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I say it is time for everyone to report their problems with Tire Kingdom to Consumer Affairs since no one from Tire Kingdom wants to address the thousand of complaints they receive.

repair n customer service

took my daughters car in to have valve cover gasket changed. went back next day to pick it up and now car is idling at 7000 RPMs. they rufuse to fix it due mechanix neglect n district manager called myselfand daughter liars. he raised his voice yell at us saying hia mechanic dis nothing wrong and that the issue was our fault. will never step foot into another tire kingdom ever


paid someone to drive me to the jupiter location for an syntheticc oil change left car and clled two hours later to see if it was ready because no one called me back as promised said car was ready returned for pickup not only was car not ready they had not even started on it

Terrible service techs

While I was in the Punta Gorda FL tire kingdom I observed several employees hanging around in the back working on a personal vehicle while other people continued to do their jobs-working on customer cars. Why does the same guy keep getting tickets to work on while everyone else is working on 1 car?

throwing away busi ess

Went in to get line of credit for 1000 dollars and was turned down. Was sent letter saying my credit was not good enought . Applied for a home loan 2 weeks later and was approved for 150.000 dollars. How is this possible?

bad company

This company is bad. My car has been in one of their shops since Oct 1 and I can't even get into contact with any manager or anyone to help me. People keep giving me the run around and numbers that all you can do is leave a message. Do not take your car to any NTB location shops because you will not get your car fixed properly and I have already paid them $1300.

Run Away!!

You better be on your P's & Q's with this place because they will rob you for every penny you've ever had.

another wronged customer

They said they could align a 1977 corvette, well they didn't even know how to find the required settings, and totally messed the car up.


Bob's quality flooring llc I want to give u a flooring bid for tire kingdom store on 27 lake wales. Thank you.

Scratch the rim of my special edition Rim of my new car. Employe was not trained to be careful working on new car. They have to pay for the damage cuz it is an expensive Rim of a car.

Great Job

I had all kind of work done at Waycross tire kingdom. it was done great. I hated to see them leave.

Slowing worker

Ok, I was getting oil change and not a busy day at shop. It took two hour get my oil change and tire rotate. All they do is being lazy slow walking, drinking, talking, and even sit. There were no other cars. How hard to get oil change for 2 hrs. They don't serve get paid. Somehow if come with idea to timer car in shop and out.

Wait Time is Too Long!

I called Tire Kingdom in Matthews NC and the man that answered the phone interrupted me every time I spoke. He is very tall and has gray hair. I called him an hour and a half before I came. He told me that it would be 3 or 4 hour wait. I went there and it ended up to be a 6 hour wait! I only got an oil change, 4 tires, and an alignment. I have heard others talk about how long it takes at this Tire Kingdom. What can be done about this? I can not wait everytime like this. Something needs to be done. When I was waiting some of the customers in waiting area was saying the same thing. Please help!

damaged my car

They put my car on the lift and put the holders on my outer frame and bent it. Then said we didn't do that when I watched them. Cooperate is just as bad made a complaint and never heard back after they said 2 weeks its been 3 months.

freeze plugs

I dropped mt truck off at 11am, 2pm they call for ok on work. Call 2 hours later at 4pm to tell me they cant work on my truck till the next day Is this seriously how this company does business. Well here is one customer that will NEVER be back.I am glad this company can afford to lose customers like this. Now I have to lose a days pay due to this issue that no one will discount nor repay my days pay. How does this company sleep at night with the way the treat their customers

Ruined my rims

I bought their top of the line Michelins. I could see the guy having a really hard time getting the tires on my rims. Then he comes to me to tell me that my rim is bent. then I saw that all my rims were scratched and gouged. They claimed they were not responsible. I polish my rims all the time and I know they were responsible. This was at the Pompano Beach store on US1

Terrible Service

Slow service, recommended service without inspecting auto first. 5 hours to patch a tire, never called me when service was done. Tire rotation took 2 hours...

Don't Bother!

So many things were wrong with my experience, it's hard to start anywhere. Without too many specifics, they(the Boynton Beach location on Congress) didn't balance my tires and, when told, all they could do was say "get in and we'll fix it"...but you always, always have to wait 1 1/2 hours even with an appointment. No apology, nothing. At night, they say they only have one person on and they won't get to your car. Geez... They sold me a tire (Michelin) that was a year and a half old when they put it on. When I said that's an unused but not new tire, she told me they "can sell tires up to 5 years old and do it all the time". Holy cow! A tire's life is only 10 years and they're selling us tires with half their shelf life gone...and don't say a word. There's more that was just awful but you get the picture. A real disaster. There's too many other places (Costco, etc.) that are honorable and


I bought two new tires at Tire Kingdom. According to their advertisement, installation and alignment were included in the price. However, they didn't have the right equipment to align them. So they sent me to another Tire Kingdom. Of course, since all Kingdom shops have the same equipment, the second one didn't have the right equipment either. Therefore, I had to go to a Chevrolet dealer and I had to pay $62 for alignment. I feel the first shop was just laughing at me and wanted to get rid of me. They made me pay for the whole service, including alignment, knowing I wouldn't get alignment at the second shop. When I came back after paying for alignment at Chevrolet, they refused to reimburse me. I will never do business again with Tire Kingdom.


Outstanding place to take your car to for tires and any other repair. The mechanics have done a superb job on my subaru, mustang and our truck. Stewart the manager needs Kudos for running such an outstanding shop. i will keep telling everybody to use this store in Merritt Island Fl. Everybody we have sent there are thrilled to bits. Thankyou merritt Island Fl

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