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Does anyone at Panera read these negative reviews & bother to do anything at all about them?!! The floor behind the counter is ALWAYS filthy with food scraps, spills & who knows what. Soooo unappetizing. The worst was when a worker came out to the soda machine with a big bucket of ice. She put the bucket on the filthy ground & set up a ladder. She grabbed the bucket, climbed the ladder and dumped the ice into the top of the machine. To tamp down the cubes, she used the bottom of the bucket!!!! We almost threw up!!We didn't eat there fir 3-4 yrs after that. Only went back last weekend because we were traveling & left with no other nearby alternatives. The floors were still filthy & didn't put ice in our drinks...ughhhhhh

Today 03-14-12, my wife visited Panera location in Sherman Texas off of Hwy 75. This is the dirtiest store from the parking lot to the un attended table and restroom. The restroom men women was covered with debris and urin in the men's floor. When I asked to speak to the manager and the counter clerk said, " you can get the phone number for the store from our door." I asked again, what is the managers name and can I speak with the manager, again the young male counter worker said his name is Egro. And was not available. When I was leaving the counter the staff was laughing about my concerns, and as I drove around the back the same attendant was talking outside with what it appears to be the manager. This was a very poor operation and have filed a sanitary complaint with the city of Sherman Health Inspectors offices. In terms of staffing it starts with management. And at this location is need of core overhaul...

I think this is the funniest thing ever. After having slaved away in the back of a panera for 2 years I learned that to be a manager you have to be a freakin idiot and a huge jerk. I mean look at all the negative comments about managers. LOL!!! It a mystery how panera is still getting good comments. I am glad I found this site and saw all the other nasty comments about other managers now I know it's all paneras you have to be a soul-less incompetent jerk to be considered qualified. It's amazing how it keeps getting worse. I guess I should have noticed that when corprate downgraded quality food to precut crap. Cutting costs just to make an extra buck to put in the big mans wallet cause there's no sharing at panera.

Panera used to have the best chicken noodle soup ever. However, the new chicken noodle tastes like brand x from a can. I'm glad corporate defends their decision cause no one else likes it. Additionally it is deplorable the way trays, flatware and bowls are stacked after eating. Who wants to touch other people's used dishes? You can't give the public something good then take it away and say "Let them eat cake." I can take or leave Panera now. Before I loved it and was a regular. It's not like there aren't other places to eat.

Great products. Service in bakery and restaurant good. Panera bakery arrangement for paying the bill is very ackward in that there are usually too few cashiers and the cashiers are burdened with other tasks as well. This has required me as a customer in Pomona, Elk Grove and Citrus Heights California to be willing to endure the wait time to pay a bill of for a product. It's the only 'hang-up' Ive experienced with an otherwise great bakery, Panera.

I love the new Chicago location at 2 N. Michigan Avenue Panera Brea Company. I have just returned for lunch Saturday February 18, 2012 at Panera Bread; it was a very pleasant environment, a simple, but more than adequate choice and friendly and attentive service. Although it was a busy day today, my order was brought up promptly to my table, and the service in general was consistent and courteous. Alex (a tall Caucasian young man with a beard) , one of the food runners serving on a Saturday evening shift, was always smiling and greeting everyone when he approached every table. Throughout the entire restaurant, I’ve never been disappointed on all my visits at Panera’s Bread (at this location ONLY!) aside from the delicious food; the employees and music always send a good vibe with the customer. I am always greeted with a hello, and helped when asked. Whether you’re looking for a good cup of coffee, a salad or pastry, they’re always attentive and smiling. I love that their menu is geared towards healthy ingredients and friendly relaxed staff and atmosphere, and I LOVE the way management is so interested in keeping their customers happy. Also, the décor is awesome! I love the Asian Sesame Chicken Salad and the soy mocha! Ohh! and the fireplace too. Thanks and keep up the good work! Congratulations to all involved in the restaurant from management, to chefs, baristas, cashier, and food runners. Sincerely, Isabel Lizardi

I was at 13th and Grant st Denver Colorado store today. About one hour later I had my chicken sandwich, I got violently ill. I got food poisoning from that sandwich. My wife called and talked to the manager but did not even sound appo logistic. Anyway I realized how scary to eat food that are contaminated. The manager did not even ask our address or phone numbers. I guess you don't care about your reputation!

I am not a spoiled american where I want everyone to hear how good or bad my meal was. Oh boo hoo, the service this and boo hoo the food that. (pretty sad anyone would complain!) I am grateful to have a meal when so many do not. That said, I do have a complaint about management at store #769. These kids do not really impress me. I personally know that they do not care about their employees feelings nor do they impress upon them any integrity at all! If this is how they conduct the business behind the scenes good luck! They should be a team and try to take care of each other. I know that is an old time concept but it does work. If you look out for each other and actually teach them something other cutting people down, you might get a positive review. This store does not get a positive review and corporate should watch there management a little closer. Shame on Panera!!!!!

Location: 23rd St Panama City, FL Where's the fresh bread they are bragging about? Ordered some pastry, was hard as a rock... Tried to find a clean table, good luck.. Look under the table... dirty napkins and left over crumbs... Maybe better when no one is around, clean at their comfort zone?? The table, we tried two and both were dirty and wobbling. Had to put napkin on one leg to keep it from shaking...Noticed most customers are white and business-looking? Ehwe! Am classy.. Noticed that employees are all white and young.. Are they hiding the non-white or overweight folks in the kitchen? Coffee are hot, that's good at least. Wasn't happy who took our order though. We're not dressy enough, so she asked the customer behind us if she can help her. When I interrupted.. she said.. I was talking to her? What the heck?!

