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Wings and service

I went to the one in hanahan sc on Saturday. Night march 28th. The service was bad and the wings were not cooked all the way. I spend between 12 and 13 dollars on my food and I had to crook the wings and they still tasted bad.

bad customer service!!!

Worst service you really want to come here, if you like being treated like a peace of thrash! The cashier is one of the most arrogant people if ever had the displeasure of meeting!!!

Plant city fl

I love our checkers! My boyfriend can be very slow when ordering cause he is very indecisive. There always so patient with us and our food is always correct, hot, and delicious! this location is always clean and well accesible. This is the only checkers in our town and everyone enjoys it, your company should be proud to have a store this great. I was also curious is checkers ever gonna bring back the A1 cheddar burger?

I went to checkers in mobile al and my burger was half eaten when I took it out of the wrapper!

can you

Are you guys able to branch out and add a restaurant and put it in fort Myers Florida..there is a lot of space and a lot of people will. Love to have a checkers down here...its a great business decision for you guys.and great opportunity to further promote checkers

We went to a Checkers in Lake Worth Fla off Hypoluxo and when my mother was walking through the parking lot she tripped over a broken parking block with the wire sticking out My mother just had hip replacement in May 2013 and she fell to her knees scrapping her knees and bruising the top of her foot and toes. After filling out an incident report it is now 5 days and no one has called to check on her. She was in flip flops when this happened and now has to continue to wear flip flops because her foot is so swollen. Absolutely unexceptable that no one has check up on her.


False advertising. Went to Checkers today, Saw a sign advertising a Philly Cheesesteak combo for $5. It depicted slices of Cheesesteak on a bun with cheese covered with bacon strips. What I got was crumbles of cheesesteak and no bacon. I was cheated out of $5.29 plus the Checkers site wanted $25 to file a complaint.


A lot of these are reviews are complaints but I am so impressed with the checkers in Glassboro, NJ mainly because of one of their employees. I have been to this checkers so many times and she has been extremely friendly and helpful. Tonight especially I ordered four holelattas, four fish, and two medium fries. She was so patient with me she definitely has manager material. I told the manager on duty that she was great but he did not seem to really care so next time I go in there I'm going to ask that girl her name and make a call into the store she deserves to know what a great job she's doing .

Dissatisfied food

Memphis Tennessee, Elvis Priestley blvd, night shift around 2 & 3 am are lazy. I ordered a chilli cheese dog with onion and two smokin dogs and they were so burnt you couldn't even eat them. Also two spicy chicken sandwiches that were dry and hard. If it wasn't raining that night and cold I would have drove back up there.

Rude & Disrespectful

I pulled up(me and my grandson coming from his tee ball game ) to drive through female ask for my order I told her biggie fish combo she say if i want to up grade my fries Im thinking ok more fries for my grandson he love your fries so when I got my order the fish was fine but the it wasnt Fries had meat and cheeses over potato.. I drove back around told the young lady i was sorry but i didnt want that order (up grade) she told I ask if you wanted I said didnt know it was adding all the stuff on it I told her we dont eat meat ...so the manager comes over stops and look saids (with a additude) she said you want to up grade I told her my son not eatting that she says sir you dont have to be rude. I told her I wasnt if you will please may I have fries she stood there looking in my face like 2min ..She rolled her eyes. I said never mind just give me my money back she slamed the door in my face have a nice day ....It is sad that people like that getting postions like manger with not customer service skills....sad ( Market street wilmington Delaware 4/13/13 4:30PM

Highly Offended

I am a Sales Manager in Baltimore MD, and have a Checkers across the street from my dealership that has a ripped United States Flag barely attached to the flag pole outside of their store on Joppa Road. I am a US Army Veteran and find this HIGHLY offensive!!!! It has been this way for over a week now....PLEASE fix this ASAP, as I REFUSE to frequent an establishment with such little regard for this country's flag and the service men and women who protect it.

went to checkers in macon ga march 10, 2013, whoever was on the righr side drive thru about 8:00 was so rude i left and went to burger king

The worst!!!

Checkers in Hiram, Ga is terrible. Customer service is horrible and it always takes forever to receive my food. When I do get my food it's either wrong or they leave out burgers. It needs to be SHUT DOWN ASAP!!!

i work there currently, having troubles with terrible management and ghetto attitudes. they are racist and dont care about the customers.. or employees one bit for that matter.. i used to love checkers until i seen it run from the inside. i wonldnt touch that place with a ten foot pole now. they got roaches and bugs and dont care to do anything about it, and theres no a/c so ull probably get sweat in your food and catch hepatitis or something. dont follow proper food safety guidelines. very unsanitary. very unprofessional.

Are u going to reopen the Checkers in Ruskin Fl ?

Elizabeth City NC.So sad they're closed.Was waiting for a reopen.Poor location was their only down fall.And the fact that the people running it were a little abrupt and too out there with their religion,which as we've found w/the Chicken Sandwich restaurant.It's best to leave religion to Sundays and not @ a place of business.I miss their huge drinks and Fish Sandwiches.No one else can compare.Miss ya!

Checkers on 125th on broadway street gm toya norman on that. On that note this female is a horrible gm she doesnt know what she is doing 90% of the time she like to blame everyone under her for her mistakes and that store has not mice but cat size rats food flies and magets i found one in my fries one time she always goin into the store high noneducated person very disscusting and umprefesional customer service is trash store shouldnt excist 👎👎👎👎👎fuck checkers your nasty disorgonized and i will be tell all my friends and family to never go there

Checkers on sunset point and highland while I was waiting in the drive thru the assistant manager mike hit my car with the door and cussed me out for being there even tho i was in the drive thru like I was suppose to and damaged my car. I'm filing a lawsuit against this garbage ass place for the damages to my car this was absolutely ridiculous!!!

0 STARSSSS!! Worst service ever. Assistant manager didn't give me a receipt and overcharged me even after repeatedly asking what I wanted to make sure she got it right. She got the food in the bag right but overcharge me $5 and didn't give me a receipt. All assistant managers and managers were very unhelpful and rude they said they refunded the money but over 24 hours later.... NO MONEY!! And it gets better I call the area manager who proceeded to hang up on me. All very uneducated pathetic people in the management positions. I will NEVER return to checkers. This took place at the one on East colonial and alafaya trail in Orlando fl. EVERYONE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR GO TO MCDONALDS OR WENDYS OR SOMEWHERE CHEAPER THEN CHECKERS AND GET BETTER SERVICE.

Went to two checkers in the last 2months and customer service is poor. They don't suggestive sale or make eye contact. They hand you your order, take your money and close the window. No Have a nice day or nothing. And if your lucky you might get a napkin or ketcup!

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