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WHY-WHYdid you take a way the peppermint mocha my mother is 94 she love it and so did i and others did too.so what christmas is over what about the new years holiyday.its still winter ,the other mocha flavers do not come clost to it good tase like the peppermint mocha did i would buy two for me every other day the same with my mother and boyfriend .we bought the $ 2.50 it clost $10.oo you made enought money and then some from others too.

corporate disissions

I would like to know how the big shots in Texas can shut down the only convenience store in an area know for their Christmas activities, along with letting employees and shoppers know just 2 weeks prior to closing of this store. This is the only place people have to go in West Cape May, NJ.. This is one of the oldest buildings around. Thanks 7-eleven for ruining everyone's holidays!!!

7-Eleven at 100 E Broadway, West Cape May, NJ has completely changed for the better. The manager, Dustin, turned the store around, the next manager Valerie, her assistant manager, Mariann, and their I guess lead cashier (fully devoted and always there no matter what time I came in) Judi have this place very clean, organized and now personable. I was just told the store will be closing next week (December 12th) with all their hard work and the only store I have to go to this was a poor decision. Maybe you need to see a store and its staff and how much its improved first before closing them down! West Cape May is a small town near the beach always packed, especially Christmas time. Did you also close down Santa?!

Rude Cashier

5615 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33611 ยท (813) 837-1468 older white Cashier was very rude and very unprofessional who misinterpret the cigarette law. I went to purchase cigarette for a friend (adult) but I forgot the name of the cigarette she assume that I was purchasing cigarette for someone under age since I made a phone call to ask the name of the cigarette so she stated she cannot sell them to me. REALLY. Good thing 7elevn is not the only store in the neighborhood. I would never go back in there.


very bad service on 59ave and 43rd ave cross street McDowell in phoenix Arizona they are very rude and refused me selling phones which they have phones in the showcase

I just want to say that i will never go to circle k for coffee I tryed your coffee and i love every drop of it..


i was in one of your stores last week and overheard the manager complane to a clerk, why do employees have to eat when they get to work, she said, dont you people eat at home, why do you have to eat here. i think that was so wrong, and mean, this manager has always been unkind to her employees , and customers, i have been going to this store when it was an exxon station for yrs. the way i feel is that she should be removed from manegment . thank you for your time. i hope something is done about this. san antonio, store num 36635

in your corp stores you have managers of your corp store and distric manager.that dont care if about their employee...the buling need to stop.if you dont hang or bow dow to them. they will find any way to get you out. I work by my self alot and only a partime person....I went from working at one store 3 years 24 hours plus a week down to the manager telling me we have no hours for you...find another store.so i did and i worked great with every one got work 24 to 36 hours a week...boss had to go medical leave. Acting Mang came in and she was fine for the first couple of weeks brought her own crew in and pushing me out im working now 0 hours and she has mad ever excusse why i have no hours look on came...talk to i work with im use to love my job now i dont know why 7-11 lets this happen to us good people.

I would like to know what seven eleven's policy is regarding the protection of their staff. Especially their night shift staff. I live down the street from a seven eleven where the overnight clerk was senselessly murdered for a small amount of cash AFTER he had turned over the money to these scum sucking low life thugs the murdered him and ended his life as if he was nothing!!!!! There needs to be a focus on keeping these hard working individuals SAFE and not working in fear as I am sure most of them do. This man that was murdered worked scared every night and I witnessed it first hand. I witnessed him get flash robbed about eight years ago and there has been many robberies subsequently. He continued to work hard and work afraid that something like this could happen. How sad that his worst fears came true last Wednesday morning when he was gunned down as the thugs were walking out the door with the cash that he readily handed over to their no working, no good, wastes of total space. I think that seven eleven needs to step it up. This is a different world that we live in and these people are just not safe. Mohammed Rafique Ullah leaves behind a wife and young son in a country halfway across the world. They depended on his meager income to survive and build their dream of a better life. Their dreams also died with him. I want to know what this franchise thinks about that as well. This man had no family here and I feel compelled to speak up on his behalf. Seven eleven needs to CHANGE or please explain why it is more important to keep these stores open 24 hours instead of keeping these people safe and ALIVE. RIP, Rafique. You are sadly missed and yet I can only hope that the outrage that has come about after your murder can affect a change that will make a difference.

On 8-12 at 8:30 pm I was assulted in 7-11 Makaha, Hi where I go everyday, a security was on duty but did not one single thing no report nada, this 7-11 is the only store on the island that has slideing doors which they can lock but did not. refuse to give HPD 5-O VIDEO WHERE I lost my front teeth black eye etc had to go to hospital this how 7-11 feels about their cust

The 711 store on willow grove ave in wyndmor,pa advertisescigarettes at state minimum when u buy 2 packs,I usually have to remind them of this and tonight te clerk claimed that the deal only applies to premium brands? Doesn't say that on the advertisement...I called corporate and filed a complaint..I willpost the results of the complaint here when they answer me

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I've been going into the Marstons Mills, MA 7-11 (nee White Hen) every morning now for 20 years. I see this morning the coffee cups say "Election 7-11.com" on them with "Obama" (in bold capital letters) above that. Well, frigging hell will freeze over before I go around with an "Obama" cup, so after all these years I guess I'll be going to Dunkin' Donuts form now on. What idiot came up with this goddamn promotion?

