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I was at your panera bread today, all I can say or question HOW DO YOU PICK THE PEOPLE MANAGING YOUR STORES?????? HORRIBLE. Do they have proper training or even diplomas of any kind? I cannot believe that idiots are running THIS stores. This store is in Jacksonville, Florida on Crosshill Blvd. One man ordered his lunch and never got it. Somehow his reciept did not reach the kitchen and when the employees AND CUSTOMER questioned why, the manager did not want to come out of the office to help. (This is not the first time). I had to wait 20 minutes to get my lunch (which was of course over priced and not good). I have also been in your stores where the manager JESS was chasing his good buddy from the hair salon across the street and not taking orders from just regular customers. UNBELIEVABLE.....Your company used to take pride in management and just your run of the mill $7 hourly employees. Not anymore. I will not be in your store again to eat. you lost my biusiness.

I LOVED your chicken noodle soup. I was thick and had a good flavor. The new version taste like chichen flavored water, not even good broth. I no longer look forward to the comfort and flavor your soup had. Please change and use the old recipe.

I was dining at Paneras in Springfield NJ which i frequent 3 or 4 times per week when a worker approached me and said the newspapers are for sale. Why do we need to embarrass a customer at the table? Why not just post a sign on the newspaper stand which states that newspapers are for sale only?

Although it is a franchise location, you should be cautious of the way in which your 'managers' handle themselves. Many of the employees are tired of being treated disrespectfully by GM and ASM. You spread the word that panera cares, and hands down panera does do a lot for the community, but do not forget that your employees deserve respect as well. When comparing the company's philosophy and the panera cares stores to the ones run here in fullerton, it doesn't even seem to be close to the same store. When a company is capable of being such big hearted, i dont see how they can treat and talk to employees the way they do. If you hope to save the good name that stands behind your company, I highly recommend you fix the managers upholding the name first. I was a customer before I became an employee and working behind the scenes has changed my entire perspective on the company..for the worse not the better. Figure out what panera really does stand for ..and stick to it. Just something for you to think about

There is a new panera opening up on sw 3rd, off I-40 and rockwell in oklahoma city , Today they were doing training for the store. My manager went by and they gave her 15 dollars in play money to buy whatever she wanted so they employees could practice, So she comes back to work and told us about the opertunity . Me and another employee got in my car and went over there, As we are pulling up a coworker of mine is pulling out. When i got back to the Hotel I ask her what she got and she says they wouldnt give her any food because she was black. They told her it was for friends and family ONLY... Well we were not any ones friend or family there. And about four or five of us that were white got food for free. I went in the line after she did so there is NO WAY it was not some kind of racist issue with her getting free food .All of us here at the hotel are very disturbed about this issue, and i think someone from this company owes this woman a huge apology. Guest that stay with us ask us all the time where a good friendly placees are to eat and i can tell you now that there is NO WAY we will send anyone there...

Our family eats at your restaurant on a regular basis and this evening our 3 year old grand daughter walked into one of those wooden box/shelves on the way out of the store and may possibly have a broken cheek bone! Please - you need to REMOVE those wooden shelves that hold bags for people for take out. People can ASK at the counter for bags for carry out. Those wooden shelves have SHARP, HARD EDGES. Those boxes protude at a toddlers head / eye level. You have NO such boxes mounted at an adults head/ eye level because adults would walk into them on a regular basis and injure themselves. Don't you think toddlers deserve the same consideration? You have NO idea how bad my poor little grand daughters cheekbone looked after hitting it on your shelves! Her cheekbone, just beneath her left eye had a very sharp dent and was angry red and swollen. She cried very hard, in pain, for a long time as I held her and put ice on it to help reduce swelling. (BTW not one staff person at the store asked if she was OK or came to assist). She may have a black eye in the morning also. I am just glad it did not hit her eye as she may have lost her sight. PLEASE, for the love of all things sacred, REMOVE those boxes before they hurt another small child!! Common sense would dictate that this was NOT the best idea for the placement of this hard wood box with sharp edges. I'm sorry if I sound angry and upset, but I think you would be too if you saw a small child injured in such a meaningless way. I could see if that was a very important part of your store... but just to hold bags??? What is more important? A child's eyesight and vision or a customers access to bags? You could just put the bags on a countertop elsewhere, with nothing protruding out to injure anyone. My request is that you REMOVE those boxes from all of your stores. This request comes from a family with a small child who has sustained a very painful injury. If we do not hear back from you within ten days, I will investigate matters further.

You mean I don't have to pay for epxret advice like this anymore?!

I was so disappointed to find out that you were not offering gingerbread bagels this holiday season. Both my husband and I have enjoyed them for the past few years and go to our local Panera twice a week for gingerbread bagels for breakfast during the holiday season. We have not been this season. Please bring the gingerbread bagel back next year.

I was disappointed to find out that the gingerbread bagels were not available this year. I always looked forward to buying them for myself and friends. Could you please e-mail me back and explain the reason for not making them this year. My e-mail is marzihart@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time.


