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credit card fraud

My credit card information was stolen and purchases were made on my card I called the police I went up to the restaurant and the person who stole my card acted as if she was the manager and did not act like she was going to resolve the issue. The location was on liberty rd in Randallstown MD


This location in Randallstown md on liberty rd stole my credit card information and made fraudulent purchases on my account the the if acted like she was the manager


I was at a checkers store 6329 in deland while in the drive thur I seen two employees an a manger bye the dumper area smoking weed they should do UA at this one food was nasty an cold you should close this one down


I love Ralleys food and appreciate the coupons. Shame that day workers are so quick and have it together as night shift refuse to upgrade (with extra.charge of course) and just don't seems to have it together.


I waited in line for over 40 mins at this checkers and didn't even have my order taken after 30. HORRIBLE SERVICE.


Customer service is the absolute worst at checkers!! They make up all types of lies and scams to up charge you and take your money!


Will never eat at palmbay checker even if last fastfood restaurant on earth. There orders are never right. Food is always nasty. Meat is hard like cardboard. Disgusting.... Will recommend you pick any other place to eat bit there.

cold mozzarella sticks

Feb. 20 @3:55 pm in New Orleans La. On S.Broad st. And Canal St. I order 6 mozzarella stick there were ice cold and the manager had the nerve to have an attitude with me. They need better workers or corporate to be managing this establishment!

the worst store ever is the riverdale store, you have to pay full price for bad disgusting food EVERYTHING you ask for fresh not redipped fries they give redipped anyway

cold food bad service

I went to the Checkers on Wickham Rd in Melbourne,FL the service was so bad I had to wait for 10 min to order while two associates finished their conversation and then another 10 min while the manager stared at me through the window. My order was wrong and cold and when I took it back they did it again. I will never go back their again


Please make a checkers in Massachusetts !!!!!!

smoke drugs on hunting park philadelphia Pa.

Jan, 4, 14 at 10:37 my wife and I took our children to the checkers on hunting park as we was ordering food we smell marijuana as we proceeded to leave three or more employees as well as the manager was getting high in the back of the restaurant

smoking drug on yall location

This padt weekend me and my children when to the checkers on hunting park the staff was smoking weed in the of the store ivwill never govthere again

checkers in roseville

12/9/13 @ 1:49 pm ordered the chicken bacon melt.. my sandwich had wilted lettuce on it and the bun was very soggy.. and when placing my order i could not understand the person talking at the speaker.. the person was mumbleing

bad service

11/29/2013, 2:05 pm 4730 Buena Vista rd Columbus Ga. 31907 very unprofessional. I ask for the 2for2 waffle cone, which was on the menu. We ain't got that no mo replied the cashier. Then I stated Well I see it on the menu here. I ain't got Nuffin to do with that I just can't give you anything, the cashier stated. But your not, it says it right here on the menu. Well can I see your manger. She busy replied the cashier. What's your store number. Ion kno look it up the cashier said with a nasty attitude. I'm going to call corporate only to get the window closed in my face. wow people like her are the ones that gives checkers a bad name.


STORE#5579 Wilmington De, VERY VERY UNPROFESSIONAL 11/16/13 @ 3:50am short guy on hot grease cooker had discussed issues he felt to express about customers while im in drive thru window while open saying: "This is around the time the drunks start coming" then brought my bag over and sat it down then picked it up and halfway handed to me, After that i got refunded and said im not coming back due to lack of customer service and unprofessionalism on his part, plus this is not the first time with this same person.


I am a cashier that works for Checkers in Memphis TN. The store number is #3322 location 7938 Winchester rd Memphis TN. 38125 and we as employees are getting treated unfairly. The managers are rude, unfair and lazy. The General Manager does not treat her employees with right. The terminated one of my fellow coworkers for putting in his two weeks notice and he was scheduled to work that week. She's rude, mean and she doesn't care about her employees she just tells and dictate. I have work for checkers almost a year now and store #3322 has always had something not working. I've tried contacting headquarters but the number was disconnected. I just feel that it is unfair for the employees to work hard only to get treated so wrong.

Consistenly Incorrect Orders

Why can't the employees seem to serve correct orders? I have not gone once and receieved what I ordered. I understand people make mistakes but to make them every single time I go through the drive through is obnoxious to say the least. Employees need to he trained for order accuracy not only speed. I'd rather recieve what I asked for and wait a little longer. I hope that you train employees better like the xlaim that was made on undercover boss. They need serious help here in South Florida.


You guys, it's only .52 cents..... Get over yourselves.

charging for condiments

Today I order a 5 piece wing meal from rallys store #0614 and when I asked for 1 condiment I was told I had to pay .50 for it???? If I order food the condiments should be included. Needless to say I gave all my food back and got a full refund and went down the street to popeyes. (Oh the hot sauce is free with the purchase of your meal at popeyes). I won't go to any rallys locations again.

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