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Abuse against Publix Employees

As a loyal Publix customer, I was appalled to find out that the District Manager for the Publix in Weston FL has mandated the employees CAN NOT drink water during their shift. The employees are in fear of losing their jobs and. Risk dehydration in Fkoridas 95 degree heat to collect or deliver carts. I do not know which other stores he is District Manager for but this mandate is both inhumane and medically dangerous. As a concerned citizen I will be reporting this to O S H a


I shop at publix in Miami 137 avenue and 88 street. There is a bagboy who is a retired man. He is a joy to see every time we shop. He has gone so far as to remember my husbands ice cream brand and tell him when it is on BOGOF. I wish I knew his name but I am really bad at names.

Grocery carts

It is ashamed that people with disabilities who need a cart to do there grocery shopping can not get one because either they only have one working or people who don't have handicaps are riding. Publix need more carts for people to ride when they need to do there shopping.

Publix Gift Cards

I receive gift cards from my friends and family from Publix but have no way to check the balance on my gift card unless I go in the store and have to wait in line at customer sevice to tell me what the balance is. I have purchased plenty of gift cards from other places and 99% of the time there is a 1-800 number or a website you can go to and check your balance. Publix is a Billion dollar company and I'm confident that you can do the same as other company's. Your customers are inconvenienced by the system you are using now.

Dairy products

Finding that none of your markets are stocking Silk light milk. Always bought it there. Pepperidge Farms oatmeal bread is always out. I only use your Pharmacy and shop at other stores (Albertson's and WalMart Neighborhood store) where I know I can get the things I need!


I like to make a complaint. Stop cooking meat in that nice new Fancy microwave. It sucks. What happened to the grill i used to go an get steak and cheese subs all the time now I don't I don't remember the last time I've had one. Your subs used to be the best in town but you starting to slip. If I wanted a cheaply prepared thrown together sub I would go to Subway. Oh one other thing 8.99 for a sub that Taste like you're eating the tire off of a car not so good

plastic bags until today?

plastic bags are NO GOOD for the planet.

Stock personel

Have an idea to increase your stocking of shelves. QCI Direct has a small scooter that will let a person sit down when stocking the bottom shelves thus help them from killing their knees. they could scoot around on the 4 wheels and save a

orange city

Baggers need better training filling bags which are balanced and not overly heavy. The store is always clean and the staff is helpful.

Quality of stores and service

I'm just a regular customer of the public stores in my area . I don't have any other connection to publix except as a customer. I just want to acknowledge the service,quality and cleanliness of the stores I shop at . I tell others of how i feel and they agree the service ,especially is the best.

Time to STAND UP to the Food Industry

Time to STAND UP to the Food Industry http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/2014/02/time-to-stand-up-to-food-industry.html http://iinformedparenting.blogspot.com/2014/02/time-to-stand-up-to-food-industry.html

Poor Customer Service

The Public store in Cutler Bay has the worst customer service. The staff don't greet the customers and the lines look like a storm is coming. The store manger is a great guy but I get the impression that he more concern with store profit then customer service.

Frequent shopper

I am nominating the Publix Store at Good Holmes Road and Highway 50 in Orlando, FL for outstanding public service. They are so friendly and go out of their way to help me. Always say "hi how are you today" or "is there anything I can help you with". I shop at other Publix stores in the area but this store has to be the most outstanding store around!

We were shopping at the store on littlr Rd. in hudson, we got to the check out, this nice little lady checked us out, but she had no bagger, they were all over to the younger girls line bagging for them while this lady was working real hared, so we had to bag our own stuff, great job publix, We are going to walmart from here on out, no wonder you are losing customers, while your manager does nothing

Publix is 2 to 3 dollars more than at Walmart. The prices of everything have gone through the roof, and the only way to get them to come down is simply to stop shopping there. If we do that then they will have no choice but to come down


I bought 2 NY strip steaks at the landings market in sarasota fl about 2:45 pm today 11/23/13 sale price $ 9.99 lb. The steaks looked good in the display case butcher was nice and friendly. How ever I have never experienced such a tough grisoly steak. I'm trying not to be over critical, yet I need to be honest they were the worst cut of meat I have ever had.

Handicapped carts and parking spaces

For the past 20 years wherever we lived if there was a Publix (starting at Lakeland) we shopped there. We were so happy when Hixson Tn got a store. Yesterday I went to shop. They had 5 handicapped carts, 2 were broken, 1 hour later I got a cart only to have it quit running at the back of the store., then they brought me one that ran. My complaint - no carts and not enough handicapped places. I had to walk quite a distance for a parking space. I love to shop at Publix, but unless this improves I will have to shop elsewhere.

Dirty stores & personnel

Store on 4th st has gotten very dirty along with personnel

Farm Workers

I am a friend of Florida's farm workers, the hardest working, most marginalized people in our state. For several years now the Florida Farm Workers Assoc has requested a voluntary penny-a-pound tax on produce from Publix to help provide these harvesters with shade and cool drinking water during our most brutal picking seasons. Publix won't even return their calls. I find it very difficult to buy anything at Publix, especially produce, when this corporation has zero conscience for the people who break their backs to prosper it.

bait and switch

publix sells cooked plantains for $2.39 per pound yet they try to sell a large serving at $3.29: the per price of my purchase was only $1.41. Be careful

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