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Does anyone in corporate watch the commercials? Every time I think they can't get any worse,they reach a new low!

Something new

Just wanted you to know that the two guy's in all your commercials are really not funny and have been around way too long you need something new.

Burnt and overcharged

Long Beach, MS. has the worst Sonic around and needs to have a corporate manager/officer straighten this place up and the manager needs to be fired!!!!

Bad service

We went to the sonic in Junction City KS we ordered two cheese tator tots and only got one. The car hop watched us look through the bag she goes in a gets shift leader who tells we are telling a lie they are in the bag


Most people like me don't carry cash and I always feel bad when I go to sonic because I know they're under paid and work for tips. The credit card machine needs to add a tip line.

Horrible Management

Not pleased with management at all. Very rude and unprofessional of the manager of the Gonzales, Texas Sonic to hang up on someone during a phone call as well as to go out of her way to mistreat an employee the last week of employment with this specific sonic


I am very unhappy because a woman that was working at the drive through window here in Santa Fe, NM had a terrible cold and was working, This woman could hardly speak and she was working that day. I caught her cold and I am so sick right now. Shame on Sonic for not sending employees home when they are so sick!

wrong order

burger was made wrong twice one one cashier too long of a wait had to wait over 15 minutes for a ice cream never going back ask for someone to call they never did

Styrofoam cups

Oregon and a few other states are trying to keep the environment garbage free by offering refunds for aluminum cans used for sodas and other drinks. Why is Sonic using these obnoxious cups (not Biodegradable) for the sodas that you sell ?? You need crews to roam the roads to pick up this obnoxious trash. Thank you for you attention to this matter.

idiot commercials

I have not and will not spend my money at any sonic drive in as long as the company uses those comercials depicting two idiot guys at the drive in. They are offensive and stupid. I will not let my money be used to produce more of the asinine drivel that they are playing off as commercials.

need a sonic in my area

need a Sonic in the Gaithersburg Md area. Have to go so far . You make a lot people happy and alot of money in this area.

Not serving slushes

I went to the Sonics on Memorial Drive like I normally do almost every week to get 3 slush drinks and the femalebon the other end of the speaker said "we are not doing Slushes tonight" she didn't say it was broken and repeated "we are not doing slushes tonight"! Needless to say I am upset because if it iis on the menu I expect to get it even at 9pm.

Sonic 1410 Robertson rd, old hickory , tn

I ordered a #1 with onion rings three times I had to tell no ketchup or mayo. Took forever to get my order, I took sack & went on to a family reunion. When I opened my bag no onion rings! I didn't call but went by to tell what happened. To make a long story short the manager would not give me my complete order because she was not manager on job at the time. I felt like she thought I was lying over onion rings. I'm 65 yrs old & felt degraded over $2.39 worth of onion rings. Will never go to another sonic!

please put one in Rte 9 Massachusetts

I have been too Sonic ,in AZ,NC,Texas,and Wilmington Ma.but all to far away,please consider putting one in Massachusetts Rte 9,only Wendy's,MacDonald,burger king,we need one a Sonic ,people around would love Sonic.please consider doing so ..

Cheesy Pub burger and slushys

I have two complaints.I have been eating at the Sonic Burger in Bullhead City for years. I always order a lime-aid/cranberry route 44 and today they wanted to charge me 30 extra for the lime. I said I didn't want a lime slice I wanted the lime-aid/cranberry slushy. He said well I have to charge you for the cranberry. WHAT GIVES? I have never had to pay for a mixed drink. I ordered two cheesy pub with caramelized onion. I got home and they were regular hamburgers with cheese. Yes, I am ticked off. I had a taste for the cheesy pub with the caramelized onion and that isn't what I got. DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER


We love going to sonic, we were just wondering why you don't sell chili cheese nachos?

tips for carhops

I was wanting to know " As a cargo get to do those tips come out there check or is it there money period and they still get pay 3. 15 or 4 without the tips coming out of there checks

Sonic drive in

I went to a sonic drive in on south mendhall memphis tn aug 9 2014. I had a great time the carhop was nice and she checked back on me. It took a wile to get my food the looked as if they was short handed. When my food did come it was hot

What happened?

something went really wrong. Along with my burgers, we purchased Onion Rings. The large order of Onion rings came with 5 rings. They appeared to have been coated with corndog batter because they looked like donuts, there was so much coating on them. I love onion rings, but, I could not eat these. I tried one and had to try to pull the batter off. Took pictures to send to the home office.

Wilson, NC

My mom, my sister and I went to to the sonic in Wilson, NC. My mother got a vanilla milkshake; along with spending 24.00 there; She got her milkshake, it was hot watery and sloppy. She asked for a thicker milkshake and they told her that--"THATS HOW ALL MILKSHAKES ARE MADE HERE". She asked for her money back, and they said well, we will give you a sweet tea. I will not go back there!!!! The service was terrible along with that, it took 10 min to get ketchup.

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