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This would of been my first airplane ride 7/21/2011. We arrived at airport in newark,n.j. in enough time. We were scanning our passports my husband,my son and i, the screen froze, down about 4 screens the same thing was happening to my daughter and my sister someone came over to assit them but, by time they got to us we were told they could'n t check us in or our bags.They wouldn't let us on flight my brother was getting married and my son the youngest nephew was to be his bestman this was very exciting for my son he just graduated with honors from high school it was an honor that my only bother ask my son. No one would help us and i know the plane didn't leave. My daughter hadn't left the area so they could of let us on. they told us come back the next day we did 4am in morning to get the next flight at 8:45 am. i was told we would get on that flight it was not full. Well we waited and was told after everyone got on the plane that no seats were available. We missed my brothers wedding and my son missed being his bestman we will not experience what this special day was for our families. This was the most HORRIBLE HEART WRENCHING way to treat us. I will NEVER get on this CONTINENTAL AIRLINE. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE

how does the airlines getaway with non refundable or transferable tickets?? things happen ok i get none referable but u should be able to transfer it if you cant use it.. or not have to pay 150 to re use it in this casse its cheaper just to write it off as a loss and buy new tickets.. there is five of us that couldnt goto vegas on our tickets we bought throu a thrid party not realizing its non transferable or refundable and last minute we could not go because of medical reasons so we had to cancel and now they wont give us our money or let us transfer the tickets and if we want to use the tickets with in the year we gotta pay 150 plus any other charges of the new flight

Good Morning! I have a question for corporate office of Continental.................On a recent trip to Peru, I was in first class. When I returned home, I had a message on my land line and cell phone from a person asking if I had taken his carry on.......... I did talk to this person yesterday and I asked how he got my phone number. He said CONTINENTAL.......that is scary that my ID was given out to a fellow passenger. Can someone explain to me how this could happen? Thank you

ok, this is not as bad as something discussed here but it was upsetting - even worse is how Jane Cox, a customer service rep has handled my complaints. all the woman had to say to me was 'i'm sorry for what happened. we will look into our policies.' Rather than that, she's written me several letters detailing why she feels i am wrong and how it's tough shit for me. the problem is - i walk with a limp but i want to walk between gates. i expect to be offered help but Continental employees along with the Houston airport staff are pushy and rude. they stopped my 8 times during a ten minute walk. they argued - they even quit helping other passengers to argue with me. i know lots of people with disabilities don't get the help they DO ask for and now i see why. the employees can't put two and two together - yes, i have a limp, but that doesn't mean i MUST have help. and they can't respond well to a simple NO. at one point, i was trying to go from my gate to the bathroom - a distant of maybe 20 feet. TWO employees stopped me at once and both argued when i said no. i started to cry and they both just laughed and walked off (at least now i know how to make them go away). i couldn't find anyone to help (i admit i was a little emotional by now) but finally found a C. employee who said he would call for someone. whom ever he called never came. as it turns out, airlines are supposed to have someone on staff at all times to handle disability related issues. in other airports, i might get asked once or twice. the few times i have complained, i was at least given a polite ear. not with Continental and Jane Cox. just because i have a disability doesn't mean i'm helpless and need to be asked multiple time...........no one, no matter who or what wants to be asked the SAME thing over and over. it's bad service. she, on the other hand, says people with disabilities like to be taken care of. i say people with disabilities like to have their decisions and requests respected.

rude flight attendants all the way through, gave my space to an employee! i thought customers were first. charged me for bag instead of putting on freight! rude to me at ticket reservation and on the flight! missed fight and pick up contact and had to take taxi from cleveland to akron. then they said my round trip ticket has no value even though i did not use the return, very frustrating experience all the way around! should have flown southwest airline!

My daughter had a flight to Kodiak, Alaska from Corpus Christi, TX on July 5th 2011. The flight from Houston had mechanical problems.. left hour and half late. She attempted to reschedule her flight but the attendate at the gate would not talk with her because she was boarding another flight so she continued to Houston late. When she arrived in Houston she went to the gate but was told it was too late to board the plane (it was still there) Arrangements were made for hotel and food vouchers in Anchorage. She arrived in Anchorage at 11 PM and NO ONE from Continental could find the hotel and food vouchers... she stayed at the airport all night. She attempted to get on the early 530 AM flight that was schedule by Continental in Houston, but was told she was on the 945 flight. NO ONE could give her information about her bags. A lady called from Kodia during the night and said she was sorry picked took one of her bags by mistake. Talked with Joe and Mary at coustomer service Mary attempted to change her flight but unable to get thru security intime to get to the plane. Called corporate office and talked with Allen.. he claimed he was a suppervisor but could not bring up information on the computer when give the reservation number and name. Hung up on me when I requested he call my daughter's cell and talk with her. Stated they only take incoming calls. Did I mention this is a military wife and to be treated in such a manner is not acceptable. She also had to pay extra $100.00 for the bags they are unable to track. VERY poor service expecially from the corporate office! She also had travel insurance???????????????/

still waiting for my refund since November 2010 full fare no discounts! $3200.00 they are Horrible ! and customer service is unknown to most of them,specially the ones who work in Mexico!

