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Dog Groomer

I was recently at the Levittown store buying dog food. I heard a dog crying and turned around,it was a black in the grooming department. The girl was pulling on the legs to cut the nails,you could tell she was irritated. This is not the first time I have seen this kind of treatment at this grooming department.


A manual entry of my credit card without proof of ID A charge of $185. I want to know your policy and I want to file charges. Who has the capacity to answer me. Your customer service has no clue, very fustrated

Petsmart Medford, Oregon

Petsmart in Medford, Oregon does not enforce the protocols which direct the store to keep cats up for adoption no more than three weeks. Some cats have been there almost two months! Very poor management and lack of care for sentient beings. ,


I too have shopped at petsmart for 5 years and spent thousands just on turtles and birds.The manager of the san leandro calif store has issues and it reflects on employees and the store. I will not shop there again. I was upset when i realized a employee was watching and following me around the store as if i was stealing?! That waz the last straw. Theres way better pet stores out there.


The Bellingham Wash store has deteriorated in cleanliness, service, and adequate supply of products. I have been a customer for over 10 yrs, but I have begun t look at other retailers for my pet needs. The manager of the store has a very poor attitude that seems to be having an adverse effect on the other employees,


Very sad reading all of these complaints. There is something definitely not right with the way you run your company. I am thinking of contacting one of our investigative reporters. After spending thousands of dollars at your company and not addressing these concerns only means you do not care for the animals you are suppose to serve. BACK to PETCO for sure.


Went to the Petsmart in Winchester VA to simply get a goldfish just 1 goldfish to put in with the one I have the sales lady basically talked me out of it saying you can't put goldfish together they would kill each other mean while I'm standing there lookin at a tank with about 50 of em in there and didn't see any of them tryin to kill each other. Guess she just didn't feel like making a sell I mean how hard is it or how much work would it be to simply scoop me out a goldfish. Have not and will not use Petsmart ever again for any product for any of my many pets.

Stop Selling Parrots

Please stop selling Parrots in all of your stores.Their diet is horrific! It's cruelty to Parrots from all breeders and sellers!

Adoptin Room

While my daughter and I were at Petsmart in Niles Ohio today, we noticed some of the cats in the adoption room had no food or water there was aslo feces and comet in some of the cages. When we asked an emplyee for help they replied with, "There is a woman who comes in twice a day to take care of the cats and we don't have access to the room." Seriously!!! These cats and kittens are suppose to go without food and water not to mention have to lay in comet and feces until the woman resides to get there. I'm very upset over this and if something doesn't get done I will have to go to a higher athority for the safety of thesse precious ones whome can not speak for themselves.


I am so upset and disappointed never have I had such a hard time returning something and people make up stories to cover themselves. My daughter used her depit card to make a purchase and when I tried to return they refused to give me cash back insisted on I had to take store credit, or have depit card. I called the corporate office only to have them tell me this was written on the back of receipt which I then red the entire back and no where did it specify you would need the depit card which is a considered a cash transaction and says on the back when using dept card return given as cash this is such bull never again will I use Petsmart.

poor customer service

I have taken my dog here for grooming for 9 yrs and 4 yrs. to Boynton Beach,FL store once a mth. They did not groom my dog as well as previous visits and I asked to have it corrected and they said yes on the phone but when I arrived with the dog they said I would have to pay for another hair cut. Poor customer service to loyal customers. Will not go there anymore as they do not value their customers.

Wht bullshit they pull

If you shop at Petsmart BR AWARE of what your being charges, if you have 10.00 worth of mdse they do not teach their cashiers to count and they double the amount so its 20.00. It seems to be a pattern, and the managers are ok with it they down play it to I CANT WATCH THER CASHIERS then what do they do, it is time consuming to have to wait till its corrected and it makes the hiring process look like if you cant count you have a job, there is PETCO GREAT PETS PLUS GREAT PETSMART SUCKS as thy don't care about you just your purchases. If you could give them -10 stars it would be done

Banfield Hospital/ Temecula ca

Bandifeld refused to fill my pets writtien perscription from my veterinarian due to my pet not being an active customer. That's wrong!! .This perscrition is for pet food not medication. I guess you need to change your loco it's all about money not about pets. I will never buy my pet another item from you store. You have poor customer service. Very Rude Veterinariams..


One of your managers at the Oak Valley Dr store in Ann Arbor, interfered with a vendor assignment job. was rude and unprofessional. And not only that you could smell alcohol on her breath. I assuming she had a hang over & just didn't want to really be there.


Will never shop or have have dog groomed in the wayne, nj shop have waited a week and still no return call

Coupon Books

When you put together a coupon book and item are stated as FREE with on other disclaimers you should not have to pay tax, that should be part of the coupon. How can you advertise FREE when its not?


I had an appointment at 11:00 at petsmart Owensboro ky to get a chihuahua hair cut! 2:00 he still wasn't even touched! I talk to the manager and he didn't even care! Very poor service I will never go bzck to petsmart!

Extremely Upset with Service

I had multiple issues and bad experiences with one of your stores located in Olathe Kansas Please call me at (913) 748-5019.


Customer Service

Petsmart hotel

I have to be at work by 0700 am so what good does your hotel do me when it open up at 0700. You are losing 5percent of that business alone in my neiourbor hood because you dont open up earlier. So much for Customer Service

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