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getting money off

To whom it may concern, I went to buy some items at the Sears store in Virginia Beach Va. the sales clerk said it would take just a few minutes to get a Sears card approval. I explained I only had a few minutes. Well 20 minutes later and being asked stupid question and yes I mean stupid questions like what sign are you. I finally got my credit but I was very late for my other appointment and When I asked for the manager they said he would call and he didn't. I would like someone to contact me please . Cathy

Automotive warranties have ridiculous stipulations

I would rate lower but they make you select at least one star. BUYER BEWARE! Automotive warranties. An alignment is a services not a part. If you purchase the one year unlimited tire alignments you cannot get your car repaired anywhere else otherwise it voids the warranty. This is ridiculous. Needed repairs are needed repairs and if you need an alignment that fits the repair what difference does it make where you get the work done. You just lost a very loyal customer. Still had 11 months to go and my warranty was voided. Sears sucks!

Purchased a refrigerator at Sears, Chanute, Kansas -great Purchased Builtin oven on line, interior glass broke in about 3 weeks, Dec. 17, have been trying to get it replaced for the last month, lousy repair service.

Terrible customer service

I have had 3 large layaways going with sears and kmart, there were cancelled out of the blue with a explanation of "computer error" then had to file a complaint with the BBB and get a message back seemingly saying that the only reason they were crediting it back was because I filed a complaint. WAY TO GO SEARS..

You just lost a customer

I have been waiting for over 3 hrs to get 4 tires installed and an oil change. There were 2 people that were here before me. There were jo other cars waiting. After being here soo long I inquired about my car and guess what the only thing that was done was the oil was drained and he change 2 tires. Really 2 tires and a 10 min oil change. I was going to get a new battery but I refuse to shop at Sears again. You do not appreciate. Me as a customer, then I will not end my money with your store

Online system didnt update cant fix shipping issues

in short I did an online order with sears the webpage didn't update my address but did update my CC information took my money sent package to wrong address. I spoke to 3 lower level sears customer service rep and 1 corporate smart mouth whom took no responsibility at all for the online issue no matter how clear I explained it and showed her step by step how the system failed to update. In the final Sears can not redirect or stop my package. but they can take my money so I have been stolen from and told too bad so sad thank you for shopping with sears. I wish they would close down

Handing out private info

I purchased a dryer from the Sears outlet store that was "tested and ok" for resale. Not only does it not work, the previous owners parts and packing slip with their contact info was inside. There answer remove it, and pack it up and return it to the store for credit?

Horrible Warranty Service

My Samsung television stopped working the first of December 2013. It is now January 02, 2014 and it still does not work. The excuses I have been given are priceless. Wrong part; the part did not arrive to you house in time, so we had to reschedule (and did not call to let me know about this, so there was 4 more hours of vacation time gone). Today, again it is the wrong part. I have been without a television for a month. Satisfaction is not guaranteed at Sears! I will never make another purchase at Sears.

My husband order appliance for me as a Christmas present. delivery date 12/24. needless to say I didn't receive them. sears in Owensboro then said they would be delivered today. wrong again. now they are saying 01/02. sears in Owensboro blamed delivery, delivery blamed the manufacturer. well as far as I am concerned I will never do business with sears again. we have been doing business with them for 42 yrs,but never again. I do not nor will I ever walk foot in sears again nor will any of my friends or family


I wrote a review before and it never showed up. I will never buy from Sears again. The service you get after you buy the product is nil. They won't even return your call.


Not up to par for over 10 years (est.)women's clothing do not compare to the quality standards as was along time ago. Get back to basics. I personally perfer dressy clothing, women's suits, pant suits, dressy blouses, nice shoes etc... Please reconsider your merchandising stratgey give people what they really want. What happened to the old store, sometimes the old school of thought is better.

Joe Boxer Commercial

Not only I won't buy from Kmart I won't buy from Sears any more.

Customer Service - Don't expect it

I have had a minor issue at first with the delivery of my appliances, however Sears customer service is major flaw in this retailer and from what I see a major reason loyal shoppers never return. I have been trying for 3 weeks to get a callback from anyone and when they do I get " I am unable to help you I am just a liaison to ensure you have been contacted" what!!! I thought you were going to help ? When I state maybe I should just send all the appliances back I get " we can set that up if you would like". Really? They will not help their customer with an issue from the company they hired . I thought I was Sears customer as they collected my money but I guess that's where Sears ends the interaction with their customers

kenmore Elite Refrigerator

I brought this refrigerator August 2012.The ice maker stop working 180 days later then the cooling system 90days later now it's the cooling system again.The tech on phone is useless.Tech came to my home check refrig on 10th order part it came in three days,but the next appointment was 12/26/13.call resch.appointment 12/19/13,guess what wrong part order.so this tech order another part now it will be Jan. 6 before the next tech will arrive.This will be my last time buying any appliances from sears.

Samsung refrigerator

Paying for warranty means getting service when your item isn't working properly. The lights on the digital area on fridge on the outside door are not lighting. A technician arrives orders an incorrect part. Weeks pass by reorder and its again an incorrect part. Third time reordering again and still waiting for part to arrive. All they have been doing is ordering incorrectly & reordering & not servicing the fridge by checking everything. Now the fridge isn't making ice. Will not purchase anything from sears again & will not recommend anyone to them. Horrible service!

I bought a microwave oct 2012 .Took it in for warranyt 9-30-13 the #1 button stopped working..I Picked it after a month being there. The button was still not working plus they now scratched up the entire front of my microwave in shipping. I took it back 10-28-13 I did not get it back until 12-13-13. I get it home and there are screws rattling around inside & screws missing off of the back..I now have to take it back again. I will never buy anything at sears again.. The service & workmanship is terrible. The repair folks have no pride in doing a good job..

craftsman club

I purchased a universal delux miter saw stand on Dec. 1,2013 asa a member. On Dec.11,2013 I saw an add in the paper for the same stand for $10.00 LESS. Why even be in the Craftsman Club?

I bought a stove, refrigerator. dishwasher from Sears in September 2013. Have had nothing but problems with them ever since. I have called 20 people, 52 phone calls, numerous e-mails, 4 trips to the Sears store where they were purchaed, I have all of this documented. I spent over $3,300.00 and I am so sick of dealing with customer service reps. I am in the process of hiring a lawyer to get this resolved. I will NEVER< EVER buy a single thing from Sears again.

Service and parts

Had a panel go out on our Kenmore Elite Dishmachine. Thye finally came and replaced it on December 6th with a new panel. On Sunday December 8th. Half the panel is working. Called again. They will try it again. Asked person on phone to talk to there manager. He said that his manager was in meetings all day and they don't talk on the phone or return calls.

Rude and racist online team

I always have a bad experience with Sears.. and it is the last time I will deal with them. Very bad customer service either during or after the service. The worse thing is when they you buy online and you get treated like an "illegal customer" with "online team" full of rude, reacist and ignorant employees.

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