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tips for carhops

I was wanting to know " As a cargo get to do those tips come out there check or is it there money period and they still get pay 3. 15 or 4 without the tips coming out of there checks

Sonic drive in

I went to a sonic drive in on south mendhall memphis tn aug 9 2014. I had a great time the carhop was nice and she checked back on me. It took a wile to get my food the looked as if they was short handed. When my food did come it was hot

What happened?

something went really wrong. Along with my burgers, we purchased Onion Rings. The large order of Onion rings came with 5 rings. They appeared to have been coated with corndog batter because they looked like donuts, there was so much coating on them. I love onion rings, but, I could not eat these. I tried one and had to try to pull the batter off. Took pictures to send to the home office.

Wilson, NC

My mom, my sister and I went to to the sonic in Wilson, NC. My mother got a vanilla milkshake; along with spending 24.00 there; She got her milkshake, it was hot watery and sloppy. She asked for a thicker milkshake and they told her that--"THATS HOW ALL MILKSHAKES ARE MADE HERE". She asked for her money back, and they said well, we will give you a sweet tea. I will not go back there!!!! The service was terrible along with that, it took 10 min to get ketchup.

Anti 2nd Amendment Company

Due to Sonics decision to not allow LEGAL gun owners on thei restaurant properties, my family and I will no longer patronize Sonics. Only criminals will be allowed to bring guns on Sonics property. Good Luck honest law abiding patrons.

Please try to put a sonic in New York city ,just love the food. Only can get it when I travel away for work ,so not fear.

Bad Food/Service

Every time I go to this one particular Sonic, I get crappie food and sorry service. I'm getting tired of spending my the kind of money I do for a burger, fries, and a drink. For seven dollars and forty-six cents I COULD do better cooking my own burger. My food is always cold and my drinks are more fizz than flavor. Thanks Sonic for not being as good as you use to be.


My favorite food at sonic was chilli pies and I live in sikeston mo and they took them off the menu, I use to get them every day, please bring them back!

I have ate at sonic all around Texas but the 3 worst are in my home town of Aransas pass, Tx. including Ingleside and Portland. I have never had a problem with any other sonic other than the ones in the ones that I mentioned, if I want good service I guess I have to drive to corpus Christi where I can get my order right the first time and not 3 times

Horrible service going to sonics in las vegas across from palms casino has only one person servicing the front on a saturday nite at 9:30 pm? Can u say bad managemeb and then this stupid corporate wants people who complain to type in these dumb numbers to make it difficult to complain. Plus the food was cold


i had a bad experience at sonic today. the waiter was very rude to me. when i got home i saw that they had messed up my order. everything i go to sonic they are rude or get my order wrong. i am very upset.

Tips needed!

Please add a tip line to your receipts and debit card machines. I almost never have cash on hand, but the serving staff is usually excellent. The only thing I don't like about Sonic is the missing line to add a tip. Thank you for your time.

I eat at Sonic breakfast most everyday. I love the southwest chipotle burritos I was told that they are being discontinued because corporate believes that the y are n ot making enough money to continue. I don't know about everywhere else but they sell extremely well here in Holly Springs, MS. Sorry to see them go, hope you start them back up again soon. By the way , this Sonic is #1 in customer service to me.

Racism in Belton, Missouri

I am so disgusted by the racism that was shown by Sonic in Belton, Missouri. You allowed your restaurant to advertise and advocate racism. I will never again eat at your restaurant and I will make everybody I speak with aware of how Sonic promotes racism!

No Cheese, Why Pay For Cheese?

Im in agreement with all these here. Why have you changed to charging for something we dont want. If you like your cheese, you can keep your cheese, I dont want your cheese, and your web site doesnt have an email to even contact you, we have to go hunting to find a way to leave a comment. I liked the old Sonic, is this related to the ACA, I want to keep my old Sonic, but you took it away to give me something more expensive!!!


Have been buying Sonic burgers for long time. I don't like cheese on them. The menu on the board only offers cheeseburgers on the large ones anymore. Sonic use to offer either way but now don't. I tell them that I don't want the cheeseburger but a hamburger and that I don't want to pay for the cheese, however they still charge me the full price. They use to give you a choice. Hamburger or cheeseburger if you wanted the cheese THEN you paid extra for it. I don't like to have to pay extra for cheese when I don't want it. Could you please make a change back to the old way or either not charge for the cheese extra? Like the food but may stop eating Sonic if this continues. Sincerely

It seems the Sonic at 7000 NW 39th cannot get an order correct. Everytime we order we get a wrong order. Tell me if you order 2 cheeseburgers with lettuce, pickle and mustard - why did we get 2 cheeseburgers with TOMATO, MAYO, and believe or not we got the pickle correctly. Don't worry, we won't be back.

Ripped off

I purchased breakfast at the Sonic on NW 23rd and Penn this morning... I gave the cashier a twenty and he gave me back change for a ten.... I will never go there again, because when I called to inquire about it, the manager, who must have been in on it, said I gave him a ten because he made change for it.... That was a lie because the guy that took my money made change for it in front of me... I drove off thinking I had made a mistake... I counted my drawer down and was exactly ten dollars short.... You have a bunch of thieves working for you......

Marketing Strategy

I don't like cheese and I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world who does not like cheese. I do not like to order a "Cheeseburger" without the cheese to get a "hamburger." On 4 different occasions, I have gotten home after purchasing a hamburger to find that I have a cheeseburger. Hard to scrape off too. It is always so confusing to the staff when I say "I want a cheeseburger with no cheese." I just don't like your marketing strategy. After the visit last week, I decided I have to go to Burger King to get a "hamburger." I like yours better, but tired of the hassle. I should have looked each time and I could have solved the problem on the spot, but I trusted I would get what I ordered. Sure was mad each time I got home and had the wrong burger. How can I rate your office?

Out of special twice in a row

My husband and I don't usually go to Sonic for fast food but were intrigued by the promotion of the pretzel dogs. We went to a Sonic two times in a row and both times there did not have stock of the pretzel dogs so we left. If your advertising dollars are actually working to get people to come into the restaurant, Sonic Corp will suffer if their stores don't do their part. We still want to try a pretzel dog but don't want to be disappointed again.

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