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one word. fantastic

I love Continental airlines. Rude cabin staff, awful food, shoddy aircraft but they get you there. I have missed connections on numerous international flights from London (because of the TSA)and Continental have always managed to get me on another flight, albeit via timbuktu, but they got me there and I have never been charged anything extra for the changes to my flight plan whilst on business. Sadly, I have given up on holidaying in the USA as I no longer am prepared to wait up to 3 hours in an airport que to be treated with the disdain that the TSA seem to think is a welcome to America.

Continental was a great airline until the United Airlines merger. United has been on my no-fly list for two decades, ever since as a college student I was stranded in Denver because of a late flight leaving LAX; the connection to Lincoln, NE, was actually still at the gate but the door had been closed. The gate agents basically said, too bad, so sad, and suggested I just spend the night on the floor of the airport. I cringed when I read of the CO/UAL merger and in my experience (I have been a Continental Elite member for 14 years and fly tens of thousands of miles a year with them) the flights have gone WAY downhill since the merger. What a disappointment.

after 40 min on hold requested informatiopn was not provided and i was disconnected Customer service DID not respond WORST SERVICE EVER

I rescheduled a flight back in October. I paid the 150 change fee but was never credited the difference in fare (the new flight was less than the old). I have attempted to obtain my credit and am told I will receive it in 3 to 10 days. It is MARCH and despite several attempts I have not received it. Today I placed 15 phone calls and each time, including calls to the "corporate" office I am transferred to "agent cue" only to be hug up on!!!! I have tried navigating online and asked Alex but these systems cannot handle what I need. It has been 5 months and I have traveled twice without the ability to use my credit. I need assistance!!! I have to fly for business and am the CEO of the company. We are officially placing Continental/United on the DO NOT FLY list.

What is happening to our american companies. You try to book a reservation for a flight and you can't get the help you need by calling their customer service. Not only did I wait on hold for over 50 minutes, my 1 hour 50 minute call to a calling company in India still did not resolve my issue. Not only could she not understand what I wanted, I could not understand her when she responded. Trying to use a existing ticket, they are more than happy to take your money for your fare but when it comes to helping you with problems, you either wait on hold, get someone who can't help you.... Great job! No wonder airlines are losing money. As a once loyal customer I look to take my business elsewhere from this point forward. Your charges are ridiculous, your service is terrible and really calling centers in India????? Really.... at least make certain they can communicate. One more customer lost!

i have over 300,000 miles and a continental credit card; i have this many miles because i use this airline alot and the credit card as well; but the real reason that i have so many miles still is because every time i try and use them they tell me oh sorry seats are blacked out for that flight.then they insult me by telling me about all the factors that come into play; it is every reason that you can think of so they can cover all their bases. well they just lost this dedicated customer and his whole family plus everyone else i can tell around the country about my experience with this airline.

I was able to get my flight partially refunded as well as 150.00 credit each ticket because of the problems I had with delay. Call this number 1-800-932-2732 and ask to speak with the Senior VP of customer experiance Anne Seally. Her management team will work with you so it does not go to the next level. I now have the 300.00 in credit and will auction it off on ebay as I will never ever ever fly this airline again. They said plane was fixed sent us up in the air to realize it was not fixed. Resulting in a 12 hour delay and a bus that broke down as well.

I have asthma that is triggered by allergies to animals. This is definitely not an unusual condition. Understanding that Continental is "pet-friendly", I called to ask if there was any way to fly without having a pet located near my seat. Customer service informed me "too bad" and by the way, no one has ever asked this question so pet allergies must be a rare condition(doesn't sound people-friendly). Obviously Kitty and Fido have priority over the full-fare paying passengers. Maybe I should go ahead and book a flight and cause a "medical emergency" mid-flight.

This airline is possibly the worst airline in the history of the US. Their customer service is beyond poor. Continental airlines should be hugely embarrassed. Alexandra Santos, the operator for the Continental Headquarters, refused to help me when I asked her the name of the President and CEO of Continental Airlines. I called her back four times and she transferred me to her voicemail. Wow, that's impressive service. Shame on you Continental. I will never fly this airline again!!!!

the worst customer service ever. Tried to call about one-pass mileage at two separate phone numbers you get message" High call volume... alex on the website" on both occassions the phone then hung up. I corresponded with Alex the virtual expert or as I think of her - virtually (almost not quite) an expert. I asked her for a phone number for me to talk with a human being...she was unable to do that and simply sent me back to her home page where none of the FAQs applied to me. I called HQ and was referred to a person, who didn't call me back even though I left a phone number. So the next day I called HQ again and asked to speak with a person and was transferred to a robot. Fortunately, the robot could not understand the spelling of my name so I was bounced to a person...not at Continental but at United. I still haven't talked to a human at Continental. As the old question goes, Is this any way to run an airline? The answer is simply NO!