I was not satisfied in the way my flight itinerary was handle by your organization. I had no choice other than to agree with your imposing change of schedule that created an aggravation on a very important trip to Puerto Rico. My flight was for June 17 and initially I was supposed to arrive from Newark to Cleveland, Ohio at 6:46 p.m. You changed the schedule for me to arrived at 9:58 p.m. Then, at Newark the flight was delayed allegedly because there was no pilot. this flight departed fron Newark at 12:30 a.m. and arrived Cleveland at 1:15 a.m. I have been a customer of Continental Airlines. My earned miles can speak by itself. I believe that your service on this occasion was not the best. Thank you.


I was traveling to bury my husband after death and the airlines was not accommodating at all. First, due to a glitch in the system I was given the wrong traveling dates from Cheap air .com and even though I purchased the insurance against such I could not contact them and was charged $200.00 to change dates. In addition, I was traveling and needed a wheelchair which I requested before leaving Houston Texas and the chair was given to an Iranian lady who did not request one at all. I had to wait 1 !/2 hours for the chair to come and all the staff from the plane left me there in tears. I was pulling a breathing machine with me in my suitcase. They shrugged their shoulders and left me there. while in the District of Columbia while arranging the funeral I was asked to stay longer to settle probate issues and was charged anohter $178.00 to extend my trip and leave a week later. When I got ready to leave, I discovered your agent did not cancel the original reservations and did not complete the other and ended up traveling on United airllines intead. But, they did not charge me for your mistake, they offered sympathy for my loss and helped me get what I needed to get home. This is a dehuminizong rediculous experience which could be considered some type of scam run with the cheap air folks to get more money. However, I want to know if the FCC approve of such treatment whether or not a person is traveling under emergency situations involving death of a loved one? howardalumni@hotmail.com

Worst airline ever. Never giving my money to them !! They have prices online that that cannot offer , and after you spend time filling out all the information and putting in your credit card , it tells you Continental cannot process your request, so you think is because of your credit card and try it again . Well after hours trying to call and fix it , you find out that they are liars .

Was informed that my brother-in-law was in critical condition and not expected to live. He was an 84 year old gentle man who helped raise me , I am 64 . I was waiting on connecting flight out of Houston to Omaha on Sunday, 3 April. Arrived at gate as plane was about to leave. Told agent I had ticket and needed to make the flight,4650 at 8:55pm. Agent took my ticket and sent me down the ramp to make the flight. As I approached the plane a woman agent stopped me and said the flight was full and I could not get aboard. I told her about my emergency , she didn't care , told me I would have to get on next flight . It would leave next morning at 11:45 Am on Monday. I ended up sleeping in the airport. No one cared. Matters worse, there was a 9:15 flight out on Monday morning, I could not even get on that one. No one cared. I took the 11:45 got to Omaha to the hoital where my brother-in-law had slipped into a coma and died two hours later. People at Contenential Houston could have gotten me on the flight. My baggage went, no one paged me but I did get to the plane but was not allowed to board. Matters worse, my return flight from Omaha had been canceled when I was reassigned out of Houston . Fortunately I was able to get on the flight. I will never forget missing the opportunity to communicate with my dear friend before he died, Contenential personnel just wanted to get done for the evening. Could have cared less. Excellent customer service? Not on this airline.

Deceptive business practices. I booked a nonstop to Los Cabos, MX for 5. We ended up stopping in Houston to refuel. If I had chosen a one-stop layover I could have saved significantly. If you book a nonstop you should get a nonstop! Needless to say it significantly lengthened our flight time and van service was not at other end to pick us up.


