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Back to School Ad

This is not the message you want to be sending children and their parents, if you want them to shop at your stores.. Children are never allowed to use the word "friggen" on a schoolyard. The point of layaway becomes lost in these very young children talking as if they are tough street kids. You could have done so much with all those children, rather than have them act like mini adults. You have lost customers with this ad.


I can finally understand why your stores are closing down. How dare you insult the American People with the ads that you have for back to school. This is the second year that you insult our intelligence. You should look at other back to school ads from store much better than you and take heed. Grow up!!!!! Use your heads. Smarten up Kmart. Take the ad off TV.

K mart Commerical

What were you thinking??? Every year we hear story after story about bulling both other kids and even adults. We see so many talk shows with kids that have or are being bullied. Then K-mart shows a commercial that indicates children talking about other kids mothers?? You advertising staff should be fired. I use to like K mart but I don't know if I can support a store that thinks bulling in the school yard is o.k.


Visited the Dalton, ga store. Store was very warm, could not find someone to assist me, price scanners were not workine or had been removed, inappropriate dress code for cashier, and No Military discount availabe.


Went to buy pool supplies and wasn't happy with the customer service I got in the store !!! First of all they didn't give me there online or ad price second the manger would not come to the front only called. Then I got home opened the product and the container was completely empty . I also wanted to buy my daughter a toy chest but they would not give me the online price for that either on kmart .com it was 40 dollars in store was 49 so I ordered for same day pick up and am still waiting for that item

In addition to my All About SYWR review...

...your advertising department has GOT to get over their obsession with obnoxious, stupid ideas for TV commercials. First the Christmastime one with the constant hooting and hollering, then the Sears one with the lady who thinks the raccoon is her cat, then the terrible Joe Boxer ad where the guys are shaking their junk (also for Christmas), and now there is a new Back-to-School one where the children are talking like thugs. This is what you want your employees to represent - utter stupidity? And we wonder why people look down on retail workers.

Assistant mgr complaint

The assist manager of the store did not satisfy or even tried to satisfy me in any way. I was so upset I returned everything I purchased. Your on line policy is so far from being clear. Your policy is so absurd that is probably the reason there's no business. Even though the product on line was two inches from me and i traveled miles to get to that store I couldn't get not get the product for the price on line. NO WHERE DID THE ON LINE PRODUCT SAY ON LINE ONLY. The asst manager did not care how upset I was, not for a second. Your staff needs to be trained to respect their customers. As a former store manager I was appalled .

store manager

Is it fair for a store manager to yell at their employees behind closed doors, call people out in front of the majority of their co-workers, CURSE at their employees when they tell their employees that cursing is NOT allowed in their store? I think not. I think Kmart Corporate office needs to take a better look at Springdale's store manager.

K Mart ads

This is what people are saying on facebook and they are right: REGARDING THE NEW KMART AD ON TV..... I refuse to buy anything at Kmart! What is with the ad for the "new school year starting", that shows a group of young children in a schoolyard talking about their parents buying clothes at Kmart, and their actions and the tone of their voices make them sound like a bunch of punks, who already have their place in prison carved out for them! Unlike · · Share

Not good example for kids!

K-Mart's ad with kids talking like hoodlums is certainly NOT a good example for vulnerable small children. Instead of giving them role models, K-Mart is running ads that dumb and demean children!

The closing of Kmart on Cypress Garden Blvd in Winter Haven

Please don't close down this store in Winter Haven!! It is the only one in the area and many people count on this store. My sister and I visit it several times a month and so many other people love it and depend on it also. We will not be able to visit Kmart anymore If you close it. We are getting older and don't travel very much. So many of us depend on Kmart for our clothing as well as household items and many other things. When family comes to visit us Kmart is where they go to shop. I'm sure there are many other people who feel the way we do. Pleeese don't close it down. There must be other cities that have two Kmarts or two Kmarts close together. Close one of them down rather than OUR Wonderful KMART. Please consider the people HERE, the elderly, families with children, and the unfortunate people who are struggling to get along and depend on Kmart. May your consideration for others open your heart .Please, Please don't close this store down. Sincerely, Judith Carroll


K-Mart needs to find someone else to write their commercials. The back to school commercials are terrible.

Shut them all DOWN!!!!!!

This is the worst place EVER!!!! The employees are completely incapable of completing one single task. Not to mention that they are rude. My kindergartner could provide better customer service. They should just go ahead and shut the rest of these overpriced stores down and do everyone a favor!!!!!!!!!


This is the second year that Kmart's ads show disrespect for their clients by indicating that anyone shopping at Kmart must come from the hood. Why would they do this?

TV Commercial

The current back-to-school commercial features a young girl using the term "dat" for the word 'that," I find this a continuing dumbing down of America. The fact that your marketing firm would find this acceptable is a terrible acceptance of this lower standard. If you think this is smart, you are mistaken. Children should learn to speak properly to become educated citizens who can move upward in their education and to become employed. I hope the company will re-think this practice. It is really disheartening that Kmart would approve of this...no matter how much you may think you are appealing to certain folks. Awful.

No help at all with manager

Yes I did a layaway and I cancel cause on line u all put a 55 tv for 499.99 RCA and the one I got on layaway was more I went to the store on forest park it's was the worst day of my life they didn't what to give my the sale ri they said I was lying and the girl in the sell departmen told them yes it was but they don't believe it I gone twice to this store all did do is talk with each other don't clean in the front store food all over the floor and they even took my layaway money!

will call order

I had to pick up an internet order at your Northglenn Colorado store on 104th ave yesterday. The poor girl working the counter was very busy and at times needed to call for a manager for help. The manager/supervisors would show up, help her, look at the line and then just walk away. There were 2 registers on the counter so it was certainly not for having the equipment there to do anything. They (at least 3 that I saw) would just walk past occassionally but never did anything to help. EVERYONE on line was expressing outrage over the lack of customer support so i can assure you it was not just me. I will NEVER go to that store again.

SHOULD have went to the store!

The service desk was a nightmare! Trying to pick up these items took longer than searching the store and checking out!! I think she forgot ADD meds. Manager was counting drawers, answering phones,talking to other employees and supposedly waiting on me! NIGHTMARE and will avoid KMART now, Too bad I do enjoy their products.


I have missed "our" kmart store, so much, since it was closed. Wonder if maybe some day another store would be build in my town....hope so.Cartersville, Ga. or Emerson Ga.

calling about a store experience

I was calling about a bad store experience and was on hold over an hour both days waiting to talk to someone about it. I just decided to give up and start shopping somewhere else. Not worth anymore of my time.

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