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can;t get them to answer email

emailed them for the past three weeks, says will get back to you in 24 hours, No answer, wont answer the phone,


This company sucks


The loud horrible rock music makes me NOT want to shop in the Wooster KMart. I don't know what's going on there. I use to like KMart, but we won't be shopping there anymore. I will drive 30 minutes to Target.


very poor managed store in massillon ohio no registers open and nobody wants to wait on you even at the service desk and when i called and talked to the manager and it was no big deal that they had no help at the registers. Will never shop there again and I am telling everybody about the experence that I had

Great service

I have shopped with Kmart for years, never any problems and great customer service. Only wish they wouldn't have changed the music, but still the best store in town.

Nightmare refund Policy

on Dec 24, I order a DVD/VCR combo, it was never shipped but my money was immediately drafted from my account. I spoke to (4) employees & no one could assist me in getting my refund. I have all my paperwork including my bank statement where the money was taken from my account. What is the problem people, I will never spend another dollar in your stores..

Horrendous follow-up

I spent a great deal of time arranging in person at the local Santa Rosa Store sending my brother a $100 gift certificate. I received notice it was sent and that my credit card was debited, but the transfer never occurred. Worse no one at the store or on line or on the phone could even help!!! Even my preferred Banker said it was impossible to get through!!! Kmart has lost me as a customer! Bye Bye!


Total Lack of any support

Christmas Commercials

What is wrong with this company. This is the second year that they have aired a Holiday commercial that is completely void of class! I will no longer be a costumer of Kmart, Sears or their subsidiaries. Most companies want to encourage people to shop in their stores with holiday commercials, not make them want to change the channel.

Layaway Never Again

Made a payment on 12/21, they took the payment and nothing was said about my layaway. Went in on 12/23 to pay it off & pick it up. Apparently they "lost" it! No answers, no explanation, nothing! Over $500 worth of stuff! The initial response I got was, "I cant find it, there's nothing I can do about it" No more Kmart for us!!

Stationary Employee

I have question why Kmart is not given us employee raise ? It have been five years we did not have a raise. After the resection of 2008 we deserve a raise? In they I have raise the minum wage

pregnant girls commercial

Have you lost your minds? Why would you allow such a commercial be aired? Perhaps one of your executives is boning one of those classless girls. I can't think of any reason why kmart would send such a message. And you have the unmitigated gall to use happy holidays as your validation. Unbelievable!


I have been dealing with customer service since Dec 1 2014. they wont give me a refund for a missing package, kept me on hold for HOURS at a time. refuse to give me corporates phone number. how dare you keep my money hostage. maybe if you have people who speak and understand ENGLISH that might help!

They sent me a damaged cooktop stove, and when I had the first one replaced, they sent me another damaged cooktop. The next delivery for another stove is in two weeks. They claim they can not speed the delivery. I am going to complain all over social media and the BBB. I haven't had a stove to use for the holidays.

customer for years

I put a layaway on like it do three times a year called the store on a regular basis to let them know my plan for paying off the order when I got to the store the final day I said I would be in and with payment in full the whole order was gone they had put back on shelf the day before no one in the store cared they were all very rude and I refuse to except this kind of service

Custermer Service on line orders

On Dec 12 I order some things for Christmas today is the 20 still don't have them called to find out was going on they don't know ask to speak to a manger the lady on the phone said the manger couldn't do any thing.so I ask her again to speak to the manger this was at 7:35am its now10:35 I'm still on hold .Can't get the money back before Christmas to get something else wont resend it unless I pay for it. still on hold

losing layawy

Waited in line to get my layaway at Kmart in Sumter SC just for them to say they misplaced it. But not only did they misplaced mine but several others. And it is only a few days before Christmas.

Christmas Commercials

I think your Christmas commercials for Joe Boxer are disgusting and unfit for children's viewing. I expected more from K-Mart.


This dont make any sense i have been on hold for an 1 hour for lay away at the sanford nc area this is crazy they should do better...

Joe Boxer Commercial

I think this commercial is deplorable and sending out the wrong message. If young girls are watching it, they will think as long as they are wearing the pajamas its OK to be pregnant. Please remove this commercial for the sake of our children. Its just wrong.

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