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Never again

I took my parents and inlaws out for what I thought was going to be a nice Dinner at Ruby Tuesday's in Essex Maryland and it was a night mare. First we werent even sure we had a waitress. It took 45 minutes to start to get our meals which were burgers and tacos and They never even brought one of the meals out. My mothers crab cake she said she wasnt sure what it was but was not crab, my mother in laws minie burgers were so hard she couldnt even chew them. My father in law got onions on his which he requested to have onions and back to my fathers chicken sandwhich meal did not get kit until we were finished eating what we could of the meal. Had to ask for the meal three times. Waitress never even came to ask if every thing was ok and the only compansation we got was my mother in laws dinner free because she sent it back and got nothing else for it and my fathers dinner was free because by the time he got his we were ready to leave. Oh they did offer us free desert but who would want to eat anything else there after all that. No wonder so many of these restraunts are closing. If it was the last place on earth we would not eat there. So I end by saying eat at your own rick if you dare!

Too little income for this mess

It wasn't very busy when we went in, maybe 10 tables at most and that's stretching it. The waiter came, looked absolutely thrilled to be there. He took our drink order, bought drinks later without straws. Went to another table, did business, then brought straws. He took the order. We waited and waited and it wasn't something that takes a long time, son ordered chicken quisidala (sp), spouse chicken with noodles, me only a serving of macaroni. We watched another waiter bring bread to another table (they got there after we did). Also saw the sign on the table saying if they didn't recommended the shrimp, it's free. He came back by so see if wanted an o'doerve (that long after going in?) and my son mentioned the shrimp and his response was "huh", then said well did you want it? I told him we would like to have some bread. Disappeared again a few minutes and brought out 3 biscuits a little bigger than the size of a quarter (for 3 people). When the waitress brought the food, I asked if they were running short on bread and she said "one per customer and most people don't even eat them" and walked off. My sons meal looked like the size you'd get on a kid's menu. Husband will eat anything that isn't moving. Our cost for this extremely poor service and frozen dinner quality meal with 1 biscuit each, 41.00. It's a good thing I didn't eat. This is for the restaurant in Johnson City

bad service

I ate at the ruby Tuesday in south florence today my sever had such a attitude we wanted to enjoy our sunday afternoon but her attitude did bring us down a little the food was great though

Ruby Tuesday eden nc

I went to ruby Tuesday in Eden Today. The service was terrible. The food was really not very good. The tea tasted like water. I complained to the waitress and she just rolled her eyes. I will never go there again.


I won't get into why Ruby Tuesdays is a disgrace of a company because it really fires me up, but they are hands down the greediest pettiest company I know of, honestly they should just shut down, what a waste of space on the streets, they do not value their employees or their community and they deserve to go under... This biggest embarrassment to dining I could imagine!

I visited the ruby Tuesday in roanake rapids north Carolina. I ordered medium well done steak, it was cooked so done all the moisture was out of it. my girlfriend had shrimp that were so hard she could not eat them. we told the waitress and the manager came over to take a look she corrected everything but by the time I got my steak the potato was cold. I had been planning to eat there all day because I had a coupon but I was very disappointed.

Horrible management!

I was in ruby Tuesdays in mayslanding, NJ. I have been there servral times, the last time I was there I have seen the manager talking down to her servers in front of customers! That is very inappropriate and unprofessional! Never have I seen that.

salad dressings

I will make this simple and to the point. Such an easy fix. How hard would it be to label your 9 salad dressings. Standing behind someone that is tasting the dressings because they're unsure what they are. And to top it all off, the two ladles that had dressing names were in the wrong dressing containers. Come on, REALLY! North Olmsted, Ohio

health issue

I was at your sheffield,oh location. Ate a nice meal with my wife. Our table was by the kitchen door. While we were having our dessert , a waitress had the kitchen door were we can see the prep table. I saw the person behind the prep line lick his fingers and grap fries and put them on a plate for the waitress and lick them again. I let our waitress know she stated she let the mgr.know. we like your restaurant but that sight was disturbing thinking how our food was handled. Concerned customer.

one of you bartenders michelle howell is using coupons to scam customers in florence sc most of the bartenders and servers there use the %50 off and have $10 off coupons if they are not tipped well they wait for the customer to leave then use the coupon


Brentwood tn servers stole money from my credit card after I left them a generous tip. I know of atleast 20 other people that have had money stolen from them by brentwood ruby Tuesdays employees.

