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I love St. Louis Bread (Panera) Company. I love that their menu is geared towards healthy ingredients and friendly relaxed staff and atmosphere. And I love the way management is so interested in keeping their customers happy. And the decor is so cute too. Love the Cobblestone muffins especially!! Thanks and keep up the good work. I just read the negative emails on this website and maybe people need to stop looking for the negative in everything. If you don't like it, then go somewhere else! Thanks and Bon Appetite!!

i am writing this email not because I do not love your food which I do. I live in Pittsburgh Pa and have visited several restaurants. I frequent the one in Wilkins Township William Penn Highway Pittsburgh Pa 15235 and the one in Monroeville in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center which is also on William Penn Highway Monroeville Pa 15146. It is very disheartening to see that there are no African Americans working at this location nor at the location on MCknight Road in the North Hills. My children have completed several applications at the restaurant which is 2 miles away from my home and they have not got as much as eye contact when turning in the application. I hope that it is not your practice not to hire African Americans or other minorities. However this is what I have come across in the past several years. There is a large sign as you enter the restaurant stating "Now Hiring". If this restaurant is always hiring I would like to know why my children even been called for an interview. They are age appropriate, have good grades and like I stated previously live within two miles of the restaurant where they have applied. I hope that I do not have to stop enjoying my favorite Cinnamon Crunch Bagel. I don't want to spend my money none of the employees are minorities. What kind of message is this sending to customers.

My son went to get a job at Panera Bread at the Town Center Mall in Charleston, WV and they turned him down because he had a tattoo on his arm with his daughters name on it. The manager had tattoo's on her body but she told my son they would fire her for hiring him with a tattoo on his arm. Double standard policy if you ask me. How discrimenatory of a company is that.

I will being in stating that I probably have lunch at Panera Bread Company, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida, on an average of 4-5 days per week....I love your soup! This includes my mother, sisters, daughter and co-workers. I am, however, very disappointed that you no longer offer the Lemon Chicken Orzo soup. I realize that it is "seasonal", but it is delicious, and one of the healthiest soups that you offered. I sincerely wish that you would reconsider adding this soup to your menu again. Sincerely, Nancy Merritt

People in store very nice & helpful,but your annoying survey is locking up my phone demanding a receipt # that is in the garbage in NY. I'm in PA now,& it's not helping how I feel about Panera right now. I would have taken your survey,but you provided no way to do that without entering a number! Don't bully your customers by tying up their search function, until you get a survey response please! I need my phone now,so how do I get Panera's survey off my search page?

I had lunch this past Sunday at the Hempstead turnpike location near EastMeadow. I was not happy with the fact that my husband ordered a sandwich and my 4 yr old took a bite and their was a foreign object piece of plastic in the sandwich. She almost choked and we thought her tooth fell out. I approached the mgr and he took the object and said will send to corporate. He did not even apologize until I asked for an apology. He then said will give me refund for sandwich. he later dissapeared and I did not see him. This is not the way this incident should have been handled. unhappy customer.

Store # 3859 in Manchester CT No problems with the food and drink. We were trapped into using this store for breakfast because of our hotel location several days in a row. We were ordered about from line to line like cattle as if were stupid for not figuring it out. There was no signage gIving instructions regarding this. On one visit a cashier named Tiffany opened a register further down the line. We walked over, but Tiffany insisted on calling to the couple who had just preceded us although they were obviously unready, and it took her several tries to even get their attention. Then she sent us back to our original line like bad children. Even at the pickup counter we had orders barked at us like we were working for them. I wouldn't have posted this, but we were there more than once and experienced this treatment.

Your restaurant at Hwy 6 and SW Freeway in Sugarland Texas is horrible and the bathrooms are always filthy. I swear if I go in there one more time and the restrooms are that nasty. I am going to contact the department of health and food safety. Maybe then you guys will understand that no one likes to eat in a restaurant where the bathrooms are filthy.

My son was recently fired from his job at Panera Bread (NJ). He spent the past four years preparing to become a US Marine. He is in the delayed enlistment program for the US Marines and has a responsibility to take part in a Poole function three times a week. These poole functions prepare him for his future as a US Marine. His responsibility to participate in the Poole functions was explained to the manager upon him being hired. The manager scheduled him to work on a day of his Poole function and my son explained to him the importance of him attending his Poole function and if his schedule could be changed for that day. My sons recruiter also contacted the manager to explain the situation. The manager was extremely rude to both my son and my sons recruiter. The manager then contacted my son and told him he needed to choose between Panera Bread or his future as a US Marine. The manager then called my son several hour later and left him a message to return his call. My son returned the call a half hour later and was told the manager had left. The assistant manager then got on the phone and told my son as of now he no longer has a job and if he has a problem with that he can call and fight it out with the manager tommorrow. I find it extremely unfair to my son that he fired because he is trying to prepare his self for his future. A future to serve and protect our country. What kind of American patrisim is that!

