call corporate, that was fine... UGGGGHHHHHH!!! Will never again eat ate any Dominio's!!!

My wife today ordered two pizzas and cheese bread sticks from the stonebook Pl location in Jackson, TN. The entire meal was a disappointment. There was no sauce with the breadsticks and both pizza boxes were drenched with grease. That should tell you what the pizzas were like.I paid almost $30.00 for this meal. There was about 60% of this meal thrown out because it wasn't fit to eat. For a family of 5 there is usually none left, but my daughter wanted to try Dominos. Big mistake !! Won't happen again !

Stop buying pizza from a place that uses meat from gestation crates for hogs to stop inhumane treatment of animals.

Come on guys.....your last commercial looking for Pizza chefs is retarded.. How many people that own an IPad want to play a game, to work at Dominos......I think you've missed the customer base by a long shot....Your pizza still sucks ...sandwiches are OK....Stop wasting your marketing $$$$ on stupid shit...

I'm in bronx new york and everytime I tri to place a order they keep putting me on hold and the people don't understand me because I don't speak spanish I think they need to be more profeesional I'm a paying costumer I should get the best service or either hire people that are more reliable and that no ENGLISH it only makes sence

I order from domino's like usual. Well this time it was different the delivery driver called me and said he couldn't come in the gate. Well i ordered on friday and the guy knocked on my door. I have a 3 yr old and a 6 month old there's no way i can walk to the front gate which isn't close to get a pizza. I told him ill come out the apt and meet him in the parking lot. He the told me he would call and see if he could and call me back. He never called me back. What kind of company would make you walk 5 mins to the gate and 5 mins back when you have kids. I don't stay in a bad area there is no crime. What kind of people would make you do this when they say delivery. Pizza Hut and Papa Johns delivers to my door why not domino's. This is really sad. I never got a order because i would leave my kids unsupervised. Sorry for being a responsible parent. store #6643 dairy ashford houston texas thank you for the delivery. I wish i could give u negative stars

I am livid with the lack of good customer service I recieved tonight @ my neighborhood Dominoes. My daughter and I were talked to as if we were his children. After asking for his name and information he refused to give it to me. He states to me that he is the assistant manager. After recieving his information I proceed out the store and he contiues to discuss me and my business with another customer standing in the establishment. I thought he was extremely rude and I did not appreciate a worker being able to treat me as a customer with such rudeness. As a person that works in the customer service field myself, we all know that even in a worst case where we feel a customer is wrong, we cannot just say whatever we feel. We can walk away and let another employee deal with the customer or find a way to just deliver the customer what they need and get them on there way. We are not allowed to say whatever we want and however we want to say it. I will never order pizza from that location again and I feel as though he was so nasty that even if I decided to order from them he would possibly do something nasty to my food. It definately would not be the first time I have heard of that. Just look at some of the previous reviews.

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