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why does a picture of a toilet show when you google Starbucks at Lincoln R.I. 02865? and also gives a Target Store phone number as there number

Woodland Park, CO Starbucks

The resolution I would like to see is V fired. I am actually afraid to go back to the Woodland Park store for fear of having to deal with her again. I would also like my drink made correctly without having to pay extra for something that I should not be charged extra for. I would like to be treated with respect and value as a long time faithful customer. I would like the manager and regional director to call me and apologize for V's behavior and statements to me. I would like to know that the employees at this store will receive customer service training, and training on how to ring up drinks on the drive-thru computer.

poor treatment by staff

13th &chestnut philadelphia, blond girl refused to allow a uniformed police officer to use the rest room, and loudly embarrassed him. Check facebook. She should be fired.


Sadly, Starbucks made the list of donors to Planned Parenthood. I have made a personal decision to no longer spend my money at Starbucks.

U suk

Not excellent but server better than food deserved

Earl grey tea

Hi, you guys should make an earl grey tea frap! It would be great. You guys have green tea fraps so why not earl grey tea?

Green tea

I am very dissatisfied that starbucks is no longer selling zen green tea. The stores keep trying to sell something that is not true green tea. Jade citrus mint is not a true green tea, it is mixed. Bring back true green tea.

inadequate seating

People come to your coffee shop to enjoy the drinks and enjoy visiting with friends. The shop on Trabuco in Lake Forest, CA, lacks adequate seating for your customers.. The staff is nice and it would be great if more seating was available, now that we are experiencing colder temps. Either way....more tables and chairs are needed.

Wrong product

I went to a store in Union city California and as a gold card member I called the corporate office and got this problem rectified and my money credited back to my gold card I am very satisfied with the outcome of this incident

Really a BUCK!

I think it's a crying shame you are having employees work Christmas Day! Is making a extra BUCK more important to this company then family? Looks that way.... Guess I know I want be supporting this place any longer!

Komodo Dragon

I just heard that you are discontinuing this coffee. Why on earth. I buy five bags a month, along with several others I know., Please do not do this. I live in Boone, NC.

no more for me

l will not support you, guess its Folgers from now on. You may not support war, but should still support the troops.

I will not support you if you don't support our men that protecting our great nation.


HEMET, CA STARBUCKS. I had #3 starbucks vouchers in the amount of $5.00 each. An employee saw them and offered to transfer them to one starbucks gift card and did so. The next morning when I went to use the card, I was told there was no money on it! When I explained what happened and asked for a manager I was told...I must go take it up with corporate!

poor service and cold coffee

I am a daily visitor to the Bolsa Chica and Heil location.... And 6 times in the last 2 weeks when ordering coffee I received luke warm coffee.

Daily customer 15 years

Totally upset because I do not live in a certain part of the United States that Starbucks in my area will no longer serve holiday drinks with egg nog .they always ruin a great thing , and I will never patron their coffee shop ever again .

brussels airport

i have written a letter to Srbucks corporate headquarters as i was appalled attheir attitude atthe Brussels airport when Iwas returning home on a delta flight. we were given a vcoucher by the airpline for lunch as we were detained 2 hours. I have written what the circumstances were in my letter and think this should be rectified inthe future. coffee was good but the cupcake was not edible.


Although I enjoy going to Starbucks, it was always the employees that made it enjoyable. Now they can't talk to the customers, because of your efficiency experts. They rush you thru the drive thru because of your efficiency experts. It is no longer your casual coffee show, it has become a coffee "McDonalds" in and out. At some point I would like to see changes that help your clients not your bottom line.

Customer over 15 yrs

Well I think training for the ones making the drink has gone down hill . I go to the Starbucks in Oxford/ Anniston the 24 hour one . I have had nothing but problems withy chai milk being sour to syrup being bad , putting coffee in my Chai , making it with water instead of milk or you tell them no water extra 2 pumps and the drink still taste like water. And they laugh it off. Then if u ask them to remake it they get all pissed off . The Oprah Chai is no better I ask for 2 extra pumps and still fast bad . I have given this Starbucks many opportunities and this was my last the one down the road in target never has a problem and asks if it's ok and fixes it . I would suggest some revamping cause I have complained to management with a shrug and oh I'm sorry .

We deserve it too!

I'm an avid Starbucks drinker along with my two daughters and son... well, was is more the term now. All due to finding out that you guys use GMO milk and Carmel color IV in your products when it isn't necessary! You don't use it in the UK because they wouldn't let you get by with it! It's poisoning your customers here in the USA but you don't care!! I demand you start using organic milk and stop using Carmel coloring IV that crap is considered a carcinogenic! Shaking my head with the double standard here!!!

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