I was travelling from newark to manchester england, the flight was delayed 1 hour then after two hours travelling (somewhere over Newfoundland) we developed a fault and turned around to return to newark. After the initial announcement that we were heading back and another plane would be ready and waiting for us, there was no further information except to tell us to go to gate 128, the second plane was not ready and we had an hour and a half wait, we were given no refreshments from when dinner was served (1 hour after take off on the original flight) until 7 hours later, other passengers complained that they were told they were "lucky to get on the plane" if they paid the same price I did for a ticket, I don't understand how they can be considered lucky, they bought a service and luck had no part in it, I did hear how rude some of the staff where although never experienced it myself, I will never travel with Continental again, they won so many awards for good service and safe travel a few years ago, I'll bet they are not even in the running now, I did hear recently that they were affiliated with BMI baby, maybe that has something to do with it. Next time I'm travelling with Virgin.

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible service, my son and my dad were booked on a flight out of Shreveport, Louisiana and the flight was delayed over 2 hours and they missed their connecting flight in Houston. (30 minutes before the 7:06 pm flight was to depart out of S'port, continental still showing flight on time) The agent at the desk was not even a Continental employee, (he was a contract worker for AA and he was a real smart a##)and according to Continental they don't have any employees that work at the S'port airport. The agent rebooked them on a Saturday flight out of Shreveport at 9:38 am, well low and behold the flight on Sat am was delayed over 2 hours out of Shreveport and the connecting flight out of Houston was delayed over 3 hours. What is going on with this airline????? When you call customer service they cannot do anything for you and no one cares about your time and money you have lost due to Continental's imcompetency! My dad and son lost out on a $500.00 hunt on Saturday am, along with $250.00 night lodging and all Continental can say is oh well and not one person could give an explaination as to why the delay, except waiting on the aircraft. This airline is awful and the customer service is horrible, would not recommend to anyone.

To Mr Martin Hand, I wrote a letter to you 3 weeks ago and left a phone message with "Katherine" somebody at the number given to me by your own operator and have still not received a response from anyone at your company. Is is just a waste of customer's time to contact customer service? On November 19th, my husband and I were supposed to connect our flight from San Paulo, Brazil to Houston and on through to Sacramento CA. Had boarding passes, seating assignments and backs checked through. Our original flight on TAM was 30 minutes late on arrival but we were still at the Continental counter with 50 min. to spare - unfortunately, the counter was closed with one agent lounging on the side. He directed us to the business office where we were told they could not help us and to calm down. Your computers were down!! And no one would give us the international stamp we needed for security. Your agents were less than useless. We were told to return to TAM, get our bags and let them deal with us. Why do you even have a customer service department?

Looks like customer service is dead with Continental. Recently returned from a business trip from Argentina and after a long delay received my bag on the carrousel at IAH soaked through with red wine. I had to carry the bad tripping with wine to terminal E to show to the continemtal baggage office. My bag and suits pants and shirts are ruined. These things happen But wit the Cintinental reposnse I am very unhappy. I thought Continental customer service would redress these problems. But should have been warned by the fact that they did not put the bag in a plastic bag with a note of some kind. Intead trying to slide it through. When I asked their supervisor if I needed a lawyer to get my property replaced, I was not happy with the response and general attitude. Not fair and and not happy at all.

Have flown on numerous airlines both domestically and internationally and have never experienced worst service than on my recent flight from Mumbai India to New Jersey. The flight started off fine with a beverage and food service within the 1st two hours followed immediatley by a plastic bag and bottle of water being tossed at us with no explanation other than you might want a snack later. No supplementary service for the next 8 hours. If you tried to stand up in the open areas the attendants rudely advised you to return to your seat. Second, they did not even customary walk-thru garbage service for hours with the snack food and debris in the aisles and around seats. When we had enought and asked them to pick up the mess the attendant asked us what our problem was and that we must not fly from India very often ? Finally, the came thru to clean the mess up and had nothing but attitude.... In checking Continentals Public Customer Commitment Statement... They say nothing about providing good, excellent, or customary service during their flights... Is this an oversight or not one of their priorities... Will never fly Continental again.

5 min before boarding for a round trip to Denver I was called to come home MY 85 year old father was going into emergency surgery. I told them at the gate. He was fine and I tried to fly out the next day. I did not mind buying a one way to Denver seeing as i already had paid return ticket. I was told my return ticket was canceled I had to spend another 700 plus dollars to fly round trip I came back on the orginal flight witch was sold out so the airline got paid twice for my seat out and out stealing

They suck....no one answers calls, we have been trying to get a hold of them for the past 3days. It's a family emergency and they just SUCKKKKK no help.

It is too bad you dont have a way to rate your company with no stars very bottom of the barrel on customer service, customer care just sends out form letters without ever addressing a complaint, $175.00 change fee I'll usr that to fly on some other carrier. Attitude is everything and yours is crappy

This company sucks. they promised me a refund for my dughter amd the frr was to assist with a minor. we never used the service and i have called customer care 10 times and no one can assist me. these people are crazy and i will never use there service again....i don't care if they are the only airline available.

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