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After December 20 2013, will be the last time I will shop in a Kohl's Store. "The Customer Service" that is supposed to apply to ALL employees was a disgrace. When I asked someone to help with a sales item, they pointed to the price checker .Really? Where's Corporate when you need them?

Kohls changed my order and continued to process it without asking what I wanted to do. Spent an hour waiting for customer service to answer only to get a representative, Rio with an attitude. Very ugly and unprofessional!! All of this for a gift to a cancer patient that they expect to just return the gift items!! Totally unacceptable. Emailed Customer Relations AND the President and CEO with no response. Please shop other stores as they don't care about their customers!!

Dan id #84934

I have a billing issue. The 1st Customer Service Agent could not help at all. I spoke with a Supervisor, Referenced above and he refused to help me resolve my problem & kept telling me to call back and see what happens. He also refused to give me the Corporate Phone Number. Said he didn't have it or know it. The accounting system at Kohl's sucks!

Former customer

The worst company around - Customer Service is non-existent at both the customer service number and the corporate office. Kohl's has lost another customer and will soon be going the way of JCPenney and Sears. They actually rate a big fat zero in my opinion but of course that is not an option

Store manager, LIttlton CO

In reading the reviews on this page I can only recommend that you should shop at the store in Littleton Co. The store manager is a very nice person and is always visible to the customer. If possible would rate the store, the employee and the manager at a 10. Great leadership.....Great employees.

Kohl's Corporate doesn't give proper support to it's stores

I used to be a Kohl's faithful, but after my experience in trying to return some Xmas merchandise it isn't worth the hassle. 2 1/2 hours later I still have the items. The store called Corporate, but they had them on hold for over 40 min. There is a reason Kohl's has such a low rating. I guess they have a do as I say not as I do attitude. I am sure they expect the store to give excellent service, but they don't take their own advice. Kohl's you are slowly losing my business.

Product Unavailable & Sale Hasn't Started

As a "Valuable Customer'' I feel cheated!! I have been waiting to use the most recent sales booklet (Dec.10,2013) and on the very first day, the product(Ninja Kitchen System) was unavailable. I was told ''they sold out the Friday prior to the sale and for me to keep checking the website for availability." What?! I'm so angry right now; I finally received 30% off and I can't get the product I want!! it isn't corps fault, it's their managers. That's why the high rating.

Closed account??

I have been a kohls cardholder for quite sometime. I received a MVC card about a year ago. Ever since they made "changes to their system" I have been unccessful with using my password and username to pay my bill online. I called multiple times to resolve the issue and every time I was given the same information even though I explained that IT DOESNT WORK! This resulted in late payments and a customer service representative closing my account without even telling me! What? I went to use my card and was told my account was CLOSED. It might help if your customer service department knew how to communicate in English properly and actually could answer the questions asked and give proper results. Then maybe you wouldn't have loyal customers getting their accounts closed and not returning. No, non English speaker... I do not want to open a new card. Seriously?

Security tags a joke

My son bought a suit in Pittsburgh to take to an interview in Florida. When he went to put it on the security tag was still on the outside pocket of the jacket. I called the Kohls he bought it and they apologized and said to call around to see if any stores can remove it. She did day unfortunately there are no Kohls where he is in Florida. So not only did the check out fail to remove it, the alarms never went out.

November 4 2013, I set up a payment plan with Kohl's of $25.00 a month but the customer service agent didn't set up the agreement and now I have been told that there was not such agreement made. I will never buy anything from Kohl's again and I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau of their credit pratices. Word of mouth about the bad things spreads like wildfire so I intend on letting all my family and friends know that Kohl's goes back on what is set up with customers.

Packages never ship

I have ordered something twice now and both times the package "went missing" and no one wants to try and find the package in the warehouse, the answer we will refund. Please do and I will find a store that really knows how to ship! Love the average rating of 2 stars and most reviews are 1 star and Kohl's is satisfied with that!? Wow sad. Well off to or ender from a store that can ship a package.

Credit Card, MVC

Your Customer Service is absolutely the worst! In fact, your whole company stinks! I have always paid my bill on time and in full resulting in a MVC. So you don't record my change of address which I submitted MANY times resulting in my not receiving my last bill. Next thing I know is my card is declined in the store and I now have a serious delinquency on my credit and can't get anymore credit. I have called THREE times with no results. I have torn up my Kohl's credit card and I am more than finished with your store!

Credit Card issue

Never received last bill from June 2013. Found out about it when card was declined making purchases. I was never contacted and now I have a serious delinquency reported on my credit so I can't get anymore credit. And this is how they treat an MVC!

todays wall st. journal 11-15-13

good news to see kohl's 3rd quarter earnings fell 18%

total Failure

Please let the folks at the 800# learn English first, and then have them trained to do the job properly. So far this isn't going well.

rude store manager

Had a concern regarding a purchase. I introduced myself to store manager--he didn't even acknowledge I was there. had no smile on his face. He spoke to associate and she helped me. He left without even a thank you or a smile. I couldn't believe it how he could have been so rude and never said a word to me.

new credit card

called as to why a new card. I was told it was because it was brighter and colorful. I detected an accent and asked the person to whom I was speaking with --what state or country was she answering my call from??? She said Gautamola(sp?). I was shocked. Thanks for taking jobs away from U.S. citizens. I like Kohl's but I am really surprised for two reasons. 1. The cost of the new card 2. Verification of card not in USA

available positions

I really wish Kohls would stop using Snagajob has a way for people to apply for positions. I feel that there are hidden bia's incorporated into the questions being asked. For example a person date of birth.

I am very disappointed in Kohls now for many years. I am disabled and your store does nothing to accomodate those who are like myself. I cannot participate in your sales because I walk with crutches and leg braces and the lines to pay for merchandise are so long and I cannot stand that long. Customer service is all the way in the back of the store, as are the bathrooms. Isn't it time that such a modern store make these accomodations and advertise such? It would be a great help to the disabled community.

St.Joseph Missouri store

I have been shopping at this store since it opened, I was a very nice clean store. I sad was. The last year it has really been a mess. Clothes in the fitting rooms, clothes on the bottom of racks, Clothes over the racks and on the floor. I have asked to talked to a manager a couple times. They dont seem to care about what I have to say. The man I talked to said he was the store manager and he was very unconcerned what what I have to say. I'm truly disappointed in the change of this store.

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