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Staff harassing and slander

Staff helping belk salon and employees harassing slander Christian Anne! They all doing this be friends w byron lass who works belk salon at avenues mall!

Thank You!

I work with an organization named Fort Bend Family Promise in Missouri City, TX that helps homeless families get back to self-sufficiency. Panera's has generously donated bread to not only our organization, but countless others. There are not enough words to say how appreciative we are to them for helping families to feed themselves. There is so much waste in every town and city, that is is shameful. They are a corporation with a heart for their fellow man. May God forever bless them!

June Visit

I went to Panera Bread ordered to go. My order was wrong and when I try calling the Pico Rivera number, they just pick-up phone and don't answer just to disconnect phone call.

No Panera in MB

I love Panera's, when I was flying back and forth to Europe, I would stop to get a sandwich and salad to eat on the plane. Now that I retired to Myrtle Beach it was really a shock to learn that there is NO Panera's there. We need one there.

Panera Has Changed

Panera is a wonderful place to eat normally, the attitudes have changed not customer service at all anymore, don't know if it is management, Im hoping things can change I am goimg to call corporate

wheres the meat

I frequent the local pan era bread and I always get the ham egg and cheese ciabatta. I notice that this sandwich has gotten smaller and that there is one piece of ham folded in a small square. I had to tear away half sandwich just to get to meat..

Unhealthy food

Recently ordered the chicken noodle soup. It was so saturated with salt as to make it inedible. When this was mentioned to the cashier, she simply shrugged and said maybe it was the bottom of the pot! Panera is probably getting too big; it is apparent with the employee attitude and quality of products.

Baker Likes

I ran highspeed baking machines for 12 years for another corporation. Panera is doing a wonderful job! I also have an Arts Degree. It is the perfect place to start your day. I'm happy. I am also a graduate from The American Institute of Baking. Thanks Panera

Louetta location in houston tx

They are very rude..gives out different information..how can one day your drive through be open @530am and the next day you are not...then the general manager gets an attitude..will not be going here again

Free Food for the Homeless

Someone told me Panera Bread supplies a free meal to those who can't afford it...is this true? If so, you have my kudos and support.

I bought your new england clam chowder and I have not tasted anything worse, can soups that sell for much less taste better. The clams were rubber and the soup was just full of potatoes. If you want a winning recipe for your soup buy some Ivar's new england clam chowder and try a soup that is favorful and copy that. Wish I could get my $11.00 back. I will say that some of your other soups are ok, but again not worth the $11.00 you want.

Panera Bread in Kearney, NE

We just thought you should know that we were very disappointed at the Panera Bread here in Kearney, NE... We went to use one of our $25. gift certificates and they were not accepting them today, and it sounded like this has been going on a few days. The girl said that they have had problems with the register freezing up if they use them and so they are not accepting them! That is not our problem and we were looking forward eating one of your great meals... but this really put a stink in our pocket esp. since we will have to use our gift cards out of town as they suggested! We probably won't be back for a long time now. Maybe by then they will have the problem fixed. Thank you.

Beginning of the end

I have visited many Panera's since your beginning. I was reminded yesterday of the downward spiral I detect in your two local locations [ South Elgin & Elgin, IL. I noticed you have cutback the morning menu & raised the price again. Menu changes are needed, I understand being in busness for fifteen years myself. The products & price points you started with have nearly faded away. You are now nibbling too much out of your customer base. I believe this will be your downfall in the future. That will be tragic to watch. You are rapidly becoming just another overpriced grease spoon. I your run is going to be short - too short. It sadden me to see Pareras greedy capitalist at you top rape the public in this manner. So long, you have lost me!

bad manager

I work for panera for a month my manager nick at staples mill rd in Richmond Va is rude and he if it took him 3 weeks to get me a pay card and when I asked him to fix my time because I come in to early to clock in I am now finding out that he has not been doing so. So I've been working for free. He is not a good manager. I one of him best and he talk to me like I was dirty.

Poor Customer Service

The rewards program is not user friendly. Have gotten charged for free stuff twice now. Even though you have bought a dinner and then decide to go back later and get the dessert for 99 cents too bad, you have to get right away. Went in on my birthday and there was no free gift on my Panera card, but guess what? It showed up the next day! A little late. Not very customer oriented.

Traders point location should not be open if they are without hot water. Isn't that a health code violation?

New Recipet Itallian combo sandwich

We purchased your new Signature Sandwich as a take out and was very disapointed when we had it last night. This sandwitch states that it comes on Ciabaita bread and include stake, smoked turkey,ham, salami, swiss cheese. The piece of stake was paper thin about 2" long and the salami was 4 pices on a half loaf of Ciabatta bread..This is not what I expecid for a sandwich tha t cost $8.54. The cafe we went to was 0612. Richard Wherle 4538 DuBourg Lane Saint Louis, MO 63128

Treated terrible

The employees in Beckley W.V. we're very rude. When they messed up my sandwich I politely explained how I had wanted it. They then rudely ask if I was wanting them to make another sandwich, while rolling their eyes at me. I won't be going back.


Your rewards program is extremely non-user friendly and any challenges receive direction to the internet dungeon! It would be great if there was a human fail-safe.

Cold soup

Went to Panera Bread for lunch, ordered tomato soup. It was cold. went back and waited in line for 3 minutes and then waited another 5 minutes to get more cold soup. Then I heard the cashier say they are out of tomato soup. I went up to the cashier and asked what is wrong with the soup, and told them I had two consecutive bowls that were cold. They curtly said that they would give me a refund on the soup only, after i told them my entire meal was cold due to all of the waiting. Now that the credit card statement came back, the partial refund was not there. Really!!!!!!! They voided my refund! Unbelievable!

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