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Normally like Panera. But the one in Rockville on Jefferson was chaotic and poorly identifies where people order. Several lines, not clear what is what. Stood in line only to learn it was the wrong one. Just wanted a sandwich. Pay attention to customer service. It is important. When I called the manager said well we are a little busy. Ok, thanks. I am hard pressed to return to any Panera.

I was at your panera bread today, all I can say or question HOW DO YOU PICK THE PEOPLE MANAGING YOUR STORES?????? HORRIBLE. Do they have proper training or even diplomas of any kind? I cannot believe that idiots are running THIS stores. This store is in Jacksonville, Florida on Crosshill Blvd. One man ordered his lunch and never got it. Somehow his reciept did not reach the kitchen and when the employees AND CUSTOMER questioned why, the manager did not want to come out of the office to help. (This is not the first time). I had to wait 20 minutes to get my lunch (which was of course over priced and not good). I have also been in your stores where the manager JESS was chasing his good buddy from the hair salon across the street and not taking orders from just regular customers. UNBELIEVABLE.....Your company used to take pride in management and just your run of the mill $7 hourly employees. Not anymore. I will not be in your store again to eat. you lost my biusiness.

I LOVED your chicken noodle soup. I was thick and had a good flavor. The new version taste like chichen flavored water, not even good broth. I no longer look forward to the comfort and flavor your soup had. Please change and use the old recipe.

I was dining at Paneras in Springfield NJ which i frequent 3 or 4 times per week when a worker approached me and said the newspapers are for sale. Why do we need to embarrass a customer at the table? Why not just post a sign on the newspaper stand which states that newspapers are for sale only?

Although it is a franchise location, you should be cautious of the way in which your 'managers' handle themselves. Many of the employees are tired of being treated disrespectfully by GM and ASM. You spread the word that panera cares, and hands down panera does do a lot for the community, but do not forget that your employees deserve respect as well. When comparing the company's philosophy and the panera cares stores to the ones run here in fullerton, it doesn't even seem to be close to the same store. When a company is capable of being such big hearted, i dont see how they can treat and talk to employees the way they do. If you hope to save the good name that stands behind your company, I highly recommend you fix the managers upholding the name first. I was a customer before I became an employee and working behind the scenes has changed my entire perspective on the company..for the worse not the better. Figure out what panera really does stand for ..and stick to it. Just something for you to think about

There is a new panera opening up on sw 3rd, off I-40 and rockwell in oklahoma city , Today they were doing training for the store. My manager went by and they gave her 15 dollars in play money to buy whatever she wanted so they employees could practice, So she comes back to work and told us about the opertunity . Me and another employee got in my car and went over there, As we are pulling up a coworker of mine is pulling out. When i got back to the Hotel I ask her what she got and she says they wouldnt give her any food because she was black. They told her it was for friends and family ONLY... Well we were not any ones friend or family there. And about four or five of us that were white got food for free. I went in the line after she did so there is NO WAY it was not some kind of racist issue with her getting free food .All of us here at the hotel are very disturbed about this issue, and i think someone from this company owes this woman a huge apology. Guest that stay with us ask us all the time where a good friendly placees are to eat and i can tell you now that there is NO WAY we will send anyone there...

Our family eats at your restaurant on a regular basis and this evening our 3 year old grand daughter walked into one of those wooden box/shelves on the way out of the store and may possibly have a broken cheek bone! Please - you need to REMOVE those wooden shelves that hold bags for people for take out. People can ASK at the counter for bags for carry out. Those wooden shelves have SHARP, HARD EDGES. Those boxes protude at a toddlers head / eye level. You have NO such boxes mounted at an adults head/ eye level because adults would walk into them on a regular basis and injure themselves. Don't you think toddlers deserve the same consideration? You have NO idea how bad my poor little grand daughters cheekbone looked after hitting it on your shelves! Her cheekbone, just beneath her left eye had a very sharp dent and was angry red and swollen. She cried very hard, in pain, for a long time as I held her and put ice on it to help reduce swelling. (BTW not one staff person at the store asked if she was OK or came to assist). She may have a black eye in the morning also. I am just glad it did not hit her eye as she may have lost her sight. PLEASE, for the love of all things sacred, REMOVE those boxes before they hurt another small child!! Common sense would dictate that this was NOT the best idea for the placement of this hard wood box with sharp edges. I'm sorry if I sound angry and upset, but I think you would be too if you saw a small child injured in such a meaningless way. I could see if that was a very important part of your store... but just to hold bags??? What is more important? A child's eyesight and vision or a customers access to bags? You could just put the bags on a countertop elsewhere, with nothing protruding out to injure anyone. My request is that you REMOVE those boxes from all of your stores. This request comes from a family with a small child who has sustained a very painful injury. If we do not hear back from you within ten days, I will investigate matters further.

You mean I don't have to pay for epxret advice like this anymore?!

I was so disappointed to find out that you were not offering gingerbread bagels this holiday season. Both my husband and I have enjoyed them for the past few years and go to our local Panera twice a week for gingerbread bagels for breakfast during the holiday season. We have not been this season. Please bring the gingerbread bagel back next year.

I was disappointed to find out that the gingerbread bagels were not available this year. I always looked forward to buying them for myself and friends. Could you please e-mail me back and explain the reason for not making them this year. My e-mail is marzihart@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time.

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