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unload merchandise

Store 0538. In Salem N.H. on workin for kolhs but I don't fell like an employee but of part of a team I don't get hours and my supervisor 11Liz it's not really good whit the associates

Terrible service from Kohls.com

Ordered a sweater for my daughter on March 15 that was needed for Confirmation on March 29, when the sweater finally arrived on April 1 it was the wrong color. Called Kohls.com to get corrected, they never shipped the correct sweater, seems the order was left unfilled, been on hold forever trying to get this resolved. Took 25 minutes to get to a supervisor. Won't be shopping at Kohls or Kohls.com anymore.

I work at store #201 in Davenport, IA I love working for Kohl's I don't feel like an employee but part of a family. I will agree that I don't get the hours I would like to have and getting credit can be frustrating but I love my job. wouldn't trade it for the world GO STORE #201! =D


WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!! Why do you have a negative sign we can't check it? Your customer service doesn't even deserve a star. Is it too much to ask to have somebody that speaks English when you are calling customer service??

Stop allowing people to bring non-working dogs in store for ever ones safety. People have extreme Allergy to them. And they could hurt some one.

Bring Kohls store to Alexandria, MN

Please bring a Kohls store to Alexandria, Minnesota! The closest one is over 60 miles away. It is my favorite store, and would love to have one here. I believe it would go over very well in our town!

Customer Service is off

Worst customer service with both Kohl's and Kohl's Rewards. Tried to link my Kohl's Credit Card to my rewards account.

Kohls Cash

I needed to call customer service this evening because I was confused as to whether I had any Kohls cash on my account available for use. I got a gentleman that I could not understand nor seem to make him understand the exact reason for my call. I finally needed to ask where he was located and he said he was in Niquraga ( I know the spelling isn't correct) but I am sure you get the point. I am just saddened that companies especially those where their employees have to speak to customers do not hire help where the call center is located in the USA with employees that can speak fluent English. Very frustrating

Horrible Customer Service

Does not even deserve 1 star.....I have been trying to get a credit for missing items that I was charged for on an order I placed online Black Friday (11/29/2013) it is now 1/23/2014 and I am still fighting to get the credits and incurring interest charges due to the lack of customer service!!! Cancelling my Charge card as soon as this issue is resolved (IF that EVER happens!!!)

former customer

I went to Kolhs on Wadsworth in Lakewood, Colorado with the intent of spending several hundred dollars. While I was there, the PA system starting playing ads in a foreign language. I spoke with the store manager, who said that corporate had designated the store for Spanish / hispanic advertising. I told him that all of the hispanics I had worked with spoke English, therefore his store must be catering to illegal aliens. He agreed. Kohls has lost a customer. I will never shop there again. I immediately went over to Mervins and dropped close to $400.

We live in Alexandria, Minnesota and sure could use a Kohl's Store here. The nearest Kohl's is about 65 - 70 miles away in St. Cloud. Please consider building a Kohl's in Alexandria. Thank you. Marianne Elofson

Changes need to be made at Store #1363..! Management needs to be looked at very carefully. Employees are not being heard. Management seems to "care" but doesn't show it. Management seems to listen, but doesn't. Well qualified employees are being passed up for advancement.

extremely poor customer service

the worst service ever outside of fingerhut. noone speaks clea english. everyone gives you the same contact number except they only change tje last 2 digits.This whole company is a big scam. Rebate scames, gift certificate scams just flat out scammers..

pissed off in texas

black friday order is still in ohio on jan 11, 2014!!! no help from customer service the same run around. these people were obviously not trained well. hold time on phone 40 min. this is FRUSTRATING!!

Xmas gift

Worst customer service. Ordered online 12/15/13 and guaranteed for Christmas and just received order today on 01/07/2014. When I called customer service all they could tell me was to take it back to the store. I will never order from them again! I have called 6 times on the same order to receive it a month later.


Where do you all get your managers from? Customer service sucks at the Kohl's located at 91st avenue and Northern in Arizona. The manager in charge masters in constantly sending people to customer service. THis is the worst experience I have ever had in retail. I tried to call a CEO regarding this and 3 people transferred me other places. Who trains people to work with people?

Kohls are assholes

Placed an order for my grandsons christmas. I recieved a large leather purse. I spent 45 minutes on hold with customer service and 5 hours the next day finding the the nerf gun at another location and driving etc... they told me they would send another and they did not, nor did they cover the cost like CNN national news stated. they are rip off

Never Again

Promise order would be here. Order December 11 Customer service promise Still not here. Waiting for a label Call customer service like talking to no one. I will not be ordering again from Kohls.

delivery promised by Christmas Eve. ...but will not receive until well after that!

I ordered by 6-year old grandaughter's Christmas gifts online from Kohls on 12/12/13. All orders placed before 12/19/13 were guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. My order was placed a full week before the deadline and it has not been delivered and won't be here until at least the 26th and one item not until the 30th. All items were in Stock. After calling an employee absolute guaranteed that my order would be here before Christmas Eve and even said her supervisor was sitting beside her and promised the same. I will never order a gift from them again and may not ever order anything there or shop in their stores. Fed up!!!!!!!!

Poorly designed website

Who designed Kohl's website? The Federal Government? Other retailers websites' have a shopping carts that you can update and delete a product before you give your name and address, if you change your mind, you can update the shopping cart. This one has a "Shopping Bag" that doesn't let you delete or alter an item if you change you mind and want different colors or a different item. I only give my name and address AFTER I decide to buy, not before.

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