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Wrong number

Why do you have a location that is no longer in business!!!! I'm talking about Pewaukee WI, westfield way

Gross Tomato flatbread

The Tomato on the tomato flatbread taste like canned tomatoes and 1 very small piece of cheese! Taste nasty

gf cookies

wow, thank you thank you thank you for the delicious gj cookie love it

not pleased at all

For two nights in a row we have attempted to eat at panera bread in Lakeland Fl and both nights they were out of bread bowls. How is it that you run out of bread bowls.

five star

My wife and I highly commend you for taking the bold and strong stance of no guns in your establishment. We are very thankful that we can feel safe when we frequent your stores. Also, we so appreciate your all inclusive menu for diets such as gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. Now that's being all-American!

you've got to be kidding me

Went to Nicholasville, KY location at 9:22 this morning. They were out of 4 cheese souffl├ęs, as usual. When I asked if they would make more I was told they were all done for the day. So I took my order for 10 breakfasts across the street to cracker barrel and got cheese omletes instead. Must be nice to be so secure in your customer base that you do not need to accommodate them. This Panera is obviously in need of a customer service review. But don't worry, I wont be back.

Lexington, Ma. store

Was in the Lexington, Ma. store today. Soup was very good. Sandwich tasted like old fillings. However the most disturbing part was a visit to the ladies room. It was FILTHY!!. Every part about it. Two of us just walked away disgusted. Toilet seats filthy. Floors rotten. Makes us wonder what the kitchen looks like ig dirt like this is ignored. Will be calling the Board of Health Tommorrow.

My mom recently purchase a pumpkin latte before a trip to Michigan from the forest park, ohio location. She felt very sick the entire day and when she opened the cup, she discovered a paper towel in the cup. Very disgusting.


I would never go to a Panera Bread if guns were allowed. Thank you Panera Bread for taking a stand.

I ordered the spanish chicken stew with toasted almonds. I asked for a list of all the ingredients before I made my purchase. When I received my order I notice that Italian sausage was in the stew. It was not listed in the ingredients. I DO NOT EAT PORK. For future references please make sure that all ingredients are listed.


No Guns? You idiot Liberals and caving to the pressure. Our whole family carry's and have been coming to Panera's for quite awhile. Well, NO MORE! By the way, what are you going to do?.....make me open my purse so you can check for a gun? OR, frisk us to see if we are carrying? God I wish we could reincarnate our founding fathers and Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan, General Patton and General McArthur. We may visit your establishments and 'carry' and maybe we will no long do business with ever again.

Conyers ga Panera

My coworker and I went into your conyers location today, my turkey flatbread was very hard. I asked the server to replace There was a tall guy making food who didn't want to replace it. He got upset that I had asked. He told the girls working on it to just throw more food in and send it back. When our food came back it was the same hard bread and he threw our soup on our plate so hard it had spilled all over our plates. Not happy Panera!! Not good service at all!! We expect better from you.

Panera Less Safe

Declaring your business as a "gun free zone" makes your stores less safe. Crazies with guns will know there will be no one there to shoot back, so that's where they will go. I will go somewhere that is safer.

No guns!

I will no longer frequent your business. You have taken the position that I don't have the right to exercise my second amendment rights to bare arms to protect myself.

No guns policy

My entire family will no longer visit your establishment until you reverse your position on handguns. Regards

no guns allowed......

Ha, ha! Just learned recently that Panera is planning on building a restaurant in the City of Prescott, Arizona. Ummmmm, do you schmucks in Corporate do any marketing research??????? Prescott is the MOST gun-friendly city in the nation; Shotgun News recently gave us no less than SIX pages with color, glossy photos and a glowing article on this very subject. We have a restaurant here called "Wildflower Bread Company" which is essentially the same fare as Panera. WBC does not have an obnoxious anti-gun attitude and I enjoy patronizing them. I can't wait for Panera-Prescott to open and to see that dreaded sticker on the entry doors; even if it is there I'll just ignore it and inform the manager that I will be spending my hard-earned dollars at Wildflower................. see how that goes over with management!


My family will no longer be coming to Panera bread locations. We are concealed carry permit holders. My gun stays with me for protection from criminals. Criminals do not have permits but they will be there WITH guns. The sign on your door is an open invitation to them.


Let me ask you something. If you were in your restaurant, and some madman came in to the place and didn't ask for money, but just started shooting up the place and everyone inside, would you still be glad you installed your new gun policy? I know its laid back, but a criminal doesn't care you have a policy, other than to see an easy target. WWW.TrulyAmerica101.com


I was in a Panera restaurant in Fort Myers Florida and I still have the disc # 14 because I waited over 30 minutes for a cappuccino and a pastry to be delivered to my table. Your service there is terrible. I went to MacDonalds instead.


I was the host of a wedding shower today at your location at 104th & S. Penn, OKC, OK. We reserved your meeting room and there were three instances with roaches, one crawling up the wall, secondly one crawled on the top of a guest foot and third was in a cup. I brought this to the attention of the manager and his only explanation was they have the restaurant exterminated on a regular basis and he feels like they are coming from the restaurant next door. I will request a health inspector visit the restaurant after this incident. Not only was it very embarrassing but very disgusting knowing that we had just spent $132.00 on food that roaches were visibly present in the restaurant.

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