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Will never return to any Starbucks. Will be sure to pass this on to all my friends, family, and coworkers. Your decision to throw Israel under the bus, is what you will see soon in your lack of sales. Sick of all the haters out there. You will see that your actions will be returned to you two fold.

Bilingual District Manager Opportunity

I love starbucks, and enjoy their many blends of coffee, tea, etc.. I truly would like an opportunity as a district manager, and willing to do an internship if needed. I do have 5 years experience at Walgreen as retail manager with a ending salary of 44,000 yearly, so I can handle lots of small details, ordering, etc... I am from Texas but would like an opportunity, I am bilingual and have been applying but no luck.. :/ zavala.sari at gmail .com. Hopefully can receive an opportunity, I love the caramel macchiato and the pumpkin spice drink ..yummy.


I waited for 28 minutes in the drive thru for 2 regular coffees one hot and one iced, when I asked for complimentary cards the manager said no we don't have give those out those are only out of the kindness of our hearts, so I guess they weren't feeling kind?

not good

i used to love to sit at barnes and noble, and drink your coffee.. they told me i was not allowed to bring my own muffin,/roll from home... so you lost a great customer!

I was feeling a little warm in this humid weather we've been having and decided to the "STARBUCKS STORE" Downtown to cool me off, the Store at 600 West Broadway I experienced a lack in customer service I had asked for a replacement for my Carmel macchiato-beverage and was refused, the front door was open so why couldn't they replace the coffee, customer service is #1 priority to a customer this is the first and only time I've ever experienced a refusal and it doesn't happen very often because Starbucks has been good to me throughout the years.

Poor Service

I go to Starbucks at least 5 times a week. I love Starbucks! I recently moved to Los Gatos and started to go to a Starbucks on Santa Cruz/Los Gatos Blvd across from Walgeens. There are no business cards with the managers name on it BUT this store has the worst service I have ever experienced! The staff are slow, they gossip. Amongst themselves and ignore customers, they also qui ky their cappuccinos, do not scoop the foam on top!!! Poorly made and very unproffesional. I am a CEO of a software company and treated as a 5 year old! Horrible manners, the store needs a hygiene inspection and I will be reporting it to the city

Best service

I visit Starbucks like 20 time in a month at the Muddy branch in Giathersburg , Maryland. The staff there is so courtesy and friendly. The address all of there customer by there first name and is so helpful with addressing any question you have no matter how silly it is with a smile.


This is a small store but the service is sooooo slow! There will be a line to the front door with only ONE cashier and shes sweet but very very slow. They never address you by name even after I've been going there for 3 years now if not longer. I will drive to Tarpon Springs over this store anyday

bad service

I have been going to starbucks for the last 5 years, I went today and the guy who took our order screamed at us, I then asked what his name was, he would not give out his name instead a young lady came out and said "I am sorry but it is happy hour and he is frazzled." This will be the last time I go to a Starbucks, if I need to be treated bad. I will go to Einstein!!!


I go to Starbucks about 12 times a month and get a coffee and Blueberry scone. I really like the previous way you made scones, triangular with substance. The new scones are square, smaller and cakelike soft. Can you go back to the previous method?

Disabled & Burned

I was badly burned by coffee, disabled and in wheelchair. No help even after large welts from burn came up. I could not handle the coffee and obvious.

television radio

The attitude at Starbucks incredible. Twice this week. Where has customer service gone?

poor customer service

The Starbucks here in Los Angeles California on the corner of 2nd and central have poor customer service. They are very rude to disables persons and refusing to serve them when they come to dine at this particular location.


I love Starbucks coffee but sometimes I like to have a latte and is can't drinks cows mike or soy. Why do you not carry rice or almond milk.

A/C on

Why is it necessary to have the a/c on when it is 25 degrees in NYC . ( store in parkchester , Bronx

Very rude staff!!

My son and I went into a santa fe, NM starbucks across from the Walmart super center to exchange a couple bags of coffee we received as,a gift. That staff treated us like we were homeless loosers and demanded we leave the store. I was shocked to say the least. I will never return to this store again. Starbucks, please train your staff on how to treat the customers. Wow, unbelievable!!

Customer service/disability discrimination

Refused entry to a white male veteran with a service dog. Poor customer service, poor education/knowledge on the part of the employee and store manager. Have the entire staff attend disabled persons sensitivity training. Would the employee have challenged a black/hispanic (includes women) person in the same manner? And Starbucks lost a paying customer. Ref: Starbucks at 5535 Memorial Drive, Houston TX

insane weather policy

I have been a starbucks ust for many years now & even use them for gift cards I give to customers- well no more! Its 2:41 pm on thuesday afternoon in Alpharetta Ga & I cant find a store open! They all have signs up blaming the weather. Now keep in mind its 39 degrees & light drizzle! Also, keep in mind its not going to freeze until tomorrow! Someone at corporate is drinking the mayor of Atlanta's koolaid! Dunkin Donuts here i come!

Poor Customer Service

I'm a regular gold card holder and frequent the Starbucks in Lexington, SC. I'm sad to say that it is consistently the worst and slowest Starbucks I have ever been in. The majority of the staff is not friendly and mistakes are frequent with NO apology whatsoever! The drive up is a joke. It is nothing to wait 20-30 minutes. If I had a choice of another Starbucks in this town I would definitely switch but unfortunately this is the only one in close proximity. Missing my Awesome Colorado Starbucks!

Poor Employee and manger Bahavior

I am really disappointed when I have been at all the Starbucks in Sacramento CA. The employees are very unprofessional and so is some of the managers there. I go to the establishment and they make facial expressions to annoy me. I noticed that they are really polite to other customers and not me. I don t understand hoe they can be so unprofessional and behave in inappropriate behavior. What I cannot understand is why is it that I get singled out from the rest of the customers. I go into the Starbucks and mind my own business. I sometime buy a coffee and go on my laptop, but to single me out from the rest of the customers that is not being professional at all. I have never been rude or disrespectful to any of the employees.

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