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Quality of stores and service

I'm just a regular customer of the public stores in my area . I don't have any other connection to publix except as a customer. I just want to acknowledge the service,quality and cleanliness of the stores I shop at . I tell others of how i feel and they agree the service ,especially is the best.

Time to STAND UP to the Food Industry

Time to STAND UP to the Food Industry http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/2014/02/time-to-stand-up-to-food-industry.html http://iinformedparenting.blogspot.com/2014/02/time-to-stand-up-to-food-industry.html

Poor Customer Service

The Public store in Cutler Bay has the worst customer service. The staff don't greet the customers and the lines look like a storm is coming. The store manger is a great guy but I get the impression that he more concern with store profit then customer service.

Frequent shopper

I am nominating the Publix Store at Good Holmes Road and Highway 50 in Orlando, FL for outstanding public service. They are so friendly and go out of their way to help me. Always say "hi how are you today" or "is there anything I can help you with". I shop at other Publix stores in the area but this store has to be the most outstanding store around!

We were shopping at the store on littlr Rd. in hudson, we got to the check out, this nice little lady checked us out, but she had no bagger, they were all over to the younger girls line bagging for them while this lady was working real hared, so we had to bag our own stuff, great job publix, We are going to walmart from here on out, no wonder you are losing customers, while your manager does nothing

Publix is 2 to 3 dollars more than at Walmart. The prices of everything have gone through the roof, and the only way to get them to come down is simply to stop shopping there. If we do that then they will have no choice but to come down


I bought 2 NY strip steaks at the landings market in sarasota fl about 2:45 pm today 11/23/13 sale price $ 9.99 lb. The steaks looked good in the display case butcher was nice and friendly. How ever I have never experienced such a tough grisoly steak. I'm trying not to be over critical, yet I need to be honest they were the worst cut of meat I have ever had.

Handicapped carts and parking spaces

For the past 20 years wherever we lived if there was a Publix (starting at Lakeland) we shopped there. We were so happy when Hixson Tn got a store. Yesterday I went to shop. They had 5 handicapped carts, 2 were broken, 1 hour later I got a cart only to have it quit running at the back of the store., then they brought me one that ran. My complaint - no carts and not enough handicapped places. I had to walk quite a distance for a parking space. I love to shop at Publix, but unless this improves I will have to shop elsewhere.

Dirty stores & personnel

Store on 4th st has gotten very dirty along with personnel

Farm Workers

I am a friend of Florida's farm workers, the hardest working, most marginalized people in our state. For several years now the Florida Farm Workers Assoc has requested a voluntary penny-a-pound tax on produce from Publix to help provide these harvesters with shade and cool drinking water during our most brutal picking seasons. Publix won't even return their calls. I find it very difficult to buy anything at Publix, especially produce, when this corporation has zero conscience for the people who break their backs to prosper it.

bait and switch

publix sells cooked plantains for $2.39 per pound yet they try to sell a large serving at $3.29: the per price of my purchase was only $1.41. Be careful

Certainly you can't say " Where shopping is a pleasue" for Publix at Lighthouse Point location Venetian Isle. So many times I said I wont go back but I'm from LHP and to go to different Publix is inconvinient. I wish the Head office would do something about it. It use to be such a nice store a few years back.

I'd like to understand the management training program Publix implements? Most store Managers in the Beaches area seem to have *Big Heads* and don't know how to treat their employees. I witnessed a store manager *talking down* to one of his employees in the middle of the store. t as quite embarrassing for me to witness, let alone the shame the employee must have felt. Maybe some basic management classes are needed on a monthly basis to make sure these people stay in line and understand how to manage staff.


Missing items in bag on two ocassions over charge scanning water twice scanning peanuts twice not taking a competaters coupon when they said they did al seperate I won't be going to publix Traget is better This happened at the mcmullen booth and enterprise location

Aaron hunter

Id like to make it known that this manager of publix s Florida is the most helpful, personable person one could ever encounter. Nothing is ever too much for him and deserves the most that publix corporate has to offer. One could never ask for a better manager. He deserves to become a vice president, if not a president of publix some day. I only wish I had him for an employee when I had my own business. What an asset to the. Ompany...,

lack of product

In flyer your items for passover, one of which we wanted... 5 lb box of King david matzoa for $6 .99 To make a long story short, we went to 3 different cities, Pt. Charlotte, Punta Gorda and Ft. Meyers, a total of 5 Publix stores. to our dismay not one store had this item available on the almost non existant Passover display shelves. I find this borderline anti-semitic to have tons of easter displays of all sorts, but a surely lacking display of passover items. Our time , effort and amount of gas used for this hunt for your items boldly displayed in your flyer, surely equals sadness, anger and frustration

Raccoon Faces Design Studios

Hello, I'm writing to inquire whether I can send you a series of e-mailers, postcards, coupons as a potential animated e-list to your weekly, monthly or cyclical mailing list. I'm a freelance artist/scientist/secretary looking for as-needed commercial digital artwork. Thank you for letting me know if your supermarket chain can use this service as a supplement to your downloadable coupons, i.e., a cyclical mailing to your clients with your sales. The coupons or postcards would be partially animated with licensable characters and potential storylines to fit your products (to supplement your chalkboard or window artists style) and programmed to major holidays, snow or weather days, etc. This cyclical artistic effort can be directed to all your stores or just the ones close to my zip code region for easy response to school/organization, or regional events and news.


Most of the Publix around my area in Kendall Miami have being nice, the persons always corteous. The only problem I find with Publix is their prices. I find them to expensive for this area of Kendall, where most families are middle to poor class, making it difficulte for a lot of people to keep shopping there. There prices are for rich areas and this area of Kendall is not of rich people at all. They should do a better market research and offer better prices, make it affordable and have more people shopping there.

I can't believe how many bad reviews Publix has gotten... I absolutely love shopping there! The staff is always wonderful and the sales are great! Especially with coupons. I prefer Publix over any other grocery store I have been to. Shopping is ALWAYS a pleasure at my local Publix... And on top of that, they sponsor many events in my area. Thank you Publix for being a wonderful company!

weekly shopper

ever since you enlarged the Palm Beach, Florida store....the quality of your fresh produce has deterioirated...your baked goods are more often than not stale as your prices have escalated. The staff is excellent and the store is nice and clean.

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