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Order gone wrong

I ordered a garage opener by phone for store pick up. The unit that was described by the phone rep was not the one I rec'd. The rep misled me. I had to return to the store this morning to exchange it. I was told that the install would be done today but rec'd a call yesterday telling me the schedulers make mistakes frequently and the new day was Thursday. I rec'd an email receipt today that included the charge for the install. I did not authorize the charge to my card not was I told it would be charged before the install date. I just call to cancel the install and ask for a credit.p

bankruptcy sears

Given the poor products an mishandling of the corporate interface with purchasers requests fro products from a single and multiple source layers and poor phone communication , customer service upon layers of contract or open source vendors for products : We used to purchase directly from sears we no longer come to sears as more and more individuals and groups are doing., previously purchased as and with the sears roebuck name that is no longer true among many other facts. Therefore, not only 100 plus stores are to be closed but many more and bankruptcy for good the end and dissolution will follow similar to yes Montgomery wards..


What can I say....RUN, RUN away from this purchase...mower stinks and reliability of service contract is far from excellent... Buy a John Deere, you will be better off!


I bought a refrigerator on 7/17/2014, delivered on 7/22/2014, they brought the wrong refrigerator, now I am still waiting on the right refrigerator, they have cancelled two times, now they say they will deliver on August 22, I think I should be compensated for all the time I have emptied my refrigerator and moved everything just so they could cancell me again at the last minute, this is not the way you do business, sears is not what it use to be, I will take my business else wher after this

Bad Management of Stores

Was in San Bernardino store last week. Manager was an errogant pig. He was walking the store with no regard for customers. Was rude to the staff he was speaking with. I found out that he was the district manager. Wow, no wonder the company dirves poor results, it shows in the upper leadership. I used to love sears. It is evident that the company is really hurting to the point that it will soon go under. Saw the same signs at Mervyns. Sorry Sears, I am spending my money elsewhere.

delay tatic

Dryer need repaired. Sears Repair came out to house and ordered part. Three times UPS delivered the part damaged. Appointment needs rescheduled again since I refused part. Who is daming the part Sears? UPS got charged for the last delivery before this one. UPS brought the caved in box to our door. I refused it and an agent claims a new part has been ordered. Called home office no help just on hold.

Never again! Ever!

I recently purchased a washer,dryer,refrigerator & a box spring & mattress. I can honestly say i will never shop in a sears store again. The delivery people were the rudest most ignorant people i have ever had to deal with. I cancelled the box spring & mattress a week before delivery & it still showed up. They now tell me i have to wait another 10 days to receive my money. It took them 5 minutes to take it from me but i have to wait. I worked retail for 20 years & would never consider treating a customer the way I've been treated, not because of policy, but because i wouldn't do that to another human being. This company should be ashamed.My money is good elsewhere, & that's where I'll be spending it from now on. I wonder how long it's gonna take to get the refund on the washer dryer I'm about to return. Never again! Ever! P.S. the star is only there so I can submit this. It should be negative 5 stars.

Repair service

To Whom it may concern, I am very disappointed with your repair service from Hicksville New York. Your service department can not repair my washer or dryer. The service men have been to my house 3 times. They ordered the wrong parts, they do not show up when the service department says they will. They change the date of service at the last minute. I loose a day waiting for them. I paid renewal service for both my washer and dryer and now it has been a month and it is still not repaired. I expect Sears to be more attentive to their loyal customers. I presume at this point that Sears will take the appropriate action to remediate this circumstance which has caused me pain and suffering. Thanking you in advance. Lillian Calisto

How are you still in business

You should be ashamed at yourself for the service and detail mismanagement you show to customers today. You are a joke in the appliance business, and you deserve that title. How in good faith can you possible let yourself stay in business and use the good name Sears once had. You are a classic example of what has happened to American retail. Do the people of this great country a favor and close your doors NOW.


Ihad my car a 2007 Toyota Camry in for auto service in october and my car was damaged it was lifted by the rocker panels. I was at sears tire and auto Erie Pa and they did the same thing. The part was how they handled this , Dan the service manger was not very nice because i reminded him of the last time they did this to my car. I will not be a returning customer and I will never recomend Sears Tire and Auto to anyone'

Never Again!

30 days now without a refrigerator and still waiting on repair. This has been the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I will NEVER shop at Sears again.

Refrigerator Service

I paid good money for service and every time I call for service it takes 7 to 10 days for someone to come out. Not to mention if they need to order parts it's another week. This is unacceptable and has been going on for years. They are always sorry but sorry does not get me service.

Why would anyone want to buy a Kenmore product when replacement parts cost more than the vacuum. This is the reason customers are not returning to SEARS

Poor Service

I was at Sears in Montclair, CA on 7/7/14 and will never go back. Store was unshoppable, clothes on the floor and over filled. Nobody greeted me as I walked all 3 floors. They chatted amongst eachother. Poor management in general. Isn't there soneone who visits the store and setts expectation? Rating is a zero.


I cannot believe how much your customer service has declined. You really need to get your act together or I foresee final store closures and the Sears name is history. Stop telling customers you care about their concerns and not DOING anything to address them or changing your customer service expectations. You need to better train your staff to meet the needs of customers. You dont even deserve one star!

Customer service

Your customer service really stinks! It takes an act of God to make a service appointment. When and if you get thru you are questioned as to what kind of noise it is making, what difference does this make? I paid for a in home service policy! This is one real son your customer satisfaction isn't even 50%.

Want my money back

Purchased a canopy gazebo, returned the next day was very bad quality, sears has not refund me claim it was a third party vendor and that I should get the money back from them, the item was purchased at the store and returned to the store, I do not have the canopy nor did I get my money this is very wrongful for the consumer, IU need sears to refund me back

Horrible liars

fridge broke 9 days ago and still not fixed. Tech came, did not fix fridge .Just looked at it. Sears lied, hung up the phone, was rude. This is a night mare. We are closing our Sears account

Poor Repair Service

Have maintained maintenance contracts on major appliances for years. I called for repair service on a free standing ice machine and was told it would be 15 days before service could be scheduled. Based on past experience,this appointment will be rescheduled. Then when it is kept a part will be needed that will have to be ordered, etc. Will be a month - hopefully -before the repair is made.

complaint harlingen,texas

bought some shoes in store online and never have rexeived them called store, headquarters at sears and no avail waited on the phone try to email and no customer service at all seems my money is good to pay but receive nothing in returen nonone at sears cares seems they do not want business what a shame i have tried everything have receipt and nothing great service sears

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