On Friday December 2 I went to the Panera Bread located in Piscataway, NJ to get breakfast before 9 am. I ended up not making a purchase at all because I had gotten fed up with the way I've seen the manager (Aliiya) behave. This time it was toward two customers. Other times it had been toward employees or what I had overheard employees saying about her management skills and the manner in which she treats them. Two guys had apparently ordered their lunch and they were speaking to a tall bald African-American man, I didn't see a name tag. The two guys had a complaint of some sort with their meal. The tall guy went to get the manager, he came back with Aliiya. As they approached the customers they were laughing and joking about the complaint the two men had about their meal. It was clear to anyone with eyes and ears what they were doing. I couldn't believe they had chosen to do this right in front of the customer, other employees, and other customers who could also see and hear this!!! I had heard the one guy say he was going to complain to corporate so I am not sure what he did. I do know that there is a certain level of professionalism that should be displayed by a business' management. I have yet to see this with Aliiya. She never smiles and treats the employees and customers as if they are valued. She doesn't seem to understand the customers are the reason Panera is in business. What she did was RUDE, MEAN, and VERY disrespectful!!! She needs to undergo some sort of management retraining course or given sensitivity training or worse. Her attitude is horrible!!! Panera charges premium prices so it's important that the environment reflect that in their caliber of management. The manager has a great deal of hair but I yet to see her wear a hair net, visor, or hat. I would think that would be considered unsanitary since she's all over the store and there is food in various stages of preparation. I've opted not to purchase anything else from there.

This has been going on a month...my carryout order was missing a sandwich. I called as soon as I got home and my name was taken and they said a coupon would be sent but I knew it was not be taken seriously. After a week I stopped in to check about the coupon and was told it was in the mail. ANother week passes and I called and ask to speak to the manager she assured me that the matter would be take care of. Guess what? It has been another week and nothing . Here's the thing, I love to eat there and everything is so good I don't mind paying a little more for such tasty and nutritious food but I will not be treated badly and will not go in there again until I feel better about the whole situation. I take my husband to therapy three times a week and go right past there and would love to stop and pick up lunch at least once a week. The store is in Shelby Michigan, do not get a carry out order or check it to make sure all your paid for items are in the bag.

I love St. Louis Bread (Panera) Company. I love that their menu is geared towards healthy ingredients and friendly relaxed staff and atmosphere. And I love the way management is so interested in keeping their customers happy. And the decor is so cute too. Love the Cobblestone muffins especially!! Thanks and keep up the good work. I just read the negative emails on this website and maybe people need to stop looking for the negative in everything. If you don't like it, then go somewhere else! Thanks and Bon Appetite!!

i am writing this email not because I do not love your food which I do. I live in Pittsburgh Pa and have visited several restaurants. I frequent the one in Wilkins Township William Penn Highway Pittsburgh Pa 15235 and the one in Monroeville in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center which is also on William Penn Highway Monroeville Pa 15146. It is very disheartening to see that there are no African Americans working at this location nor at the location on MCknight Road in the North Hills. My children have completed several applications at the restaurant which is 2 miles away from my home and they have not got as much as eye contact when turning in the application. I hope that it is not your practice not to hire African Americans or other minorities. However this is what I have come across in the past several years. There is a large sign as you enter the restaurant stating "Now Hiring". If this restaurant is always hiring I would like to know why my children even been called for an interview. They are age appropriate, have good grades and like I stated previously live within two miles of the restaurant where they have applied. I hope that I do not have to stop enjoying my favorite Cinnamon Crunch Bagel. I don't want to spend my money none of the employees are minorities. What kind of message is this sending to customers.

My son went to get a job at Panera Bread at the Town Center Mall in Charleston, WV and they turned him down because he had a tattoo on his arm with his daughters name on it. The manager had tattoo's on her body but she told my son they would fire her for hiring him with a tattoo on his arm. Double standard policy if you ask me. How discrimenatory of a company is that.

I will being in stating that I probably have lunch at Panera Bread Company, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida, on an average of 4-5 days per week....I love your soup! This includes my mother, sisters, daughter and co-workers. I am, however, very disappointed that you no longer offer the Lemon Chicken Orzo soup. I realize that it is "seasonal", but it is delicious, and one of the healthiest soups that you offered. I sincerely wish that you would reconsider adding this soup to your menu again. Sincerely, Nancy Merritt

People in store very nice & helpful,but your annoying survey is locking up my phone demanding a receipt # that is in the garbage in NY. I'm in PA now,& it's not helping how I feel about Panera right now. I would have taken your survey,but you provided no way to do that without entering a number! Don't bully your customers by tying up their search function, until you get a survey response please! I need my phone now,so how do I get Panera's survey off my search page?

I had lunch this past Sunday at the Hempstead turnpike location near EastMeadow. I was not happy with the fact that my husband ordered a sandwich and my 4 yr old took a bite and their was a foreign object piece of plastic in the sandwich. She almost choked and we thought her tooth fell out. I approached the mgr and he took the object and said will send to corporate. He did not even apologize until I asked for an apology. He then said will give me refund for sandwich. he later dissapeared and I did not see him. This is not the way this incident should have been handled. unhappy customer.

Store # 3859 in Manchester CT No problems with the food and drink. We were trapped into using this store for breakfast because of our hotel location several days in a row. We were ordered about from line to line like cattle as if were stupid for not figuring it out. There was no signage gIving instructions regarding this. On one visit a cashier named Tiffany opened a register further down the line. We walked over, but Tiffany insisted on calling to the couple who had just preceded us although they were obviously unready, and it took her several tries to even get their attention. Then she sent us back to our original line like bad children. Even at the pickup counter we had orders barked at us like we were working for them. I wouldn't have posted this, but we were there more than once and experienced this treatment.

Your restaurant at Hwy 6 and SW Freeway in Sugarland Texas is horrible and the bathrooms are always filthy. I swear if I go in there one more time and the restrooms are that nasty. I am going to contact the department of health and food safety. Maybe then you guys will understand that no one likes to eat in a restaurant where the bathrooms are filthy.

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