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Bad ads

The Christmas TV commercial are truly terrible. You're better than that.


your so called commerical for Joe Boxer makes my stomach sick.What in Gods name that you would approve this sicking commerical?I wii never shop in your store.

Joe Boxer Disgusting

My family is very disgusted with the commercial for the Holidays, we feel it should be removed from the television.

Boxer commercial

I cannot believe you are still airing this disgusting, perverse commercial at Christmas or at any other time for that matter. Do you know the REAL meaning of Christmas???? From the comments I've seen, everybody thinks this is bordereing on filthy. Do you really need to go this far to sell?

Somebody Needs to Be Fired

Boxers: Like I said, Somebody needs to be fired.....Yesterday!!!!

TV Commercial

Whatever idiot approved that TV commercial with the guys in their under shorts shaking their butts & balls outght to be taken out in the woods and shot. There's already enough swill on TV without you numbskulls adding to it.

Offensive TV Commercial

Seems my previous suggesion about taking those resposible for the Jingle Balls ad out in the woods and shooting them fell on deaf ears, so all I can add is...uh...Pyuuuque!!

ring balls

Whose the nut at Kmart that approved this ad? Please step forward and take a bow. Then explain to your daughter the humor in men ringing their balls for Christmas. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Bell Ad

The advertising agency and your CMO should be fired immediately. I have been in advertising for a Fortune 100 company for years. I cannot believe that this ad was reviewed and approved which really causes me to question the professionalism of your personnel. Unbelievable.

Joe boxer ad

I can't believe this ad is still being aired-even after all the negative comments that have been posted!! I am completely disgusted with this. I will not ever shop at Kmart or sears if this is deemed acceptable to your company. Shame on you!!


Lighten up people. Its a funny commercial.


The most disgusting and inappropriate commercial ever. what in the world does this have to do with Christmas remove it.

Re: commercial

Will tell you like I voiced my opinion to Hardee's concerning their comm. Very distasteful and am done shopping there as well as your store because of it. From looks of the comments I am not the only one.

Stupid commercial

I will not ever shop at Kmart again. Does shaking privates generate sales? I guess it must! However, l believe that Joe Boxer is just as much to blame for allowing their products to be part of such controversy. What happen to modesty? Those that support this type of advertising are part of the problem. I wonder what their children will deem as funny in the future? Unfortunately, my kids will be going to school with these misguided kids. Adults grow up! Prime time is not a place for such advertising.


The ad agency You used for your Christmas spots on TV should be fired. These ads are vulgar and offensive. Please watch Meijer ads, they are what you want your image to be Family and Giving


It is no wonder that your sales are now so great. I called two stores to get information about a product and was left on hold at both stores for about 20 minutes.

joe boxer

we do not approve of the joe boxer ad it is very distasteful and not a proper thing for young kids to be seen on tv. if you are trying to drive customers away you are going about it the right way with the distasteful joe boxer ad.you need to remove it and not air this or anything like this again.

Very disturbing commercial

I will no longer shop at Kmart since seeing the christmas commercial advertising joe boxers. That is very inappropriate and very disgusting! Please take off the air!

Vulgar Commercial

I'm permanently gone as a customer of K-Mart

Customer service

Your Tulare store on Hillman has fantastic customer service!!!! I am so pleased to have a kmart in Tulare. Excellent store manager too.

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