Dear Panera, I live in Ft. Myers, Fl. and patronize the store on Boy Scout and Rt. 41. It is a little distance for me to drive and I was wondering when and if you still have plans to open a store in the shopping center on Summerlin near Bass Road. I know a lot of other people in this area that would be very happy if you would open a store in that location. Thank you, R. Blake

i hate this company will never go back again i even contacted bbb saw mice running around and the bathrooms were disgusting plus the service was slow and horrible contacting my attorney this week will never go back again taking them to court for a 20 dollar refund that the manager promise me never again will i go there again

My husband and I went to Panera Bread in Valrico,Fl at 8 a.m. on 8/21.I went next door to order Starbucks coffee and he ordered bagels at Panera. My husband is deaf in one ear and ordering is not easy for him. I came back with the Starbucks coffee and an employee approached me and asked me if I had taken the Starbucks cups out of the trash and if I was stealing Panera coffee. I explained I was not, so I went to the general manager to complain and he was so said "doesn't Starbucks have sugar, why are you using ours?" I explained that we are a family of five and we eat at Panera up to ten times a week. He never said he was sorry for what the employee said to me. I find the manager to be very rude and unprofessional. It is one thing for a young sales clerk to say the wrong thing but a manager who is rude to customers it is unacceptable. I will be finding another place to eat that doesn't discriminate against people who are hearing impaired. I hope the corporate office retrains their general manager to be civil to all customers. I was very polite the whole time.

Let me start off by saying that my whole work staff orders at Warrington, PA Panera atleast 4 to 5 days a week for multiple meals, every single time we order there is something wrong with our meal. There was a plastic glove in my salad, they forget the dressings, no chicken on a sandwich, i can go on and on. There is never an order that is correct and I would like to know how this problem can be fixed? We love Panera, but our local Panera has got to be fixed. We are at the point where we do not even want to order from there any longer because of the mistakes. We are within walking distance and its such a shame that we can not continue to eat at our local Panera Bread. I would LOVE to hear back from someone on this issue.

KUDOS!!!!!! You've finally fired the dishonest,devious,and disrespectful G.M.ever GOD DON'T LIKE UGLY.M.D.destroyed so many careers and lives and while many complained she was able to remain in charge.I'll bet it was the black husband that did it for you huh

I love Panera but do not have one in Janesville Wisconsin. I have to drive at least 30 minutes to get my Frenchtoast bagel fix. Please, Please, Please open a store in Janesville. We are known as "Chainsville", but have just run of the mill chains. Let's up the anti.

The counter people don't ask for Panera Bread card to give you credit for your purchase and they any hear what they what to hear when you tell your order and that this is to go!

Constructive criticism. Today I showed a manager at the Paramus Park NJ.my coffee which had specs (coffee grounds) in it.she acknowledged, seeing them,but didn't address the problem. She offered me an empty cup.Didn't ask which urn nor even act concerned. Coffee urn continued to be used by other customers. Secondly tables were unclean and never wiped for the entire time that I was having my breakfast. Please give give this matter your immediate attention. Thank you. James C

On Friday July 29 I went to Panera bread on Algonquin road in Rolling Meadows Il and their soda machine was broken, there was a note on the door telling of the problem and that they have bottled pop. When we placed our order and ordered one Pepsi they charged us for 2 because the cashier said the bottle of pepsi was like getting 2 cups of soda (the bottle of Pepsi all fit in one cup when I poured it into the provided cup. This was pathetic and I feel slighted by panera, I am a long time customer but will not be visiting Panera anymore and will be telling all my friends. Good job Panera

I took my 14 year old granddaughter out to linch today at the Panera Bread location in the Oakleaf Plantation in Orange Park Florida. That's nice, right? Well, we both ordered salads and I ordered a cup of baked potato soup. When my soup arrived, it looked like mashed potatoes. It was tasty, luke warm, but thick as molasses. When I inquired as to why the "soup" resembled mashed potatoes, I was told it was "yesterday's runoff" WHAT!!!! Leftover soup? The girl explained they only make potato soup on Monday, Wednesday and Frida and here it was Thursday. They asked if I wanted another bowl and I said no. The waitress bought me another bowl of freshly made, steaming hot potato soup. My granddaughter and I were both finished with our salads and ready to leave. It so happenes I wasn't charged for the soup and the superviser apologized and offered us a pastry. The meal alone cost $18.00. I think this is horrble and I won't ever darken the doors of that particular store again. I must add this, someone told us that the Oakleaf Plantation Panera never gets their order straight. I'm thinking someone needs to visit this location and perhaps rattles some pots and pans...if you get my drift!!! Thank you for your time. Sincerly, Linda Jones

I recently visited the Danvers Massachusetts Panera Bread. The cashier was very kind. As I looked for a seat I saw that the tables and dining area was very dirty. I asked the cashier if I could have a wet towel to wash off the table. She said she would send a worker over to do it for me. No worker was sent. I started to get annoyed because my food was ready and I wanted to sit down. i asked again for a towel, she said she would send someone over. I then asked for the manager because i felt that the restaurant shouldn't be so dirty and I wanted to express my objections to the conditions. the manager came out from back and i said..."Are you managing this place? I have to say....I can't believe how dirty it is. I asked to have the tabl washed off but no one would come over and wash it. Can i have the district manager's name?" She gave me his card: Bob Hazelton is his name...978-646-9942. As I took the card, I said to the manager, "You should be ashamed of your managerial skills to allow this place to look like this...ashamed." She said..."you should be ashamed too" And she walked away into the back room. I could not believe how rude and unprofessional she was. She was the manager on duty at 4pm on 7-17-2011. She wouldn't give me her name. I will never go back there again. With so many people unemployed in the area, she should thank her lucky stars that she has a job to begin with. She should be fired in my opinion. I hope someone does something about this.

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