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I was very disappointed in the conduct of the employees at the Coldwater, MI office not too long ago. It was pretty busy in there that day and almost everyone in there could hear one of the employees talking about a customer of theirs who hadn't paid their loan yet apparently. This employee was pretty descriptive about this customer and this customers personal life. I found out that a couple of the people in there knew the customer she was talking about. Many things were said about the customer that didn't seem to me to be anyone's business. It really made me feel uncomfortable to be in there, knowing that these people might talk about me sometime. It was a horrible feeling. I believe the privacy act states that they cannot disclose information about any customer. However that is what she was doing. I am going to be paying off my loan shortly and I will never do business at Advance America again. I will also be recommending to everyone I know not to do business with them. I sure wouldn't want my personal life thrown out to just anyone.


My wife and I both had an advance out in Lanett, AL. My wife called and told them that the funds were in our acct for payment and they could go ahead and process the payments for BOTH accts. They agreed (even though my wifes was not due yet). Mine was taken out but my wifes was not taken out till a week and a half later causing my bank to become overdrawn. when we called them they said there is nothing that can be done (except for us to come resign the loan to make up for the money). They said they are legally not allowed to process your check until the date the loan is due. Had they told my wife this, we would have taken the cash up there and paid it. We were given false information/mislead!!! When my wife called (during the same time I was on the phone with the manager who said she was the only one in the office) the lady she spoke to (which is the one she spoke to a week and a half prior) stated "I dont have to listen to this! Im not in the mood right now! we will contact you if we have anything else to tell you"!! Needless to say we will not be doing business with them any longer!!

I just received a call today from a "Oliver Winslow" who was acting on behalf of this company and made a demand that I pay an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money within 2 hours or I will be arrested. I urge you to do what I did: I called the local FBI and made a complaint verbal and writted via their website (call your local state and get their address) and I contacted the Federal Trade Commission and filed a complaint with them as well. This company has somehow released my private information without my knowledge and made these type of demands which is uncalled for! Do not do business with this company!!

I have a check out with this company. The assistant manager in Oakdale approached me in public demanding I call them and she did not care what my problem was I live in california I pretty sure that is against the law.

I have filed a formal complaint with the FBI for it is believed this company is in a scam with Federal Crimes Dept claiming to be out of Buffalo, NY. (already under investigation by FBI). Claims money deposited in account and when American Cash Advance goes to with draw payment they are declined. Said FCD with heavy middle eastern accents call they demand payment or the police with come and arrest with in 2 hours of call. These individuals have been given social security number, address and computer URL address. If finding are that American Cash Advance is not a part then I still hold them responsible for either giving out my personal information or being hacked and not advising anyone that has applied through their service of this breech of clients personal information.

I have been doing business with Advance America for over three years and am very appreciative of the service they provide. I do not know what I would do without their cash advance services. However, while paying back a payday loan today, I observed a very deceiving and fraudulant practice. They ( Advance America) advertises with a large 24" X 36" sign in plain view that they will accept utility payments for Electricity, Gas, Water, Phone, and Cable. After inquiring about this service I was told that they can only take electricity bill payments and no others, but they are required to display the sign regardless. Are you kidding me??? IF YOU CAN'T PROVIDE A SERVICE - DON'T ADVERTISE THAT YOU CAN!!! I will be contacting the corporate office about this believe me. Although I do not pay my utility bills at Advance America, I'm sure that a lot of others that rely on a central location to pay their bills due to lack of transportation issues would appreciate the service. Sincerely, a Loyal But Concerned Customer

no abran ni siquiera por curiosidad esas paginas de cash advance ni otras mas , yo abri una me robaron mi informacion , y me mandaron a collection , diciendo q me habian hecho un prestamo el 29 de diciembre del 2010 , cuando yo no estaba en el pais desde el 21 de diciembre,me llamaban una compania de abogaduchos amenasandome q me iban a llevar a la carcel y yo en mis cuentas nunca recibi ni un centavo de ellos , segun ellos dice q me dieron 310 dollares, y en mis cuentas de banco ni siquieran aparecen haci que tengan mucho cuidado con esas companias q ni siquieran tienen un numero para contactarlas y aclarar el tema porque sera?

my spouse had inquired about an advance in merrill wi. was told do not give loans to other payday lender (competitor) employees!! wow !! discrimnate much??

I will no longer do business with advance america nor will any of my friends or family. I understand that they have to advise you on the privacy act. And checking your eligibly to rewrite, but this drawn out statement apresbout deffered. Presebtment. In this drawn out statement makes no since and is a waste of my time. You. Plain english

Doris N.Cintron 72 * 17-th Street.,#(205) San Diego, CA 92101 (619)955-5156 Acct.011876268 To Whom It May Concern, I'm Disappointed, in Clerk "Nicole"Irregarless, What the Problem's may be She, alway's Speak To Distress and Repeat's herself Excessively and is Disrespectful to the point whereas, other Clerk come by and stand nest to her and the Public has to hear the Loudness of inbearessness caused to me has to be hear! I'm asking, The Bank to put a Stop to her and Terminate It not the Problem's it's her Poor Customer Services. Thank you, Doris N.Cintron Senior Citien

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