I am former employee of 7 Eleven (Franchise), it is the fact that the majority of the workers in 7 Eleven are immigrants. And as we work, we supposed to paid the over time for 40 plus hours as the Federal and most of the states law. But many times we the immigrants are compelled to work long hours, some times 12 hours a day and seven days a week. We are just straight paid for all the hours we work. Those of us who are legally migrated are at least getting minimum federal wages, but the people who dont have any legal right to work in US are compelled to work 80/90 hours per week in as small amount as 300/week.I think Corporate office of this farm need to think enforcing the state labor law even in the franchise stores too.

0 stars .. i went this morning to 7-11 in duquesne pa before my classes started i went to use f.s card well the manager owner whatever came out the back and said he was on the phone and it was on the same line that i could not purchase my item. well i said get off the phone im a customer. then he said f.s machine dont work i said u just told me you were on the phone thats why. then he said hes sending a fax. i said well it takes 1 min . he said no hes on the phone. like make up your mind. so i said well then i should get my snack then he said no you cannot and i asked for corporate main number he said im the owner of the store i said nooo the main number like is this guy serious he was so rude and he made me late

Up until resently i was an employee at the 7-eleven at 510 Hwy 277 in sonora,texas. i had been there for 2 1/2 years as assistant manager. The manager there told a friend of mine that when she were to get back from vacation she was going to put me back to regular cashier and give my position to another cashier and move a new girl who had been working for 3 weeks to manager. Also, the manager was going to cut back my hours and my pay. I didnt think that was right because a year and a half ago i had worked for a month straight when it was just the two of us to keep the store open and in good condition. we had worked hard and long hours. The manager we have now was not working there at the time. I dont think that its right that she could come in and take all that away from me. I thought you all had considered all your employees as part as your family well im pretty sure thats not how you treat family. Do you think what she is doing is right? because I sure dont. Also, I think its pretty messed up that she wasnt going to tell me this until after her vacation but my friend told me. well because of all this I desided to go look for another job and because of her i quit your company on 8/4/12. I would hope that for your other employees working there you get that resolved. You need to address the situation and not have a manager dislike the employees and ruin everything for them. Her dislike for me started by her telling me to stand up for myself and I would tell her when I didnt think something was fair and she of course didnt like that. Just get this resolved before you lose anymore employees.

I have an ongoing problem with a charge I did not get, at a 7-11, in Dallas, TX. At this point, I am disgusted, dissapointed, and very disolusioned with the 7-11 office in Dallas, Tx. I have spoken to a number of people, including Janie, supposedly in Human Affairs. They have "NOT" done what they said that they would, to resolve this problem. This problem happened on May 09, 2012. Today is Thursday, August 02, 2912 !!!!!!! I have tried to get to speak to someone in a place of authority, to get this matter resolved, but apparently, it is very difficult to get gigh enough up, to speak to an actual person in a position that I have requwsted. This is a matter of $89.39, plus another $35.00. I am a widowed, senior citizen lady, on a limited income. I can't afford this. To a lot of people, that may seem like a small amount, to me, it is a lot. I can not even get an acknowledgement letter, or a letter of apology, as promised. We as customers, can not get a phone number, to get in touch, with the correct person, to resolve this matter. I am so upset with this problem. I have heakh problems and am still grieving so much for my husband. I have to be on medication, to be able to try to cope, with the depression. 7-11 offices in Dallas, Tx. are not trying to help,

7-Eleven #29203 @ 10th and Federal in Denver, Colorado I frequent this location becuase it is next door to my work. The staff and manager are un professional and are more interested in entertaining eachother along with the various friends they have "hangin out" at the store. The employees and manager eat behind the counter while helping customers, they share their past evening escapades openly...it is a filthy store and lacking in any type of pride or ownership. I will take my business elsewhere, what a shame this store gives to the 7Eleven franchise.

I live in midland tx. And I walked in 7 eleven store #815 first off the appersnce of the store was disgusting. Secondly the sales persons 2 ladys were smoking like crazy outside with the door opened I inhaled all the smoke when I was walking in. really? I said to myself. Also their fountain machine was not workig coffee was ice cold, the so called hot dogs looked like beef jerkey...this store was the worst store ive ever been to. And ive been to some bad ones. I cant beleive the ppl they hire now a days. I had asked the lady can I have your managets name and number? She replied I am the manager.....what a disgrace they didint even have pennies to give me bk. But they were sorry alright.

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