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I visted the Checker Restaurant located on Riverdale Road, College Park Georgia 30349 on July 31, 2011, Sunday afternoon around 4:15 pm. I ordered the Big Chicken combo. It was a complete mess. The bacon was entirely raw and I removed it from the sandwich, the lettuce was brown and limp and I removed it from the sandwich. The sandwich had too much mayo causing a complete mess and it was tastely so I ended up dumping the whole sandwich in the trash along with the cold french fries. The tea was overly sweet. Usually I take back such mess as this, but I was too tired and did not want to waste more gas.

I called the drive thru back because my order was so old my fish sandwich was hard as a brick. My fries tasted like Fart. They told me to call back in five minutes and i did then the manager eric hung up in my face. i called back and no answer. the worse service i've received yet!!!

I live in Palm Bay Florida we used to have two Checkers Drive In but suddenley they closed we keep seeing all your good adds on TV wishing we could go just like we used to. Are there any plans to open any Checkers in the Palm Bay- Melbourne area in the near future. We hope so. Thank You. Sincerly, Chris Ingram

I went to the brand new location located on North Market in Shreveport, Louisiana. The food was horrible. First of all, these burgers are no bigger than a happy meal burger you would get from Mcdonalds,totally unlike the picture used to represent it on the dive thru menu board. The bun was soggy, soaked with mayo, and the meat was thin and tasteless, The Tea was like snow cone syrup...I could go on and on but I won't, the food sucks...I will never return.

I went to the checkers on Alpine in the Walker District drive thur, in the food was cold and nasty. In went I asked to remake my sandwich they were mad about the sandwich that they messed up. In on top of that they have no people skills. The corporate office need to do in undercover stink operations on their stores,so they can see how they act in how nastry the food and work place is.

I went to the checkers in Mobile, AL in Tillman's Corner. I was hungry and went thru the drive up. I got my food and went home. When i took a bit of the burger the meat was raw and not cooked. I was sick to my stomach and worried about the problems of eating raw beef. I have pictures of the hamburger, Mark Richardson mrichardson@hackbarthdelivery.com

Although I am a HUGE fan of the taste and quailty of the food, getting to it with those HORRIBLE employees, proves more than just a feat! Rally's have been offering a "FREE MILKSHAKE WITH ANY PURCHASE" coupon. Trying to redeem that puppy, is a whole other story! Since I go there often, each one of my experiences with each shift, proves to be different but collectively, resulting in the same nasty experience each time. Its real simple math that if your milkshake machine is broke but offer a free product which you cannot honor, then OFFER SOMETHING ELSE IN ITS PLACE! WOW, getting them to understand that (including management) however, is something that requires the patience of JOB from the Bible. Other times is when the machine is working, and they argue whether you are eligible. Coupon says "Free with ANY purchase". What part of ANY, doesn't translate people??? So, instead of getting my food, I have to order, in fear that it will come with a free side of aggrivation!! And as a result, the corporation lost a loyal customer, why?...... Long story short, Hire employees that understand even a little English, or, clearly spell out the language where it reads that if you're a rude and nasty employee, then you have no dealings with our establishment! No need for employees, if they have no customers to serve, PERIOD!!

i went to the store in atlanta,ga on donald lee hollowell pkwy and it was horrible. the employees were arguing with eachother,the food was disgusting and it was cold. the lines were very long and they were taking their time. i will never i repeat i will never go to the checkers again or any other checkers again. from what i experienced @ that location i think that somthing should b done to improve it.

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