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Missing parts!

After going to Midas , cover to engine missing exposing wires no one seems to have any idea where it is ,waiting over a month for surveillance camera footage , can't come up with it.

Bad service

Purchased lifetime muffler, muffler went bad 6 yr later. Midas will not stand by lifetime pledge. Will never use them again, rip off service. Hate places like this.

took car to Midas , for a drive shaft job in san Antonio tx . drive shaft still having problems and now I have a major exhaust leak from where they took down the drive shaft, but they claim its because the pipes are old.. I did not going in with the exhaust leak now I have one.

Big Time Rip Off !!!!

Took car to Midas in Lomita Ca they completely ripped me off. Did not fix car at all still leaking oil $1400.00 later. Took car back 3 times they keep telling me to give it time the leak will stop. This has been since August 2014 This guy must think I am just a stupid woman. He lied and never did repair car.

True--True crooks

Had to go down to the shop because they were trying to Scam my daughter, they lied twice, trying to cheat a young girl. True crook's

thiefs !

Make a long story short ...Midas are a bunch of crooks!!!

work preformed

weverytime i take my vehicle their something else goes wrong or they dont complete what i ask them to do an end up with a 1367.00 bill for something that was under warranty an they charged me for the service which in turn they caused the problem,an dont follow the warranty,so why have one?

Chief of Operations

Austin Midas, Manuel Landeros,mgr. is a total crook, cost me a whole day plus paying a real mechanic, plus plus. Worst place Ive ever done business; He should be fired and nor allowed to ever work for anyone!!! No wonder he went out of business to work for Midas. I want a refund or I will sue .

rude and ignorant

Roswell store in Roswell,Ga is a joke. the manager is rude and and should be replaced at once. I could go into detail about what they did and did not do, but it is a ditto to all the other complaints above and like most others, they are NOT a BBB member so buyer beware

Incorrect time estimate given

Time given : 10:20 a.m. to between 11:05 a.m. and 11:20 a.m. Actual time vehicle was available and service completed: 10:20 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. Service writer said that there would be no problem completing by noon as he would "put all his men on it". I mentioned that my wife needed this, our only vehicle at or around noon.

Horrible terrible rude management!!! I've spent thousands at Midas and Steve the manager at the Ohio, beechmont location is awful!!!!!! Nothing is ever fixed correctly, the work that is supposedly done isn't done!!!! I am appalled by this so called " customer service"!!!!


I recently went to dinner with friends of mine whose young adult daughter worked for the local Midas in Wilmington.NC I was aghast that she (and a few others) quit because their paychecks were bouncing (apparently boss man lives in luxury while his employees wait for their hard earned checks). More incredulous was that the local owner had padded her on the rear and made inappropriate comments. Creepy. I encouraged her parents to write the Corp a complaint but they were afraid of his reprisal.....so I did it for them/her.

rude workers

I was first in the bay to get my car service for spark plug change. I guy comes in for alternator change he leaves before me. Now you tell me his parts were order my parts were order mind showed up later.tHEY NEVER TOLD ME ANYTHING LET ME SIT THERE FOR TWO HOURS BEFORE I SAID SOMETHING TO THEM. Then they sat there and charge $9.00 for rags, i watch the guy take the dirty rag out his back pocket. Never again will i give them time of the day.

bad service, rude people

I've had midas do many things over the past 3 years each time I've spent up words of a thousand or more dollars. not counting getting regular oil changes there.Each time after that I've had to go back at least two more times because they did not get the job done right. Other times I've had to go back due to them not doing the job right or to my satisfactory. Then they blame me for the problem that was already there happening to the vehicle. It's unfortunate that I bought my tires from them because that's where I have my warranty.

very unhappy

I went in for an oil change yesterday and was asked if I was aware that whoever rotated my tires put them on backwards my tires were running backwards mitis did the tire rotation and I'm very unhappy because my tires were down a lot quicker than they were supposed to because of the inability for somebody to do their job properly I would not recommend Midas and I am going to pursue action to get my tires replaced they may have lasted a lot longer if they were rotated properly


0 rating I took my truck to midas in Arnold Mo. for brake repair. the truck is 4 wheel drive dodge dually-after having the brakes done the differential fluid started leaking-all over the new brakes-midas said that they hadn't noticed the fluid leaking on the brakes before they did the work-now they won't admit that the work they did had anything to do with my problem-beyond disappointed-I would not recommend anyone to have work done at midas- beware, ex loyal customer

dangerously bad welds

Midas of Glassboro, NJ installed new exhaust in my pick-up. The welding is atrocious. Owner, Kevin Beecher, took offense at my pointing out the terrible job his welder did. He did have another welder make repairs which were inadequate. With gaps in the welding and pinholes throughout the beads, the risk of exhaust leaking into the cab are a distinct possibility and potentially dangerous.

Buyer Beware

I took advantage of this oil change with tire rotation discount only to be clipped by the manager who said I would have to have the wheels balanced for an extra $34.20. I found out this was not necessary.This is not the first time for this robbery of female customers. These discounts are just bait for the uninformed. Won't go again!!!

Don't go

I took my car to Midas for an overheating issue. I paid $800 to have it fixed. Just over a month later I was backfired the same thing. I paid another $990 to have my car "fixed" again. Only to be back the very next day for the same issue. Now they say I need to pay another 2100 to fix it!! Why don't you fix what I have already paid you to fix!!

fluid flushis

If you to a midas shop and they tell you.That you need a brake or power steering flush or a trans flush ask to see the test strip for that flush you are looking for tolerance not color.Or just look in your owers man in your glove box under your miles and see what it says.

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