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Non-service Dog allowed in the Resturant

I'm having dinner at this Dennis location 9/26/2015. A customer was allowed in the the restaurant which was clearly not a service animal. I had to endure this clear health violation. No employee or manager addressed the issue. This is the last time I expose myself to this possible health risk.

poor service/rude employees

Went to Denny's in ky, no one acknowledged my husband or I. Waited a hour to be seated and it wasn't busy, well server rush us , cook the steak wrong 3 times and never got it right, the GM screamed at us because we kept having our food sent back because the cook couldn't get it right


We had some business to do in st Petersburg. We stopped into the Denny's on 34th street. Before I begin, I first want to say, our server was very nice and hard working. Now for the bad news this has to be the dirtiest Denny's I have ever been in. I find it a shame that the manager let it get this BAD. Your workers and customers deserve better. Get back to the Denny's we expect it to be!!!


Went to the denny's in sanger ca waited for over an hour just to get my order wrong, cold, big black hair on my plate ...worst food &worst service I've ever had @ any restaurant ever I will never go back ever

Customer service

I visited the Denny's in fredericksburg va I must say it was the best experience ever my server Traci was great my food was delicious The atmosphere was wonderful the restaurant was clean food well portioned I couldn't have been more pleased.

1 server she is nice. Manager very rude took an hour to get my skimpy salad with 2 small slices of avocado store located in midland tx on wall St.

Application Denied?

I just recently applied through snagajob.com, as recommended by a close friend who works for Denny's. He speaks highly of the location he works at and i'm currently searching employment. I have experience in the field I applied and am currently open as far as scheduling. Within ten minutes, I was denied with no explanation of their decision and this is not the first, or last time I intend to apply!! Wow...is all I can say!!

Over all Problems

The Denney's in Big Spring Texas is horrible from start to finish. It is giving your company a very bad name. If I hadn't eaten at one before i would never eat at one again.

Employment disappointment

I applied for Dennys in eldersburg and was hired but the experience wasn't great thier was a cook I worked with and two managers that do not follow dennys standards for food safety not wearing gloves when handling food and eating food on the back line and handling food . I know if I wouldn't eat food that was handled by your cooks bear hands you don't know what could happen health wise ( handling raw chicken with bear hands then preaping my burger bun . Not to mention a harassing manager who doesn't know how to to talk to people at times. All these things I have outlined are 100 percent accurate and true and if you had an inspection by health department or any such food inspection I believe it would not be good

Manhattan Denny's

I was impressed to see how you created an upscale Denny's in New York, how about Los Angeles? Our Mayor Garcetti is trying very hard to bring some class to Los Angeles. He is working at making Los Angeles an exciting and fun place to visit and live. Please consider the idea ? Five stars for the opening of an upscale Denny's in Los Angeles.

horrible service exit 305 san augustine, fl

The absolute worse service! ! After waiting and waiting, we were just about to seat ourselves, a lady in shorts came over to seat us. After waiting and waiting for a waitress to take our drink order, water and iced tea, then another waiting until I finally decided to go see if we could turn our order in....the waitresses were too busy trying to "score" with the football team in the restaurant. While I was asking for a manager, my boyfriend said, let's go, obviously they are too busy trying to hook up for the night to wait on us. It was so apparent these waitresses were trying to meet these guys after work. We left. Ridiculous and your staff should have more pride in themselves. And as a "manager" the lady in shorts should have taken the time to dress appropriate for her job.

Can't use AARP discount

Even the manager said she was sorry that the girl who rang us up couldn't give us the discount. We gave them out AARP card before she ever started ringing us up! The manager didn't even offer to fix it. Poor lazy! Hopewell va on Sunday at 12:30pm 8-10-14

super dirty

We went to the Denny's in Bolingbrook, Il the bathroom was so discusting I couldn't even wash my hands. There was flyes in the restaurant and table was super sticky. After waiting 35 mins for our food when we got it it was cold. The waitress never came back to see if we needed anything so we had to just walk up to the front to pay.we will never come back to this restaurant

Service and food

To whom it may concern this is for every Denny's i have been in they are in need of help the food is to pricy when you order one single item and the service is very bad the cooks can not cook i can do a better job then they can and when you are a truck driver and pushed for time and sit for 30 min and no one waits on you that is very bad service when you get bacon you expect to get bacon not a peice that has been cut in half .We got a new Denny's In Fernley where I live and have very bad reviews and people out here do not even want to go to your place to eat this really needs to be taken care of and get good service in your place and better cooks I will never step foot in another Denny's and i know alot of others feel the same way. Thank you


I have worked at Denny's at the Denny's Northridge Cal, for fifteen years, I am the only one white person there. I have complained about discrimination to the owner at least a dozen times. He told me it was my imagination and talked me out of filing a complaint. I have had enough and am filing a complaint to the Corporate office and the E.E.O.C. I am so afraid of losing my job, as I love working there but something must be done!

East Greenbush, NY

Went to Denny's and food was horrible. Have been to this store before and wasn't bad. This time pancake poppers were burnt and had horrible aftertaste as well as the garlic bread having same. The sirloin steaks were supposed to be well done and the blood was coming out of them as we cut them. And to top it off, the waitress never once in the hour or better we were there asked if we wanted coffee or soda refills. Horrible experience!!

In Neosho, Missouri there was a Deeny's opened! On the first night other were open, the District Manager cursed at employees and told them they were worthless, needless to say many where new and were doing their best because they were busy!! Some had to clock off at their time to be off, but had to continue to work!! I have worked as a manager for at least 15 years and I know you don't curse your employees as well as your employees don't curse you!! You are also to pay them from the time they start until they are finished!! I hope this gets to the corporate office and they get rid of this rude, low class district manager!!

Poor customer service

Yes I'm writing about my experience with the Denny's in Pittsburgh on McKnight Road. I ordered a steak and one side and asked the waitress that I would like to start of with a coke and would it be ok to switch to ice tea after one glass she said sure that would be fine. I have been a manager of restaurants for around 10 years now and if someone wanted to do that we never charged for both as long as it was not a mixed drink so when I was charged for both and a extra side I was really surprised. Then I talked to the manager who see me every week didn't even care. Jonathan Rojohn who has to be one of the worst customer service people I have ever come across. He did take one side off but the drink he didn't do anything for, I go to Denny's one to two times a week and spend about $30-$35 a week that's $1500 a year that they will not see since Jonathan Rojohn does not know how give good customer service. This is not the first time I have herd this about him just the first time I have witnessed it first hand.

Never got food

I went to Denny's in Sylmar California. We were seated but had to wait to wait about 20 minutes for a waiter to take our order. He finally did then returned with our drinks and told us our good would be out soon. We waited and waited. Then I got fed up and asked another waiter about our food, our order was never put in. Horrible service! So we just left even when they offered "free soup and salad". That probably would have taken another 30 minutes!

I would gladly give Denny s a 5 star if they bring back my bacon avacado burrito. I go to dennys about every week I dont even open the menu and was very disappointed when the waiter said it was gone. Luckily they made it for me but if they dont bring it back I dont know what else id get....if I go back. Cmon

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