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Rally's In Lancaster Ohio. Worst service every. Ordered $50 worth of food. NONE OF IT WAS RIGHT, refused to replace any of it, even though the receipt and the food were totally different. Called the manager, told him. Basically told me too bad, when I told him I would be Contacting Corp. His attitude completely changed. He then proceed to try and ask me to come back so that he could refund my money, and replace my order. When I told him too No, he became belligerent saying I was going to ruin his life. That he was going to lose his family if he didn't keep this job and asked me if I was heartless enough to ruin someones life., NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL!!!!!!!!! I contacted corp. normally it takes 7-14 days to return the call... I called @ 2pm, they called me back by 6, the same day. There will be an investigation and that manager will no longer be employed there

the checkers on 232 w. lehigh ave philadelphia pa 19133 is the worst place to eat at. the food was so cold, i got ripped off and when asked for a receipt the worker said there was no paper, then he slamed the sliding door when i asked for a straw.

ZERO STAR EMAIL ADDRESS: iluvbobbi@yahoo.com I WENT TO CHECKERS AT 11pm 22 Dec 2011. I was denied service by the night manager working at the time. If this is the way the manager treats a customers I cannot even think how the employes treat them. I went threw the drive thru tonight to order some wings. I asked what kind do u have, then one of the workers was like aw man like it was a problem that I asked, then the manager responded that it's on the menu. (Well I don't go to checkers cause I'm not from here so of course I know it's on the menu I just didn't see it that's why I asked.) I asked may I please speak to a manager cause at the time I didn't know the person I was speaking to was the manager, so she responded I am the manager. I was trying to tell here that I didn't appreciate the comment the other worker said cause all I asked was what kind do u have and that the other person didn't have to be like AW MAN!!!!! Like it was a problem I asked. Well the manager wasn't listening cause she was like well may I have your order I said I gave it to you then I gave her my Oder again and then she said she wasn't going to argue and I told her I wasn't arguing I was just explaining. So she refused to serve me and for me to get out of her line. That was Extreemly poor customer service. I would love to have a response back please. My contact number is 813-405-6806

Too bad there isn't a 0 star rating!!! Went to the Checkers in Altamonte Springs, FL. It was on a Friday night after work my son, husband and I got $25.67 worth of food from this store. We live about 15 mins away from this Checkers. Got home my sandwiches were made wrong and so were my husbands sandwiches. Tried calling this location 6 times that night with no answer. Called the next morning before I went to work another 4 times with no answer. My husband dropped me off at work and went to the Checkers again to get our order re done. He brought me back my sandwiches, they didn't replace the entire order just the ones they fucked up. So, I go on my lunch break and the sandwiches were suppossed to be the big bufords with bacon (double meat patties). They were not again!!! After work we went to the checkers again. The manager on duty called the GM on her cell phone, the GM wanted to speak to me. I took the phone, and the GM told me I was a liar and that he made the sandwiches his self and that I was just wanting free food. Needless to say that pissed me off to no end and I told him I would be contacting corporate over this mater. I will be calling Checkers corporate on Monday. This is ridiculous!!!

I purchased food from a restaurant on Page Ave in St Louis, got home, my order was incorrect, I called the restaurant, the Manager told me to bring the burger back and they would replace it. I asked it's 20 minutes away, really, just take my name and I can come back another day. She said no, three of us saw your food being made, we know it's correct. I asked if she though I would lie about a burger, I wouldn't have called. She said you have to bring the burger back. At 11:30 at night, in my pj's, I drove back to the restaurant, at this point, a matter of principle. I knocked on the window, I was told that they have to account for the beef patties, that is why she said what she said, I said that doesn't make sense, but that doesn't account for her rude and disrespectful behavior, especially as the manager. He turned around to give my money back, I told him to keep the money and the burger and drove away. I generally attempt to rise about ignorance, but that situtation got under my skin. Why would I call late at night about a 3.00 burger. Rally's lost a customer and I will write and call everyone I can until I feel better. For any of those who read this, the Rallys headquarter number is 813-283-7000. I sent an email on the website and will be calling the headquarters tomorrow. Stepping on my pride about a cheap A** burger, a no, no..

