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former employee

this company does not care for their employees, they fire the good ones and promote the bad ones, they make you do collections and then act like they dont know if policy is violated, unless you like being called everyday before you are even due then stay away, congress needs to make changes.

checking status on a possible lending scam

Almost two weeks ago I applied for a loan online and the dude was asking for a verification fee he said it was to make sure I was able to make the first payment then he asked for a travelers fee for western union cuz I wanted it sent western union... after I sent the money I didnt hear from him til the next morning, it sounded kinda fishy so I told him to cancel it all and to send my money back.. he then told me that it would take about 7-10 business working days for it to show in my account and its so far been about that time. I guess what I'm saying is how can I find out if I was a victim or not???

no answers

I been calling the Columbia office and no one picks up the phone.....

My husband and I came into the store to do our taxes. They said they would be ready in 7-10 days. We're now on day 12 and still haven't got them. We paid an extra $100 to have them back in 7-10 days. No one wants to a five us any info or help on this matter. Not happy at all.

Not a fan

When you have employees drinking on the job, smoking and having terrible managers it is not hard to figure out you are a terrible company. When you do get a good person working for you they are fired.

Advance American puts you in the collection without notice!

Back in 2007 before I left I made sure that Advance America was paid off and know that I left they saying I'm at caught that the bank changes name I don't have nothing to do with that long as they was paid my business is mines now I'm in collection I was willing to pay they refuse my payment they haven't sent me a notice or anything all they do was to call and be rude Really now they treating me to take me to court...Collection supposed to take payment not denies your money and trying to make that person out to be the bad guy,,,,

This company Advanced America is a rip off. My daughter got a loan from the company about a yr and half ago. Well this guy from the legal office called her and stated if you don't pay the $$ today. We been sending you notices (which they haven't).There will be a warrant issued for your arrest. Call me back in 20 min, so I can tell you if the court pulled your warrant . My daughter was upset and so was I. I told her they can't do that. They are trying to make her pay triple of what she borrow. Folks be aware, be aware. This is highway robbery and the threats to. I told my daughter to file a claim with the BBB. She called the corporate office and told them what's going on, the rep stated that sounds like a scam. You only owe this much. Someone else just called her from a 911 with a heavy accent; saying were on our way to arrest you in 24 minutes. This is not a good look for this company.

I can now believe all the negative reports and reviews being said about advance America cash advance are the affiliated party that call and pretend to be some type of legal company. A male representative from a legal company called and left a message on my phone threatening to take me to court and etc... We made arrangements to take care of the debt and I paid 5 months into this debt just owing one more payment. I've been dealing with the same representative off and on for the past 5 months and now I make a phone call try and reach this representative there phone number has changed. I really don't know what's going on, but I guess I will have to get my attorney involved now.

Store on 1296 Brice Rd Reynoldsburg, OH has multiple times not opened their store on time. They also let you stand outside AFTER the fact they are SUPPOSE to be open. Then make you wait 15 minutes when there are 3 ladies in the store working and only 1 customer waiting to be helped. I can understand a late start but it seems likes every time I come in it's a bad experience.


while i do enjoy your services and im happy that such a place even exsist, but its sad to say when it comes to customer service there is none. While visiting one of your locations, i mistakenly place my tablet on the counter. While continuing my transaction. I forgot i had sat it down. Now no one will help me resolve this issuse and i really don't feel that it's fair.


I am not a fan of this company they refuse to set up a payment agreement becase they want people to stay stuck in their trap.... They should be ashamed that they are legally loan sharking and making big money on peoples poverty... They claim they are here to help us in time of need yet they are not willing to work with their customers to get them out of the trap. These companies would go alot further if they cared more about thier customers

Bad service palm coast location


Hello, I have also been receiving calls from what it appears to be a Advanced America location screaming at my husband stating that he owes money (we tried to settle this with them when they went out of business back in 2009 and the money was never withdrawn from our account) and that they will issue a warrant for his arrest, they are giving us a wrong SS# for my husband, stating he fraudulently wrote a check to them, talking about lawyers. They also stated that they send out numerous warnings to our address which we never received. When my husband and I tried to call back after they hung up they screamed at me telling me I don't pay my bills and how I am rude and if I don't pay them today not to bother calling them back. I TRUELY BELIEVE THIS IS A SCAME!!!!! PLEASE BEWARE!!!!! The guys name was ANTHONY P. something sounded like an Italian name. I have both conversations recorded through my phone and I going to the Police station in my city....and I can send a warrent out for his arrest!!!!!!!!!!

i was just wondering if your company advance america cash advance and check & credit, in also knowns as southern tier agency are affiliated in any way. they have been calling customers about fraudelant checks and threatening people with lawsuits and saying that they have sent out letters to past customers and court documents. i looked the companies up and they have an F rating with BBB. and some say they are not giving the payments to the appropriate businesses showing they the debt is paid.

I want you guys to know that if you were willing to accept what I could afford every month you would be getting your money back but as it is your company wants more than I can pay since me and my husband are no longer together and on top of that he lost his job and is still out of work. So If you were willing to take what i can give you I would be more than happy to start paying you. I delt with your office in albertville alabama.

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I obtained a loan from Check Advance in Onalaska, WI, as I have in the past. I have NEVER been late on repayment or defaulted in any way. On my recent loan, of $500, I received payment in the form of 2 checks, one for $100, repay $122, the other for $400, repayment of $488. 2 weeks later I repayed the $100 loan in full and made the $88 interest payment on the other. Before the next full payment of the remaining $488 was due, I received a letter, offering me the opportunity to repay that in 4 equal payments of $122 every 2 weeks(i am paid every 2 weeks). I called my local office to accept this offer, they said "no problem" come on in. When I arrived they stated it would now not be acceptable, I must have used this offer in the past. I had not, as well, didn't even know it was an option, and questioned further, "why".No problem, Mary, the manager said, "I can offer you a "promise to pay"...essentially the same thing, but no contract?? I arrived to make my first promised payment of $122, on time. I arrived to make my 2nd scheduled payment, on time. Before my next payment of $122 was due, AND now only a balance of $244, my check of $488 was presented to my bank electronically, and of course PAID!!! No phone call to me, no explanation, only a very inconsiderate and matter-of-fact "it has been more than 35 days" as the reason. My reply..."I only owe $244, I have made my promised payments on time WTF??? My husband and I were leaving the very next day, traveling 800 miles to see his ill mother, now, our rent check bounced, we incurred a overdraft fee AND we're down nearly $400 dollars due to the irresponsible, unprofessional act of this greedy company that that DID NOT honor the verbal contract. I attempted to at least collect the $244 already paid to them, they refused "until the check clears". Funny, it was presented electronically and cleared immediately, I had proof from my bank, but still...What kind of operation is this. Again, I have used their service several times, paid all monies back timely but am treated this way?? I will spread the word to anyone who will listen. I also have filed a complaint with the BBB and Attorney General's office.

Walked into the store in Channelview Tx. Ts people in the store were rude and did not care about anything. I walked out. I will not use this company ever.

Someone use me as a reference at Advance America 125 Gallatin Pike N, Madison, TN 37115 (615)860-4665. When the person was late making their payment a person by the name of Ronnie said that he was the manager and started leaving threaten messages on my phone as if he was leaving the message for their customer. This is not very professional at all, nor the way you handle personal business of a customer at all. I have read several complaints and it does not seem as if anything is been done to correct these mistakes. I feel as if I am wasting my time writing this, but the public needs to know about this company,especially the office in Madison, TN.

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