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craftsmen power tools

I don't understand why the employees at Kmart don't have knowledge about the specifications of craftsmen tools. Cordless drills. I'll never buy one there again. The warranty from the manufacture is completely different than sears.

Horrible, inept service

I purchased two pairs of pajamas online in the store using my credit card. Upon attempting to return one pair, I was advised by the store manager they were unable to accept the return w/out a receipt b/c their computers do not "speak to each other". If you purchase online you may not return in the store w/out a receipt. Any other store is able to easily look up your purchase using your credit card....NOT K-MART!!! I will not be purchasing from K-Mart again!

Bad business

Your limonite store has the worst service.nothing on shelves and you store manager had the worst mouth of and manager I heard speak. Please check in to this store I've been shopping here for 15 yrs or more. If I don't see a improvement soon I'll take my business elsewhere. Thank you

I sent the same review about your Joe Boxer advertisement twice before Christmas. Neither were ever posted...I assume that means you had no answer to my points. All of my retired educators agreed and we retired people have nothing to do but take up a cause and we are educated obviously much more that your advertising firm and corporate office. I went to Kmart at least once a week, but no more....other stores are getting my money!

Poorly run internet site and service

I cannot believe that if an error occurs in the shipping address for an online order that the oder cannot be caneled or the address changed. We can cancel a missle strike on another country but cannot stop or change an order for Kmart. I see why your business is declining. I will never order of go into a Kmart or Sears store again and will definately pass the word about how poorly run aspects of this comapny are.


I don't know if it was just the store I worked at or the corporation in general, but online schedule was never accurate what so ever and the worker convenience was non existent. Poor management and lack of order within store. Everything done either day before or day of the arrival of district manager.

no longer a store in waco ,tx

i think it pretty stupid of a big corp. like k mart to be afraid of walmart. a city as big as waco , tx. and not have a k mart where used to have two . all my friends and family and everyone i know dispize walmart . service horrible. we have to travel 75 miles just to get to a k mart. please come back soon we miss you . !!!!!

can't wait for kmart to go broke

I'm was a stock holder that was screwed out of my money. I visit My local Kmart and do what I can to cause disruption. Never Buy. Have hundreds of people involved in doing the same throughout the country. Keep it up and shut down this corrupt company and the judge that let them slide on the $20B assets not disclosed


I ordered Christmas presents online from California to be picked up in New York by my sister. She went to get them with the email notification and they wouldn't give them to her. They said I didn't place the order for 3rd party pick up. But I had an email confirmation with her name on it!! They still said I didn't have 3rd party pick up. So I cancelled the order. They adjusted my reward points, but 5 days later I am STILL waiting for my money back.

Awful Sevice

I placed an order in early Novemeber, I recieved product damaged almost 3 weeks later. I spoke to a manager and they said we would recieve product with %10 off. We hadn't recieved product for another week finally did it was damaged again. I called and asked for a new one with discout and lady on the phone said we only will recieve discount on damaged product. I asked for a manager and apparently they lost the call. 2013 not sure how that happend. It's about 6 weeks later I don't have the product I called and all they say is we can offer you a %10 percent discount if you place the order again. Not sure if this is good customer service or people are obvlious to it.

My Grand kids still no Christmas from me on Jan 6

Why are my grand kids being punished?? I put a layaway on for Christmas Nov. 5,the 8th you send ONE pond pack of pj's from layaway WHY a random item was sent I don't know?? Then I pay it off on Dec. 5,2013 & still no layaway or anyone who can give a refund.. I feel you owe my grand kids those snow boots ,me a refund I am on a fixed income & DID NOT have the Money NOR have I yet to buy them a GIFT from me THANKS!!!

Wish You Would

Why no stores in San Antonio Texas? I love Kmart5. Is there any chance?


Wow that joe boxer commercial is offensive for parents who watch that with there kids. Dam u know its nasty the bells are men's balls do u think people r stupid. That person who decided to air that should be fired. Too explicit. Keep those commercials up and I and I'm sure other people will stop shopping there.

Seriously out of date registers

Until K-Mart gets the registers updated in their Lake Havasu location, every single one of my family members will be shopping elsewhere. I am now on a full blown mission to send every single KMart customer elsewhere.

System Crashes Every day

Sick and tired of the register crashing every single time I go into the store. I am no longer shopping there and neither is my family. Putting it on facebook, writing a blog, whatever I have to do to make kmart see that one person can make a difference. Let's all prove a point, and stop going to ruthless, selfish corporate stores until they learn how to treat their customers and staff. Shop local

I went into kmart to exchange a item right before Christmas and the item was $24.99 I exchange for the same item just different size she gave me back a receipt that said $19.99 I asked where my $5 was for the difference she said it don't work like that. She told me since it's a exchange the only way I really will be missing out on the difference is if I have to bring the item back. So I said basically I'm give kmart $5 she said yes. I wondering if the employees pocket that money. I argued for 20 min and got no place with them. Poor poor business I will never shop kmart again

bad merchandise

I bought a shredder at your Georgetown Ky store Dec 31 2013 it did not work took it back today got another one shreded one paper quit working it takes gas to go back and forth I am a senior citizen no one checked it out told me to go get another one I bought one at 70. thinking it woud work better than a 29 no more k mart shopping after this trip to get my money back.

Don't care what's in joe's boxers

I had thought you had learned and pulled the ad, but you you didn't. Joe Boxer ad is deplorable! Where is true Christmas spirit? Christmas is a spiritual thing, not a time to show how distasteful one can be. No more kmart or Sears shopping for me! Shameful!


Just left Kmart in Westview Plaza located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I went to check out when a cashier told me that her line was closed. So I went to the line next to hers. Again some man tries to get in her line and she says she's closed. When he left a woman goes in her line and she rings her up!!!! Did I forget to mention that the cashier is white, the woman she rung up was white but the guy and myself are both African American!!!! I've never been treated so badly and then the manager Stacey came out yelling like I violated her. I will NEVER shop at Kmart again because I do not support racism!

Inappropriate advertising

I am offended by the ad for men's boxer shorts which has the jingling of "bells." The ad was bad enough but it was on several times during "The Christmas Story, 2," a movie for children. What I was afraid might happen did -- our 9-year-old is running around the house "jingling." Ad is inappropriate for children and the Christmas season.

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