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Lawn mower repair

Especially poor service from a store who could care less. Brand new lawn mower used 3 times in a small yard crapped out. Told to bring in for repair and 3 weeks and counting it was still not back. When I complained to store manager he blew me off and refused to return my money. Only thing wrong with mower was a loose cable that required in excess of 3 weeks to repair. Never again a Sears shopper.

repair service

I scheduled an online repair, two weeks ahead. I called the day before to confirm. My appointment date, I wasted 4 hours, no call and no one showed up. I would never recommend Sear to anyone.

Defective Shop Vac Return

Bought a Shop Vacuum from Sears.com marketplace thru Wayfair.com, the two clamps that hold the motor opens on there own after use when lifting vacuum up to move with handle. Then contact both Wayfair.com and Sears.com and told I would need to pay for shipping back to Wayfair. Just think , defective product and I need to pay!

Another broken refrigerator

This is now the second frig from Sears that has broken down. Six different customer service reps and three different answers. The frig is only 15 months old and now I have to wait all most two weeks to get it fixed. What do I do in the next 2 weeks with no frig? Never, never, never shopping at Sears again. NEVER

Recommended my grandma to go to Sears Automotive in Santa Fe, NM and she left with a quote for brake pads, rotors and an oil change and a 700.00 quote. She left Sears and went to get a second option somewhere else. Turns out my grandma needed nothing, but an oil change. Thank you to Firestone for the honest review and quote. Goodbye Sears I will no longer recommend you. P.S. They also broke her lug nut.

Shopping Sears

DON'T BUY ANYTHING. Beware of installation scams. If you are silly enough to buy from them don't buy their installation. They will find any reason to not install. They wouldn't install the refrigerator because the water shutoff was in the basement and not behind the refrigerator. Let me explain how inane this is. If the water line to the refrigerator bursts and the shut off is behind a full refrigerator you'll never get it moved out to shut off the water. It makes no sense to have the shut off behind the appliance. I hope Sears doesn't make it through the holidays!

Are you kidding me

There service is terrible every question I had was shot down with no real response they kept transferring me and I was on hold for 30 minutes and when I finally talked to the person I was supposed to talk to I had to drag and force the information out of her as to how she could be any help to me

Horrible service - not a happy camper!!!

Terrible service. Getting oil changed - any other place it takes under an hour - here 2 hours and counting. No one at front desk to help you either. Horrible customer service. Never coming back!!! Beware - not a good place to come for an oil change. Very very disappointed!!! What else can I say? No stars!!! They make you select one star. Outraged

I was not happy with service

I have bought some items on line and am very unhappy with the service. I ordered two items on line and had a delivery date of 9/26/14 but one item a electronic safe was sent out on a different day while I was not home and has been sitting out in the elements for 16 days. I hope it is still there but will not know until tomorrow when I get home. I called customer service and they were not helpful I asked to speak to the supervisor after waiting 10 minutes on hold I feel they wanted to blame me for the shipping error. I asked the order to be delivered on a certain date which I was given but that did not happen. I have bought many of my major appliances at sears and they just lost my confidence and my purchase of stove where I will buy another store.

Incompetent Help

I was lied to by a Parts Supervisor. The Sears "expert" took down the wrong information regarding my name and email address. I was charged for postage twice, once for mailing item and then again for returning item even though I was informed I would get a "Return Label" Very dissatisfied.


Got windows from Sears windows put in one day ,still waiting on them to finish job one window was wrong from factory I was told . .? Would like for job to be finished told waiting on replasement I go to work 2 days before I am told if every thing goes just right and I find that hard to believe they way things are going


Been buying sears product for over 40 years, had a problem with the sears auto center in Albuquerque NM, try to resolve the issues with corporate but it seems they have no power to correct any problems. I guess I'll have to start buying my stuff at Best Buy, home depot, and lowes

Customer service

Craftsman tools are crap and Sears lies about standing behind their products. My 13 month old miter saw fell apart because of obvious manufacturers defect. All I got was sorry to hear that would you like to purchase a new one? For more than 35 years I have been a loyal craftsman customer and have invested over $10000.00 in their tools. To be treated like this is insulting. I will NEVER darken another Sears doorway again. They lost a lifetime customer. No wonder they are always 1 week away from bankruptcy.

Delivery a Disaster

SEARS Catalog delivery can be described as horrendous. No one seems to know where an item to be delivered is, you waste endless hours on the phone trying to find out, sales reps lie to you, deceive you and should be ashamed. I was forced to cancel my order after getting the run around for some 6 weeks! I would never order again, never, ever!

new appliance from sears

redid our kitchen, purchase a stove, refrig, and microwave all at the same time. !. stove almost got us sick, leaking carbonmonoxide when ever the oven was on, that was after they had to replace 2 of the top burners. We had to spend more money to replace the stove or we would have gotten the same type again, next the refrig door stops locking closed. They replaced the locking system but told us we need to purchase a long term protection policy cause it was going to happen again! So we paid more to sears. The at 1 year, 4 months the microwave also failed! this time they refused to do anything unless we paid for all services. When i tried to obtain a better outcome, i found myself left on hold and then hung up on all 6 times i have tried to date. My recommendation, don't buy sears appliances unless you also purchase the extended coverage and even then be prepared to wait for any repairs.

Repair Service

Overcharged for repair service that was not done. Response from service center, basically who cares. To make a long story short, I have been a Sears customer for 50 years. No more. Nearly $300.00 for installation of two blades which cost (on-line about $13.00). Left stranded by smooth talking repair man. I found a local guy who appreciated my business. So long, Sears !

warrenty on appliances

This comp is horrible . I've had appliances since 2005 I pay every two year for warranty around 620.00 for 10 appliances. Now they tell me it's 1100 for 8 appliances I guess they like to pocket money . They change it all the time if they want someone they will offer that. Now because I'm with them for so long let's just charge her and that's for basic not even master protection.

Sears Kenmore Pro Dual Fuel Range

Have owned this $6000 dual fuel range since 2009. Last year, had to replace the oven temp probe $26. Now it appears the oven control board took a **** and that will cost us $190. I cannot believe we paid so much for this Kitchen Decoration that is already starting to break down. The oven temp control board is a joke. My dear wife loves her range but when she bakes, the beeping does not stop and the temperature fluxuates up and down. It is very frustrating. Never again...no more junk from Kenmore.

rifle store

This is the most incompetent bunch I've ever seen. No clue on how to treat customers; no wonder there's never any cars in the lot or customers around. They leave the first custormer standing and rush to help the new one and then if you complain, you get a lecture from some old bag who would rather defend the practice then apologize. I was going to spend $100, but I'll take my business elsewhere. How do people like that stay in business???


The sears outlet in Livonia, really don't care about their customers. I bought a fridge and lasted one month, loosing $600 of food gone then got a replacement in about 2 weeks living out of coolers. Then this replacement died in 4 months since the replacement. We lost about $600 food again so the store just wants to give us a run around let live out of coolers again. Never again gonna purchase a singe thing from this company. Not even a craftsmen wrench, Nevertheless this company sucks!

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