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Nickel and Diming

I just recently visited a Checkers in Baltimore MD and ordered the Chicken tenders mieal. Only to be told I had to pay extra for the BBQ dipping sauce. Your competitor KFC will at least give you one BBQ sauce and charge for any additional. I think Checkers could do the same. What's chicken tenders with a dipping sauce. SHAME ON YOU CHECKER'S


I have been coming to Checkers since they opened in Aiken. It is very aggravating when I visit because I come three to four times a week to get a ice cream come, and EVERY time it is either not on, or not ready. Mind you it's always on my lunch break at TWELVE. I will not be going back!!!

bad experince

i wnet to rallys at hudson and north high streets columbus ohio. I ordered 2 big daddy hamburgers 2 rally burger plain.2 apple pies and a med chocolate shake. when i got home i had 6 rally burgers plain , no apple pies and i got a vanilla shake instead of chocolate shake

The Checkers in Naples Florida on Pine Ridge Rd. Their speaker has BEEN horrible for about year NOW they have DONE nothing to repair it NOTHING its like they are yelling at you taking your order. Its horrible I would go back more but the speaker is keeping me away maybe someone from Corporate should check it out. The staff at the restaurant really could less they are losing customers

The customer service that I received tonight, March 17, 2013 around 12:30 a.m. was beyond the worst experience ever. The employees at the North Charleston, SC location are disgusting, disrespectful, unprofessional asinines. The staff a this located either was never taught good customer service or fails to exemplify it in their work ethics but devalues your company as a whole. I am a frequent customer but I will NEVER eat or recommend this restaurant ever again. For an employee to shut the drive-thru window in my face is blatantly disrespectful and shows bad character. Hopefully you are able to tend to this matter before it becomes a physical altercation to the next customer. I'm sure a law suit is just what your company could use in this economic crisis.

Checkers (Rhawn Street & Rooselvelt Blvd.) Philadelphia location

I am commenting on the service that I've received multiple times at the Checkers located at Rhawn Street and Rooselvelt Blvd. in Philadelphia Pa. The customer service is horrible. I ordered an ice cream cone on 2/6/13 a little before 8 p.m and whoever made the cone licked it. I noticed it and asked for my money back and the whole staff working that shift started laughing. They questioned me as to why I wanted my money back all while laughing at the same time. I think that's terrible that the people cooking and taking orders are doing unsanitary things to customers food!! That's not good customer service and is a disgrace! Also, this same Checkers once told my brother that they couldn't take his order because they didn't have any loose change to give him back. This is the worst Checkers that I have ever ordered from. The employees are very rude and nasty! Undercover Boss needs to make a trip to this location because employees are definitely terrible and not implementing satisfying customer service skills led alone sabotaging customers food!! Please send someone out to this location!!!!!

My family has been to checkers several times and the last three times we have gone they have messed our order up. then when you go back up to them to let them know the order is wrong they get mad and role their eyes at me and them they want to claim that they had the order right.it was a bad experience and I will not go back again and I will also tell everyone I know not to back there again.

There is a employee at Miami,FL,33173 the store is located at 10695 sw 40st store is c175 the employee name is yolibel Oliva she is a cashier at that store and I am a regular comsumer well the thing is she is taking mo.ey from the register and not putting the orders in I made a 20 something order and she did not ring it up and she crumble the money I gave her and put it away very well done I knows she did cause I saw it she did it very cleverly I was amase the way she did it and other times I been there she puts it in other time she take it this gat to be know and she has to be fire for that it tgat was my store she would not be working there I hope next time I go there this is taking care of but if its not I never will go back there even if have to drive for to eat checkers !!!!!

I live in Newark, OH, 5 minutes from the Rally's on N 21st St. The employees are very friendly, courteous and helpful. However, every time I pick up a sandwich I have to come home and put it in the microwave because the sandwich is cold or barely warm. If I were on a lunch break I would be eating a cold sandwich. I like a sandwich at least warm when I purchase it but that never happens.

