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lack of free Lego gift with purchase

I went to the Roanoke VA store after an hour long drive I was told there were no more Lego gift with purchase left. They said they are only sent a few but they continue the advertising for it. Very disappointed and they didn't get my businesses. They said that it happens all the time. I had thought a lot of this store before. I won't go back.


Giant rip-off & unbelievable follow through...Do not purchase egift cards...Impossible to track or redeem....

baby registry

Aweful...Items big ticket items out of stock cribs, strollers, car seats...items exclusively made for toys/babies rus...no one knows when item will be in...one computer says they have in stock another say 0 in stock.told me to call different store as their computer says they have 3..registry says ship to store/store pick-up..but NO STORE HAS THE ITEM..corporate shows items in stock...another computer says 0 in warehouse and NO ONE knows when they will be getting this item not guest relations no one...

abuse of power

This mediocre manager loves his power so much that when you ask for help in a department in not so many words he tells you you can do it yourself.

Went Christmas shopping for my daughter with my husband as we are at checkout I hand the cashier $330 he counts it and says it only $280 and he recounts it 4 times I snatched the money back and recounted it to him and again it was $330 he only put $300 on my receipt and charged my husband card $76.03 mind you my total was $376.03. On top of that he never gave my all my bags he had behind the counter. I have called that store 7 time to be told they are still investigating with no call back like was promised. I am beyound pissed and gave you guys enough time to do what you needed to do to get me my stuff and my money back. I work in the customer service industry and this company has shown poor customer service I want a response or a call back now!!!


I am very upset if anyone in your corporate office cares. I ordered something for my nephew and niece . I was never notified to pick up merchandise and it was cancelled on the 19th and Christmas is on the 25th. I call the store in Miami where I ordered the merchandise for pick up and they never pick up the line. I call your 1800 number and Amanda was not helpful at all. very poor service.


Order twice online for my grandson Christmas gift they said it was on stock I call back on December 24,2013 to see was going on with my order and they tell me sorry out of stock we b refunding ur money really so thanks to TOYS R US my grandson won't b having a gift SO DISAPPOINTED twice

Very poor and fraud Company

I ordered a toy for my grandson online. They accepted my payment and billed my credit card. After nearly 30 days they cancelled my order saying they may not stock this item in a while and they were offering me a refund. I think this is a crime to use someones money for nearly 30 days then not provide the merchandise that you promised. They should have offered a substitute for the item. I will never shop toys-r-us ever again. Don't try to call corp. they are all foreigners and hang up on you. This is a sad company and should not be operating within our borders. They are frauds!!!!

Customer Service/ hold times

Customer service at toys are us SUCKS. They are rude and not helpful at all. You call and you are on hold for ever and ever, then some comes on is rude and puts you on hold again!!!

Poor Customer Service

I have had a very poor experience with your store and with a guest service worker. I will not be doing anything with your store then pay online for it again your layaway program is very poorly done and when you call to ask no one knows what they are doing and what is going on so your money is floating in the air for five or more days.

Television commercial false advertisement

Television commercial Stated store wide savings, buy one get one at 75% off 2 days only Friday and Saturday Dec. 7 & 8, well this was entirely false, on selected toys there was buy one get one 50 percent off, on selected bonus twice it was an additional 25 percent off, after spending four hundred and fifty plus dollars I will never shop at toys r us again, due to their fault advertisements.

Customer Services

I was on hold for over an hour and still no one picking up the phone the nearest store to me is over an hour away .Dont want to waste my gas and travel to the store and leave empty handed .Call customer serivces and was told that they are to busy to answer the phone .I thinks a new CEO is need .and new stakk is needed -ta

Black Friday sale

After waiting in line for like an hour and a half I came to find out there were no more leap pads the ad said 1 per costumer well I saw several people with a bunch of them why advertise something that you will only have 20 of them and on top of that let other people buy more than one I'm just very upset.


Try calling the headquarters to speak to someone and you get thrown into a maze of circling automations until you just get frustrated and hang up! If they don't want to talk to people, why have a phone number! It's like Facebook....you can never reach anyone!


my mother in law bought my son and daughter both a corvette bed they had the red bed for my son avil. but the pink one we had to order it they told me is would be in thur. or sun. sun. has come and gone i called they told me next thurs or sun day when i called the first thur they told me that is on the truck and on the way well where are they coming from that take 2 weeks when the first said 7 days i dont get it never again now my daughter is just waiting saying why does he have a new bed and not me come on now toys r us get it together


I put a layaway in for the first and last time with toys r us!!! I went to go make a payment last week to be told my layaway had been cancelled and not by me!! So I proceed to ask shouldn't this person have been asked to show id? Where the girl shrugged and said well yea!! This person who cancelled my layaway got all of my money back in there pocket. After not hearing back for a few days I went to the store, when I did not like the response I was given I called guest services, only the next day to receive a call stating this was not a corporate level issue!! I tried to call the store today only to have no return call! Big surprise!! What is wrong with people!!

jopubs the

I was trying to buy books at Toys R Us & noted there were no books re black, asian or other diverse books for 3 to 4 year olds. I was trying to find these types of books and alas there were none. This is a diversified world which is not soley white, but blacks, latinos, asians, etc. I was disturbed your store only had books for white children. Why? My grandchild was turning age 3 & I do not want her growing up thinking this is soley a white world as in her grown up world there will be more diversity than at the present time; more than likely a brown world. Thank you.

Former Employee

I DO NOT recommend anybody working for this company. They are not consistant on keeping store managers. They got rid of a store manager that everyone liked working with and went threw 4 store managers since then.The current store manager fired a man because of his religious beliefs. She wrote someone up because they got sick and was in the hospital and had a doctors note. She even passed up someone that's been there for 4yrs on a promotion twice and moved her ex-coworker from another state to do the job. She is very ignorant and ill mannered. I don't know why they would hire a person as such to run a store that is suppose to have good customer service. Worst manager in Orlando FL (8751). The Hr or DM doesn't not care and let her do whatever she wants after all the complaints that they got from the whole store about her actions. They never followed up behind her to make sure we as employees are comfortable and they wonder why the turnover rate got bad after she got there.

purchased a baby compactum in Feb 2013, we now going into July 2013 and after 2 broken compatums delivered to a third delivery of something we did not purchase and absolutely no response from the gateway branch other that they will come remove one door and put new handles on????????????????? poor service

Great Protection Plan

I bought a table set for my 3 year old last year. After 15 months of use, the table started squeaking. I called NEW, told them there was damage due to wear and tear and they sent a gift card with the original amount, including tax, in 10 days. On top of it, they did not ask for the table set to be shipped back. All they said was that I could dispose off the table in an eco-friendly manner and buy a new set with gift card. I will definitely buy protection plans with my future toys r us purchases.

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