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every month there are system problems problems

I just cannot understand why I encountered so many difficulties. Teq support I wonder how reliable are they with evaluation? The cost of a tech to come out I can never get a straight answer. Who is responsible for addressing customers concerns? I just use internet service alone.

internet monthly malfunction

I just have internet alone and tech support is not adequate enough for me. I'm with them for a few months already,and I am not confident when I call tech support some of them do not care and I can never get a straight answer on cost before they come out, even though they should be better equipped technology wise. It's a hussel and hassle dealing with this company.

Called twice to upgrade my service. I was very specific! Both times I asked for the next upgrade level that would provide a specific channel, both times I was told "Preferred!" After a third call today, regarding my bill (difficult to understand), I was told that the channel I originally asked for would have been available in the Economy Package!!!!!

Last week at 7:45 PM someone knocked on my door. I did not open the door but asked who is there. No answer. Asked again who is there. A man said that he was from Cablevision and want to talk to me about their service. Are you kidding? How desperate are you for customers that you would come and canvas neighborhoods on a dark evening. In these days of caution, when someone is at your door, and wants you to open it and you cannot be sure that they are who they say they are. Shame on you!

Service Suck

All I can say is to call NYS PUBLIC SERVICE at 18003423377 and open a case NO. Optimum said what do u want us DO. They donot care.

Fed up w/ cablevision

Cablevision has no other competition so I guess they charge whatever they want. I have the tripleplay. The cable TV channels keep showing the same movies over and over and over and over and over again. There are so many movies that were never shown on TV. Why can't cablevision show them? To to many reality shows keep showing up now. Most of them stink except for Pawn Stars, storage wars, shipping wars. Duck Dynasty is for morons!!!!!! If Cablevision does not stop showing repeats over and over (sometimes twice in one day) I am definitely changing to another company. Cablevision cost entirely too high and ripping off the consumer.

New service

I had my service switched to cable vision a week ago Friday. I was told that they couldn't set up my original phone # since they still hadn't gotten a release from Verizon. I call last Sunday. Was told a few more days. I called on Wed and was assured that my prone would have my original # working by This past Saturday. I called on Sunday and asked why? Could not give me an answere. I asked that they have a supervisor call me to explain why? It is now late Monday night. No call .... Still have temp #... This is how they treat new customers.... Shame on you cablevision.....

cancellation horror

Trying to cancel service with optimum is horrible. I understand "Optimum's Retention Department" is trying to do their job, but if a customer wants to cancel their service, why is this so very hard? Your reps for this particular department needs better training. Because of this, we will cancel all 6 of our other business accounts. Thank you retention department!

Monopolizing customers who have no other choice

I have basic service with no bells and whistles such as Showtime, HBO, etc. My costs are over $200.00 monthly with phone, internet & TV. I am the only full time bread winner in my family as my husband who was in the military lost his job due to downsizing. He is over 60 and can't find full time work. Cablevision won't offer me my old rates, won't offer any discounts or promotions (unless you are a NEW customer) or even any discount for the military because they know that they are the only game in town. One day that will change and so help me EVEN IF I HAVE TO PAY MORE (which I don't know how I'll manage), I will switch. I have had it with Cablevision and find it STUNNING that the overwhelming number of reviews here are all negative and yet Cablevision continues to ignore its customer base and these comments.

Horrible customer service

have been a cable customer for over 25 years. In the last several years service, phone, TV & Internet has been nothing but poor. I recently was convinced to switch back to Optimum after switching to FIOS. The service men that come to my house go out of their way to resolve issues, but the quality of the products are slowly getting worse. The new menu is horrible. The pause, rewind, and fast forward are even worse than ever. I have been asking for a name and phone of a corporate officer to speak with. no rsults. Seem to me corporate does not want anything to do with its customers. The representative of your company is not returning my phone calls. He assured me when I switched back that he would ALWAYS be there to handle ANY issues. LIES, ALL LIES.

