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Customer Service

Petsmart hotel

I have to be at work by 0700 am so what good does your hotel do me when it open up at 0700. You are losing 5percent of that business alone in my neiourbor hood because you dont open up earlier. So much for Customer Service

Product Availability

After reading the sad stories above, my issue may seem unimportant, but none the less I will send this. The stores do not stock litter boxes to suit cat owner needs. I've been to 3 PetSmarts the past month and can't find a litter box. They are not listening to reviews or they would know to bring in more high back boxes and better made ones. Obviously, a cat owner isn't designing the product PetSmart is buying. Then I find one online and when I called the online customer service number, the girl couldn't tell me if it is carried in the store...or just online. I would say, that by reading reviews...PetSmart is having employee issues and now I'm going to throw in a product issue as well.


Petsmart policy on displaying their pets toys is very deceptive. They have bins marked 99cents and mix in other toys in the same display case which are $9.99. As a customer your eyes are drawn to the sale and you assume everything on the rack is at the lower price - not true. I think this is a very deceiving way to lure customers to buy stuff. Shame on them. I will take my business to Petco instead.

China Products

Will not set foot in PetsMart anymore. Very disappointing that everything is made in China. China and Korea do horrific things to dogs and animals. They boil and skin them alive!! Very heartbreaking to see that. It shouldn't be all money. Bring the jobs back to the US and I will come back. Not all people from China or Korea do this to animals, but we have a bad taste even thinking of buying anything that is made in these countries. Do the right thing for the animals and people.

Doggie Chew Toys From China!

Very frustrating to see only dog chew toys, and plush toys all from CHINA. The chemicals and materials they use are not up to our standards. The sewing is terrible and the toy is shredded in about 5 minutes with the squeaker out on the floor. Consumers will pay more for top safe quality doggie toys. These pets are our family and you cannot replace them. Safety and quality is our biggest concern. MAKE IT IN THE U.S.A. and your sales will double!

Tanks infected with ICH - wiped out my entire aquarium.

I bought a fish (the first new addition to my tank in 2 years) from Petsmart. Days later my fish had ICH. All the fish in the aquarium were treated immediately but every single one died. The manager assured me that this was an isolated incident. The next day I visited Petsmart and identified fish in the sale tanks that clearly had ICH! Petsmart uses a single filter for all tanks which means if there is ICH in one tank it is in every single tank they have. Associates were selling fish out of these infected tanks which will infect the customer's aquariums at home and kill their fish!

grooming my dog

I took my dog to two petsmart store to have his nails.cut.They said they could not do them.I take him to Petsmart in Erie pa and they have no trouble doing his nails.As far as I am upset with petsmart in Florida.you will not get my business and I will tell everybody not to go to your stores.

Mold in the grooming salon in the Petsmart in Pelham New York. I heard this from the managers talking to her employees today when i went to store. i had to walk out was disgusted beyond belief. People your pets are in danger.


The only good Manager they had They let go over a minor incident The Manager in charge D.Isbell should be let go she is a waste of a Manager -only cares about herself .. Will not go back into this store ever again- no knowledge of animals now and over priced -Carson City , NV.


You have the wrong number listed for the Victory Dr store on the internet. In calling the Abercorn St, the number immediately goes busy. In talking to the manger of the Abercorn store, he said Pet Smart knows about the issue--but it is a government issue. I work for government and know it takes a little effort to make a change. But, it can be made. This has been going on since day one of your store opening and is UNACCEPTABLE. I have wasted more than 20 minutes on the phone trying to get thru to Victory Dr. I feel sorry for the poor guy that has his personal number listed. YOu have just LOST my business. FIX THE PROBLEM...That is what the CORPORATE world does. Unexcusable.

not happy

A grooming express at 7 am it's 7:37 Tiffany is not here


I take my dogs into Petsmart in mi store 0724! I always get a warm welcome into the store by a lovely older lady I think her name is Lynn she is very helpful. Once I have a nice chat with her I head back to the grooming salon were my two kids love to go. Their groomer Jessica W. I very sweet and is very knowledgeable. When I first got my two kids I had no clue how to take care of a long haired dog. Jessica went out of her way to even go out onto the floor and help me find everything I needed to take care of my kids. She is very sweet with them even my very shy girl loves Jessica. I'm very happy with my petsmart!

Pet smart groomer

I took my adopted dog to pet smart for grooming. He not only got buzzed down to skin but they clipped off all his nipples and sliced his private part. When I returned to pick him up, they blamed the dog growled and tried bite the groomer. So they weren't able to clip the nails, clean his ears nor freshen the breath, and cut anything near the face. They recommended that he gets sedated and take him somewhere else and charged me $44. They failed to mention that they injured him and caused him to get aggressive. No apologies but blame the dog. They are not trained groomer, no professionalism. They are dog abusers. The dog did not eat not sleep for 2 days and kept leakin his injured areas and chewed away his paws. Please...if you care for your pets, take them to a true, well trained groomer!

I spoil my dogs and take them everywhere but petmart san Antonio treats me like an abuser because I won't take in one of my dogs who always marks in there. I am switching pet stores.

happy but concened

I am a happy but very concerned costumer at the store in las Colinas # 1104 there is an employee by the name of Crysta that every time I come in looks so high yes high as in drugs and smells like mariguana this scares me, I would think a place like pets mart would do drug testing, I would not want her advice or handling of my precious pets

mad still

I will never go back to Pet smart unless to get my puppy back. But my family ,friends I will not go back to shop , get there nails done . Because of what they have done to me .I want you all to get my puppy back,.

customer servive and manager

The store in Richmond TX has horrible customer service. When I approached the store manager (maribeth) she didnt seem to care. She seemed more interested working the pallet of dog food. It was 2 o clock In the afternoon. They didnt offer to help and I had to maneuver around all the stuff in the isles.

Customer service responce

I sent a e-mail to Corp after making a phone call regarding my being told they have a complete bull breed ban in their stores and that the English Bull Terrier would not be allowed (something new since my dogs had gone into there for years). I was told on the phone 3-5 business days I would have a response. The short of a long story is its now be 1 month and I have received the same form letter each and every time I question why I have not had a response. Again today I had the same letter of which I responded with this is the same form letter as the first. What is it with this company that they will not respond to their customers. I am not letting this go, and I want an answer, and as a person who has spent $1000.'s with them I deserve one.

BAD Shipping Knowledge

Your shipping department really needs to get training. Don't you know that when you have a heavy item of 80 pounds you need to double box the item. Explanation: Put the item in a box, then put that box inside another box. If needed inside another box. Boxes must be of HIGH grade to with stand the weight being shipped. I am surprised that UPS accepted the package to ship. Items shipped were spilled and lost in shipping. Item package (box damaged), Shipping box was damaged. For lack of knowledge on how to ship, leaves Petsmart undesirable for future orders.

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