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brussels airport

i have written a letter to Srbucks corporate headquarters as i was appalled attheir attitude atthe Brussels airport when Iwas returning home on a delta flight. we were given a vcoucher by the airpline for lunch as we were detained 2 hours. I have written what the circumstances were in my letter and think this should be rectified inthe future. coffee was good but the cupcake was not edible.


Although I enjoy going to Starbucks, it was always the employees that made it enjoyable. Now they can't talk to the customers, because of your efficiency experts. They rush you thru the drive thru because of your efficiency experts. It is no longer your casual coffee show, it has become a coffee "McDonalds" in and out. At some point I would like to see changes that help your clients not your bottom line.

Customer over 15 yrs

Well I think training for the ones making the drink has gone down hill . I go to the Starbucks in Oxford/ Anniston the 24 hour one . I have had nothing but problems withy chai milk being sour to syrup being bad , putting coffee in my Chai , making it with water instead of milk or you tell them no water extra 2 pumps and the drink still taste like water. And they laugh it off. Then if u ask them to remake it they get all pissed off . The Oprah Chai is no better I ask for 2 extra pumps and still fast bad . I have given this Starbucks many opportunities and this was my last the one down the road in target never has a problem and asks if it's ok and fixes it . I would suggest some revamping cause I have complained to management with a shrug and oh I'm sorry .

We deserve it too!

I'm an avid Starbucks drinker along with my two daughters and son... well, was is more the term now. All due to finding out that you guys use GMO milk and Carmel color IV in your products when it isn't necessary! You don't use it in the UK because they wouldn't let you get by with it! It's poisoning your customers here in the USA but you don't care!! I demand you start using organic milk and stop using Carmel coloring IV that crap is considered a carcinogenic! Shaking my head with the double standard here!!!


I wish the Cards with the sea hawk head were being distributed around the Seattle/Tacoma area again...

Just wondering

Why do you take away my earned coffees. I have paid and earned them, why must you put an expiration date on them?

Something Positive

My local Starbucks is nothing more than an EXTREMELY POSITIVE environment to be in. The manager, district manager and ALL the baristas are friendly and have the most positive attitude and prayer is one of the things that we all have in common. My friends and I love to go there and meet.

About to hire a lawyer

Starbucks located in auburn ma. Not once, not twice, but three times on three different visits I've hit my head on their pendant lights hanging so low. They purposely moved their tables around to where everyone smacks their head on these things. And what did they do last time?? Laugh when it happened to me!

Not happy

So I went to my closet Starbucks for the promotion of buy one get one free from 2nd to 6 pm well I was told that they don't do that promotion because it's a target store but you still charge the same as any other Starbucks I hate this I ended up paying for both drinks

Really Starbucks!

Went in to my local town Starbucks today which I frequent often to ask permission to post a flyer for a local family who's 1 year old daughter was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. I could not post this because it is prayers for Peyton lane and Starbucks corporate will not allow anything religious to be posted. This family is asking for prayers and support and Starbucks finds this offensive or what??? Time to revise your policy so local Starbucks are allowed to post material to help families in their communities. Get a heart Starbucks!!!

Bad Company

I live by the Starbucks in West Village in uptown Dallas and the night manager Manny and his cronies are harassing the customers.They go in and out of the location all hours of the night. This guy gives the bars free coffee in exchange for alcohol beverages. He closes the location before the scheduled time and curses people out. You can have this place.

Great Service

My husband and I visit Starbucks in Robinson Township, PA multiple times a week. The manager at the store knows us by name and the staff is extremely friendly. When you add to the tip jar, they are so greatful that you thought of them. They are always curtious no matter how busy or hetic the store is. The drive thru is sometimes backed up but when I have gone to the window, they have apologized for the wait. Great Job

rude and very poor service

I been going to starb for the last 10 year's 30 day's out of the month never missed a day except if I'm sick.... the one time I complain the were so rude and made me actually cry I was all that because I asked them for less and more thing's it really add e's up but it looks like they could care less will that is my last day thnx alot for showing me how I was waiting my money on somethg so not worth it.....

Will never return to any Starbucks. Will be sure to pass this on to all my friends, family, and coworkers. Your decision to throw Israel under the bus, is what you will see soon in your lack of sales. Sick of all the haters out there. You will see that your actions will be returned to you two fold.

Bilingual District Manager Opportunity

I love starbucks, and enjoy their many blends of coffee, tea, etc.. I truly would like an opportunity as a district manager, and willing to do an internship if needed. I do have 5 years experience at Walgreen as retail manager with a ending salary of 44,000 yearly, so I can handle lots of small details, ordering, etc... I am from Texas but would like an opportunity, I am bilingual and have been applying but no luck.. :/ zavala.sari at gmail .com. Hopefully can receive an opportunity, I love the caramel macchiato and the pumpkin spice drink ..yummy.


I waited for 28 minutes in the drive thru for 2 regular coffees one hot and one iced, when I asked for complimentary cards the manager said no we don't have give those out those are only out of the kindness of our hearts, so I guess they weren't feeling kind?

not good

i used to love to sit at barnes and noble, and drink your coffee.. they told me i was not allowed to bring my own muffin,/roll from home... so you lost a great customer!

I was feeling a little warm in this humid weather we've been having and decided to the "STARBUCKS STORE" Downtown to cool me off, the Store at 600 West Broadway I experienced a lack in customer service I had asked for a replacement for my Carmel macchiato-beverage and was refused, the front door was open so why couldn't they replace the coffee, customer service is #1 priority to a customer this is the first and only time I've ever experienced a refusal and it doesn't happen very often because Starbucks has been good to me throughout the years.

Poor Service

I go to Starbucks at least 5 times a week. I love Starbucks! I recently moved to Los Gatos and started to go to a Starbucks on Santa Cruz/Los Gatos Blvd across from Walgeens. There are no business cards with the managers name on it BUT this store has the worst service I have ever experienced! The staff are slow, they gossip. Amongst themselves and ignore customers, they also qui ky their cappuccinos, do not scoop the foam on top!!! Poorly made and very unproffesional. I am a CEO of a software company and treated as a 5 year old! Horrible manners, the store needs a hygiene inspection and I will be reporting it to the city

Best service

I visit Starbucks like 20 time in a month at the Muddy branch in Giathersburg , Maryland. The staff there is so courtesy and friendly. The address all of there customer by there first name and is so helpful with addressing any question you have no matter how silly it is with a smile.

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