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No wonder Sears is going out of business. Atrocious customer service. If I was one of the executives at this company, I would be ashamed!


I ordered a refrigerator on Sears On LIne on July 8th. July 9th my credit card was charged. I selected July 17th delivery date. Since July 17th no refrigerator, 37 phone calls, 1 call back, was informed that Menlo was the shipper and for 5 days called Menlo who could not find order. Found out that SE Freight picked up the item in Raleigh NC on July 16th. IT's been in Atlanta since and not one phone call from Sears. It's July 28th and I am being told it will be 3-5 more business days before they know something. 4hrs and 46 minutes on hold. The best? They offered a 10% discount. I was actually told I ordered a trampoline on July 8th. The same guy comes back after I told him he was full of shit and tells me 35 minutes later the item wasn't available I would have to pick a new item. This was after the store in NC told me it was picked up on the 16th. Then he puts me on hold for another 30 minutes and tells me that I will have my refrigerator in 48hrs which was 9 days ago. I emailed sears corporate complaints three times and no one responded. This is a disgrace to customer service and the retail business in whole.

Absolutely has become a horrible company , absolutely no customer service or ability to talk to someone that is in charge within the continental USA


I am pretty sure Sears does not employee any managers.

problem with the person working the lawn mower

the product from sears are the worse product. i buy the insure for the product and them take 3 week to do the job. this is the second time for this product to be send to repair.

GOSH - do you read your reviews!!

Got to hope that you read your reviews and do something about your customer service!!!

Appliance Repair

It took a month to repair my refridgerator. The call centers are completely incompetent. Never buy from Sears.

Garage door opener

have tried to get installer back out, installer managers came looked a while back, been waiting, screws holding opener up falling out. Sears installers (contractors) could careless, Sears is a joke never respond!

Washing machine repair

Thought buying washer and dryer from Sears would ge t prompt repair service. The laugh is on me. Took 30 days is now broken again

Terrible repair service

Called in April 4th to schedule repair and still do not have a repaired dryer. Customer service was rude and hung up on me. They are not backing up their product.

worst customer service ever

quoted one price then when went to pay it was $100.00 more between 3 supervisors was told i should buy something cheaper

I called Sears in Victoria Texas today to schedule maintance on my vehicle, and was told the auto center had closed down. I was so disappointed because I used it all the time. I really like Sears they are so friendly, and helpful. Wish they would reopen the auto center.

Dulles Town Center Auto Center Sucks

Bought tires and was never told the warranty that I had wasn't included in removing a staple 32 days later!!!!


For about a month and a half now, I have been trying to get my refund. But every time I call, it is something other excuse with these people. How is it company still in business? Ridiculous. Never again am I ever going to deal with Sears.

Horrible should not still be here

stuipd people at sears

All sears want is money they think customer are stupid . The repair area are rude and can not speak engish. I brought three tv from sears and one is a pices of junk and sears will not fix it with us paying a arm and leg which I will not do. I will never buy from them again and if I can sue them I will. they suck

Terrible Customer service

Waiting for a replacement part for over 6weeks and keep getting the run around. Call or email on a daily basis and Sears employees have no clue or care. Never again buy from Sears and will let Social Media know.


Never again!!!! 3 grand on fridge that lasted two yrs!!! No one will help. Will be buying a replacement some where else!!!!! Don't buy a pizza ship from them.

repair service

I made two appointments for garge door repair - both were cancelled the evening before. No reason, they just did not want to work after 3PM. Too bad for Sears!

poor service

i bought a/c unit the salesperson offer rebate but the amount for the rebate was wrong and now nobody want to be responsible for the mistake. since november i still dealing with the office to get my rebate. if you planning to do any home improvement make sure you have all the information right.

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