Very Dissatisfied

I went to dine at Ruby Tuesday in Orangeburg, Sc I was very disappointedwith the service, the area next to where I was seated was horribly dirty with food all over the floor, I was given dirty utensils an to place our order with the waitress took over 20 minutes , We was not asked if we wanted anything to drink! I will never go back again. The service was horrible when we received our drinks you can tell they have been sitting for a while the ice was melted.

very disappointed

I've visited the Bartow Ruby Tuesdays this week I was very disappointed in the chef the fold was not cook with any class or brace it was clear to see that he did not know what he was doing and the kitchen because you always supposed to serve yourself it was very clear clear to see that he was there for paycheck and not to put please the customers of Ruby Tuesdays

Not happy

Hello my name is Erin Bennett and my bestfriend went to the Willingboro ruby Tuesday and our servers name was ron .the service was awful . My friend had to ask for her soup after she ordered and when she finally got the soup it wasn't even hot . We both ordered the buger sliders and mine came out but hers didnt ... Yet again she had to ask for her food and he forgot to put the ordered in . After I was half way done my meal they finally brought out biscuits ... I will not be coming back to this location

Bad Customer Service

we had 9 people who were looking to celebrate my husbands birthday - this was after being disappointed at Texas Roadhouse so we thought let's give Ruby Tuesdays a try - well the restaurant was NOT busy - we asked the hostess if she could accommodate 9 people after looking right at the open tables - her comment - we cannot move tables together - Really???? is there such a thing as thinking out of the box to get business knowing that you surely could have accommodated.. So after being disgusted in the lack of customer service our party of 9 proceeded to another restaurant where they were more than happy to accommodate & serve us.. Where are they days of thinking out of the box, I can definitely say it sure was NOT at this Ruby Tuesday facility - very disappointing

management is really rude

I went to the Ruby Tuesday on Ramsey street 4916.I have witnessed one of your manager being very rude to his employees I felt that that was unprofessional and he needs to be dealt with in a serious matter. throughout my lunch I seen him talking to all the servers in that aggressive way he is not a people person he's in a row business and if he does not be dealt wit he would lose all his employees.


the bake potatoes at the ruby Tuesday's in new Iberia,la are real bad..they are so brown looking and old tasting.....need help to find a good bake potato....................


We went to the Ruby Tues. @ Galleria, Middletown, ny. Service was fair, not great. Food was awful, the steak was not what was on the menu. Bathroom filthy. Very slow service, lot of tables not bussed around us. Eventually all the other tables were dirty and not bussed. We, will not be going their again.

not pleased

First of all, we were asked if we want a table or booth,we chose a booth then the person who seats us says there are no booths available, I said to him how about those three booths right next to him he said they aren't cleaned . We should have left then but give it a shot finally we get to a booth and wait for 5 minutes for a waitress, she shows up and everything seems better, well the dinners we got were terrible, my wife's steak was at least half grissle and fat, my chicken breast was from a baby chick maybe 2 1/2 inches long and not big around at all. Waitress never came back to see how our food was or ask if we needed refills on our drinks. Finally my wife went to the restroom before we left and she said there was dirt swept up in the corner. needless to say that is our last visit to that restaurant. we have been by this rest. before and wondered why it was never busy. didn't take long to find out. We paid $29.00 for our meals and I would have been more pleased at a fast food restaurant. For the record this restaurant is in Vienna, West Virginia.

Complaint on visit

I visited the Ruby Tuesday on Friday March 1st 2013 with my family of four. We visit this location often in Myrtle Beach off HWY 544. We usually spend $75.00-$85.00 per visist per family of four. The visit on Friday was by far the worst visit. The service was poor, the hostess was very short with us and most of all the food was cold and slow to come out. This was very unacceptable and we are thinking about not coming back and we love Ruby Tuesdays. Please give me an explanation of this service. Thank you. Jessica

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