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Poor quality Chap sweaters

My Chaps sweaters after 2 months, the collars started to come apart, I sent photos to Chaps/RL, they never replaced them, THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THERE PRODUCTS


I've previously went to the Polo Ralph Lauren location: in Kenosha Wisconsin due to a heating duct failure they close the location down I've drove 2 hours to get to this location to return some items that I went shopping for and they said they cannot help me until tomorrow what a big inconvenience I will never shop at polo again

Bad dye job

Do not bye RL Jeans! I bought a pair of jeans and six months, several washes later the dye is still rubbing off on my hands, upholstery, shirts and anything else that touches them. No help from corporate on the matter

Polo Shirt buttons

I recently purchased several polo shirts and was not happy with the quality. The buttons are to small for the shirt and eventually pull through the button holes on the shirt. This is a very annoying problem. This should never happen, especially when the polo shirts are not inexpensive to purchase. The shirts are probably made over seas and then sent to the US.

Customer Service

Just called main phone number at Head Office... You would think that a company like Ralph Lauren would have a top notch "customer service" oriented individual who is personable and notably excited to be accepting your call. Wow...complete opposite... Felt like I was calling some a junk yard call centre...

I love RL POLO! But the clothes are not the same. We pay good money for our clothes. And Iam tired of my pants falling apart. I payed almost $100 for my jeans. And not even a month later there no good! Please look into these complaints. You may start to lose a lot of business SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

We spend too much money on clothes that fall apart! I love RL POLO! But y'all are not living up to yall name. Whatever is goin on go back to before. When u cared& had understanding for customers. My 100 dollar pair of pants just fall apart! That is just unacceptable. We need company's that cares about US THE PEOPLE. & And our money we are spending

Too hard a company to deal with if you have any defects in materials.


have trued for 2 months to get my refund and after 37 phone calls and countless emails, still no refund !! these people do not care. horriblr service, I will never buy their products again.

My husband has worn Ralph Lauren polo shirts for over 20 years, both the long and short sleeve shirts. However, the shirts that we purchased in the past 2 years are terrible. The slits on the lower hemline sides of the shirts are coming apart. This is happening on all of the shirts. The price of these shirts has not come down but the quality has. LL Bean and Land's End has much better quality shirts and they cost less. We are very disappointed and I WILL NEVER BUY THESE SHIRTS AGAIN!!


Bad customer service at Starbucks is much better in customer service than the Ralph Lauren store in Potomac Mall

Online shopping & gift boxes

I love Ralph Laruen, shop at the outlet often b/c it's close to where I live. For my nieces birthday I ordered her 4 shirts online. They sent me 2 gift boxes and after calling them for 2 more gift boxes they told me they couldn't send them b/c the order had already shipped. I paid $20 more for shopping online b/c the quality is better and I was able to get the boxes (it's small things that make the big difference with teenagers). Now I have to wrap the shirts in different boxes and look like a cheesy Aunt and be $80 over budget!

Ralph Lauren towels

I recently purchased several pink Ralph Lauren towels because I thought Ralph Lauren was the best quality. I can by better towels than this at K Mart! The edge became unraveled after the first time they were washed. Ralph Lauren is nothing like it used to be and not worth the extra cost.

Very bad service

I was in nyc at 1540 broadway store times square,i was trying to purchase a few items but i found it nearly impossible to get served,the staff were very unhelpful to say the least,i purchased 2 tops but wanted a least 6/8 i gave up and payed for the two i managed to get,the girl handed me my change and never even spoke,i came out of the shop fuming,this was on wed 15th may 2013.

Quite satisfied

Ralph Lauren is the only designer label I wear, largely because I choose not to be a billboard. After receiving gifts of Ralph Lauren shirts, ties, jackets, etc, over the years I have come to respect the label. Of course, when I buy for myself, I wait for a sale. I also understand that given the millions of products that carry the logo, it is impossible not to experience some dissatisfaction from time to time. People who complain about their experiences are contributing to the company's quality control. Were I in their position, I would send the product back to the company and seek replacement or a refund [assuming there is a receipt]. I am confident the response would be positive.

Dye fading on car seat and couch

Do not buy their belts it has caused damage to my sofa and car seat

blue dye on blue jeans

I am not surprised that this site will not allow you to contact the Corporation. They should be ashamed their former "quality" has been reduced to rags! I bought a pair of blue jeans sometime ago. I noticed that the blue dye was rubbing off on my hands, my legs, my car seat et al. I did the internet research inquiry and came across similar bleeding. Now it is 12+ washings later and these jeans dye is still staining my hands and towels and furniture and tonight my newly glazed bathtub! This is not acceptable and I may be taking greater strides to address this misfortune.


I purchased a Ralph Lauren sports blouse, 100% cotton last spring which I just washed for about the 5th time. I do not wear my clothes very much because I'm a stay-at-home retired mom. I wear my good clothes when I go out to the city or out to eat. I was surprised when I saw a small fabric hole in the lower back of my blouse. Your clothes are very expensive. I will not be buying your product again! I will give you a minus rating. Sharon Bolton

I am writing to express my frustration and sadness with regard to a Christmas gift that my Son gave to my Husband. It was a pair of Ralph Lauren pajama pants and jersey. The good news is my Husband loved his gift and wore them right away. The bad news is the next day when I went to wash them, I looked at the care instruction label and saw that the instructions were not written in English. They were written in God only knows what languages. One would expect this if these items were purchased outside the United States; they weren't. I have always been a big fan and customer of Ralph Lauren clothing. Now when shopping, I see the Ralph Lauren brand and immediately look for something else. Anyone associated with making the decision to eliminate the use of the English language in your labeling, should be ashamed of themselves. Needless to say, I will not be buying any more Ralph Lauren apparel!

Poor quality

I have been purchasing Ralph Lauren Polo, shirts etc for years first and mostly at Roosevelt field macys long Island NY. Since moving to florida I have shopped at treasure Coast mall in jensen Beach florida. At first I thought maybe it was something I did that caused these pin holes to appear in the colored tee shirts but after my last purchase last month I am sure there is either a change in quailty by the manufactuer or the shirts being sold are knock offs. The prices have not gone down but each shirt I have purchased there has been of such poor quality as holes appear within a month. back to strictly nautica and to date no problem. I had purchased a shirt in macys on Northshore Long Island NY in sept and no problem with it what so ever.

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