Well if you truly are NOT Happy with the food or service; then do what I have done. I have not been back NOR spent even One dollar at Checkers since 1993! Now 19yrs.

im so tired of checkers atlanta ga campbellton rd.becuse im enployed here and they are not giving me the hours that i deserve and i have to call to know my schedule and you suppose to have a schedule up everytime so that your employees can know when they are able to work.i have been hired since May and i have only been working a total of 30 hrs. my paychecks is not worth going through bullshit like this. and this place has many complants on not answering the phone and i've withness it.

Yep ... I live in Vero Beach, Florida. Everytime I go to Checkers here, I request extra, extra onions .... sorry for liking onions. I've had several issues with the manager, Barbara. Tonight I came through the drive through and asked again and when I got up to the window I said to the cashier, "could I please get an extra side of onions" He said, "we put plenty of onions on there for ya". I opened the burger in front of him and there was (1) slice of onion :( I'm not asking for a lot, just my extra onion. What happened to the CEO from Boss' undercover? Apparently he doesn't work for the company anymore and if he does, was his caring just for the cameras?

The Checkers in Macon Ga (Corner of Riverside Dr.and Spring St.)is by far the WORST service I have ever experienced at any place of business or restaurant. To be honest, It would take a book for me explain the bad experiences I have had at this location. the service is slow, they're inconsistent, and have No customer service. It blows my mind that they are still in business. At first I thought maybe my first bad experience was an isolated incidence...so I went back again, and agian, and again...And it was awful Everytime. I feel that writing this may not make a difference but I truly hope that HQ looks into the service this location is providing its customers.

Good evening, My name is Nancy Joseph. I am writing from fort Lauderdale FL and I would like to know when or if you all will be bringing the blue Berry cheese cake Sunday ice cream back! I was an absolute fan of the flavor. I honestly believe it was one of the best items on your menu and im sure im not the only person who would agree. Thank-you for your time. Sincerely Nancy Joseph

I waited @ the drive thru for 15 mins and there was only one car in front of me, liberty road facility in Baltimore Co, MD, I will never eat there again, Straight horrible

I wish there was an option for no stars! I'm a former employee of checkers. Its been a month since i quit and havent yet recieved any money for working there. I'm filing a lawsuit.

I am very disappointed that checkers left my town so many years ago I drive over 50 miles at least twice a month to go to checkers I would like to know if it would be possible to bring checkers back to North Fort Myers florida the building that originally was checkers is still there and is empty I know there are several burger joints here it's just not checkers please consider coming back. I was an employee at the checkers when it was here due to a accident I was unable to continue there thank you for listening to me

The checkers on 232 W. Lehigh Ave Philadelphia, Pa 19133 is the absolute worst place I ever ate at. First the male worker try to rip me off for $5, then he said there was no paper to print a receipt, and also i seen that the fries had been just sitting in the mettle basket ready to be poured into the oil, in other words they were pre-cooked since it only took 30 seconds to warm up. The food was terrible i will report this to the district and regional managers as well as the corporate office and the health department

For the first time, ever, I went to Checkers to try their food. I ordered food for my entire family which included an order of the loaded fries with cheese and bacon. When I returned home the fries weren't in the bag. Because it was rush hour and the Checkers is not close to my home, I decided not to run all the way back to get the fries. Last night, I returned to Checkers and was ready to place another large order with them, at the same location. I spoke to a manager about replacing the fries for me. Unfortunately, I didn't have my receipt. So, she made me wait while she checked "the cameras" and interrogated me about what day I placed my original order. Needless to say, I didn't end up with a replacement order of fries because I couldn't prove that they had screwed up. It seems to me that Checkers has no trust in their customers and could care less about whether they are satisfied and if they will ever be return customers. If I went to any other fast food restaurant, I would have had a replacement order of fries! I will never eat at Checkers EVER AGAIN!

I went to the Checkers in the Snellville are in Georgia on the 8/20. The employee's where not wearing any hair net and gloves. I bought a spicy chcken meal and found a hair in my sandwich. Then I later got food poison real bad and they treated me real bad. They ignore my phone calls and all my messages. I am being treated real bad and it hurt because I did not ask for this.

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