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Lack of leadership at the local level. Store Manager admitted having no formal training. Store is in a mess . District manager that handles stores in shawneetown, il needs to step up and be a problem solver instead of using the excuse I have 19 stores to take of and her bosses need to find out why things aren't being improved for the customers and dollar general. The bottom line is there are no excuses for what is going on...

will lose customers soon

Calhoun City Ms. Even with customers standing outside the door, they rarely open on time and don't have the cash drawer in place. As one man commented outside, when the new Walmart opens down the street they are going to lose most of their business. I have seen the manager stand in the door refusing to let people in because it was 30 more seconds until 8am. 8 weeks til Walmart opens in this town.

I recently moved from Somerset Ky to Jones Oklahoma. The stores in ky are great compared to the one in Jones. I am a loyal dollar general shopper and I urge you to check on these stores being complained about. This story is nasty and rarely has what you want. I haven't applied to work there yet but you desperately need a manager that cares. It is the ONLY place to shop in Jones. PLEASE help this store!

Henrietta, Tx. store has an old lady who talks all about her life and looks like death just came over her..I just want to check out and leave..friendly is fine but not every one cares to express their life..is this the best you can do with customer service cashiers, its a freakin Joke?

very unprofessional

Don't ever go into Dollar General in Lordsburg, NM with your kids when 2 managers are there. They are unprofessional. Store manager girl/guy is rude. They shouldn't allow managers to have relationships. Very disgusting the way they acted, haven't gone in there in months.

I like shopping at Dollar General . But I have problem with the coupon policy . I shop at the stores in Bossier City , La . You can by the exact item that the coupon has on it and if the register don't except the coupon , the manager always says that she cant do anything about it . But I can still buy the item but can't use coupon . There should be something that they could do , override it or whatever . Thanks

wrongfully made me buy something

Bought a pack of cigarettes, the casher rang up wrong kind, told them they were wrong, casher had to get the management, management told me that by federal law, I couldn't return them for my brand, I had to take them, very upset, always stopped 3 to 4 times a week, now never going back, sorry dg, always like going there!

Dollar general store 2458 is losing its business due to the unnecessary fire of damn good employees and extremely rude new employees. I WILL NOT shop there again!

Shelves never stocked

The Dollar General store located on Rutledge Pike in Mascot Tennessee started out really good when it was built a couple years ago....it slowly went down hill. It seems that the employees they hire are either lazy or overworked....they never have the shelves stocked. I really don't know why I am writing this because your stores have been this way for years and you have had bad reviews for year and have done nothing about it? What a joke your headquarters is.


the store in north las vegas lake mead is always empty and looks like no one cares


I was at The Higden Ar store today and went to purchase coke products and there was a man loading up his pick-up truck with cokes from in front of the store I asked him if I could get one and he said that he had purchased all of them at least 50 I told him I would bu it and he sad "to Bad" I think there should be a limit on how many a customer should be able to purchase at a time.


I don't know what has happen to the store in El DOrado Springs but is gone down hill. The shelves are always half empty and the customer sevice is "none at all" . Must be a new manager or something. Used to be one of the best in the area.

Just wanted to let you know dollar general in Limon Co needs help, they close at 5 in the afternoon or 8 because they only have 3 employees,I don't know how you run a business, don't even know if you care but people In this town like shopping there but kind of hard to make any Money if your not open? You REALLY need to look into this!!!!!


I go to your bethal store and every time,you have a cashier,thats talkes on her cell phone, eating, while people are trying to be waited on, we complained, before store manager said nothing to her thank you

What a mess!

The Dollar General In East Prairie Missouri is horrible. It is dirty, merchandise is scattered all over the floor and the workers don't seem to care. The employees are rude, lines are to long and this morning I was standing in line, putting my things on the counter, when one of your employees walked right by me and went out the front door, I am assuming to take a break. I waited a while longer and finally someone came up to check me out. The store used to be clean and the worker's took pride in what they were doing but not anymore. Please do something about this or you will lose customers.


WOW! While thinking how ignorant the last store manager of Olla, La. was; ha! They actually bring another "manager" in that cannot find his rear w both hands attached to it!! The shelves are half empty while the all dollys are literally filled w boxes and every rack in that store is blocked w boxes!! Instead of going to a diff dollar general, I'm just going to drive 10mls, and go to FREDS!!! YALL SUCK!!

Unbelievably cluttered!

Both my Mom and I decided today to do business with the other dollar store in Brazoria, TX. Every time we go into the DG here, it gets junkier, more cluttered and dirtier. The employees are standing around talking when so much needs to be done. Corporate must not care and we don't either - we'll shop at Family Dollar instead.


love your store in colton, ca-but the closing crew is not professional. 9-24 14 9:43pm or so. the cashier girl did not greet or make eye contact, she seemed upset that and shoved my item in the bag, change was not counted back to me, did not end transaction with closing greeting. lights were turned out at 9:45. which should be 9:55pm.


dollar general is a abusive company ! they mistreat there employees and there district managers especially tampa area are bullies ! they have a store manager spring hill area store is a thief! they plot against there employees that complain or call to report abuse ! you people all need to stand up and do something or it will continue! you have rights don't let them get away with this

grimley tn please clean up

We have a new store in grimsley tn. Thank you! No matter when I have gone in there, you can not get thru any isle with a buggy! Why does no one take pride in there business anymore?

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