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As a previous Store ManagerI can attest to how bad this company is. Corporate is unaware or doesn't care what happens at a store level so long as they don't see it. Once they see it no matter the issue, it is the end of the world but they offer no help to correct. So when you see a bad store, normally you can't blame the store management so much as the lack of support... Thank those in the store for even being there.

Over DG

Your store is filthy and your store Manger is a rude little troll. Chamberlee & Tucker Store GA. I will not enter another DG again.

bullying in the work place

This is a review of my store the location is a small town called sipsey our store manager will not train her employees I am only a key holder and have no say in what goes on our store manager will not give the employees a chance I have been here almost 5 months and still not have the training I need to fully understand my job but my job is being threatened for no reason at all I feel I am constantly being bullied and so does the other employees there is sexual harassments happening and sladering being disgraced and dehumanized I feel personally violated and threatened


whatever happen to DG. I can remember when I was a kid it was so nice to go in with my granny. now it is the slums. rude employees abd dirty store. did this place change owners or something. This is not a store that I will be going into anymore. it is closer than all the other stores that is why i always run to it but you know i would rather drive the distance then deal with rude people who do not appreciate me as a customer. DONE


i have been the store a lot all the mangement doz is sit out side and wont help at all said they haven a smoke when they are done they will help one was on phone for about 30min and smokeing and not saying not very nice words what is happen to our store the manager is not nice at all you say something to her she says i dont care STORE 11668 come on upper management open your eyes come see what is going on THANK YOU

Store manager a joke

I go into DG Decatur Indiana on 13th st. twice a week. The manager of that store is something else. In my eyes its the kinda person that makes DG look SO bad. The way he treats the customers to the vendors. Its harassment. I will never shop again at one of your stores. I will go to your competitor Family dollor or dollar tree. GET IT TOGETHER DG. Everyone is tired of your so called business ways.

Dollar General Needs Attention

The Dollar General Store on Frey Street in Ashland City TN is appalling! The workers are outside smoking when people are shopping in the store. All the workers....The shelves are not stocked. Inventory is rolled out and left sitting in the middle of the floors, you can't even get roll your cart for all the Inventory still in boxes sitting everywhere. I will boycott this store until it cleaned up and you put employees in your store that want to work. How do you make a profit? The store is dirty inside and out.

Obnoxious Manager

The Manager at the Lake City, Michigan Dollar General is extremely obnoxious. She criticizes and embarrasses the employees in an extremely LOUD voice, making shopping there uncomfortable. I have shopped there for years and the employees have ALWAYS been very helpful, kind, friendly and courteous. The STRESS put on these kind employees is unwarranted and unnecessary. This woman NEEDS an education in how to be a Manager and how to handle employees. A happy employee makes a happy store, but with a Manager like the one now in Lake City, Michigan Dollar General, it has lost is friendly atmosphere. this Manager should be put in a stock room by herself where she does NOT have contact with any humans.

Customer Service

I have shopped many of your stores both here in Oklahoma City, Ok and other towns. At each one I find the stores to be grossly understaffed. Sometimes with Only one person working. They are trying their hardest to wait on customers, stock, keep the store clean and do the office work necessary to satisfy requirements by corporate. I also find by visiting with other customers in the store and in my neighborhood that they have quit patronizing those stores as either the customer service is lacking, stock is still in boxes or the store is unbearably dirty. How can this understaffing produce the revenue with is so highly desired by administration? Like the convenience, love the bargains that I find, but will continue to only go there for the one or two items that I find myself in need of at a particular moment. Shopping for large quantities of items will have to go to Walmart where stock is on the shelves and if there is no help at the register at least I can use the self check out and be on my way. Thanks for listening.


I have been in sales and marketing for most of my adult life. To see the state of some of your stores just makes me sick. I just want to get in there and spend just two weeks getting our local stores in tip top shape. They are so bad


I am so happen to see a new store in Nederland tx And I hope you get all new emp. And keep store neat and clean. And care for customer . I was in store today and I had to ask to be check out. And was told I will be there I a min.. That not customer service.

Dollar General to the rescue

Hello everyone, I know DG is not for the super-rich. I have never seen any Movie Stars there, either. But they do seem to have what I need right when I need it. And right on the way. DG to the rescue!!!!!


I have tried several times to use coupons in store now im being told if its on sale you cant use it. the people at doniphan mo dollat general are hateful and frown upon those of us using coupons. I cant afford things unless i use them sometimes. Im very disappointed


Desperately needing a store in windsor ky!! Great location

Poor Poor Service

Wow, and I thought I was going to write a bad review.. guess I don't need to... DG really needs some help here Corporate office. you will fail if this continues.. maybe not today but sooner or later...

On two different occasions, I have been to the store in my hometown of henryetta Oklahoma I have over heard management team using profound language with children being close by unacceptable.

After looking at reviews

I guess I'm not alone about nasty, cluttered, Hazardous, looking on empty shelves,and other things. My flip- flops stuck to the floor in Moore , Ok!!! Did I mention NASTY!!

Bad store Beattyville ky

I would give it 0 stars, store is nasty, boxes and junk all over, cashiers all out smoking in front of store not waiting on customers, no customer service, shelves are bare

Dollar General Mineola Texas

I have left messages for years about the store in Mineola, TX. It's filthy and crowded. When I and another customer were taking dog food bags off the shelf, one of the bags was open, apparently due to mice since there were droppings on the shelf. I will never buy anything in there again, unless it's canned or refrigerated. This store needs a manager who cares.

Open the store on time!

Still sitting outside of dollar general (15mins now) and it was suppose to be at 8am!! Teutopolis, IL DG is a joke!

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