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My Grand kids still no Christmas from me on Jan 6

Why are my grand kids being punished?? I put a layaway on for Christmas Nov. 5,the 8th you send ONE pond pack of pj's from layaway WHY a random item was sent I don't know?? Then I pay it off on Dec. 5,2013 & still no layaway or anyone who can give a refund.. I feel you owe my grand kids those snow boots ,me a refund I am on a fixed income & DID NOT have the Money NOR have I yet to buy them a GIFT from me THANKS!!!

Wish You Would

Why no stores in San Antonio Texas? I love Kmart5. Is there any chance?


Wow that joe boxer commercial is offensive for parents who watch that with there kids. Dam u know its nasty the bells are men's balls do u think people r stupid. That person who decided to air that should be fired. Too explicit. Keep those commercials up and I and I'm sure other people will stop shopping there.

Seriously out of date registers

Until K-Mart gets the registers updated in their Lake Havasu location, every single one of my family members will be shopping elsewhere. I am now on a full blown mission to send every single KMart customer elsewhere.

System Crashes Every day

Sick and tired of the register crashing every single time I go into the store. I am no longer shopping there and neither is my family. Putting it on facebook, writing a blog, whatever I have to do to make kmart see that one person can make a difference. Let's all prove a point, and stop going to ruthless, selfish corporate stores until they learn how to treat their customers and staff. Shop local

I went into kmart to exchange a item right before Christmas and the item was $24.99 I exchange for the same item just different size she gave me back a receipt that said $19.99 I asked where my $5 was for the difference she said it don't work like that. She told me since it's a exchange the only way I really will be missing out on the difference is if I have to bring the item back. So I said basically I'm give kmart $5 she said yes. I wondering if the employees pocket that money. I argued for 20 min and got no place with them. Poor poor business I will never shop kmart again

bad merchandise

I bought a shredder at your Georgetown Ky store Dec 31 2013 it did not work took it back today got another one shreded one paper quit working it takes gas to go back and forth I am a senior citizen no one checked it out told me to go get another one I bought one at 70. thinking it woud work better than a 29 no more k mart shopping after this trip to get my money back.

Don't care what's in joe's boxers

I had thought you had learned and pulled the ad, but you you didn't. Joe Boxer ad is deplorable! Where is true Christmas spirit? Christmas is a spiritual thing, not a time to show how distasteful one can be. No more kmart or Sears shopping for me! Shameful!


Just left Kmart in Westview Plaza located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I went to check out when a cashier told me that her line was closed. So I went to the line next to hers. Again some man tries to get in her line and she says she's closed. When he left a woman goes in her line and she rings her up!!!! Did I forget to mention that the cashier is white, the woman she rung up was white but the guy and myself are both African American!!!! I've never been treated so badly and then the manager Stacey came out yelling like I violated her. I will NEVER shop at Kmart again because I do not support racism!

Inappropriate advertising

I am offended by the ad for men's boxer shorts which has the jingling of "bells." The ad was bad enough but it was on several times during "The Christmas Story, 2," a movie for children. What I was afraid might happen did -- our 9-year-old is running around the house "jingling." Ad is inappropriate for children and the Christmas season.

Joe boxer ad

obviously you no longer want to do business with traditional wives, mothers and grandmothers. I used to buy from your company but am so offended by the trashy offensive ad that I will no longer spend a penny in your store.

Christmas Ad

I am so disappointed in K-Mart for showing such a vulgar ad for Christmas. You are a family-type business, and I would expect your advertising to reflect family values. You have let everyone down badly.


Your Christmas commercials were disgusting and lewd. The worst being the Joe Boxer. The gyrating hips, provocative shaking of body parts with disgusting stance and final thrusts are sickening. Then we have the very distasteful Seniors talking about "Shipping" their pants and the ridiculous "gifting." Utterly ridiculous!! Horrible and all in the eyes of the youth. Third rate, crude humor. You should know better!

Horrible Christmas ad

I was shocked at the Joe Boxer Christmas ad. I have always been a dedicated customers of Kmart. I after seeing such trash on TV, I have changed my mind on supporting a company that would allow such a commerical to be on the air for children to see. I am lost at the idea of what men shaking their hips to a Christmas jingle has to do with such a beautiful holiday. I hope the corporate headquaters reads these reviews and takes a better look at the commericals that it puts out. I would think a company suffering such as Kmart is would care a little bit more about affending its customers. Very poor taste.

Joe boxer ad

It is clearly apparent that Kmart doesn't care if they run offensive commercials since the joe boxer ad was never pulled. For a company that caters to the family unit, they have walked down a path of no return...from decency or good will to sexual innuendoes. Perhaps a boycott of Kmart (once again) should show them that public decency and upholding higher standards should be the way to go...not down the drain into the gutter as they have so chosen.

need store in richmond ky

i really wish you guys would bring a store back to richmond ky. i miss it being here cause you guys carry stuff that i have to travel to lexington ky to get. i think it would do really well here again.

Vulgar, Disgusting,Tasteless

Add me and family including extended family members to the very long list of people who were deeply offended by your joe boxer commercial. Shame on you Kmart, you should know better. Count us out for shopping at Kmart in the future.

Boxer ad - bad taste

Many times I choose to shop at K-Mart but no more. The Joe Boxer add was in extremely poor taste and demonstrates just how far down the moral and common sense scale corporate America has gone. The company deserves to go out of business.

shocking truth

This year I decided to do some shopping at K mart instead of wal-mart because of reward points......we bought over six hundred dollars worth of merchandise! But I'm in disbelief that I couldn't even return an item I had night not even a little over two weeks ago, not used, in box with tag and receipt bc it is considered a "Christmas item"! Next year, you can guarantee I will be doing ALL of my shopping at Wal Mart where my money and service is appreciated!! *smh*

Customer - Investor

I can not believe a great company like Kmart would produce such a trashy ad as the Joe Boxer one. Your top management needs to review and sign off on these in the future. If they did sign off on this one they should all be fired.

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