To Customer Care: I have to tell you that this travel experience was the worst I have ever had. My wife and I were supposed to leave Syracuse on 3/13 at 6:28PM. The plane did not leave until almost 8PM eastern time. Our connection was in Cleveland to Phoenix which was supposed to leave Phoenix around 9PM. The ticket agent at the gate advised those connecting to Phoenix that they would hold the plane because there were 21 people connecting to Phoenix. When we arrived in Cleveland the plane had gone so everyone missed our flight. The agents were very unhelpful. They just handed us new boarding passes for the next day and "discount coupons" for a hotel. I had to pay 103.00 including tax for the hotel. Extra money I had not budgeted for the trip. The next morning at Cleveland airport, again rude ticket agents and extremely unhelpful. In fact the woman we checked in with acted like that was the last place she wanted to be. We did not get into Phoenix until the next day at 9AM, and I had to go to work with very little sleep. The ticket agent in Syracuse assured us they would hold the connecting plane for Phoenix. When we got to Cleveland, they told us that the agent should have not said that. I cannot believe how rude, uncaring and inept the people at Continental were that I encountered. Even the TSA agents were friendlier. I think that your company should refund my hotel expenses for the night of 3/13. I have a receipt which I can send if you will give me an email address. Your customer service needs work. I travel frequently for business and I assure you I will never use Continental again, and I will tell everyone I know not to use your airline. Please contact me via email at edlkfd@q.com.

I had business for which I flew out of Cleveland Ohio today at 4:30pm and arrived in Baltimore Maryland at 5:45pm, intending to stay three nights and come back Thursday evening. When I arrived and checked my cell, my plans had been changed and were canceled. I had a message from the office stating that there was a flight back to Cleveland at 6:20pm, otherwise I would have to catch the 8am flight. I hurried to the baggage area and my bags were right there! Easy.... I went to the check in and asked if it would be possible to catch that 6:20 flight and get my bags checked. I doubted it, but why not try. Although the red tape got in the way a bit, waiting to determine what my charge would be for the change ($150.00), lady that helped me plowed through it, using two phones at a time to get me on the plane. I got on the plane, my bags made it to Cleveland with me, you got your fee (which is fine) and the plane was not late (ok, maybe a couple of minutes, but that was all) and I make it back to work for a full day tomorrow. I guess my point is, she was excellent. In my haste, I didn't get her name (Sheila maybe, I am sure you can check your records. She was just fantastic and made all of it work. I was happy, the plane was not delayed in any great way and she did her job. You should be proud of her and you are lucky to have her working for you. She made the right call and got it done. I would be happy to have an employee like her working for me and she deserves to be recognized.

they suck so bad, they kept hanging up on me when i was trying to add my 10 year old daughter to my reservation. i got my ticket for 150 roundtrip and they expected me to pay 865 for my daghters, jus 5 min later.! tHEY ARE CRAZY AND HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS

"Due to bad weather in the Northeast, we're experiencing an unusually high call volume and can't take your call at this time." REALLY??? FOR 2 DAYS!!! What about all the people whose flights you canceled. Thanks for not helping us and leaving us STRANDED! Great customer service.

Continental Employee Gate Agent VIRGINIA DANIELS. Holiday travel is hectic, however this nasty Newark employee clearly disobeyed flight crew's instructions. They told her they still had room in the overhead compartments, she didn't care. It was almost as if she were punishing passengers who arrived at the gate because of TSA backups. Very rude, telling passengers SHE was in charge, not us. Check the bag or don't get on the aircraft?????????? The old woman in front of me who had medications in her bag nearly had a meltdown when this beast told her she had to check the bag. She "didn't care what was in the bag" and reiterated to the old woman check the bag or don't get on the flight. SHE should be fired. If one of my employees ever acted that way to a paying customer I would fire them on the spot. If that were my mom with all her medications, I would have called the cops. Continental airlines flight 276. Complaint Case # 4671343 thank you.

November 2009, I had to use my certificate from Continental Airlines, or lose it. I decided to fly to Hawaii. I am disabled and was very uncomfortable flying there. When I got there, I was suppose to have transportation to my hotel. I was told that only taxis go to my hotel and at a minimum of $25.00. When I got there, I was right in the middle of downtown...glass and steel. I had been told by hotels.com that I would have a suite. You see, Continental switched me over to hotels.com for my room accomodations. I was guaranteed a regular breakfast, but ended-up going up a few floors to a room with juice, coffee, pastry, and oh yes, my hot breakfast that consisted of putting a bagel into a toaster. My suite as well as the rest of the hotel, was nothing less than in need of a total make-over. OK, you could say this was not Continentals fault, but they switched me to hotels.com for my arrangements after I booked my flight. I spent most of the next day entirely involved in trying to find a different hotel. Now, here is the real kicker; I was flying back on the red eye (Continental) and was 2 seats away from 1st class, so I asked the attendant for a glass of water to take my medication with. You would think that I was asking for the world. She said "NO" and get back to coach. I had no choice but to try and find an attendant in coach for a glass of water. I did, but was she pissed! I guess I interupted her beauty sleep. The airline was suppose to make special accomodations for me...like being near a rest room. They did, it was 2 seats up and just inside of first class. I went to use it, but I was told to use one in coach and they put up a strap and drew the curtain. Thanks Continental for your assisstance! NOT!!!!!!!!!! Customer Service Rating: -10 or worse.

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