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don't eat at checkers in chicago on roosevelt/indepence staff an food are terriable

There has been a video of an employee, being videoed wiping a bun on the floor and then serving it to a customer. I think something should be done about this matter.

bad service

Went to the Checkers in Maryland , not only did the mess up my order, but then the manager refused to correct their mistake.

on their receipt it says to go to and tell them how they are doing,they will give you a code for a free sandwich--- after punching in the web address; it took me to a website trying to sell me stereo equipment--- totally unaccetable!


I went to checkers in Erlanger KY and after 20 minutes of everyone that came in after me got their food, I asked where mine was and he forgot about me. SERIOUSLY people if this is the kind of employees you have working for you, then you folks should be out of business. I guess I have to give a star. But its minus 1000 stars for me

Bad customer service and RUDE

This review comes from the checkers in Opelousas,La, the operator at the drive-thu window was the rudest and nastiest lady I've ever encountered at a fast food restaurant. She rushed us to order after we told her to give us a minute please, then you could her cursing in the background saying theres not nothing the menu but burgers and fires which is a complete lie. We didn't order anything because she was unprofessional. I will never in my life go back to a checkers.

Bad service not clean!!!

The checkers on old national hwy college park ga is not a good at all. They are very disrespectful and they don't put gloves on to make your food or hair net and every restaurant should be doing this to keep germs away not spreading them. This is unsanitary an not healthy for others. Ebola is going around and I don't want to get sick cause someone else is not clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hattiesburg checkers

Got to wait 30 mins for my food, and puts ketchup on my food when I tell them no ketchup.

Horrible service

Got cold burger took one bite and asked.for it to be remade they passed me the same burger back. Had my sis order a different one for me a fry lover burger. I took two bites to realize it was raw inside. I was sick all night had to go to the Dr because I'm pregnant. Bad service got dirty condiments. I called And made a complaint I never got a call back... this took place at Checkers on cambellton road. I also almost fell in the drive way from the oil on the ground.

plastic items in food

I purchased a burger and ended up biting into a pen top on 344 Baychester in the bronx

Bad service!!!

The location in Pontiac, mi is so bad! Really bad service most of the employees act ghetto. Its run down and looks dirty. The food always tastes old and not very fresh. Every single time I order something they mess my order up! I'm doing eating here!!!


Well im eating my food the sticks and fries i get half way thru and there is a black curly hair on one of my fries my burger was burnt and to top it off it took 30mins to get my food i got no receipt either.. no one go to the one on fowler ave in tampa fl store# 5154


I went to checkers on my way home from a game. I thought its quick why not? We'll I get up to the drive thru this is in lakeland Florida by the way. Anyway I get up there order my food they said it would take 5 minutes so I parked. It took me 20 minutes until I walked up there. I get up there and the lady that came to the window was rude. I get my food and it's the wrong order. We'll I wasn't going to wait 20 more minutes so I left I get home and open the sandwich and the chicken was raw!!!!! DISGUSTING!!!! I am never eating at checkers again I wouldn't recommend eating there!!!!

worst service ever!

I went to the checkers on eastbay in largo Florida I live right down the street and go there almost every day and as of today will never eat there agsin the managers and employees where very rude and greasy nasty food with bugs in it is not what people want to eat and I will be reporting them to the bbb and health department !

will never go back

I love the food but every time I have been there they are the rides people I have ever seen.I have been to the one in hinesville ga and the three in Savannah ga.Will never go back.when you have your change throne at you that's gust to much.Rating is a big 0

Checkers at westside

Checkers at westside has the worst service ever first of all everytime I go there it's always a long wait for my food then when I get it my fries is greasy and taste like old grease then on top of that I had a fly stuck to a piece of my ice they is just trifling the managers is disrespectful and rude I will just never go to that checkers again

smith's cleaning services

hi i live in broadview ill i do cleaning services i would like to do checkers in broadview illinois or please consider me in your snow remover

mozzarella sticks

Checkers need to bring back the mozzarella sticks... it's crazy how they only bring items out for a small about of time....so disappointing

your check was on 34th Street South and first Avenue in St Petersburg Florida

well they're very rude , they make your own rules about coupons very disrespectful do not let you finish your order before they cut you off

Worst checkers ever

My husband went to the checkers in oxon hill md in river town center and the service is awful!! Not only did he wait an half hour for wings , the manager was rude and disrespectful,,, all the employees in there on their phones!! Really ghetto!! Will never go there again,,, wish I could rate them with 0 stars!!!

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