Leaving Cablevision

My question is are our concerns, comments and questions falling on deaf ears or has Cablevision/Optimum become to large to respect what their customers enough to make appropriate changes to accommodate their customers? I called optimum explained that the price was way too expensive . Did they value me as a customer and offer me a better price in order to keep me as their customer? No they did not! They did however say that they were charging $133.00 and their price would be going up again in August to an additional $40.00 Today when I called they told me that their cost would go up another $15.00. But they did take a whole $3.00 off and now I pay $130.00 monthly which is way too much. Now I am forced to leave their company so long Optimum waving bye bye

false advertising

they promote free on demand and dont update any programming the mistakes and ommisions are many False claims about watching your fav programs when you can relax and enjoy them. For the fees they charge u would think that something beneficial to customers would be as promised.

Quality of services provided

I have been a cable customer for over 30 years. In the last several years service, phone, TV & Internet has been nothing but poor. The service men that come to my house go out of their way to resolve issues, but the quality of the products are slowly getting worse. The new menu is the pits. I have been asking for a name and phone of a corporate officer to speak with. no rsults. Seem to me corporate does not want anything to do with its customers.

Very poor service

Ever since we got the new program guide, our service, which was excellent before, is now terrible. The program guide does not accurately sync with the DVR and is totally unreliable. Sometimes it records the show. Sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes--and this is interesting--it'll record over 5 hours worth on a channel when it's only been programmed to record a 1 hour show. This has happened 4 or 5 times in 1 month. Customer service robotically "apologizes" but they are clueless. Verizon, here I come.

Recently I had a technician come to my home in Orange CT and she fixed the problem I reported. The technician # 3458, her name is Vanessa. She knew what the problem was immediately and explained what she had to do to correct it. Her manner was very professional and she was extremely articulate.

Cablevision is the worst company on Earth

I have been having cable TV signal issues in my house for over a month. Cablevision Technician says they need to bring in new wires because the wires are bad but their POLE is in someone else's yard!!! so they keep sending technicians out for "temporarily fixes" but the issues keep on returning! After countless empty promises, countless services visits, my INTERNET also finally went down... they sent out another tech today and he had the audacity to tell my wife ( as I was not home) that it was OUR FAULT that we should have knocked on our neighbor's door and tell them cablevision is coming! are they serious? they put their poles in my neighbors house and I am supposed to knock on their doors for them? I am paying for services I don't receive and now I have to do their work for them too? and how dare they speak to my wife, because she is a woman that it is her fault!!!!! my wife told them to get out of our house!!!! I called cablevision and they don't even care!!!! it is seriously the most unprofessional, rudest, irresponsible company on earth!! stay away from them !!!!! there are better companies out there!

Cablevision is the worst

It is now day 10, earlier today, Cablevision restored full cable tv service to 1 of my 4 tvs. 73 channels have absolutely no volume on my other 3 tvs. This has been a nightmare. I have a special needs child that depend on tv programs daily for learning. Thus far, i have spent $300+ for a portable dvd player and dvds. This has been so frustrating for my entire family. We are so done with Cablevision.


this is a horrible company to deal with been with the co for years there operator are very nasty they talk over you there right your wrong trying to muscle to make you pay 13 months a year not 12 someone needs to help disabled and people that are poor health im fighting a bill for an extra month that i know i paid help 0 rating they did this to me a few years ago quality of work is rated 0


We got SCREWED by Cablevision. Called to question my bill and the customer service representative made a change to our account. We went down from over 150 channels to the basic channels 2-13. When we called back to fix this change the company said my original package was no longer available and in order to have the channels in my original package my bill would go up $20/month. Completely unfair and after speaking with supervisors was told I'm out of luck. Currently switching companies!

Horrible company

Poor service and when you call customer service if means a credit for poor service they give you trouble.. Verizon is the way. They are so stupid they are rude and do not think this will chase away customers

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