North Augusta North Carolina walked into the store and a young woman was sitting there reading her Bible on her break..or waiting to work. A male associate walked up to her and said he wanted to do her!! The words he said were far worse..he was taunting and harassing her!! I sat there in awe that the manager would allow such conduct to take place. I have returned once since this occured and come to find out the young lady quit!! Probably due to the perverted and very disturbing boy who harassed her..who by the way was still employed there? My family and I will never return to your establishment. I have and will continue to let our friends and famlies and church members know about how poorly managed your facility is to let such behavior go unpunished!

this is the worst fast food place ever. I went to the one in Mobile,AL and the services was a disgrace. They had nasty attitude and nasty mouths. they made me pull up and never brought me out my food. After sitting and waiting for ten minute, I decided to go to the window again. My food was just sitting on the window getting cold as ice. Also, my order wasnt even correct and when I told them she tried to say I was lying instead the customer being right. Whatever not at this place. I just asked for my refund, I pray its back on there because I used a credit card and nasty girl just said its back on your card but with no receipt. Please be aware of this place....

saw add on tv went and purchased 2 cheddar bacon burgers ect. The burgers were a joke, meat 1/2 the size of the bun, sprinkles of bacon sprinkles of cheese misleading adds !!! no more checkers .

I visited Checkers in Tampa, Fl on Florida Ave. and Waters and will never go back. We ordered a spicy chicken, 2 apple pies, and 2 of the special chicken sandwiches that had the sour dough bread. We were told that they only had one apple pie. That was okay. Upon arriving at home we discovered none of the sandwiches were what we ordered but there was no sour dough bread. The sandwiches tasted like hamburgers and had nothing on them but a tiny bit of mayonnaise. Upon calling them we received a very rude person. We ended up throwing them in the garbage.

i workied for checkers in inverness i just walked out to day .. graig the owner or what ever is a very rude person.. he yells at us girls and is always touching us.. he is not a good person to run checkers.. he does not respect his workers or people that come to the window.

I was working for Checker's in Hickory NC on Hwy 127. The manager is Marcus Hannah. I received my pay check and cashed the check at Food Lion on Springs Road in Hickory and the check bounced. I talked with the manager at checkers and he stated they would not make the check good and they would do nothing about it and to quit asking about it.Food Lion is in the process of having me arrested. The manager is very poor in the way he talked to employees and the lanuage he use. As of 12 noon today I have contacted Action (9) to help resolve this. Will wait to here from someone. Brittney Huffstetler (828-855-1542)


if i could give the location at old town in kissimme florida a negative rating I would. My brother in law parked there ordered food ate it left his car there for 20 minutes and they had it towed. When the manager was asked why the manager responded you're not customers...the receipt for the order was shown and they were told the reciept was fake!!! Really. They have cabs on stand by to take you to the location where the towed cars are for 35$. Can anyone say scam. Never eat there.

Unfortuanatley I have been going to a Particular Checkers for YEARS and very rarely do they mess up my order. but this particular instance, Oct 31, 2010 I asked for a chicken club combo with some Wings, and didn't notice that it was the wrong combo . so when i got home i IMMEDIATLEY called them back and spoke to a mgr Bonnie, who said she would replace my ENTIRE ORDER just bring back the reciept. Unfortunately 2 day after i made the call when I returned they did NOT REPLACE MY ORDER, NOR DID THIS MGR REMEMBER THE CALL. Turns out she NEVER recorded my name nor the INSIDENT & the other mgr. n. rEYNOLDS DID NOT REPLACE IT.

I love checkers food but the checkers in waycross,Georgia always messes up my order they always forget to give me my fries or give me a burger instead of chicken or the wrong chicken sandwhich it really is upsetting even more so when ever i do not realize they have messed up until i get home which is forty miles away from the neaest checkers.

I truely have enjoyed my experience at 18100 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL -33179 the staffing is superb, and very respectful and with a smile whenevery i come their. And they know what i like to eat. I have truely enjoyed their services.

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the date all of this happened was saturday september18,2010

On August 7 my husband visited checkers on 18th ave in rock island Il. He placed a large order and the person on the other end refused to take his order, they were told in a very rude n mean way, that large orders were not taken thru the drive thru? And that they needed to go around n go to the walk up window: when my husband asked what's the diffrence, he began to laugh n say that the line was too long??? He very well could have taken their order n asked them to pull up, and wait for their order but instead were treated very rude, were laughed at and denied service!!!! I attemped to speak to the manager on the phone and when I asked why they refused to take my husbands order? He answered that his timer would run up.... He also was rude and very disrespectful, when I said wendys never treats their customers like this he said that I should have gone to wendys and hung up!!!! I am so angry and upset right now!!!! I will probably never visit any of ur restaurants ever again and I will make sure all and or any of my friends, family, relatives,acuantances, co-workers and any one that I may influence by word of mouth NEVER eat there!!!!! Leticia Martinez 3825 th street B Moline Il 61265 309-912-4336

This is the worst fast food experience I have had in a long time. I am sitting here at checkers drive thru, blocked in for the past 27 min.. That is entirely too long. I could have given my 7.72 to another resteraunt. This makes absolutely no sense. I am sooooo dissatisfied!

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